bollettino 34 - Società Italiana Terriers



bollettino 34 - Società Italiana Terriers
November 5th & 6th, 2011
Con il Patrocinio del Comune di Colle di Val d‟Elsa
Rules for Club Championship 2011
SIT‟s Governing Council has deliberated only for the current year (2011) to make
some changes to the rules to achieve the title of Club Champion.
The changes essentially are that for this year the Club Championship will be disputed
only with one trial, i.e. 5 & 6 November this year at Colle Val D‟Elsa (SI).
In detail the winner of best dog & best bitch of each breed will be proclaimed Club
Below the qualifications required to advance to the play-off for the best of each sex:
Champion class: 1st excellent
Between Open & Intermediary classes: for those who achieve 1st excellent CAC
For Parson Russell* and Jagd Terrier*: also 1st excellent CAC in Working class
Junior class: 1st excellent
Veteran class: 1st excellent
*N.B.: For the Parson Russell and Jagt breeds the prize of Club Championship will be
awarded also for the subjects who do not have the working trial certificate.
The subject will be proclaimed SIT Club Champion who‟s owner is regularly
registered as a SIT club member for the current year.
For foreign competitors (or with residence abroad) and not SIT club members in the
case of being proclaimed winner, the title of Club Champion will be awarded without
In the case that the best subject of sex is owned by a non SIT club member with
residence in Italy the title of Club Champion will not be awarded.
It is to be understood that should the best of sex be the subject from the Junior
class, this subject may hold both titles (Junior Club Champion & Club Champion).
The Junior Club Championship will be awarded to the winners 1st excellent of the
Junior classes prior to verification of the necessary requirements being the same
as those for adult subjects.
The Governing Council has also deliberated to introduce the title of “SIT PROMISE”
which will be destined to each sex (Dog & Bitch) from the Puppy and Youth classes.
The winner will be unique, i.e. will be determined by the play-off between the 1st best
promising Puppy and the 1st best promising Youth.
Program for the week-end
Saturday 5 November 2011
At the Colle Basket:
8:30 am entrance dogs for the show
10:30 am judging begins for the breeds Standard and Miniature English Bull
Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier
At the Gym of the Tennis Club:
10:00 am grooming and handling course for „Westie‟ lovers held by
Mr Thomas West „Tomlyndon‟ kennel
4:00 pm „Westie‟ conference held by Mr Thomas West „Tomlyndon‟ kennel
4:00 pm „Norfolk & Norwich‟ conference and grooming demonstration held by Ms
Leslie Crowley „Ragus‟ kennel and Ms Ruth Corkhill “Rabash”
Sunday 6 November 2001
At the Colle Basket:
8:30 am entrance dogs for the show
10:30 am judging begins for the terrier breeds Deutscher Jagd, Airedale,
Bedlington, Border, Fox T. Smooth & Wire, Lakeland, Manchester, Welsh, Irish
Glen of Imaal, Parson Russell, Brasileiro, Australian, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont,
Norfolk, Norwich, Scottish, Sealyham, Skye, West Highland White, Giapponese,
Boemo, Jack Russell, Australian Silky, English Toy (Black & Tan)
To follow: Best in Show
… but before Best in Show… „Cake Competition‟ !
Cake Competition Rules
Together with the Show the Club has organized a gastronomic competition of sweet and
savory cakes with terrier breeds as the subject. This is a tradition of the agricultural
English country fairs and we therefore hope that you will accept this challenge.
All cakes must be consigned to the Secretary‟s stand within 1:00 pm on Sunday where they
will be put on show until the Prize giving.
The cakes will be judged and tasted immediately before the Best in Show and at the end of
the Show you are all invited to taste them all with us.
Competition categories:
Savory cakes
Sweet cakes
With 1st, 2nd & 3rd places for each category.
Judging list:
Mrs. Jean Abbey –“KRISTAJEN” U.K.:
West Highland White Terrier
Bull Terrier Inglese Taglia Normale e Bull Terrier Miniature
Mrs. Leslie Crowley – “RAGUS” U.K.:
Australian T. – Border T. – Norwich T. – Norfolk T.
Mr. Svante Frisk – “TOUCHSTONE” SE:
Deutscher Jagd T. – Manchester T. – Irish Glen of Imaal
T. - Kerry Blue T. - T. Brasileiro – Dandie Dinmont T. Sealyham T. – T. Giapponese – T. Boemo – Jack Russell T.
Australian Silky T. – English Toy T. (Black & Tan)
Mr. Philip Greenway – “RAYFOS” U.K.:
Airedale T. – Irish Soft Coated Wheaten T. – Lakeland T.
Welsh T. – Irish T.
Mr. Ernest Hill – “TYNECOURT” U.K.: Bedlington T.
Mrs. Sheila Maw – Pendlehill” U.K. : Scottish T.
Mrs. Dawn Inett – “CARRADINE” U.K.: Cairn T.
Mrs. Ruth Prehn – U.S.A.: American Staffordshire T.
Mr. Alan Edward Small – “BETHANE” U.K.:
Parson Russell T. – Staffordshire Bull T.
Mrs. Antonia Thornton – “WATTEAU” U.K.:
Fox T. Pelo Liscio – Fox T. Pelo Ruvido
To reach “Colle Basket”
The „Colle Basket‟ is in Via Liguria, Colle Val D‟Elsa: at the „superstrada
Palio‟ take the Colle Val D‟Elsa south (sud) exit (or Colle Val D‟Elsa arriving
from Rome), arriving at the first roundabout please turn right direction Colle
Val D‟Elsa and follow to the second roundabout again turning right where you
may already see the Stadium of Colle Basket.
Hotels where dogs are accepted:
Hotel La Vecchia Cartiera – tel. 0577/922014 Via Oberdan 5,7,9 – COLLE
Casa per Ferie CRISTALL – tel. 0577/920361 (Riccardo) Via Liguria, 1 –
Agriturismo La Fornace – tel. 0577/922677 – COLLE VAL D‟ELSA
Hotel Villa Belvedere – tel. 0577/920966 Via Senese – COLLE VAL D‟ELSA
Hotel EUROPA – TEL. 0577/933402 – Via Senese POGGIBONSI
On making your hotel reservation please remember to indicate you will be
staying for the Terrier gathering and the agreed special rates !!!