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VOCAL 78 rpm Discs - Holdridge Records
VOCAL 78 rpm Discs
Minimum bid as indicated per item.
3769. 10” Red ’08 Pats. Victrola 87003.
MARTHA: Qui sola vergin rosa
(Flotow). Small bump near end. One
LGT, otherwise cons. 2. $8.00.
1884. 12” Red ’08 Pats. Victrola 88084.
LAKMÉ: Bell Song (Delibes). Couple
LGTs, 2. $8.00.
2325. 12” Red Victor 88129. MIREILLE:
Valse (Gounod). IMs. Just about
1-2. $15.00.
2178. 12” Red Victor 89009. MARTHA: Mesta ognor (Flotow). With LOUISE
HOMER [c]. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2186. 12” Purple acous. La Cigale (Italian
Col.) D17551 [74844/74845]. IL
PICCOLO MARAT: Grande duetto,
Atto 2 (Mascagni). Two sides. With
Great surface material. Few harmless
discoloration stains, otherwise cons.
2. $35.00.
3092. 10” B&S Columbia 1197 [take 2].
ROMÉO ET JULIETTE: Je veux vivre (Gounod). This really appears to be mint!
Just about 1-2. $400.00.
4050. 11” Odeon 60308/56094 [XP3330/XP3532]. THAMARA: Rêve de Nour-Eddin
(Bourgault-Ducoudray)/LISE LANDOUZY [s], GASTON DU BOIS [t], PAOLO
ANANIAN [bs]. FAUST: Alerte! (Gounod). Side one somewhat noisy, but attractive
music stylishly sung by Affre (and I don’t usually think of Affre as a stylish singer).
Affre starred in a 1907 revival at the Paris Opéra (where the work had its premiere in
1891). Slight warp. 4. $15.00.
3349. 10” Blue Notes. Columbia C565 [4212/4217]. PEARL FISHERS: Della mia vita/
PEARL FISHERS: Mi par d’udir ancora (Bizet). Small lbl. stkr. Cons. 2. $15.00.
3063. 10” Green Zonophone X-83085/X-83106 [4873o/4886o]. FAUST: Faites-lui mes
aveux/ANTOINETTE LAUTE(-BRUN) [s]. FAUST: Il m’aime (Gounod). Few MGTs
side one, cons. 2. $20.00.
4425. 10” Red PoW VdP DA 5372 [OBA3543/3544]. COLOMBETTA (Buzzi-Peccia)/TUO MI
CHIAMI (Scarlatti). Scarce. Very early Albanese. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
4426. 10” Late Red PoW VdP DA 5391 [OBA-4140/4141]. MANON LESCAUT: In quelle
trine morbide (Puccini)/DICITENCELLO VUJE (Fusco). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1647. 12” Red PoW RCA Victor 11-9175. TRAVIATA: Dite alla giovane/TRAVIATA:
Imponete (Verdi). Both with ROBERT MERRILL [b]. Orch. dir. Frieder
Weissmann. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1485. 12” Red PoW RCA Victor 12-0525. HÉRODIADE: Il est doux (Massenet)/MANON:
Adieu, notre petite table (Massenet). Just about 1-2. $7.00.
12” Red late RCA Victor 12-0658. ADRIANA LECOUVREUR: Io son l’umile ancella
(Cilèa)/DON GIOVANNI: Batti, batti o bel Masetto (Mozart). One harmless, small
LSS, otherwise just about 1-2. $7.00.
12” Red PoW RCA Victor 12-0733. MARRIAGE OF FIGARO: Deh vieni, non tardar
(Mozart)/DON PASQUALE: Quel guardo il cavaliere (Donizetti). One tiny, harmless
LSS, otherwise just about 1-2. $7.00.
12” Late Red RCA Victor 12-1001. MADAMA BUTTERFLY: Ancora un passo/MADAMA BUTTERFLY: Con onor muore (Puccini). Just about 1-2. $7.00.
12” Late Red RCA Victor 12-1048. BOHÊME: Mi chiamano Mimì/SUOR ANGELICA:
Senza mamma (both Puccini). Orch. dir. Victor Trucco. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
2216. 12” White Victrola 74098. LUCREZIA BORGIA: Di pescatore ignobile (Donizetti).
Just about 1-2. $15.00.
3899. 10” PoW Plum It. Columbia DQ 1138 [WB3723/3375]. RIGOLETTO: La donna è
mobile (Verdi)/MARIA CANIGLIA [s]. TOSCA: Vissi d’arte (Puccini). Just about
2. $7.00.
FRANCES ALDA [s]. Christchurch, NZ, 1879Venice, 1952. A niece of noted soprano Frances Saville,
Alda studied with Marchesi in Paris (who gave her the
stage name “Alda”) and made her debut at the OpéraComique, 1904, as Massenet’s Manon. She subsequently
sang at la Monnaie (Brussels), in Warsaw, Covent Garden
nd La Scala. Her Met debut was in 1908, opposite Caruso,
as Gilda in Rigoletto. She married the General Director,
Giulio Gatti-Casazza, and remained with the Met until
1929. In the 1920s she was active on the radio and in
concert work. She later taught. Her colorful personality
was reflected in her autobiography, Men, Women and Tenors
as well as in an excellent recent Opera News article by
David Shengold.
3198. 10” Red Pats. Victrola 87096. ROMANCE
(Debussy). A particularly rare Victor,
especially in original Red Seal format.
Just about 1-2. $50.00.
3299. 10” White Victrola 87115. THE DAWN
(Teschemacher-d’Hardelot). Cons. 2.
3889. 10” Red Victor 64334. MADAMA
BUTTERFLY: Ancora un passo (Puccini).
She easily manages the optional high D flat.
Cons. 2. $8.00.
3887. 10” Red Victrola 64802. GIANNI SCHICCHI: O mio babbino caro (Puccini).
Cons. 2. $7.00.
3612. 10” Red Victrola 525. IF WINTER COMES
(Adams). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
3647. 10” Red Victrola 517. BY THE WATERS
RIVER (Fisher). IMs. Just about 1-2.
3851. 10” Red EE Victrola 1148. IF GOD LEFT ONLY YOU (Densmore)/NOBODY ELSE
(Penn). Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $8.00.
4284. 10” Red PW (gold print) Victor 1176. THE BELLS OF ST. MARY’S (Adams)/EVER OF
THEE I’M FONDLY DREAMING (Hall). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
3729. 10” Red PW (silver print) Victor 1189. MIGHTY LAK’ A ROSE (Nevin)/SOMEWHERE
A VOICE IS CALLING (Tate). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
3886. 10” Red Orth. Victrola 1330. WAIATA MAORI (Hill)/A MAORI SLUMBER SONG
(Princess Te Rangi Pai). Piano acc. Frank La Forge. Uncommon. One superficial
mk., just about 1-2. $10.00.
3885. 10” Red Orth. Victrola 1359. LA CENA DELLE BEFFE: Sempre così/LA CENA
DELLE BEFFE: Mi chiamo Lisabetta (Giordano). Cons. 2. $8.00.
3651. 10” Mauve elec. HMV AGSA 9. Same as preceding listing (item #3885). Just about
1-2. $7.00.
2472. 12” Red ’08 Pats. Victrola 88248. SERENATA (Tosti). Piano acc. Extremely rare.
Few lt. rubs, cons. 2. $50.00.
1940. 12” Red ’12 Pats. Victrola 88325. LORELEY: Ah, dunque ei m’amera (Catalani).
Rare. Great performance. Exceptional trills! 2. $30.00.
2195. 12” Red ’12 Pats. 88399. TALES OF HOFFMANN: Elle à fui (Offenbach). Looks mint.
Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2273. 12” Red Victor 74353. CARMEN: Je dis que rien (Bizet). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2031. 12” Red Victor 74388. IL SEGRETO DI SUSANNA: Oh gioia la nuba leggera (WolfFerrari). Never doubled. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2040. 12” Red Victrola 74400. TOSCA: Vissi d’arte (Puccini). With Gutia Casini [cellist]
and Frank La Forge [pianist]. Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $10.00.
1865. 12” Red Victor 74449. CHANSON PROVENÇALE (Dell’ Acqua). Never doubled on
Victor. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1866. 12” Red Victrola 89163. MADAMA BUTTERFLY: O quanti occhi fisi (Puccini). With
GIOVANNI MARTINELLI [t]. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
2353. 12” Red Victrola 8002. MADAMA BUTTERFLY: O quanti occhi fisi/BOHEME: O
soave fanciulla (both Puccini). Both with G. MARTINELLI [t]. Side one a
particularly passionate performance by Martinelli. Neither stinst on the final high
“C”. Side one just about 1-2. Side two few lt. rubs, 2.
1231. 12” Red Victrola 8044. MADAMA BUTTERFLY: Un bel di/MADAMA BUTTERFLY:
Tutti i fior (Puccini). Side two with SOPHIE BRASLAU [c]. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
ALF ALFER [t]. Stockholm, 1909-Queens, NY,
1965. Born Alfred Karlson, Alfer studied voice with Joseph
Hislop, among others. His was a varied musical career. As a
pop-style violinist he formed his first band when he was 15
and was later a member of the orchestra Tobias and his
Gauchos. In the early 1930s he was first tenor in the vocal
quartet Sync Open and was later known as the “Swedish
crown prince among tenors”. In 1948 he emigrated to the U.S.
and toured in a comedy act, “Fiddle and Faddle,” in which he
sang and played the violin. He also served for a time as a
singing waiter in a New York Swedish restaurant. In 1961, he
made his New York concert debut at Carnegie Recital Hall,
accompanied by Richard Woitach, and singing Schubert lieder,
arias of Donizetti, Mozart, Verdi and Meyerbeer and Swedish
songs. The NY Times reviewer, Allan Hughes, wasn’t too
encouraging. Alfer’s singing of “Una furtiva lagrima”, wrote
Hughes, “revealed what the tenor could achieve at his best,
and if its standard had been that of the evening, one would
feel more encouraged about Mr. Alfer’s professional prospects
in this country.” He died four years later of cancer.
3411. 10” Swedish Telefunken A.5371
[27128/27129]. BÖN [TALA, ÄLSKADE,
TALA] (Österling)/MIN MODER (Hannikainen). Piano acc. Stig Ribbing. Small pressing flaw start side one, cons. 2. $12.00.
3949. 10” PW Blk. Eng. Col. 5398 [WA8494/8495]. THE MIGHTY DEEP (Jude)/THE
STORMFIEND (Weatherly-Roeckel). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
ELSA ALSEN [s]. Obra, Poland, 1880-New York City, 1975. Born of Norwegian and
French parents, Alsen began her career in concert as a contralto in 1900 and in 1902 in opera in Heidelberg. A
decade or so later she switched to dramatic soprano, concentrating on Wagner roles, and became an
important member of the Berlin Staatsoper. In 1923 she appeared in New York as a member of the German
Opera Company. Much of the remainder of her career, through 1935, was spent in the U.S. in concerts, opera
(mainly with the Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles Operas) and as soloist with orchestras under
Toscanini, Stokowski, Walter, Koussevitsky and other leading maestri. She retired in 1935 and taught in
California and then New York.
2034. 12” Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia 5065-M [W98262-10/98263-10]. CARO MIO BEN
(Giordani)/ RINALDO: Lascia ch’io pianga (Händel). Piano acc. Alderson Mowbray.
Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1531. 12” Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia 50083-D [W98565-2/98565-1]. TRISTAN UND
ISOLDE: Liebestod (Wagner). Two sides. Tiny lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1260. 12” Blue PW Columbia 7177-M [W98260-12/98261-13]. DU BIST DIE RUH’/
GRETCHEN AM SPINNRADE (both Schubert). Piano acc. Alderson Mowbray.
Excellent later ‘30s pressing. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1862. 12” Red Victor 76031.
Finale Atto 3 (Moussorgsky-Rimsky-Korsakov).
[c]. Small PB. Very minor lt.
superficial rubs, 2. $7.00.
