Curriculum Vitae English



Curriculum Vitae English
Napoli ( b.1959)
697, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 80122 Napoli- Italy
[email protected]
Web site
Mobile phone +393392826068
Current Position Independent researcher Professional expertise
2014 Scientific senior manager and senior project manager “Smart-net” European Integration
Fund(EIF/FEI) to support Second generation in Italy on integration based on ITC and social network; Chief
manager of the project” Human Rights and Solidarity” Education and human rights. Member (2013),
Commissione toponomastica del Comune di Napoli. This is the first valuable best practice action of
“Toponomastica femminile” to help filling lack of female names in towns’ memorial.
I am an expert of Arabic and Islamic studies. I have been hired to focus on immigrant communities coming
from Arabic/Islamic countries and in particular, to examine the situation of second generation immigrants. I
am charged with designing outreach programs and projects, conducting research and developing expertise
in regard to the Muslim population in Campania, in Italy and in co-operation with European Union
Institution (EU Commission for Multilingualism) U.S.A and Canadian Governments .As advisor on
immigration policies of Campania regional board of administration (2000-2007) I leaded a large number of
educational projects. I managed several international cooperation projects. I also incorporated those
experiences in the public sphere in my academic work at the University of Naples “L’ Orientale” in order to
support academic and educational projects on multicultural and gender activities particularly in European
or North American contexts where Muslim communities live, and in order to help second and future
generation of young Muslims to balance their lives as living as natives while maintaining the heritage and
traditions of their parents’ and grandparents’ countries. I participated in the International Visitor
Leadership Program of the United States Department of State. I am also the only non-Muslim mentor in the
Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow programme of the American Society for Muslim Advancement. Founder and
activist in international women movements.
EDUCATION (1979-2005)
1979-1983 University of Naples “L’Orientale” Laurea in lingue e letterature straniere moderne indirizzo
orientale 110 e lode
1991- 1994 University of Naples “L’Orientale” Laurea in Lingue e civiltà orientali sezione vicino e Medio
Oriente 110 e lode
Islamic studies (Bausani-Celentano) Semitic studies (Garbini) Islamic Law (Rubinacci-Cilardo) Arabic
(Pirone)History (Cerqua Sarnelli)Muslim social studies( Chiauzzi)and many others
1983/84 Fellowship supporting six months for Arabic language studies in Egypt offered by Ministry of
Foreign Affairs
1987/88 Annual Fellowship “Storia civile del Vicino Oriente” (Civil History of Near East) Istituto Italiano per
gli Studi Filosofici
1987/88 Studies team Leiden University (NL) Semitic studies department directed by prof. Jacob Hoftijer
1993/94 “Ibn Khaldun e la Muqaddima ” seminar held by prof.Khaled Fuad Alllam at Istituto per gli Studi
1986 Qualifying examination for teaching English at Italian high schools (Licei)
Teacher of English civilization (focused on migrant literature coming from Arabic speaking countries)
1999/ 2000 Qualifying examination for teaching French at Italian high school (Licei)
Teacher of French civilization (focused on cultural life of Arabic/Maghreb francophone cultural expressions)
1993/ 1999 Research and studies Islamic Studies School
(Scuola di studi islamici) Università di Napoli L’Orientale
A wide range of Arabic and Islamic studies in depth: Islamistic studies, Religion, Education Art, Literature,
Folk-lore, Music, Dance, Crafts, Gender studies. Co-operation with universities in Italy, France, Holland,
Spain, Maghreb, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Canada and United States, on individual or team
research projects.
University of Florence Education and didactic faculty
”Gender Migration and Asylum: social and cultural dimension juridical aspects and practical intervention.”
