Past simple vs used to


Past simple vs used to
Past simple vs used to
**1 Completa le frasi con la forma corretta del Past
simple dei verbi tra parentesi.
A Where did Emma go (Emma / go) on holiday last
B She 1____________ (have) six weeks holiday so she
________ (go) to two places, Australia and
A 3______________(she / enjoy) it?
B Yes, she 4______ . She 5__________ (think) Australia
was great but she 6_____________ (find) Indonesia
very hot.
A 7___________ (you / go) on holiday last year?
B No, I 8_________ . I 9____________ (stay) at home
and 10_________ (study) because I 11______________
(not want) to fail my exams again.
**2 Completa le frasi con la forma corretta di used
to e i verbi nel riquadro.
be • eat • have • like (x2) • smoke • play
0 He used to eat pizza all the time but now he has a
more healthy diet.
1 He ___________________ jazz but now he is a big
2 ___________ you _____________ with your sister
when you were young?
3 There ______________ a newsagent’s at the end of
our road when I was a child.
4 I don’t like cigarettes now but I _________________
30 cigarettes a day.
5 _________ you _____________ music lessons when
you were a child?
6 Catherine _______________ Mark but now they’re
**3 Scrivi le domande appropriate alle risposte.
1 How many people did you invite to the party?
I invited about 60 people to the party.
2 ___________________________________________
I passed my Maths exam and my English exam.
3 ___________________________________________
I used to play tennis and go swimming a lot.
4 ___________________________________________
Yes, I used to be very good at tennis.
5 ___________________________________________
I was 10 years old when I came to live here.
**4 Completa il testo con la forma corretta del Past
simple dei verbi tra parentesi oppure con used
When I was young I 0 used to go (go) skateboarding a lot
but when I 1______ (start) secondary school, I
__________ (stop) doing it because I
________________ (not have) time. In fact I
___________ (like) sport a lot but because out teachers
________ (give) us so much homework I 6_______
(find) it impossible to do both. I 7____________ (not
like) doing homework so, in the end, I 8____________
(not pass) my final school exam and I 9__________ (not
be) very good at sport either.
**5 Traduci.
1 Eri a scuola ieri? Non ti ho visto. Volevo darti il libro
per i compiti.
2 Non siamo usciti ieri sera. Io ho giocato con il
computer e Susan ha ascoltato della musica.
3 Quando ero studente andavo spesso al cinema ma ora
non ci vado più.
4 Quando eri bambino cucinava tua madre o qualche
volta cucinava tuo padre?
5 Ieri sera ho fatto una torta ma non era molto buona.