4277. 10” Red Pats. “A” plate Victrola 87105. IL GUARANY:
Senza tetto (Gomes). Just
about 1-2. $8.00.
8201. 11” Fonotipia 62368/62369
(both de Cristofaro). With
piano and mandolin. Lbl.
stkrs., gen. 2. $40.00.
8251. 11” Col. Fonotipia 92499/
92505 [XPh3954/3914].
GERMANIA: Ascolta, io
morirò (Franchetti)/
bell’astro (Wagner).
American pressings begin
their numbering (usually)
with A1001. This is A1015.
Just about 1-2. $35.00.
8214. 11” Fonotipia 92507/92508
PASQUALE AMATO enjoying the Victrola
[XPh3931/3932]. IL
GUARANY: Senza tetto (Gomes)/I DUE FOSCARI: Questa dunque à l’iniqua
mercede (Verdi). Excellent copy, few lightest mks., cons. 2. $30.00.
8247. 11” Fonotipia 92511/92512 [XPh3889/3874]. LE VILLI: Anima santa (Puccini)/
GERMANIA: Ferito, prigionier (Franchetti). Excellent copy, cons. 2. $35.00.
8226. 11” Fonotipia 92525/92516 [XPh3890/3949]. TOSCA: Già, mi dicon venal
(Puccini)/CRISTOFORO COLOMBO: Aman lassù le stelle (Franchetti). Pressings
24/14. IMs. Cons. 2. $25.00.
1897. 12” Fonotipia 74137/74138 [XXPh3933-2/3934]. RIGOLETTO: Povero Rigoletto/
RIGOLETTO: Cortigiani (Verdi). With La Scala Chorus. One MGT, just about 1-2.
2098. 12” Fonotipia 74139/74140 [XXPh3895/3896]. AIDA: Rivedrai le foreste/AIDA: Su
dunque (Verdi). With ESTER MAZZOLENI [s]. Very forward, usually found
heavily greyed, this is an exceptionally clean copy. Couple minor rubs. Cons. 2.
2058. 12” Red Pats. Victrola 88338. OTELLO: Brindisi (Verdi). With ANGELO BADA [t]
and PIETRO AUDISIO [t]. John Bolig’s Victor Red Seal Discography, Vol. I, provides
Audisio’s name, which is not on the label, while the label lists Giulio Setti, omitted
in the Bolig listing, who may have been the conductor. IMs. Just about 1-2.
12” White lbl. Victrola 88489. TOSCA: Te deum (Puccini). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Pats. Victrola 89057. IL SEGRETO DI SUSANNA: Il dolce idilio (WolfFerrari). With GERALDINE FARRAR [s]. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
12” Red Pats. Victrola 89057. Same as preceding listing (item #1004). Very lightest
label stain. Surface otherwise just about 1-2. $10.00.
12” White lbl. Victrola 89057. Same as preceding listings (item #1004 and 1942).
Just about 1-2. $12.00.
12” Red ’12 Pats. Victrola 89070. TROVATORE: Vivrà contende il giubilo (Verdi).
With JOHANNA GADSKI [s]. Text label on reverse. Lovely copy, few lightest rubs,
cons. 2. $8.00.
12” Red Victor 89079. TRAVIATA: Dite alla giovine (Verdi). With FRIEDA HEMPEL
[s]. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
12” Red Victrola 8048. AIDA: Ciel! Mio Padre!/AIDA: Su dunque! (Verdi). With
JOHANNA GADSKI [s]. Small lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1072. 12” Red Victrola 8061. PURITANI: Suoni la tromba (Bellini). With MARCEL
aspergimi (Massenet). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1103. 12” Orange PW Victor HRS 1002. AFRICAINE: Adamastor, re dell’ onde (Meyerbeer)/
RICCARDO MARTIN [t]. LE CID: O souverain! (Massenet). From orig. 1914/1910
Victor matrices. Labels autographed by, respectively, Amato and Martin. Just about
1-2. $25.00.
3674. 10” Red ’08 Pats. Victrola 87006. TRAVIATA: Di Provenza il mar (Verdi). 2-3.
1261. 12” Red ’12 Pats. Victrola 88062. ERNANI: O de verd’ anni miei (Verdi). Small lbl.
stkr. 2. $7.00.
2199. 12” PW Silver Victor IRCC 130 [C-6045/C-4992]. ANDREA CHENIER: Un di m’era
di gioia (Giordano)/FAUST: Death of Valentine (Gounod). 1908 recordings. Side one
had a very short catalogue life. Side two was assigned 88109 but was never issued,
this being the first and only edition. An AGSB edition was actually pressed but never
issued. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
1672. 12” PW Blue Polydor 95165 [1243bm/1244bm]. BEFREIT/CÄCILIE (both R.
Strauss). Piano acc. Few lt. rubs, cons. 2. $10.00.
1398. 12” Blue PW Telefunken E1873 [060887/020888]. TIEFLAND: Querschnitt
[Highlights] (Eugen d’Albert). Two sides. With ANITA GURA [s], CARLA
SPLETTER [s], HANS HERMANN NISSEN [bs], orch. dir. Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt.
Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1437. 12” PW Plum HMV C.2065 [Cc14364-IV/Cc19724-II]. DON CARLOS: O don fatale
(Verdi)/PLAISIR D’AMOUR (Martini). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
IVAR ANDRESEN [bs]. Kristiania, 1896-Stockholm, 1940.
His debut was in Stockholm,
1919. From 1921-1926 he was a member of the Royal Swedish Opera and from 1926-1931 the Dresden Opera.
Bayreuth heard him 1928-1931 and he was a valuable member of the Metropolitan Opera 1930-32.
Unfortunately, health problems curtailed his career and he died at the age of 44. The tall and commanding
bass is remembered as among the most notable of Wagner interpreters.
1608. 12” PW Purple U.S. Odeon 5157 [2-20403/2-20404]. LOHENGRIN: Heil König
Heinrich (Wagner). Two sides. Excellent pressing. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
8199. 11” Fonotipia 62168/62169 [XPh3912/
3913-2]. MARCELLA: O santa libertà/
MARCELLA: O mia Marcella (Giordano). Piano acc. Nice copy. 2.
8259. 11” Fonotipia 62186/62187 [XPh2587/
2589]. DITELE (Cociubei)/CHE
FELICITÀ (Davidov). Piano acc. In
Russian. Rare. Small lbl. stkr. Cons. 2.
8252. 11” SS Fonotipia 62268 [XPh2820].
(Rossini). Piano acc. Just about 1-2.
4430. 11” Fonotipia 62286/62287 [XPh2837/
2835]. LUCIA: Tombe degli avi miei/
LUCIA: Fra poco (Donizetti). Piano acc.
Few LGTs, 2. $15.00.
8205. 11” Fonotipia 62320/62321 [XPh3187/
SIETE …! (both R. Zardo). Very scarce.
Piano acc. Lbl. stkr. Few MGTs, 2-3.
8263. 11” Fonotipia 62400/62401 [XPh ?
/4076]. MALÌA/SERENATA (both
Tosti). Piano acc. One TB. Lt. rubs,
just about 2. $40.00.
8239. 11” Fonotipia 62539/62540 [XPh 4438/4439 ]. MATTINATA/SPES ULTIMA DEA
(both Mugnone). Piano acc. Very rare. His final Fonotipia session. Small lbl. tear side
two. One harmless LSS and rub side one, few MGTs. Side one otherwise 2. Side
two cons. 2. $60.00.
2206. 12” Red Fonotipia 74029/74032 [XXPh4053/4243]. BOHEME: Che gelida manina
(Puccini)/LA GIOCONDA: Cielo e mar (Ponchielli). Piano acc. Excellent early ‘30s
pressing. IMs. Just about 1-2. $30.00.
1676. 12” Red acous. Victrola 6348. CARMEN: Air de la fleur (Bizet)/ROMÉO ET
JULIETTE: Ah! lève-toi soleil (Gounod). Just about 1-2. $7.00. JOSEPHINE ANTOINE [s]. Denver, CO, 1907- Jamestown, NY, 1971. Adopted as a
baby, she was encouraged by her parents to develop her talent. She studied with Alexander Grant
in her teenage years through college. She then attended Curtis (1930-31) and Juilliard (1931-34),
working with Marcella Sembrich. Antoine’s Met debut was as Philine in Mignon, 1936, and she
remained with the Met until 1948, also appearing with the Chicago and San Francisco Operas.
Concert tours and the radio also were among her important performance outlets. Antoine
subsequently taught at various Universities, including the Eastman School of Music (1957-59;
1966-71) and the summer Chautauqua music program.
2360. 12” Columbia 69813-D [wxco26299B/26300B]. FAUST: Jewel Song (Gounod)/
MIGNON: Je suis Titania (Thomas). Orch. dir. Wilfred Pelletier. Small lbl. stkrs.
Just about 1-2. $10.00.
DESIDER ARANYI [t]. Szathmar-Neméthy, Hungary, 1868-1923.
The son of a Cantor,
originally Desider Goldberger, Arányi made his debut in Brno, 1890, as Raoul in Les Huguenots. A member
of the Budapest National Opera, 1893-1900, Arányi also sang at La Scala and various other Italian houses.
In Prague, 1903, he created the principal tenor role of Pedro in the world premiere of d’Albert’s Tiefland. His
other venues included the Vienna Hofoper and the Dresden Opera, as well as many other major European
houses. His repertoire included such varied roles as Rhadames (Aida), Almaviva (Il Barbiere di Siviglia),
Edgardo (Lucia), Alfredo (Traviata), Walther (Meistersinger) and numerous other parts. Arányi’s few records,
dating from 1904-1905, are particular collector prizes.
3170. 10” Blk. Prag G&T 2-42774 [1896x]. MIGNON: Romanze (Thomas). Nice copy of
this exceptional rarity. Lt. rubs, few LGTs, cons. 2-3. $800.00.
3169. 10” Blk. Flush Prag G&T 44267 [1898x]. RIGOLETTO: E il sol dell’ anima (Verdi). In
German. With GERTRUD FÖRSTEL [s]. Superficial rubbing. One small LSS. 3-4,
mostly a result of rubs. Plays cleanly. Only a very few LGTs. $700.00.
Among the more enigmatic figures in opera history, Arensen
(occasionally Areson or Aresoni) appeared sometimes as André, other times Enrico and in Germany as Heinz,
as well as occasionally combining two of the first names. Some sources state he was born in the U.S.
(Providence, RI) and others cite the locale as Russia. His teachers, depending upon what one reads, were
Raoul Gunsbourg, Wilfried Klamroth, Percy Rector Stephens and, in Germany, Richard Lowe. An American
career was slow in picking up steam, his 1910 Boston Opera debut as Rhadames having been given lukewarm
press. His subsequent European credits include two years at the Dal Verme in Milan and a season at Nice,
where he sang Samson under composer Saint-Saëns’ baton. Back in the U.S. he removed himself (or was
removed) as Canio during performances of Pagliacci in Boston and then again in Montreal, according to one
account as a result of nervousness, another citing vocal fatigue and a third blaming throat problems.
Whatever the reason may have been, he then “vanished” for a period and reappeared with the Aborn Opera
in Brooklyn during its final performance of the season, although his name did not appear on the program.
This time he succeeded. It was shortly after this that he went to Germany, studied with Richard Lowe, and
was engaged for the Charlottenburg Opera for four years. The First World War interrupted his career, but he
is reported to have appeared in Switzerland and Portugal in dramatic repertoire sometime during this period.
Another fascinating tale is that as Arensen was (purportedly) Russian, he was arrested while in Germany and
the Kaiser, an Arensen fan, permitted him to leave for America. Arriving in France en route back to the U.S.,
the tenor was distrusted by the authorities as a result of his German affiliations. He was freed through the
intervention of the daughter of a Russian General, soprano Nadia Legat, who had become enamoured of the
tenor and he with her when they sang “leading roles together at La Scala” (according to the La Scala annals
something that never occurred). Legat just happened to be serving as a nurse in the Russian hospital in nearby
Monte Carlo at the time of Arensen’s problems and offered to marry him to prove that he was a loyal Russian,
the assumption, as I guess, that she was because of her Russian General father. They did wed and were
permitted to return to the United States (where Legat had also earlier appeared as Nadine Legat). What
happened to the couple after 1918 seems not to be known. What is known seems ripe for the making of an
operatic libretto.
