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here - Working Time Society
Journals relevant to the Working Time Society American Journal of Health Behavior American Journal of Industrial Medicine­‐0274 Applied Ergonomics
n#description Behavioral Sleep Medicine Biochemical Pharmacology
on#description British Medical Journal British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology http://www.bjcp-­‐ British Journal of Industrial Medicine (Free online) BMC Health Services Research CMAJ: Canadian Medical Association Journal Chronobiology International Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine Environmental Health Perspectives Ergonomics Giornale Italiano di Medicina del Lavoro ed Ergonomia Industrial Health International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health­‐
+public+health/journal/420 International Journal on Disability and Human Development: IJDHD International Journal of Health Geographics http://www.ij-­‐ International Journal Occupational Environmental Health International Journal of Neuroscience International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health Journal of Advancing Nursing Journal of Biological Rhythms Journal of Circadian Rhythms Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine JCSM: Official Publication of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine Journal of Experimental Psychology Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health Journal of Human Ergology Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology Journal of Occupational Health The Journal of Physiology Journal of Occupational Health Psychology Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience Journal of Public Health Journal of the Royal College of General Practitioners Journal of Sleep Research­‐1105 Molecular Brain (open access) Occupational and Environmental Medicine Physiology & Behavior
on#description Policy and Practice in Health and Safety­‐
_pphs.aspx Psychoneuroendocrinology­‐the-­‐official-­‐journal-­‐of-­‐
the-­‐ispne Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health (some open access) Sleep Sleep and biological rhythms
n#description Social Science & Medicine­‐science-­‐and-­‐
medicine/ Stress and Health­‐SMI.html Work and Stress 

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