Mother tongue Italian
Reading knowledge of classical Akkadian, Aramaic, Arabic, Greek, Latin, Hebrew
ARABIC SHAHADA AL MUSTAWAH Université de Tunis Tunisie
Speaking knowledge hasan/good
Reading knowledge hasan/good
Writing knowledge hasan/good
ENGLISH IELTS ACADEMIC-International English Language Testing System
Speaking knowledge 7.0
Reading knowledge 6.5
Writing knowledge 5.5
FRENCH Certificat de la langue pratique Université de Grenoble
Speaking excellent
Reading excellent
Writing good
GERMAN KDS (Klein Deutsche Sprachdiplom) Goethe Institut
Speaking basic
Reading good
Writing basic
MODERN HEBREW at University
Reading basic
SPANISH self-taught
Speaking knowledge basic
Reading knowledge basic
Self-confidence in the international arenas in North America and Europe- Networking skills in an
international environment
From 2004 till today Lecturer advantage training course” How to Communicate with Islam”” Scuola Alta
Formazione per le Forze di Polizia Del Ministero dell’Interno presso la Scuola Interforze di Roma”
_sicurezza/scuola_perfezionamento_forze_di_polizia/, the unique European Police Academy for high ranks
specialized in their vocational and training education.
Lecturer at University of Naples “L’ Orientale” (CAD Women’s Center Archive and Canadian Studies
Center) last seminars held: New Media and Free speech ( on Arab Spring and role of new media in
co-operation with U.S. Consulate of Naples) ; Multi-Cultural models and gender differences: Arab-Islamic
communities in United States of America and Canada
U.S.A. Regularly cooperation with the diplomatic representations of U.S. Government in Italy and others
International organizations
2008 International Visitor Program
Program sponsor: United States- Department of State- Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
April 7-11,2008 in Washington D.C. and New York, New York
invited by the US Government State Department to meet the main American organizations in order to
know better American Arabic Muslim communities and to compare the personal intercultural experiences
to those experimented in the USA.
Nominated after visiting Mentor by ASMA Society in November 2008.
CANADA Cooperation with Canadian Government and NGOs MY CANADA Young Muslims in Canada,
Centre of Mediterranean Studies York University, Toronto, Canada, Canadian Embassy in Italy,
FRANCE Academic and working experiences cooperating Centre de Recherche de la Méditerranée di Aix-enProvence
GREAT BRITAIN Cooperation with United Kingdom Embassy in Rome about Security and Migration policies
European Union Scientific committee and responsible of organization ”Defense of mother tongues and
spread of plurilingualism “European Commission Education Multilingualism /Orientale European Union
and University l’Orientale for the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue
Coordinator of the European network “Women Empowerment Net” to promote social and cultural
opportunities for women in the area of Eastern Mediterranean: Greece, Turkey and Cyprus and Italy. (20042007)European cooperation in a North-South perspective of cooperation.
Co-person in charge Master on Mediterranean Women organized by Universities Federico II Napoli
L’Orientale Napoli
Egalité des chances et bonne parties de communication et gestion International project Region CampaniaItalia Algeria Tunisia Morocco UE IEDDH Project management of Euro-Mediterranean area for work
integration policies and protection of weaker bands
Mediterranean area Charged by cooperation plans with Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, France , Spain,
Palestine, Saharawi, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece.
Other countries: cooperation plans : Netherlands, Slovakia
As member of AMERIGO, International Cultural Exchanges Programs Alumni Association, Italy promoter of
lectures and panels from November 16-20 2009 in Roma Naples and Milan. “Obama versus Islam: politics
and strategies after Obama’s speech in Cairo.” And 2011 “Who is Who- Identity in a changing World (Italian
Camera dei Deputati/European Board of Amerigo) the politics of Identity in a changing World Italian
panelist. 2014 Member of Campania regional board.
Peter Egyed [email protected]
Deputy Director Trade / Directeur adjoint Commerce (GCB)
Affaires étrangères et Commerce international Canada
Past Public Affairs Officer Canadian Embassy in Rome
Christopher Layden Human Rights and Democracy Department Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Past Liaison Officer British Embassy Rome
Benjamin Ziff Counselor for Public Affairs U.S. Mission, Baghdad, Iraq
Past Counselor for Public Affairs, Rome, Italy U.S. Department of State
Fleur S. Cowan
Past Deputy Cultural Attache at the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Italy.