1411. 12” Blk. Schallplatte Gram. 65470 (042438/042439) [1211s/1206s]. LA JUIVE:
Gott erleuchte/LA JUIVE: Recha, als Gott (Halévy). Side one small PB, rubs, cons.
3. Side two 2. $12.00.
TERESA ARKEL [s]. Lemberg, 1861-Milan, 1929.
She studied first in the Lemberg Conservatory and then with Luise Dustmann in Vienna. Her operatic debut was as Valentine in Les Huguenots , 1884.
For the next twenty plus years she was heard throughout Europe and in South America, mainly in principal
dramatic roles, including a number of Wagnerian parts. She was particularly noted as a teacher as well, her
pupils having included Claire Dux, Eugenia Bronskaya, Irene Eden, Lucette Korsoff and Nina Morgana.
8249. 11” PW Parlophone-Odeon PO 127 [XPh409/411]. PEARL FISHERS: Siccome un dì
(Bizet)/TROVATORE: D’amor sull’ali rosee (Verdi). Piano acc. 1904 Fonotipia
matrices. 2. $40.00.
GIUSEPPE ARMANINI [t]. Milano, 1874-1915.
Encouraged by tenor Edoardo Garbin,
Armanini studied with Alberto Selva in Milan. He first sang comprimario parts, such as Cassio in Otello
in 1898 but by 1902 he had moved to major parts, such as Gounod’s Faust in 1902 at the Milano Teatro dal
Verme. He was heard throughout Italy as well as in Russia, South America and in New York (1909) at the
Academy of Music. Armanini’s repertoire included roles such as Alfredo, Turiddu, Almaviva and Pinkerton
as well as leading tenor parts in Zaza (Leoncavallo), L’Albatro (Pacchierotti) and Bastiano e Bastiana (Mozart).
3892. 10” Green Notes Columbia E2484 [42211/42219]. ISABEAU: Sogno ne poso/ISABEAU: Se vili tutti qui (Mascagni). 2. $10.00.
3893. 10” Green Notes Columbia E2488 [42212/42214]. IRIS: Oh, come al tuo/IRIS: Or
dammi il braccio tuo (Mascagni). 2. $10.00.
Krefeld, 1883-1943. He made his debut in Essen in 1906. One of his longer
tenures was in Hamburg from 1912-17, during which time (1914) he appeared at the Bayreuth Festival as
Amfortas in Parsifal. From 1918-1925 he was with the Berlin State Opera where, in 1920, he created Barak in
the premiere of Strauss’s Frau ohne Schatten. His repertoire was diverse, including Arkel in Debussy’s Pelléas et
Mélisande, Orestes in Elektra, Escamillo in Carmen and Boromeo in Pfitzner’s Palestrina.
2092. 12” Flowers Parlophon P.1205 [2-2940/2-2941]. HANS HEILING: Am jenem Tag
(Marschner). Two sides. Superficial rubs. Looks cons. 4 but plays perfectly well.
SIGRID ARNOLDSON [s]. Stockholm,
1861-1943. Considered by the press the successor to
Jenny Lind, Arnoldson studied in Paris with Mathilde
Marchesi and made her debut in Prague, 1885, as
Rosina in Il Barbiere di Siviglia. She was a sensation in
Russia the following year and made an equally
successful entry at Covent Garden in 1887. Other
triumphs included performances in her native Stockholm, the Paris Opéra Comique, Monte Carlo, Berlin,
Zurich and the Metropolitan Opera, where she first
appeared in 1893. Arnoldson’s warm lyric-coloratura
voice and attractive appearance made her among the
most popular stars of the period.
4304. 10” Red Angel Pre-Dog Gram. 33612
[1294r]. MIGNON: Connais-tu le
pays? (Thomas). Bright lbl., lightest
NR. Very few LGTs, 2. $15.00.
3977. 10” PW Silver Victor IRCC 122.
CARMEN: Seguidilla (Bizet)/FAUST: Il
était un roi de Thulé (Gounod). From
orig. 1906/08 Berlin matrices. Just
about 1-2. $20.00.
BLANCHE ARRAL [s]. Liège, Belgium,
1864-Palisades Park, NJ, 1945. Arral’s lively
early life is vividly described in her memoirs, The
Extraordinary Operatic Adventures of Blanche Arral. Her
studies with Mathilde Marchesi are colorfully
discussed, particularly a meeting with Melba, who was no less pleasant to her than she was to Ponselle over
forty years later. Melba burst into Marchesi’s studio while Arral was singing during a lesson. Instead of
stopping, Arral continued her song to the end. “Great was [Melba’s] astonishment at my not having stopped
singing, and she walked completely around me staring at me with truly terrifying eyes. ‘Je suis la Melba,’ she
said. I continued my song to the end.” Obviously this did little to endear the novice to the diva. It seems that
up to 1910 or so Arral’s career was on solid ground. From then on she fizzled from the limelight, making a
brief return in 1935 on several New York radio broadcasts (at the age of 70) reminiscing and singing selections
quite effectively from her operetta and song repertoire. Her last husband was a New Jersey elementary school
principal twenty-five years her junior.
1931. 12” Red ’08 Pats. Victor 74142. MARRIAGE OF JEANETTE: Nightingale Song
(Massé). Label autographed by Arral in white ink. Few very lt. mks., cons. 2.
1274. 12” Red ’08 Pats. Victor 74151. ROMÉO ET JULIETTE: Valse (Gounod). Just about
1-2. $15.00.
The only information I could locate about him is that he was,
in 1928, a Priest in Passaic, NJ. His voice evidently recorded well as he made acoustic records for Pathé and
Columbia and electrical recordings for Columbia and Brunswick.
3457. 10” Blk. Victor 69292. PIETA, SIGNORE (att. Stradella)/AVE MARIA (H. Millard).
Just about 1-2. $10.00.
3113. 10” Red Australian HMV E.581 [Bb18692-II/18712-II]. EVERYWHERE I GO
(Martin)/ZEMIRE ET AZOR: Rose Softly Blooming (Spohr). Excellent pressing.
Cons. 2. $15.00.
1747. 12” Maroon PW Eng. Columbia GQX16445 [WXB779/780]. CRISPINO E LA
COMARE: Terzetto dei dottori (Ricci). Two sides. With ARISTIDE BARACCHI [b],
ATTILIO BORDONALI [bs]. Small scr. scrabble first inch side one could cause
lightest sound, otherwise both sides just about 1-2. $8.00.
3778. 10” Green Flags Columbia 14093-F [B443/B444]. NERONE: Vivete in Pace/LINA
LANZA [ms]. NERONE: Come è buona (Boïto). Side one insignificant lt. rubs, 2.
Side two cons. 2. $8.00.
3779. 10” Green Flags Columbia 14094-F [B441/B442]. NERONE: Sento che ascende.
With LINA LANZA [ms]/NERONE: Guarda quaggiù (Boïto). With FERNANDO
AUTORI [bs]. Cons. 2. $8.00.
2120. 12” Green Disco Monarch Grammofono S.3312 [723aj/724aj]. FALSTAFF: C’è in
Windsor una dama (Verdi). Two sides. With GINO LUSSARDI [b]. Cons. 2. $20.00.
1938. 12” Blue Victor 55043 [02325v/02288v]. CRISTOFORO COLOMBO: Aman lassù le
stelle (Franchetti)/ADELAIDE DI ANNA [s], GINO GIOVANELLI [t], GINO
LUSSARDI [b], VINCENZO BETTONI [bs]. LUCIA: Sextette (Donizetti). The
Sextette is missing a contralto and the second tenor. Well, that’s one way to cut
down recording costs! Lt. NR on lbl.
side two. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
3494. 10” PoW Eng. Columbia DB 2178
[CA19419-3/19421-2]. LOVE’S
THE THRUSHES (Hamilton Harty).
Piano acc. Gerald Moore. Just
about 1-2. $8.00.
1113. 12” Blk. VT Columbia 50340-D
[WAX5369/5378]. ON WINGS OF
SONG (Mendelssohn)/DREAM OF
HOME [IL BACIO] (Arditi). Side
two an odd English text for this
piece, unrelated to the original. I
had the great pleasure of hearing Miss
Baillie in a recital in 1959, one of an
audience of about 100 in a chapel
basement auditorium at Cornell
University (where she taught, 195859). The most impressive moment in
the program was her singing of
Handel’s “Oh Had I Jubel’s Lyre”.
One wondered where, in her petite
frame, she stored the breath for her
effortless sustaining of those
impossibly long phrases. Just about
1-2. $8.00.
ELSIE BAKER ... another Victrola fan
3497. 10” Blk. Pats. Victor 17060. I
(Tschaikowsky). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
3362. 10” Red Orth. Victrola 4124. IDYLS OF THE KING: Sweet is True Love (TennysonGilchrist)/GOOD BYE, SWEET DAY (Vannah). Harmless paper scr., otherwise just
about 1-2. $15.00.
1284. 12” PW Eng. Elec. Parlophone E.11014 [2-79512/
2-79513]. PRINCE IGOR:
In Vain the Sad and Heavy
Heart Seeks Peace (Borodin). Two sides. Orch. dir.
F. Weissmann. Small lbl.
stkr. Superficial rubs, 2-3.
1404. 12” PW Red Decca G-25813
Monologue/ BORIS
GODOUNOV: Farewell
(Moussorgsky). Just about
1-2. $10.00.
1451. 12” PW Blue Eng. Columbia
LFX 23 [WLX968-4/969-4].
BLEUE: Oh! Mes clairs
diamants/ARIANE ET
n’est pas encore la claret
veritable (Paul Dukas).
Opéra-Comique Orch. dir.
Elie Cohen. Just about
1-2. $15.00.
3389. 10” Green Columbia 2276-X
[48279-1/48349-1]. LOS
La Mariposa (Pablo
Flores del Campo (Micelli). Excellent surface material. Few harmless rim patinas
side two, otherwise just about 1-2. $15.00.
2147. 12” Cream acous. Columbia S5093 [36058-2/38068-2]. LA PARTIDA (Alvarez)/NON
È VER (Mattei). Side one 3. Side two harmless small PB, superficial rubs (no
greying), cons. 3-4. $8.00.
The first two records below were recorded as a mezzo-soprano while the
next two are as a soprano.
3708. 10” Red PW (silver print) Victor 1648. A SONG FOR LOVERS, Op. 13, No. 2 (Deems
Taylor)/IN THE LUXEMBURG GARDENS (Kathleen Lockhart Manning). Piano acc.
Sylvan Levin (side one) and Charles O’Connell (side two). Lovely. Just about 1-2.
3870. 10” Red Scroll (Z-type material) Victor 1648. Same as preceding listing (item #3708).
Side one just about 1-2. Side two few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $8.00.
1385. 12” Red PW (gold print) Victor 7746 [takes 4/3]. ATALANTA: Come, Beloved
(Händel)/L’ENFANT PRODIGUE: Air de Lia (Debussy). Piano acc. Charles O’Connell
(side one) and Wilfred Pelletier (side two). Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $7.00
2388. 12” Red Victor 11-8237. TOSCA: Vissi d’arte (Puccini)/HÉRODIADE: Il est doux
(Massenet). Minor lt. superficial rubs, 2. $10.00.
2012. 12” Red RCA Victor 11-8466. DON GIOVANNI: Recit.; Or sai chi l’onore (Mozart).
