Liceo Scientifico Statale “A. Labriola”



Liceo Scientifico Statale “A. Labriola”
Liceo Scientifico Statale “A. Labriola” - Roma
Programma di Lingua e cultura straniera inglese
Anno scolastico 2014/2015
Classe 4^ G
Prof.ssa Petrucci Carmen
Testi adottati:
1. Marina Spiazzi – Marina Tavella – Margaret Layton, Performer Culture &Literature 1 – From
the Origins to the Eighteenth Century, Zanichelli
2. Marina Spiazzi – Marina Tavella – Margaret Layton, Performer Culture &Literature 2 – The
Nineteenth Century in Britain and America, Zanichelli
3. A. Capel – W. Sharp, Objective First Third Edition, Cambridge University Press
The Historical and Cultural Context
The structure of theatres – The audiences and the Globe Authors and texts
William Shakespeare: his life – the actor and the playwright – the language genius – the poet – the
comedian – the historian – the tragic playwright
Romeo and Juliet: the plot – themes
Romeo and Juliet: “Two households”
Romeo and Juliet: “The ball”
Romeo and Juliet: “The balcony scene”
Romeo and Juliet: “With a kiss I die”
Macbeth: the plot - themes
Macbeth: “The three witches”
Macbeth: “ Duncan’s murder”
Macbeth: “Macbeth’s last monologue”
The Historical and Cultural Context
King by divine right – The Civil War – Oliver Cromwell and the Ironsides – The Puritans - The
Puritan Mind
Authors and texts
John Milton: his life – Paradise Lost (A religious epic poem – The universe of Paradise Lost –
Satan as an epic hero)
Paradise Lost: “Satan’s speech”
Satan: an instrument in Milton and Dante
The Historical and Cultural Context
The Restoration of the monarchy – The birth of political parties – The Tories and the Whigs Thomas Hobbes and John Locke – New scientific methods – Newton’s view of the universe –
Reason and common sense – The means of cultural debate – Two newspapers. “The Spectator” and
“Il Caffè” – The rise of the novel and the 18th-century novel.
Authors and texts
Daniel Defoe: his life – Robinson Crusoe (The story – The new middle-class hero – A spiritual
autobiography – The island – The individual and society)
Robinson Crusoe: “The journal”
Robinson Crusoe: “Man Friday”
Jonathan Swift: his life – a controversial writer – Gulliver’s Travels (The sources – The character of
Gulliver’s Travels: “Gulliver and the Lilliputians”
The Historical and Cultural Context
An age of revolutions – Industrial society – How child labour changed the world - The Gothic
Authors and texts
Mary Shelley: her life – Frankenstein (The story – The influence of science – Literary influences –
Narrative structures – Themes)
Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus: “The creation of the monster”
The epistolary novel: M. Shelley and Foscolo
“Le viscere delle Alpi” from Ultime Lettere di Jacopo Ortis by Ugo Foscolo and “Frankenstein and
the monster” from Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley
Revision of past tenses
The article and possession
Phrasal verbs with”keep”
Produzione scritta
Writing an expository /opinion essay
Writing a comparison essay
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