[email protected]
Michael Carmichael
Planetary/USA senior political consultant, historian, author and
[email protected]
Teaching and work experience in research teams at Universities and Research Institutes Academies
2010-2011 Responsible of the project” Human Rights and Solidarity” with the European Jean Monnet
professorship for human rights (project based on Human Rights and Islam)
2010 Arabic learning syllabus (for beginners) at the University L ’Orientale
2010/2009 Multicultural models for Muslim communities in the West (European Union, U.S.A. and Canada)
Leading two brand new experimental projects on Second Generation Muslim girls in Italy. 1) Binti 2) Banat
al ghad
2010 Viareggio’s Summers school: Sustainable development and gender diversity Muslim and Arabic
second generation in Italy
2009 Professor of Arabic Language (Caserta/ Seconda università di Napoli e Università l’Orientale)
Seminars, lectures on Multiculturalism and Islam
Networking and relationship at C.I.L.A., Centro Linguistico Interdipartimentale di Ateneo, Università
l’Orientale, among European Commission for Multilingualism, local authorities
2009-2000 “Arabic terms to define refugees and asylum seekers” (2009)
“Multicultural models to safeguard Arab and Muslim new generations” (2009)
“Ge.St.I.” Intercultural text books for Arabic speaking people to support learning Italian as second language
in the Italian public schools.”(2009-2011)
“Defense of mother tongues and spread of multilingualism” in the framework of European year of
intercultural dialogue (2008) “Workshops on cultural mediation “Photography as an instrument of
intercultural mediation” (2008) “Music as an instrument of intercultural mediation” (2008).
“Juridical defense of Arab-Muslim second generation in Italy” (2006-2008)
“Italian as second language for Arabic speakers” (from 2005)
Co-operated to the National project “Lo sguardo sull’Altro” with International and European Forum of
Migration Research (FIERI) in Turin. Opening session of the project” Linguistic border” in Turin about
linguistic preservation of mother tongue in second generation speaking in the occasion of the 20th
Anniversary of the Fall of Berlin’s wall (Oct. 2009)
Organizing and supporting the “Networking system” of the project “Languages for Integration” for the
European Found for Integration” EFI/FEI at University l’Orientale (2009) in agreement with Ministry of
Internal Affairs and the EU Migration board.
Attention to high quality, reliability and ability to work in a team
Coordinator team group on training education public authorities and NGOs
Coordinator team group on Education and cultural policies CONSULTA REGIONALE IMMIGRAZIONE
Coordinator team group Intercultural Action at School
Coordinator of the European network “Women Empowerment Net”
Advisor European social fund for weaker bands FSE ASSE III/POR CAMPANIA
Advisor local boards on youth migrants education integration projects
Person in charge of projects on civil rights and protection rights Town board of Napoli
Member of the Peace and Human Rights Center / Archive pace
Technical Advisor on preparing papers and official documents (among others) for Regione Campania Direzione Scolastica Regionale Campania, Società Dante Alighieri .
Person in charge and tutorial of the training course “Meccanizzazione SIRIA” C.E.C.T.I. Ministero degli Affari
The ability to take on leadership roles and supervision of junior researcher
2004 – 2012 Lecturer of vocational training course “Italian as second Language L2”
Person in charge of networking among University Regional board and migrant communities
Progetto FEI (Fondo Europeo Integrazione) per il Centro interdipartimentale servizi linguistici e audiovisivi
(CILA) of “Migration Language: Learning for integrati on/I linguaggi dell’ Immigrazione Conoscere per
integrare” European Integration Fund EFI/FEI
Advisor ARPA. Agenzia Ricerca e Produzione Avanzata dell'Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Strong commitment to the aims and ability to work under pressure and flexibility in team management
2003-2006 Pozzuoli (NA) Somma Vesuviana (NA) Scafati (SA)
Three different contracts as technical and practical responsible of the three projects organizing asylum
centers and social and working integration of Arabic speaking people. Project management planning
monitoring evaluation.