Two sides. Side one with HARDESTY JOHNSON [t]. Johnson [Boston, 1899-New
York City, 1952) had first appeared as the tenor in The De Reszke Singers, a quartet
that recorded for Victor in 1925. In 1926 he made a successful solo debut at
Steinway Hall and subsequently appeared in the U.S. as a noted concert tenor. He
taught at Juilliard from 1941 until his death. His wife, Beverly Peck Johnson, had
an even more successful career as a Juilliard vocal instructor from 1964 to 2001
(when she died at the age of 96). She taught for various periods such artists as Renée
Fleming, Renata Tebaldi, Anna Moffo, Madeleine Kahn, Rita Shane, Ellen Faull,
Anthony Dean Griffey, Theodore Uppman, Adele Addison and dozens of others. Nice
pressing. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
2365. 12” Blk. Orth. Victor 68908 [CD4546-II/Ck1897-IV]. NORMA: Casta diva (Bellini)/
LA SCALA CHORUS. IRIS: Inno al sole (Mascagni). The famous “Hymn to the Sun”
from IRIS appears credited on this label as “Inno al solo” and is translated “The only
hymn”. Cons. 2. $15.00.
UMBERTO BARONI [t]. Nothing seems to be known of Baroni, other than that he made a few
records for both Victor and Columbia in the 1916-17 period.
4350. 10” Green acous. Columbia E3345 [44981-2/44983-1]. MATTINATA (Leoncavallo)/
PEARL FISHERS: Serenata (Bizet). Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $8.00.
Kutsch-Reimens attributes 1879 as his birth year. Roberto Marcocci cites his
debut in Italy (Teatro Garibaldi in Trapani) as Otello in December, 1899, making him the seemingly
impossible age of 20 in undertaking this role. He subsequently appeared in a number of Italian houses, as
well as in Odessa, Cairo, and in various Spanish theaters. His repertoire included Don Josè, Siegmund,
Samson, Rhadames, Otello and Chenier, among other dramatic parts. Barrera’s last traced performance was at
the Milan Teatro Verdi, 1915, as Canio. What subsequently became of him isn’t known.
2135. 12” Blue acous. Victor 55009 [1965c/1971c]. OTELLO: Dio, mi potevi/OTELLO: Si,
pel ciel (Verdi). Very capable tenor. Orchestra on side two in particular is unusually
bright. Side two with GIUSEPPE MAGGI (although the label cites Ernesto Badini).
Side one cons. 2. Side two minor lt. rubs, 2. $15.00.
Barcelona, 1884-St.-Jean-de-Luz
(France), 1946. Barrientos detailed her
early musical life in a Musical America
article when she arrived in the U.S. in
1916 for her Metropolitan Opera
debut. She had become obsessed with
music as a child and studied piano,
violin, theory and composition. A
family doctor, concerned at the time
about her anemic condition, “made all
sorts of cheerful predictions – heart
trouble, consumption, early death”.
As a result Barrientos took up singing
to exercise the lungs. She said she
started “equipped with what so many
singers lack – a thorough musical
training, an understanding and a most
sensitive appreciation of the greatest
things in the literature of music.” Her
official debut as Amina in La Sonnambula took place in 1898 at the Barcelona
Teatro Lirico (at the age of 14). She
was successful throughout Europe and
in South America. Her Metropolitan
debut took place in 1916 and she
remained through 1920, departing
with the arrival of Galli-Curci. Her
operatic career ended two years later
but she continued, primarily in France
and Spain, as a recitalist. There was a
gap in the middle of her career. She
retired in 1907 upon wedding an
Argentinian named George Keen and
giving birth to a son, also George, but
the marriage ended in 1911 and she decided to resume
her stage work. Her son apparently remained with her,
as he appears at her side in a photo of her arrival in New York in 1916.
2084. 12” Red Eng. Columbia D16396 [49762/49763]. SONNAMBULA: Ah! non credea
mirarti/ SONNAMBULA: Ah! non giunge (Bellini). Recorded in the U.S. March 5,
1920, side one was issued only in the U.K.
Excellent laminated pressing. Just
about 1-2. $20.00.
1388. 12” Blue acous. Columbia 8930-M [48628-2/48651-3]. LUCIA: Regnava nel silenzio
(Donizetti)/MARRIAGE OF FIGARO: Deh, vieni, non tardar (Mozart). Excellent
pressing. Lt. rubs, gen. 2. $8.00.
1748. 12” Blue acous. Columbia 7037-M [49112-1/49151-3]. PEARL OF BRAZIL: Gentil
augel (David)/LAKMÉ: Oú va la jeune Hindoue (Delibes). Few lt. rubs, 2. $10.00.
1683. 12” Blue acous. Columbia 7069-M [49386-2/
49763-1]. COQ D’OR: Salût a toi soleil
(Rimsky-Korsakov)/SONNAMBULA: Ah! non
giunge (Bellini). Light patina into last 8th of an
inch of grooving side one. Otherwise both sides
lt. rubbing, gen. 2. $10.00.
1083. 12” Canadian Columbia Blue Microphone
C-15213 [CBX 1432/1437]. ARLESIANA:
Racconto del Pastore (Cilèa)/IL FIGLIUOL
PRODIGO: Racongli e calma (Ponchielli). Just
about 1-2. $8.00.
1730. 12” Blue Columbia Microphone 70093-D
[WCBX-1435/1436]. HÉRODIADE: Vision
fugitive/ROI DE LAHORE: Promesse de mon
avenir (both Massenet). In Italian. Just about
1-2. $8.00.
AMADEO BASSI [t]. Florence, 1874-Florence,
1949. Bassi made his debut in Caselfiorentino, 1897, in
Marchetti’s Ruy Blas. He was successful in Italy and South
America, as he was in the U.S., where he made his debut in 1906
with Hammerstein’s Manhattan Opera, and in London at Covent
Garden, 1907. In 1911, Bassi was Dick Johnson in the Covent
Garden premiere of Puccini’s Fanciulla del West, also giving the
first performances of the opera in Rome and Chicago. In 1912
he sang Gennaro in the American premiere of Wolf-Ferrari’s I
Gioielli della Madonna for the Chicago Opera with Carolina
White as Maliella. Another notable in the lengthy cast was
Friedrich Schorr, then in the infancy of his career, who sang
the Second Monk. In later years Bassi branched out into Wagnerian repertoire and also taught, Ferruccio
Tagliavini having been one of his pupils.
4052. 11” Fonotipia 39726/39727 [XPh1806/1855-2]. FEDORA: Amor ti vieta/CANZONE
GUERRESCA (both Giordano). Giordano signed all matrices. He was likely the
accompanist/conductor (side one piano/side two brass and percussion). Small lbl.
stkr. Excellent copy, few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $50.00.
8197. 11” Fonotipia 39726/29727 [XPh1806/1855-1]. Same as preceding listing but
different take side two. Of the second selection as given in a 1915 Chicago concert,
an unidentified critic noted: “His second number was a Canzone Guerresca by
Giordano, an effective and original composition of tremendous dramatic power, in
which the voice is accompanied by an orchestra composed only of trumpets,
trombones and two military drums. It requires consummate vocal art to sing this
effectively. Bassi was really magnificent-he sang better than I have ever before heard
him-and the storm of applause compelled him to repeat the song at once.” Just
about 1-2. $60.00.
4305. 10” Red Monarch 91055 [407z-Ao-2z]. BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA: Largo al factotum
(Rossini). One LSS, few LGTs, 3. $15.00.
4275. 10” Red Victrola 87339 [BAI-III]. LA MANTILLA (Alvarez). VrBk. Just about 1-2.
3775. 10” White HMV VA 5 [422z-Ao-2z/BA-13-2]. DON GIOVANNI: Serenata (Mozart)/
FORZA DEL DESTINO: Egli è salvo (Verdi). From orig. 1902/1922 Gram. matrices.
Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2420. 12” Red GP ’07 Red Victor 92004 [889c]. ZAMPA: Perchè tremar (Hérold). Just
about 1-2. $20.00.
1382. 12” White lbl. HMV 2-052202 [DB 737] (Ck1419-III/570-R-1). DON CARLOS: Per
me giunto (Verdi)/GEMMA BELLINCIONI [s]. TRAVIATA: Ah, fors’ è lui (Verdi).
Side two re-recording. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1985. 12” Red HMV DB 194 [262aj/CA6-II]. WERTHER: Ma come dopo il nebo (Massenet)/TANNHÄUSER: Oh tu, bell’astro incantador (Wagner). Another excerpt from the
tenor role of Werther arranged by Massenet specifically for Battistini’s baritone voice. Just
about 1-2. $8.00.
1986. 12” Red Late VdP DB 201 [225af/285aj]. TRAVIATA: Pure siccome un angelo.
With MARIA MOSCISCA [s]/TRAVIATA: Di Provenza (Verdi). Just about 1-2.
2125. 12” Red Hist. No. 2 HMV DB 202
[267ai/272aj]. HAMLET: Come il romito
fior/ HAMLET: O vin’, discaccia la
tristezza (Thomas). Few lightest mks.,
cons. 2. $15.00.
2127. 12” Red Czech Raised Rim HMV DB 212
[228af/270aj]. OTELLO: Era la notte
(Verdi)/TOSCA: Tre sbirra una carrozza
[Te Deum] (Puccini). Excellent pressing.
Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2355. 12” Late Red VDP DB 216 [Ca7-II/Ca9-II].
ERNANI: O sommo Carlo (Verdi). With
Delirio! (Ponchielli). With I. DE WITT
[s]. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
2104. 12” Red HMV Hist. DB 239 [260aj/261aj].
PAGLIACCI: Prologo (Leoncavallo). Two
sides. Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $15.00.
1915. 12” White HMV VB 18 [882c/883c]. DON
GIOVANNI: Là ci darem la mano!
(Mozart). With EMILA CORSI [s]/DON
SEBASTIANO: O Lisbona (Donizetti).
IMs. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1677. 12” White HMV VB 23 [879c/880c].
meco (Verdi). With EMILIA CORSI [s].
Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1197. 12” White HMV VB 49 [217af/224af]. LINDA DI CHAMOUNIX: Ambo nati in questa
valle/LINDA DI CHAMOUNIX: Un buon servo (Donizetti). Side two with MARIA
MOSCISCA [s]. IMs. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1679. 12” White HMV VB 69 [2817c/2820c]. FAUST: Morte di Valentino (Gounod). Two
sides. Side one with ELVIRA BARBIERI [s]. Small lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1678. 12” Mauve HMV AGSB 4 [215af/216af]. AFRICAINE: Ma per questo stranier …
Quando amor m’accende/AFRICAINE: Averla tanto (Meyerbeer). Just about 1-2.
1610. 12” Blue HMV ABHB 4 [234af/Ck1418-I]. MACBETH: Pietà, rispetto, amore
(Verdi)/DON CARLOS: Urna fatale (Verdi). Side one piano acc. Just about 1-2.
2308. 12” Victor 92008 [880c]. ERNANI: Vieni meco (Verdi). With EMILIA CORSI [s]. Just
about 1-2. $10.00.
1854. 12” Red Victor 88354 [263ai]. WERTHER: Ah! non mi ridestar! (Massenet). Edited by
Massenet for Battistini’s baritone voice range. Lightest NR on lbl. Surface just about
1-2. $7.00.
2176. 12” Red “A” plate Victrola 88652 [CA10-II]. MARIA DI ROHAN: Voce fatal di morte
(Donizetti). VrBk. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1904. 12” Red Victrola 6043. MARIA DI ROHAN: Voce fatal di morte/MARIA DI ROHAN:
Bella e di sol vestita (Donizetti). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1736. 12” Red Victrola 6045. RUY BLAS: A miei rivale cedere (Marchetti)/WERTHER: Ah!
non mi ridestar! (Massenet). Side two re-written (edited) by Massenet for Battistini’s
baritone voice. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
3302. 10” Red Pats. “A” plate Victor 64196. ELIJAH: Then Shall the Righteous Shine Forth
(Mendelssohn). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
1581. 12” Red Pats. Victor 74244. FREISCHÜTZ: Durch die Wälder (von Weber). In
English. Text label on reverse. Lt. rubbing, 3. $7.00.
