Curriculum Vitae: Gianmarco Pisa 1. Name and



Curriculum Vitae: Gianmarco Pisa 1. Name and
Curriculum Vitae: Gianmarco Pisa
Name and Surname: Gianmarco Pisa
Birth - Place and Date: Naples (Napoli), Italy (Italia), 09/02/1979
Nationality: Italian
Address: Naples: 42, Blundo str.; 80128
Study: Physics @ “Federico II” University, Naples
Linguistic Skill
[competency scale 1-5: 1: excellent – 5: basic]
Education Roots
[educational programs and qualifications]
Professional Competencies
Project designer on action/research for peace, human rights and non-violence as external
consultant for “Associazione per la Pace” [Association for Peace], Roma:,
Project designer on action/research for rights and against exclusion for I.R.E.S. Campania: and member of the Board of Directors of Civilian Peace Corps Table
[Foreign Affairs Ministry] and Civilian Peace Corps Network [IPRI – CCP NET]:
Member of Scientific Committee of “Quaderni di PaceDifesa” for the Study Centre
“Centro Studi Difesa Civile” [Civilian Defence Study Centre], Roma: and
Member of Research Committee for Peace, Dialogue, Reconciliation in “Cyprus Academic Forum”
[CYAF], Nicosia, Cyprus: and “OSS.IN” [International Observatory],
Member of: European “Trainers of Trainers” Community on positive transformation inside
ALPICOM Programme [Adult Learning Programme Information for COnflict Management],
A.R.C.A. “Training Community” (EU Programme): and Member of Trainer
- Facilitator Board inside ICP Table (Civilian Peace Intervention):
Youth Trainer and Scientific Animator with “Le Nuvole” Coop. inside “Città della Scienza”
[City of Science], Naples Science Center [2001-2005]: and Didactic Tutor for
T.p.A.A. Class (“Tecnologie per l’Accesso e l’Autonomia”: Access & Autonomy Technologies)
with CIRPS [“Inter-University Research Consortium for Sustainable Development”] inside
Engineering Faculty in “La Sapienza” University, Roma [2006-07]:
Professional Constructive Civilian Peace-keeper & Conflict Manager certified by professional
qualification & ARLAV short-list registration (prot. 184 decr. 123 issued in date 07/08/09): and professional social-project designer (AICCRE EU Master).
Nowadays Positions
Secretary in IPRI – CCP Net and President of “Operatori di Pace – Campania” ONLUS, active in:
1. National Program “Civilian Peace Intervention” on peace-promotion and peace-educ.
2. Project Manager in Peace Class S.A.R.A. (Roma Focused Action Research) - A.C.H.I.E.V.E.
(Alternative Conflict Handling to Inhibit Emergencies and Violence Eradicate)
3. Program Manager for Civilian Peace Service - Civilian Social Defence in Castelvolturno
(S.C.P.C. Program) and for Civilian Peace Corps Project in Kosovo funded by Naples Municipality.
International Cooperation and International Solidarity and Training
Professional Experiences
“Il Gioco del Capitale” (Naples, 03); “Tecnologie per l’Accesso e per l’Autonomia” (Rome, 05); “Manuale
di Preparazione Professionale al Peace Building” (Naples, 05); “Da Bush a Bush” (Naples, 05); “Le Vie della
Pace” Civilian Peace Corp Feasibility Study (Naples, 06); “La PESC e il peace-keeping in ambito UE”
(Naples, 07); “Thematics for Civil Peace Corps in Italy” (Naples, 07); “Diplomazia dal basso: l’esperienza
di «Dialoghi di Pace» a Cipro” (Milan, 07); “History and History Teaching in Cyprus” (Pacedifesa Quaderni
n. 1) e “Peace-building and cultural-work” (Pacedifesa Quaderni n. 3); Study on Facilitation Methodology:
“Minute on Bratislava ALPICOM Meeting: Open Space Technology”, “Civilian Peace Intervention for
Conflict Prevention” inside CPI Table (Rome, 09); “Didactic Framework on Violated Rights in Conflict
Areas” (Rome, 09); Preparatory Document to Guideline, Criteria and Standard to Define the Profile for
Italian “Civilian Peace Intervention” (Naples, 10); Project Volume “S.A.R.A.: Social & Anthropological
Roma-focused Action-research” (Naples, 10); “Elements for Conflict Transformation” (Naples, 08) and CPC
“Project in Kosovo” (Bologna, 12): and
mobile: +393492914251 mailto: [email protected] blog:

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