International promoter of far distance cooperation among Campania Regional Board and Marocco
/Benin/ Maghreb for local educational and training development projects
Counselor Corporate social responsibility Reporter on social European funds ( Equal projects)
Professional society
Member of SeSaMO - Società per gli Studi sul Medio Oriente
Senior expert project management a) Albo Collaboratori Assistenza tecnica locale PIC Equal c/o ISFOLTecnostruttura b) Formez
Senior expert international project management at ISVE (Italy)
Media and New Media
Regularly up-to-date personal web site
E. learning teacher virtual room C.I.L.A. / University l’Orientale
Author of NAWWARTUNA Italian languages course for Arabic speaking people broadcast by RAI
Educational National Radio3
Writing of articles discussion contribution on the Internet (University web radio) Euro med Media Network
and many others
Seminar on digital-divide in cooperation with NGOs: Ciss / Cidis Alisei
Member at Third Global forum /digital divide section
E. groups and forum about e-learning e digital divide
Chairperson E-learning and migration Leonardo project .E-learning and long distance teaching
Training course for Teachers based on multimedia technologies
Intercultural communication strategies for young Arabic speaking people in Campania Italy( forthcoming)
Italiano per arabi Atti del Convegno Memorie con-divise Milan 2013
Tracce arabo musulmane in Italia Atti del Convegno Toponomastica femminile Roma 2 voll 2011
Mirella Cassarino intervista Giuliana Cacciapuoti- Saperi Umanistici e flussi migratori.” in Saperi umanistici
oggi- Le Forme e La storia n.s. 4: 1-2. Catanzaro: Rubbettino editore, 2011.
Islam in Canada, una sfida al multiculturalismo, Ibridità Canadesi, Buono Angela Marina Zito (ed.) Napoli:
Università degli studi di Napoli l’Orientale, 2011: 77-98.
Il quaderno d’Italiano, Corso di italiano per arabi. Napoli: Luciano editore, 2009
LE SAIDEN - Voyage dans la République du Bénin, - Appunti di educazione interculturale, Il Torcoliere,
UNIOR, 2007 (prefazione)
MEDIAZIONE CULTURALE: sperimentazioni e strumenti per l’interazione consapevole nelle esperienze
progettuali della Regione Campania in campo interculturale, Interagendo, Spazi di confronto delle
mediazioni, Università degli Studi di Napoli “S. Orsola Benincasa”. Napoli: Elio Sellino editore, 2007: 169182.
Bauli volanti, percorsi di lettura per uno scaffale interculturale. Napoli: Regione Campania, 2006.
Percorsi interculturali in Agenda Pace e diritti umani ed.2004 e 2005
Ciao...!Piccola guida per un’interazione consapevole con i bambini e genitori stranieri nella scuola
elementare. Napoli 2004.
Percorsi di speranza, educazione interculturale-percorsi didattici Napoli 2004
Educare alla differenza, Napoli 1998
Educazione linguistica e culturale in Campania, Palermo 1994
Nawwartuna, italiano per arabi, III-IV. Napoli: IRRSAE Campania, 1994.