IRMA BEILKE [s]. Berlin, 1904-Berlin, 1989. Beilke made her debut as a Bridesmaid in
Der Freischütz under Bruno Walter at the Berlin State Opera, 1926. She appeared there at various
times through 1952 in principal roles, including several house premieres. Beilke also was a
member of the Vienna State Opera (1941-45) and the Salzburg Festival (as Pamina in 1943). In
addition, she appeared as a guest at Covent Garden (1938, as Blondchen and Sophie), Paris,
Brussels, Milan, Barcelona, and so on. In later years she taught, her pupils having included Evelyn
Lear and Rose Wagemann.
3036. 10” PW Red Electrola DA 4495 [ORA-4877-II/4878-I]. DER FREISCHÜTZ: Einst
träumte meiner sel’gen Bass/DER FREISCHÜTZ: Trüben Augen (von Weber). Orch.
dir. Curt Kretzschmar. Small lbl. stains (small stkrs. apparently removed). Small PB,
cons. 2. $12.00.
8202. 11” Fonotipia 92784/92785 [XPh4495/4531]. SAFFO: Di sua voce [cabaletta]/
SAFFO: Un’ Erinni [cabaletta] (Pacini). Bump side two will sound about 3/16”,
otherwise just about 1-2. $60.00.
VIRGILIO BELLATTI [b]. Firenze, 1869-Milano,
1917. Bellatti’s debut was in Firenze, 1892 in Bizet’s Pearl Fishers.
His success included leading roles in a number of Italian houses
through the year of his death. He also participated in two U.S. tours,
the first with Mascagni in 1902 in which he created for the U.S. the
role of Kyoto in Mascagni’s Iris and the second with Mascagni in 1906.
He also was a guest at Covent Garden in 1909. Bellatti’s repertoire
included such roles as Rigoletto, Carlo Gérard, Tonio and Silvio in I
Pagliacci, Rodolfo in Leoncavallo’s Boheme and Marcello in the more
familiar Puccini version.
3040. 10” B&S Columbia 10492 [take 1]. DINORAH: Sei
vendicata assai (Meyerbeer). Excellent copy, few
lightest rubs. Cons. 2. $20.00.
1187. 12” Blk. PW Polydor 66636 [494bm/495bm]. MADAMA BUTTERFLY: Un bel di
(Puccini)/MANON: Obbediam del core alla voce (Massenet). Orch. dir. Alexander
Kitschin. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
8218. 11” Pink acous. Fono. Nazionale E1033/E1034. FORZA DEL DESTINO: La vita è
inferno all’infelice/FORZA DEL DESTINO: O tu che in seno agli angeli (Verdi). Gen.
2-3, harmless rubs. $50.00.
8210. 11” Pink acous. Fono. Nazionale E1077/E1078. BOHÊME: O soave fanciulla. With
ZITA FUMAGALLI-RIVA [s]/BOHÊME: O Mimì, tu più (Puccini). With CARLO
TAGLIABUE [b]. Edition stamp side one signed by Bergamaschi. Gen. 2. $60.00.
2434. 12” Pink acous. Fono. Nazionale G2021/G2022. AIDA: Pur ti riveggo/AIDA:
Fuggiam gli ardori (Verdi). With VALERIA MANNA [s]. Edition stamps on label
signed (last names) by Bergamaschi and Manna. 2. $60.00.
2344. 12” Red HMV DB 4596, DB 4597 [2RA3325-II/3326-I, 3327-II/3328-I].
HARICH-SCHNEIDER [cembalo]/Side 4: ETA HARICH-SCHNEIDER [cembalo]. 6
ABBREVIATIONEN (all Robert Oboussier). Lt. superficial rubs. Label side four
defaced. Otherwise gen. 2. $12.00.
2440. 12” Yellow Variable Micrograde Deut. Gram. 72251. ALTE WEISEN, Op. 33 [8 songs]
(Hans Pfitzner). Two sides. With Michael Raucheisen [pianist]. One tiny LSS,
otherwise just about 1-2. $12.00.
2389. 12” Brown HMV Z.304 [2BB2272-2/2273-1]. JUNKER NILS SJUNGER TILL LUTAN
(Andréas Hallén)/KUNG HELMER OCH ALSÖG (Söderstrom). Orch. acc. Just
about 1-2. $10.00.
STANISLAW BERINI [t]. A very capable Polish tenor. Berini recorded for Vocalion, Emerson,
Columbia and possibly other labels. Specific details about his life and career, however, have not turned up.
3380. 10” Green acous. Columbia E3857 [84104-2/84105-2?]. TAM POD LASEM [THERE
UNDER THE FOREST TREES] (Polish Song)/HALKA: Szumia Jodly (Moniuszko).
Recommended, particularly side one. In Polish. 2. $15.00.
2035. 12” Blk. GP ’05 Victor 31520. A GRANADA (Alvarez). The only copy of this I’ve ever
come across. Superficially rubbed. One TB. No apparent greying. 4. $10.00.
3159. 10” Red PW Ultraphone BP.1566 [P-77588/P-77589]. TROIS JOURS DE VENDANGE/INCREDULE; NOCTURNE (all Hahn). Piano acc. Boris Golschmann. Small
lbl. stkr. One tiny rub side two, just about 1-2. $20.00.
4223. 10” Red PoW Disque Gram. DA 4889 [OLA-1170-1/1171-1]. JARDIN NOCTURNE/
PRISON (both Fauré). Piano acc. F. POULENC. Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $8.00.
3946. 10” Red PW (gold print) Victor 2011 [OLA-2453-3/2454-1]. LE JARDIN MOUILLÉ/
COEUR EN PÉRIL (both Albert Roussel). Attractive music beautifully performed.
Piano acc. FRANCIS POULENC. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2082. 12” Red V de SM DB 11168, DB 11169 [2LA-4193-1/4194-1, 4195-1/4196-3]. LES
TROIS COMPLAINTES DU SOLDAT (André Jolivet). Four sides. With Paris
Conservatoire Orch. dir. CHARLES MUNCH. Just about 1-2. $25.00.
3611. 10” Red PW Parlophon B.12142 [38102/38103]. DIE MAIENNACHT, Op. 43, No. 2
(Brahms)/ES IST BESTIMMT IN GOTTES RAT (Mendelssohn). Few lightest rubs,
cons. 2. $8.00.
1477. 12” Purple PW Parlophon P.9282 [2-8889/2-8890]. FRAUENLIEBE UND LEBEN:
Süsser Freund/Nun has du mir (Schumann). Piano acc. Frieder Weissmann. Very
lt. rubs, 2. $7.00.
1476. 12” Purple PW Parlophon P.9283 [2-20027/2-20028]. FRAUENLIEBE UND LEBEN:
Seit ich ihn gesehen/Er, der Herrlischste von allen (Schumann). Piano acc. F.
Weissmann. Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
3795. 10” Blk. Paris G&T 2-32610 [2725-F]. MIGNON: Adieu Mignon (Thomas). Piano acc.
Early Beyle, 1904. One harmless PB, cons. 2. $15.00.
An Armenian
baritone active in the U.S. during the 1910-25 period, he
recorded primarily French operatic arias and Armenian
songs for Columbia, Victor and Edison Discs. He was
married to trumpeter Edna White in 1923, with whom he
had previously toured in vaudeville. While theirs was a
happy marriage, they parted company when Bezazian
decided to return to Europe to find work. His wife’s
established career was here, so she chose to remain.
3444. 10” acous. Blk. Victor 69190.
ANOUCHE (H. Sininian). Damage (heat
or water) causes “swish” about ” into
side two and a bit less side one. Looks
gen. 3-4. A few incidental ticks but no
greying. $7.00.
2333. 12” acous. Green Columbia E5191
[59568-2/59571-5]. BARBIERE DI
SIVIGLIA: Place au factotum (Rossini)/
CARMEN: Chanson du Toréador (Bizet).
One harmless scr. 2. $15.00.
2051. 12” acous. Green Col. E5192 [59572-3/
l’art (Eugéne Diaz)/FAUST: Invocation
(Gounod). 2. $15.00.
3495. 10” Red PW French Odeon 188.680 [KI2629-2/2630-2]. ROMANCE D’ARIOÉTIENNE BILLOT
DANT (Méhul)/CIMETIÈRE DE CAMPAGNE (Hahn). Piano acc. Slight lbl. fade side one, otherwise just about 1-2.
2221. 12” TC acous. Columbia A5664 [37207-2/37208-2]. THE OLD GUARD (Rodney)/
ROUTE MARCHIN’ (Stock). Few very lt. rubs, cons. 2. $12.00.
GÖSTA BJÖRLING [t]. 1912-1957
3070. 10” Purple RCA Victor 26-1107. VAR HÄLSAD SKÖNA /NÄ JULDAGSMORGON
GLIMMAR (Traditional). Organ acc. Olof Frizell. Just about
1-2. $15.00.
JUSSI BJÖRLING [t]. 1911-1961
3065. 10” Green acous. Columbia E4691 [85781-1/85782-1]. I HIMMELEN (Traditional)/
Olle and Gosta Björling (with organ accompaniment). Rare 1920 U.S. recording,
Jussi then 9 years old. Side one three harmless rubs, 2. Side two 2. $150.00.
3468. 10” Blk. PW [gold print] Victor V24110 [OSB403-II/404-I]. ACH
(Swedish Traditional Songs).
Scarce short-lived U.S. black label
issue. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
3645. 10” Red PW [gold print] Victor 4372
La donna è mobile (Verdi)/TOSCA:
Recondita armonia (Puccini). Just
about 1-2. $7.00.
3638. 10” Red late PoW RCA Victor 10-1200
[OSB-2399-2/2401-2]. TURANDOT:
Nessun dorma (Puccini)/ RIGOLETTO: Quest o quella (Verdi). Just
about 1-2. $8.00.
3202. 10” PW Plum HMV X.3556 [BT52661/BT5267-II]. SERENATA (Toselli)/
I DAG (Arthur). Just about 1-2.
4413. 10” Plum HMV X.3683 [OT144-II/
A youthful (age 18) JUSSI BJOERLING
MONTMARTRE: Du gar som/
DESERT SONG: Fran öknen
(Romberg). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
3951. 10” PoW HMV X.3724 [OT132-I/145-II]. SÄG MIG GODNATT [THE SUNSHINE OF
IS MINE] (Ball). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
3603. 10” White lbl. SS HMV X.4133 [OPA-148-II]. ALT HVAD DER ER DEJLICT (Tognarelli). Recorded as ERIK ODDE, with Gösta Sätbom and His Soloist Orchestra.
Just about 1-2. $75.00.
3602. 10” White lbl. SS HMV X.4134 [OPA-149-II]. KANSKE ATT VI PÅ SAMMA DRÖMMAR BÄR (Tilling). Recorded as ERIK ODDE, with Gösta Sätbom and His Soloist
Orchestra. Just about 1-2. $75.00.
3604. 10” White lbl. SS HMV X.4192 [OPA 182-II]. DINA BLAÅ ÖGON LOVA MER (Sylvain). Recorded as ERIK ODDE, with Gösta Sätbom and His Soloist Orchestra.
Just about 1-2. $75.00.
3289. 10” PW Plum HMV X.4777 [OB471-I/472-II]. SVERIGE (Stenhammar)/LAND, DU
VÄLSIGNADE (Althén). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
4024. 10” Red HMV DA 2025 [OEA-16914-2A/16916-1A]. I BLESS EV’RY HOUR (Sjöberg)/AH, LOVE, BUT A DAY! (Amy Beach). Piano acc. Ivor Newton. Never on
Victor. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
2361. 12” PW Red Victor 12831. SKOGEN SOVER (Alfven); MORGON (Ejnar Eklof)/AN
DIE LEIER (Schubert, Op. 56, No. 2). Piano acc. Herry Ebert. Short catalogue life.
Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1510. 12” PoW Victor 11-8440 [2SB-2034-I/2035-I]. BOHÊME: O soave fanciulla (Puccini)/RIGOLETTO: E il sol dell’anima (Verdi). Both with HJÖRDIS SCHYMBERG
[s]. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
2009. 12” Red RCA Victor vinyl 12-0527. ROMÉO ET JULIETTE: Ah! lève-toi soleil!
(Gounod)/ MANON: Ah, fuyez, douce image (Massenet). Excellent vinyl radio station
pressing. Lbl. stkrs. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
1363. 12” Red RCA Victor (shellac) 12-0527. Same as previous listing (item #2009). One
minuscule scr., otherwise just about 1-2. $8.00.
1825. 12” Red RCA Victor (shellac) 12-0527. Same as previous listing (item #1363). Very
lt. rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
LUJZA BLAHA [s]. 1850-Budapest, 1926. As Lujza Reindel, her career developed as a child
actor and as a young adult she became Hungary’s leading soubrette. Marrying conductor János Blaha in 1866,
she began using the name Lujza Blaha, and then had immense hits as a prima donna of the operetta stages.
The National Theater signed her up in 1871. She was so well known as to have had a “vignette” of herself on
one corner of the new Hungarian bank notes for 1897. In 1900 she was awarded the “prestigious golden cross
with a crown”. Known throughout her career as “the nation’s nightingale”, Blaha had named for her in
Budapest on her 70th birthday, 1920, the “Blaha Lujza Square”, the home of the National Theater (until it was
demolished for a subway in 1964). Joseph Grassy, who generously provided an extensive amount of material
on Blaha (which will go with this record), advises that “she was extremely versatile, and in that age when
boundaries between the various forms of music and entertainment were exceptionally flexible she made her
mark in every possible field. She was primarily a star of operetta and a concert singer, but she did have an
operatic career and she was also considered one of the greatest actresses of her day as well.” Her official
retirement was in 1914, apparently the year before the extremely rare record below was released in the U.S.
despite the recordings having been made in Hungary eleven years earlier.
3388. 10” Blk. Victor 65020 [1159x-Bi/1160x-Bi]. CSIPKÉS A SZÖLLÖ LEVELE [THE
accompanied 1902 Hungarian G&T matrices. The labels (also the G&T originals) list
only the first songs in both cases. Few LSSs, 2. $50.00.
2377. 12” Blue Eng. Col. A5176 [30413/30412]. GIOCONDA: Pescator, affonda l’esca
(Ponchielli). With Boston Opera Chorus/BOSTON OPERA CHORUS. FAUST:
Soldiers’ Chorus (Gounod). Fine later ‘20s laminated pressing. Side one just about
1-2. Side two couple minor NDs, couple MGTs, cons. 2. $12.00.
1362. 12” TC Columbia A5176. Same as preceding item (#2377). Earlier U.S. pressing.
Small lbl. stkr., cons. 2. $8.00.
3759. 10” Red GP ’06 Victor 64032 [B-582]. DER
SCHLESISCHE ZECHER UNDER DER TEUFEL (Reissinger). Piano acc. 1903 recording.
Nice copy. Lightest NR on lbl. 2-3. $12.00.
1749. 12” Red GP ’07 Victor 74031 [C-581]. DIE
BEIDEN GRENADIERE (Schumann). 1903
rec. Piano acc. Few rubs, cons. 2. $12.00.
1907. 12” PW Silver Victor IRCC 115 [C-580/584].
DICHTERLIEBE, Op. 48: Im wonderschönen
Monat Mai; Ich grolle nicht (Schumann)/
PARSIFAL: Du sieh’st, das ist nicht so
(Wagner). Piano acc. From orig. 1903 Victor
matrices. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
2230. 12” TC Columbia A5119 [30253-1/30254-1].
OUVREZ [Bolero] (Dessauer)/WHEN CELIA
SINGS (Clifton Bingham-Frank Moir). Piano
acc. Side one fleet coloratura work. Side two a
delightful piece in faux antique style. Very rare.
Just about 1-2. $35.00.
2196. 12” TC Columbia A5120 [30252/30262].
RODELINDA: Le Printemps (Händel)/A
NORWEGIAN SONG (Henri Logé). Piano acc.
Side one has a small half-moon rim crk. into
first few grooves (clicks five times during the
piano introduction). Same spot on verso side
has a 1” patina crk. (this side harmless). Otherwise 2. $15.00.
MAX BLOCH [t]. Cologne, 1890-Düsseldorf, Aug. 19, 1930.
He studied voice with his father
and became known as a concert singer in Berlin, as well as a member of the Berlin Komischen Opera and the
Deutschen Opernhaus Berlin before coming to New York. He made his debut with the Metropolitan Opera in
1914 and sang 43 roles there, including German, Italian, French and English parts. He had little opportunity
to be assigned leading characters because of his small stature, although he did sing the Italian Tenor in Der
Rosenkavalier (Strauss) as well as some Wagnerian parts, such as David in Die Meistersinger and Mime in
Siegfried and Das Rheingold. He also appeared at the Buenos Aires Teatro Colòn and appeared in various
concert performances. He recorded acoustically for Edison, Emerson, Victor and Columbia in the 1920-1925
period but strangely appears never to have made any electrical recordings, despite having been active at the
Met up to April 15, 1930. The obituary notices with the dates quoted above appeared in Musical America and
the New York Times (here mentioning that he was 40 at the time of his death). Kutsch-Riemens, however
apparently incorrectly, gives his dates as 1882-New York, 1943.
3077. 10” Purple acous. Emerson 19007 [41301-2/41303-1]. ZWEI DUNKLE AUGEN (Carl
Hein)/SO LEB’ DENN WOHL (Wenzel Müller). ULC side two faintly into last few
grooves (harmless) and not visible on the reverse. Otherwise cons. 2. $12.00.
3415. 10” Blk. acous. Emerson 10340 [41377-2/41598-1]. PAGLIACCI: Vesti la giubba
(Leoncavallo)/TOSCA: E lucevan (Puccini). In Italian. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
3420. 10” Blk. acous. Emerson 10406 [41326-3/41827-2]. CARMEN: La fleur (Bizet)/
FAUST: Salut! Demeure (Gounod). In French. Singer’s name on this label is a Bloch
nom-du-disque: Mario Brefelli. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
3929. 10” Gold acous. Brunswick 15097 [10496/ ? ]. ROBERT LE DIABLE: Invocation
(Meyerbeer)/ DINORAH: Sei vendicata assai (both Meyerbeer). Cons. 2. $8.00.
3673. 10” Gold elec. Brunswick 15215. DER FREISCHÜTZ: Hier im ird’ schen Jammerthal
(von Weber)/LOHENGRIN: Königs Gebet (Wagner). Cons. 2. $10.00.
1750. 12” Gold acous. Brunswick 50048. WALKÜRE: Der Augen leuchtendes Paar/
TANNHÄUSER: O du mein holder (both Wagner). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1602. 12” Green Schall. Grammophon 85304 [992m/993m]. MEISTERSINGER: Grösse
Gott, mein Junker/MEISTERSINGER: Mein Freund (Wagner). With ERNST
KRAUS [t]. Nice copy. Side one just about 1-2. Side two few rubs and one LSS,
cons. 2. $12.00.
1573. 12” Purple acous. U.S. Odeon 5041 [XXB6060/6061]. PARSIFAL: Titurel, der
fromme Held/PARSIVAL: Oh, wunder – wundervolle heiliger Speer! (Wagner).
Excellent pressing. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
1751. 12” Red Decca G-25810 [XXB7494/7496]. BARTERED BRIDE: Wer in Lieb’
entbrannt (Smetana)/LA JUIVE: Si la rigeur (Halévy). In German. Orch. dir. Georg
Szell. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
HANS HEINZ BOLLMANN [t]. Hamburg, 1889-Hamburg, 1974.
Bollmann studied in
Hamburg and in Italy, and made his operatic debut in Lortzing’s Zar und Zimmerman, 1914. Up through the
mid-1920s he was heard in such houses as the Berlin Staatsoper and the Hamburg and Nürnberg Operas. In
1923 he appeared in New York with the German Opera company, singing, among other parts, Froh in Das
Rheingold. Likewise, he sang guest performances in Paris and London. Bollmann subsequently became
popular in operetta and sound films in Germany through the 1930s.
3445. 10” Blk. Orth. Victor 80236 [BW270-III/608-I]. MATTINATA (Leoncavallo)/ZAR UND
ZIMMERMANN: Nun leb wohl, mein flandrisch Mädchen (Lortzing). Scarce Victor
issue. Small edge chip side one, far from grooves. 2. $15.00.
3742. 10” Dk. Blue Eng. Col.
D8086 [38321/
38586]. ELISIR
D’AMORE: Quanto è
bella (Donizetti)/FEDORA: Amor ti vieta
(Giordano). Excellent
late laminated pressing.
Side one just about
1-2. Side two one
LGT, few lt. rubs,
cons. 2. $8.00.
8234. 11” Red ‘30s Odeon
Una furtiva lagrima
(Donizetti)/ PURITANI:
A te o cara (Bellini).
Wonderful examples of
Bonci’s voice and style. As new. Just about 1-2. $25.00.
1395. 12” Cream PW Odeon O-9029 (74000/74006) [XXPh366/1894]. BOHÊME: Che
gelida manina (Puccini)/FAUST: Salve dimora (Gounod). Piano acc. Excellent ‘30s
pressings from orig. 1905/1906 matrices. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1877. 12” Cream PW Odeon O-9029. Same as previous listing (item #1395). Small lbl.
stkr., otherwise just about 1-2. $12.00.
1878. 12” Red PW Odeon F-5502 [XXPh3390/3762]. CARMEN: Romanza del fiore
ANGELIS [bs]. FAUST: Che fate qui, signor? (Gounod). One tiny rub, just about 12. $10.00.
1409. 12” Red PW Odeon F.5502 [XXPh3390/3762]. Same as preceding listing (item
#1878). Cons. 2. $8.00.
Byron, NY, 1887-Los Angeles, 1980. First a graduate of Syracuse University (NY), Bonelli subsequently
studied voice in New York and Boston and then in Paris
with Jean de Reszke. His operatic debut was in 1915 as
Valentin in Faust at the Brooklyn Academy. In 1922 he
became a member of the touring San Carlo Opera and in
1923 was first heard in Italy. He eventually became a
leading baritone with the Chicago, San Francisco and
Metropolitan Operas. His nephew was the late film actor
Robert Stack.
3650. 10” Purple elec. Brunswick 10266.
TOMMY, LAD! (Margetson). Very tiny
harmless scr. side two, few lightest rubs,
cons. 2. $7.00.
8212, 11” Brown Odeon 59062/59063
[XPh3985/3984]. AMICA: Su tu amasti
me (Mascagni)/PEARL FISHERS: O
Nadir (Bizet). Just about 1-2. $50.00.
4116. 11” Fonotipia 92601/92602
[XPh4090/4111]. WILLIAM TELL: Resta
immobile (Rossini)/BORIS GODOUNOV:
Potente sono e forte (Moussorgsky).
Very scarce issue. Side one lt. rubs,
cons. 2-3. Side two cons. 2. $35.00.
3481. 10” Red Vinyl White lbl. Victrola 91076
[2179L]. TROVATORE: Miserere (Verdi).
With JUAN VALLS [t]. Piano acc. Carlo RICHARD BONELLI and Brunswick Phonograph
Sabajno. Just about 1-2. $25.00.
3717. 10” White (Shellac) Victrola 91076. Same as preceding listing. Small lbl. stkr. Just
about 1-2. $25.00.
1302. 12” Red GP ’06 Victor 92000 [538c]. BALLO IN MASCHERA: Ma dall’ arido stelo
(Verdi). Cons. 2. $12.00.
2280. 12” Red Victor 92025 [246m]. NORMA: Casta diva (Bellini). Piano acc. Just about
1-2. $12.00.
2477. 12” Red It. Grammofono DB 492 [3204c/3205c]. BALLO IN MASCHERA: M’ami!
