Secondi di Pesce Per Iniziare Le Nostre Paste e



Secondi di Pesce Per Iniziare Le Nostre Paste e
Per Iniziare
M I N E ST R O N E traditional Italian vegetable soup
M E L A N Z A N E A LL A PA R M I G I A N A layers of eggplant and buffalo mozzarella with fresh tomato sauce
I N SA L ATA D I LE N T I CC H I E lentil salad with diced vegetables, chickpeas, Caesar dressing
PO LPO SCOT TATO Portugese octopus with fava bean purée, purple cauliflower, celery, cherry tomato confit
I N SA L ATA D I CA RC I O F I thinly sliced artichokes and rucola with sliced Parmesan
I N SA L ATA C E N TOCO LO R I tri-colored lettuces, avocado, buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, olives
V I T E LLO TO N N ATO chilled thinly-sliced veal, tuna sauce, capers
TA RTA R E D I SA LMO N E salmon tartare with pineapple carpaccio, dill, blueberries and poppy seed ricotta
CA R PACC I O D I M A N ZO raw filet mignon carpaccio, zucchini, yellow tomato, Parmesan, saffron aioli and balsamic reduction 22
PROSCIUTTO CON MOZZARELLA San Daniele prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella and marinated Roman artichokes
QU I N OA SA N T A M B RO EU S red quinoa salad with asparagus, haricots verts, onion and cucumber
INSALATA DI BARBABIETOLE red beets with tarragon, goat cheese, pecans, mixed lettuce and orange saffron dressing
Le Nostre Paste e Risotti
ZU P PA D E L G I O R N O soup of the day
FU S I LLO N E A LL’A R R A B B I ATA with spicy arrabbiata sauce, parsley and jalapeño peppers
LI N GU I N E CAC I O E P E P E with Pecorino Romano cheese and fresh ground pepper
S PAG H E T T I A LL A CA R BO N A R A spaghetti with pancetta, organic egg, Parmesan
T RO F I E P E STO G E N OV E S E C L ASS I CA R I C E T TA with pesto sauce, string beans and potato cubes 23
TAG LI AT E LLE SA LTAT E A LL A BO LOG N E S E with a light veal ragù
P E N N E A L POMO DO RO E BAS I LI CO with tomato sauce and basil
TORTELLONI ROSA homemade pink pasta filled with goat cheese and chives, served with asparagus and crispy leeks
LI N GU I N E A I F RU T T I D I M A R E linguine with mussels, clams, shrimp, cuttlefish and cherry tomato
R I SOT TO A I GA M B E R I saffron risotto with shrimp and artichokes
Please note: whole wheat and gluten-free pastas are available.
Secondi di Carne
SU P R E M A D I PO LLO A L LI MO N E E ROSM A R I N O chicken breast with a light rosemary-lemon sauce, mashed potatoes and
chef's selection of seasonal vegetables
F I N I SS I M A D I M A N ZO grilled, sliced filet mignon with rucola and shaved Parmesan
COTO LE T TA M I L A N E S E P R I M AV E R A traditional breaded veal chop Milanese garnished with rucola and tomatoes
SCA LO P P I N E A LL A BOSCA I O L A thinly pounded veal with forest mushrooms, aromatic herbs, and the chef's selection of
seasonal vegetables
Secondi di Pesce
B R A N Z I N O A LL A G R I G LI A grilled Mediterranean sea bass served with seasonal vegetables
C H I LE A N S E A BASS pan-seared with caponatina and red pepper coulis
SA LMO N E D E LI CATO pan-seared Atlantic salmon with summer asparagus composition and roasted red cipoline 32
CO NTO R N I sautéed snow peas, sautéed Tuscan kale with tomatoes, pan-roasted Brussels sprouts, grilled asparagus
Chef di Cucina Andrea Cobbe
Consuming raw or under cooked meats, seafood, and shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness,
especially if you have certain medical conditions. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
We kindly ask that you do not request changes to the menu
Please refrain from using your cell phone