Technical files about Islamic Art Music Law Contemporary History,” in Quaderni IRRSAE Napoli I 1994
Una finestra sul mondo Napoli, in Quaderni IRRSAE Napoli II 1994
L’italiano per arabofoni, Quaderni IRRSAE Toscana. Firenze: 1993, 133-159
“Donna araba e donna berbera” Lezioni di educazione all’intercultura per gli alunni della scuola media
segnalate dal “Incontramondo” Museo etnografico Pigorini –Roma, Roma 1992
Cultural events ( as organizer or co-organizer)
Meaningful Arabic Islamic cultural area projects
2005 “Mediterranean Women: an historical and social research from two sides of the Sea” University
Federico II
2004 Cultural exchange “Women in Nassiriya” –University Federico II di Napoli- University of Nassiriya Iraq
2002 Vocational teaching training course “Islam is democracy” University Federico II
2001 “Cooperation and development project NGO’s AICOS Milan and Ministry of foreign Affairs “Italian
migrations to Egypt”
Meeting Seminars Conferences
2013 Naples “Buone pratiche in ... Comune” Second Meeting on Women’s Toponymy
Palermo “ Third Meeting on Women’s Toponimy as
2012 Rome” I Meeting on Women’s Toponymy “Muslim women in the cities- Arabic Islamic Footprints in
the Italian Toponymy”
2012 Toronto: "Pluri-culture et écrits migratoires / Pluri-culture and Migrant Writings" Diversité culturelle
et immigration comparées au Canada/ en Europe/ aux États-Unis2012
2012 Rome PRAP Amministrazione Penitenziaria regionale del Lazio "Conoscere per comunicare con
l'Islam" (marzo) La donna nella cultura islamica: dialogo e confronto con l'occidente. Dal multiculturalismo
2011 Milan Università Bicocca Milano, X Convegno della Società per gli Studi sul Medio Oriente (SeSaMO)
2008 Barcelona III World Conference on Middle Eastern Studies (WoCMES) 19-23 July 2010 Panel Managing
Multiculturalism: Paper Intercultural strategies and legal treatment for Arabic speaking people in
Campania-Italy. Poster Arabic speaking people in Campania-Italy.
First Intercultural course of the International Department of Ministry of Interiors Affairs
“Ancient and Contemporary Iraq” Seminars for high schools
“ Beyond the veil/Oltre il velo” Corso educazione alla pace a.s.2003/4 in collaborazione con Regione
“ Interculturality in the Mediterranean Sea/Interculturalità del Mediterraneo” incontri con la cultura araba
“ Muslim migration and health intercultural communication in sanitary environment/ Immigrazione
musulmana e salute: comunicazione interculturale in ambito sanitario”.
2001-1989 “Women and Islam/ La donna nella religione islamica” per La Donna nelle religioni monoteiste
del Mediterraneo Circolo Cittadino Lecce
Arabic linguistic loans into Italian /Prestiti linguistici dall’arabo in italiano” IRRSAE Campania-Napoli
“ Christian and Muslim family: a comparison/La famiglia islamica e la famiglia cristiana: un confronto”
“L’Islam e l’Occidente “ ciclo di lezioni col Patrocinio Regione Campania :Istituti Galiani, Pareto,
Palizzi, Margherita di Savoia, Alberghiero -Napoli
“Arabic and Berber Women/Donna araba e donna berbera” Progetto per la S.M.S. A. Sogliano-Napoli
“ Intercultural lessons to pupils of primary schools/Lezioni di educazione all’intercultura per gli alunni della
scuola media”
“ Culture and religion of Islam/L’Islam. Religione e cultura” Incontri di formazione sul diverso da sé
“ Spain and Sicily at Muslim age from IX to XI centuries /La Spagna e la Sicilia musulmana dal IX all’IX
secolo “ Napoli
“ Muslims in our town/ I musulmani nella nostra città” Istituto Margherita di Savoia Napoli
“ Islamic Culture in the Mediterranean area/La cultura islamica nel bacino del Mediterraneo”
“Everyday cultural traditions and religious attitude in the Muslim World/Lezioni sulla cultura religiosa e
materiale nel mondo musulmano” 72° Circolo didattico Pianura
“Woman of Islam/ La donna nell’Islam” Napoli
“ The Arabic woman/ Donna araba” Movie festival:”Il cinema dei Paesi arabi”
“ Migrant culture and Islam/Islam e cultura degli immigrati”
“Development comes from women/ Lo sviluppo è donna “Lezioni Chiaia e Arenella Napoli, Sant’Antonio
Public debate about conditons of muslim migrant women in Turin and in Naples/Tra Napoli e Torino
dibattito sulle donne immigrate Comune di Napoli Alma Mater
PREMIO 8 MARZO 2006 Comune di Formia Italy
(Intercultural dialogue with Islam communities)