petrelli curriculum



petrelli curriculum
First name and surname:
Place and date of birth:
Work Address:
Institute for Cancer Research and Treatment, Candiolo
[email protected]
1997: Degree in Biological Science, University of Turin; grades: 110/110 summa cum laude
2001: PhD in Human Genetics, Department of Genetic, Biology and Biochemistry, University of Turin
Research experience:
2011-present: contract work with the Fondazione Piemontese per l’Oncologia
2010: contract work with the Dep. Oncological Science
2009: Contract work with the Fondazione Piemontese per la Ricerca sul Cancro
2008: Fellowship for Scientific Research from the University of Turin
2005: Fellowship from the Italian Association for Cancer Research
2004: Post-doc fellowship from the University of Turin
2002: Fellowship for Scientific Research from the University of Turin
Academic years from 2002-2003 to 2004-2005: collaboration in academic teaching for Histology in the courses of
Scuole di Specialità di Cardiologia e Cardiochirurgia with Prof. Silvia Giordano.
Academic years from 2001-2002 to 2010-2011: collaboration in academic teaching for Histology in the courses of
Facolta’ di Medicina e Chirurgia dell’Universita’ degli Studi di Torino (Ospedale S.Luigi) with Prof. Silvia Giordano.
Academic years from 2010-2011 al 2013-2014: collaboration in academic teaching for Histology in the Corso di Laurea
triennale di Tecnica della Riabilitazione Psichiatrica with Prof. Silvia Giordano.
Technical skills and Competences:
Well-established expertise in: 1) molecular biology: cloning in plasmid and viral vectors, DNA amplification by PCR,
gene expression analysis by quantitative real-time PCR and Northern blot; 2) cell biology: cell culture, transient
transfection, stable transduction with lentiviral vector, biological assays (growth and proliferation curves, anchorage
independent growth in soft agar, tubulogenesis in collagene, migration and invasion assays); 3) biochemistry of
proteins: production of recombinant proteins in bacteria, protein extraction from cells and tissues, protein-protein
interaction studies, SDS-PAGE and Western blot. Immunohystochemistry and immunofluorescence techniques; 4)
microRNA manipulation: microRNA extraction from cells and tissues, expression profiling of microRNAs by miRNA
arrays; miRNA expression analysis by TaqMan QRT-PCR and Northern blot; 5) mouse manipulation: use of
immunodeficient animals (CD1 nude and NOD/SCID mice) for in vivo models of tumorigenesis.
Additional Information: Ability to independently design and organize project and experiments, as well as to work as
part of a team. Good interpersonal skills.
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