M’ami! (Verdi)/ANDREA CHENIER: Vicino a te s’aquieta (Giordano). Both with
LUIGI BOLIS [t]. Partially removed lbl. stkr. top side one. Cons. 2-3. $15.00.
1923. 12” White HMV 2-054074 [3203c]. BALLO IN MASCHERA: O qual soave brivido
(Verdi). Someone has labeled it “M’ami, m’ami”. With LUIGI BOLIS [t].
Boninsegna is superb, but I hope Bolis is not singing at his best here! Just about 12. $15.00.
1350. 12” White HMV VB 4 [3205c/1446c]. ANDREA CHENIER: Vicino a te s’acqueta
[t]. PURITANI: Vieni fra le mie braccia (Bellini). Orig. 1917/1907 Gram. matrices.
Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1312. 12” White HMV VB 11 [1430c/577R-1 (RR)]. CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA: Voi lo
sapete (Mascagni)/GEMMA BELLINCIONI [s]. TRAVIATA: Ah, fors’è lui (Verdi).
Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1916. 12” White HMV VB 27 [3204c/1417c]. BALLO IN MASCHERA: M’ami! M’ami!
pescatore ignobile (Donizetti). From orig. Gram. matrices, 1917/1907. IMs. Just
about 1-2. $7.00.
1894. 12” Blk. Columbia 5034-M [30356-1/30357-1]. NORMA: Casta diva/NORMA: Ah!
bello a me ritorna (Bellini). Excellent pressing. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
GIUSEPPE BORGATTI [t]. Cento, Ferrara, 1871-near Laggo Maggiore, 1950.
Born of a humble family, Borgatti was originally a bricklayer. He entered the service and through a
connection there was recommended to study voice with Alessandro Busi in Bologna. His debut was as
Gounod’s Faust in 1892. He appeared throughout Italy developing his talent and repertoire and made a great
success in Venice in Puccini’s Manon Lescaut, 1894. This led to the title role in the 1896 world premiere of
Giordano’s Andrea Chenier. He also took principal Wagner tenor roles and became known as Italy’s foremost
heldentenor, as well as being celebrated for Verdi and Puccini roles. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with
glaucoma in 1907 and his eyesight steadily deteriorated. In 1914, after taking the role of Parsifal in the Italian
premiere of that opera, he retired from the opera stage, although his voice was in first-rate condition. He
continued with concert appearances until 1923 when he became completely blind, although he appeared one
last time in 1928 and then also made a few rare electric records for Italian Columbia. His pupils included
British tenor Heddle Nash and German baritone Willi Domgraf-Fassbaender.
4082. 12” PW Plum Eng. Columbia CQX 16453 [WBX 269/496]. OTELLO: Niun mi tema/
CARMELO MAUGERI [b]. BALLO IN MASCHERA: Eri tu (both Verdi). Borgatti’s
most important and rarest record by far. Side one few lt. rubs, one LSS, cons. 2.
Side two a bit more light rubbing, just about 2. $800.00.
8208. 11” Fonotipia 92649/92623 [XPh4220/3849]. LE VILLI: Anima santa (Puccini)/
RICCARDO STRACCIARI [b]. I VESPRI SICILIANI: In braccio alle dovizie (Verdi).
Gorgeous copy of a wonderful record. Just about 1-2. $50.00.
8209. 11” Fonotipia 92843/92844 [XPh4225/4226-2]. LA WALLY: Sei tu che domandasti
la mia mano?/LA WALLY: L’Hagenbach qui? (Catalani). Both with GIANNINA
RUSS [s]. Rare and desirable. Superb copy. Just about 1-2. $50.00.
4457. 12” Red acous. Polydor 72938 [642az/680az]. CARMEN: Canzone del Toreador
(Bizet)/ZAZÀ: Zazà, piccola zingara (Leoncavallo). Side one superficial rubbing,
3-4. Side two 2-3. $20.00.
AYRES BORGHI-ZERNI [s]. 1895? - ? . Daughter of tenor Edgardo Zerni (who
recorded for U.S. Zonophone in 1901) and niece of mezzo-soprano Adele Borghi, Ayres studied in Milano and
made her debut at the Milan Teatro dal Verme in 1914 as Micaela in Carmen. She appeared throughout Italy
and in London (singing Violetta at Covent Garden in 1919), Mexico and Barcelona. Her last performances
were in 1928. She made few records: a complete Rigoletto for the Gramophone Company in 1918, six acoustic
sides for Italian Columbia in 1924 and the Swiss recording listed below.
4046. 11” Suisse Société des Disques Phonographiques d’Art 401/402. MIREILLE: Valse
(Gounod)/TRAVIATA: Addio del passato (Verdi). Piano acc. Very attractive per-
formances, particularly the Traviata. Same Zurich company for which Battistini
made one record, recorded while they were on a joint concert tour. Supposedly they
recorded duets as well. Rubbed, some tiny scrs. and ticks but very little greying. 4.
LUCREZIA BORI and GIOVANNI MARTINELLI in 1952, re-enacting an acoustic recording session
3620. 10” Red Victor 87181. LA DANZA (Rossini). Small lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
3932. 10” Red Victrola 87181. Same as preceding listing. Later pressing, VrBk. Just
about 1-2. $7.00.
3621. 10” Red Victrola 87356. SNOW MAIDEN: Je connais, ma mere (Rimsky-Korsakov).
VrBk. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
3619. 10” Red acous. Victrola 545. IRIS: In pure stille (Mascagni)/COSÌ FAN TUTTE: In
uomani, in soldati (Mozart). Cons. 2. $8.00.
3890. 10” Red acous. Victrola 967. L’AMICO FRITZ: Non mi resta/L’AMICO FRITZ: Son
pochi fiori (Mascagni). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
4222. 10” Red acous. Victrola 1009. MANON: Adieu notre petite table (Massenet)/LAKMÉ:
Pourquoi dans les grands bois (Delibes). Reviewer’s “X” on label. Just about 1-2.
3139. 10” Red PW [gold print] Victor 1262. CIRIBIRIBIN (Pestalozza)/IL BACIO (Arditi).
Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
3430. 10” Red PW [gold print] Victor 1348. SEGUIDILLA (arr. H. Reimann)/LA VIOLETERA (Padilla). Lovely copy of one of her most charming records. Just about 1-2.
1031. 12” Red Victor 88524. IRIS: Un di al tempio (Mascagni). Very tiny LSS, cons. 2.
1032. 12” Red Victor 88525. CONTES D’HOFFMANN: Elle a fui (Offenbach). Cons. 2.
1536. 12” Red Victrola 10006. TRAVIATA: Parigi o cara/RIGOLETTO: Bella figlia dell’
amore (both Verdi). Both sides with JOHN MC CORMACK [t]. Side two also with
JOSEPHINE JACOBY [c], REINALD WERRENRATH [t]. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2246. 12” Plum Electrola DB 11537 [2RA-6858-2/6859-2]. THE CONSUL: Wie ist ihr
name? (Gian-Carlo Menotti). Two sides. Rare. A remarkably effective performance.
Quite heavily rubbed, 3-4, but it plays without problems. $15.00.
4000. 10” Red St. Petersburg G&T 53349 [1773L].
MIREILLE: Valse (Gounod). Bright lbl.
(with orig. French edition sticker). Some lt.
greying, which will cause light sound in
spots, but surface is otherwise a bright 2.
4110. 10” Red St. Petersburg G&T 53352 [1776L].
DESIDERO (Redento Zardo). The rarest of
Boronat’s 1904 G&Ts. No reissues as the
master is no longer extant. Lovely singing.
Nice copy. What appear to be pencil erasure marks cause slightest sound in that
limited area. Few tiny ticks. Otherwise
clean 2. $150.00.
3669. 10” White HMV VA 11 [1775L/1777L].
PURITANI: Qui la voce (Bellini)/PEARL
FISHERS: Siccome un dì (Bizet). IMs. Just
about 1-2. $8.00.
1198. 12” White HMV VB 10 [1543c/687c]. THE
DONALDA [s]. BOHÊME: Mi chiamano
Mimì (Puccini). From orig. 1906/1907 G&T
matrices. Side two piano acc. IMS. Just
about 1-2. $12.00.
Borracelli had an active career in Italy between 1919 and 1937 in
mostly smaller opera houses. The earliest traced performance was at the Milan Teatro Carcano, 1919, in
Pamperos (premiere?) by Ottoleghi. His usual repertoire was of more familiar operas, such as the principal
tenor roles in Gioconda, Andrea Chenier, Tosca, Rigoletto and Norma. He also sang in South America and
Egypt, and likely he must have appeared in the U.S. as his Gennett records, circa 1926, would have been
made there.
3462. 10” White lbl. Gennett “Rayo Electrico” 40183 [14254/14255]. MATTINATA
(Leoncavallo)/SERENATA (Mascagni). Information written in pencil on plain white
labels. Side two states “Specially pressed for the I.R.A.” Considering the titles, I think
not that I.R.A.! 2. $12.00.
8236. 10” Brown Odeon 99073/99010 [XB3426-2/3427-2]. BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA: Arie
der Rosina (Rossini). Two sides. One harmless small mk. (rub) side two. Just about
1-2. $40.00.
4351. 10” Green acous. Polyphon 16292 [18762L/ 18879L].
(Adam)/TROVATORE: Di quella pira (Verdi). In
German. Side one few minor mks., cons. 2. Side two
just about 1-2. $8.00.
GEORI (GEORGETTE) BOUÉ [s]. Toulouse, 1918 - .
A student at the Toulouse Conservatoire, Geori-Boué (the usual
presentation of her name) won first prize in a vocal competition and at
the age of 16 made her debut at the Capitole de Toulouse. Her Paris
Opéra-Comique debut took place in 1939 as Mimì, followed by Lakmé
and Manon. At the Paris Opéra she was first heard in 1942 as Marguerite in Faust. She appeared internationally, including at the Barcelona Liceu, La Scala, the Bolshoi, the Chicago Opera, and so on. She
was married to baritone Roger Bourdin, and they appeared together in
the Sacha Guitry film La Malibran in 1943.
3336. 10” Red Odeon 188.946 [KI-9689-1/9690-1].
MIREILLE: Scène de la Creus (Gounod). Two sides.
Orch. dir. G. Cloëz. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
ENZO BOZANO [bs]. Trentino, Italy, 1877-Arcachon,
France, 1975. Bozano, originally Lorenzo Bozano (and sometimes
spelled Bozzano), was active with smaller U.S. opera companies in the 1905-1925 period. From 1908-09 he was
a member of the Metropolitan Opera, his six-role repertoire that season having included the King in Aida,
Schaunard in La Boheme and Monterone in Rigoletto. He also appeared in 1912 in London with Hammerstein’s
summer company at the London Opera House, as well as in Malta and Algiers. From Aug., 1916 into May,
1917, he was in the cast of The Big Show at the New York Hippodrome in a total of 425 performances. He was
mentioned as one of the singers to be added to the Met roster 1924-25, but apparently nothing came of it. In
1924, Mrs. Bozano, then living in Trenton, NJ, attempted suing her husband for divorce and the custody of
their ten-year-old daughter. He was reported then as having returned to Italy, so perhaps that was what
fouled up plans for his 1924-25 Met season. In 1931, Bozano appeared in the Paramount Italian language film,
La vacanza del diavolo.
3422. 10” Blk. acous. Emerson 10230 [41175-1/41180-3]. ROBERT LE DIABLE: Invocation (Meyerbeer)/LAKMÉ: Ton doux regard (Delibes). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
LINDA BRAMBILLA [s]. Modena, 1859-Milano, 1933. Born to a family of singers, Brambilla
made her debut in 1885. As with a number of sopranos of the period, her repertoire was broad, including
both Gilda in Rigoletto and Adalgisa in Norma at the Lisbon Teatro San Carlos in 1890. In 1903 she appeared as
Santuzza in Torino and then in Pola the same year as Filine in Mignon. At La Scala she created Rosaura in
Mascagni’s Le Maschere, 1901, with Emma Carelli and Caruso, conducted by Toscanini and also sang there the
same season Adina in Elisir d’amore, again with Caruso and Toscanini. She appears to have retired around
1910 and then taught voice in Milano.
