ST.RI.T. transportable repeater station


ST.RI.T. transportable repeater station
Supplied accessories
ST.RI.T. transportable repeater station
4 buffer batteries 24Vcc 7A;
ST.RI.T. offers the best performance tanks to the new DMR standard.
DMR guarantees a better spectral efficiency, data communications,
and more advanced voice communications.
Power cable 220v and 24V
(Car lights cigar);
ST.RI.T. the ideal solution for nomadic use in normal or emergency
Duplexer filter;
Rugged Connectors.
Additional accessories
The exclusive advantage that ST.RI.T. offers is the VERSATILITY!.
ST.RI.T. it’s a solution based on Digital DMR Standard or Analog
Communications its portability allows radio communications in
emergency or critical environment.
Programming software;
Programming Cable;
Via Carpegna, 9 47838 Riccione RN - Italia
Tel.: +39.0541.694212 Fax.: +39.0541.694211
[email protected]
Technical specifications
• Thanks to plastic chassis projected from
EUROCOM to trolley the repeater,
• ST.RE.E.T. became a stand-alone system;
• In the customized front panel enabled the
access to connectors otherwise impossible to
• Thanks to the TDMA canalization is possible
to use one single frequency for 2 different
• The number of users in a single 12.5 kHz
channel is double respect the analog repeater;
Wider area communications are available tank
to the Digital repeater
respect the Analog technology;
Longer lifetime of the battery, 2 kind of electric
feeding (220V or 24V) through Accessory
Additional features are available through
Accessory Connector;
Digital or Analog operating mode;
Available Channels16
Frequency MHz
403-470 136-174806-870 450-425/403-470 136-174
Low and High power W
1-25 25-40
1-25 25-40 1-100
Noise FM dB-kHz
-40 a 12,5/-45 a 25
-45 a 12,5 -50 a 25
Spurious rejection70 dB
Operating Temperatures
-30 °C / +60 °C
Digital Protocol
ETSI - TS102 361-1
ETSI -TS102 361-1 -2 -3
Size cm (LxWxH)
Weight Kg
Controls and commands:
Signaling Light: 52 x 60 x 17
33 batterie comprese
60 x 60 x 25
40 batterie comprese
Nf - DB9 - VDEf 220V e Mil12V - LAN - Mic. (in Analog mode)
Switch 16 Ch., Volume balance; Power on/off
power; Disabled; Digital; Analog; Tx/Rx slot a; Tx/Rx slot b;
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