4352. 10” Blk. Victor 16574 [9488b/7047b]. LUCIA: Il pallor funesto. With
LUCIA: Sulla tomba (Donizetti). Minor NR on lbl. side two, otherwise just about
12. $8.00.
MARIANNE BRANDT [c]. 1842-1921.
3281. 10” Red PoW IRCC 3010. LUCREZIA BORGIA: Trinklied (Donizetti)/LE PROPHÈTE:
Ach, mein Sohn! (Meyerbeer). Good transfers from impossible to find originals (1905
Vienna recordings). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
OWEN BRANNIGAN [bs]. Northumberland, 1908-Newcastle, 1973. His debut was in 1943 with
Sadler’s Wells as Sarastro, remaining there as a principal bass through 1948 and again from 1952 to 1958. His
specialties were Mozart, Handel and several Benjamin Britten roles, as well as parts in other contemporary
British operas. In addition, Brannigan was a member of the Covent Garden Opera, beginning in 1948, and
he also appeared at Glyndebourne, his 1946 debut there as Leporello.
3177. 10” Plum HMV B.10432 [OEA-16226-2A/16291-2]. THE SAILOR MAN (Wood)/THE
LARK IN THE CLEAR AIR (arr. Phyllis Tate). Piano acc. Gerald Moore. Side two
small lbl. stkr. and one harmless discoloration spot. Cons. 2. $7.00.
2415. 12” Plum HMV C.3946 [2EA-14242-1/14245-1]. WIDDICOMBE FAIR (arr. Jacob)/
OFF TO PHILADELPHIA (Haynes). Side one, with male quartet, particularly
delightful. Piano acc. Gerald Moore. Few minor rubs, cons. 2. $10.00.
1460. 12” Purple U.S. Odeon 5144 [2-20440/2-20441]. DER TOD UND DAS MÄDCHEN
(Schubert)/EIN WANDERER (Brahms). Piano acc. Dr. Frieder Weissmann. IMs.
Excellent pressing. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1566. 12” Purple German Odeon O-7829 [2-20441/2-20539-2]. EIN WANDERER
(Brahms)/STILL WIE DIE NACHT (Bohm). Very minor lbl. discoloration side one,
few lt. mks., cons. 2. $12.00.
2298. 12” Purple elec. PW Parlophone E.10679 [2-20538/2-20539-2]. TRÄUME
(Wagner)/STILL WIE DIE NACHT (Bohm). Excellent laminated pressing. Just about
1-2. $15.00.
3394. 10” Red Victor 64475. SWEDISH
LOVE SONG (Halsey). Piano acc.
Rosario Bourdon. Never doubled.
Just about 1-2. $10.00.
3463. 10” Blk. VT Columbia 170-M
[W146584-2/146585-2]. I LOVE
FOR YOU (both Jacobs-Bond).
Piano acc. Louise Lindner. IMs.
Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2390. 12” Red Victrola 74595.
Silberta). Included with the record
is an article from The Musical
Courier (24 July 1919) presenting
Braslau’s thoughts on this
composition. She had given the
premiere performance of it at a
concert in the Manhattan Opera
House in 1919. Also interviewed is
composer Rhea Silberta, offering her
opinion on Braslau as an interpreter of the piece. Just about
1-2. $15.00.
1661. 12” PW Blue Columbia Master
Works 67432-D [W98499-6/
98510-5]. DIE FORELLE;
NONNE (all Schubert). Piano
acc. Louise Lindner. Just about
1-2. $8.00.
SOPHIE BRASLAU as Cadman’s Shanewis (Met, 1918)
KARL BRAUN [bs]. Meisenheim, 1886-Hamburg, 1960.
Braun became an apprentice at the
Berlin Imperial Opera at the age of 18 and made his debut as the Hermit in Der Freischütz in 1904. His major
career included Bayreuth (1906), Wiesbaden, the Vienna Imperial Opera and the Met where he was first heard
in 1913 as King Marke in Lohengrin. His Met repertoire included fifteen roles and he remained there until the
U.S. involvement in World War I in 1917. Braun continued singing in Europe into the 1930s and in 1933
became a stage director and later a concert agent. His son, Hermann Braun, was an actor.
2363. 12” TC Columbia A5865 [59428-1/59429-2]. DER WAFFENSCHMIED: Ach ich wär
ein Jungling (Lortzing)/IN KUHLEN KELLER SITZ ICH HIER (Fischer). Side one
couple lt. rubs and one TN, cons. 2. Side two just about 1-2. $12.00.
4122. 12” Blue acous. Odeon AA53027/79432 [XXB5935/XXB5691]. MEISTERSINGER:
Pogners Anrede/HEINRICH HENSEL [t]. MEISTERSINGER: Preislied (Wagner).
IMs. Cons. 2. $20.00.
? -Rome, 1906. Bravi appears to have made his debut in 1895. His
performances were in the principal houses of Caligari, Padua, Reggio Emilio, among many others, where he
shared the stages with artists such as Linda Cannetti (his wife), Pinto, Burzio, Giuseppe De Luca, Fanny
Torresella, De Luca, Stracciari and Navarini. His appearances outside of Italy included London (Don Pasquale with Victor Maurel), Madrid and a season (1905) in Santiago, Chile, as a leading tenor with Emma
Carelli's touring company. Bravi's sudden death, shortly after a Tosca in Lisbon with Pandolfini and Bonini, was a result of severe uricemia. Judging from the momentum of his career to that point, his death was a
major loss to opera.
4044. 10” Green Zonophone X-1773. RIGOLETTO: La donna è mobile (Verdi). Piano acc.
1903 recording. Nice copy, few MGTs, 2. $75.00.
2368. 12” TC Columbia A5210 [30434-1/30446-1]. MIGNON: Io son Titania (Thomas)/
DINORAH: Ombra leggera (Meyerbeer). In Italian. Flush pressing (i.e. no raised
rings). Cons. 2. $15.00.
3601. 10” Blk. elec. Disque Gramophone P-776 [BT4005-II/4006-II]. LA FORÊT BLEUE:
Ou suis-je, la forêt/LA FORÊT BLEUE: J’ai rêve de princesses blanches (Louis
Aubert). The premiere of this opera had been by the Boston Opera in 1911. The first
Paris performance was at the Opéra-Comique in 1924 with Brothier. Couple LGTs, 2.
4338. 10” PW Blk. HMV E.439 [Bb8724III/8725-II]. ÉLÉGIE (Massenet)/ICH GROLLE NICHT (Schumann). Piano acc. (and violin
side one). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
3924. 10” PW Red HMV E.442 [Bb8429IV/9029-I]. TREES (Rasbach)/
INVICTUS (Huhn). Piano acc.
Just about 1-2. $8.00.
3923. 10” PW Blk. HMV E.483
[Bb11619-II/11620-I]. PASSING
(White). Piano acc. Percy B.
Kahn. Uncommon. Just about 12. $8.00.
4014. 10” PW Blk. HMV E.483. Same as
preceding listing (item #3923).
Superficial rubs, cons. 2-3.
BUDKEVICH [s]. 1869 - ? .
3056. 10” Green Russian Zonophone 263206/2-63207 [2824r/2833r].
sad, dear father/RUSLAN AND
LUDMILA: Do not be angry,
noble guest (Glinka). Attractive,
flexible voice. Few MGTs, 2.
4280. 10” PW Blue IRCC 136. FREISCHÜTZ: Durch die Wälder (v. Weber)/ANDREAS
DIPPEL [t]. HUGUENOTS: Plus blanche (Meyerbeer). In German. RR from Edison
cylinders. Both tenors’ issued recordings were cylinders only, Burgstaller’s for
Edison and Columbia and Dippel’s for Edison. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
3355. 10” PW Blk. EE Columbia 536-D [W141250-2/141251-2]. THE SNOWY BREASTED
PEARL (Robinson)/I’M SITTING BY THE STILE, MARY (Barker). Scarce. With Robin
Hood Bowers [piano], George Stell [violin], James Gordon [cello]. The instrumentalists are listed on the file cards but not on the label. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
3009. 10” PW Blue Eng. Columbia D.1594 [WA5659/5693]. THE MINSTREL BOY (Moore)/
THANK GOD FOR A GARDEN (del Riego). Piano acc. Cons. 2. $15.00.
ROBERT BURNIER [t]. A popular operetta tenor who appeared in the 1920s-‘30s at the Théâtre
Marigny and the Théâtre Mogador, Burnier also had a career in films in the 1930s.
3407. 10” Plum PW Disque Gramophone K-5899 [BF3042-II/3043-II]. SI MES VERS/
D’UNE PRISON (both Reynaldo Hahn). Lovely performances, highly recommended.
Piano acc. Lucien Petitjean. One LSS side two. Superficial rubs, cons. 2-3. $12.00.
3794. 10” Blk. Schall. Grammophon 61691 [15512b/15513b]. WALKÜRE: Winterstürme/
TRISTAN UND ISOLDE: Wohin nun Tristan scheidet (both Wagner). Bright copy,
few lightest mks., cons. 2. $15.00.
2269. 12” Pink Parlophon P.286 [P.2-7263/P.1199]. WALKÜRE: Winterstürme wichen
dem Wonnemond/FRITZ VOGELSTROM [t]. MEISTERSINGER: Preislied (both
Wagner). IMs. 4, superficial rubbing and scuffing but no apparent greying. $7.00.
8200. 11” Fonotipia 62414/62415 [XPh ? / ? ]. AIDA: O cieli azzurri (Verdi)/ MEFISTOFELE: Spunta l’aurora pallida (Boïto). Piano acc. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
1600. 12” Green acous. Odeon F5513 [XXPh2279/2391]. FORZA DEL DESTINO: Pace,
pace mio Dio (Verdi)/GIOCONDA: Così mantieni il patto? (Ponchielli). Side two
with GIUSEPPE DE LUCA [b]. Both sides piano acc. 1907 Fonotipia matrices. Just
about 1-2. $8.00.
1054. 12” acous. Mauve HMV AGSB 75
[3487f/Ac6382f]. LUCREZIA
BORGIA: Brindisi (Donizetti)/
SOSARME: Rend’ il sereno (Handel). Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1442. 12” Red ’12 Pats. “B” plate Victrola
88386 [4558f]. THREE FISHERS
(Hullah). Piano acc. Just about
1-2. $7.00.
2384. 12” acous. Purple Eng. Col. 7305
[6655/6775]. XERXES: Ombra
mai fu/SOSARME: Rend’ il sereno (both Händel). Orch. dir. Sir
Henry Wood. Just about 1-2.
1190. 12” acous. Purple Eng. Col. 7317
[6606/6696]. LA FAVORITA: O
mio Fernando/ LUCREZIA BORGIA: Il Segreto per esser felici
(both Donizetti). Two small indentations side one should be harmless, otherwise just about 1-2.
CARLOS CACÉRÉS [b]. A photocopy
from a December, 1906 Victor supplement,
attached to the sleeve, provides Cacérés’ portrait
and information that he was a native of Peru but
studied in Europe, “where he has appeared in
opera with the greatest enthusiasm”. The catalogue further described “his splendid baritone
pronounced one of the most beautiful voices yet heard”.
2369. 12” GP ’06 Victor 31679. EL DIABOLO EN EL PODER: Romanza (CamprodonBarbieri). One very tiny scr., 2. $15.00.
4117. 11” Fonotipia 92674 [XPh4124/4366]. OTELLO: Ora e per sempre addio (Verdi)/
AIDA: Di Nápata le gole [finale act III] (Verdi). With ESTER MAZZOLENI [s],
2080. 12” PW Eng. Parlophone E.11195 [XXAoo1284/1285]. STABAT MATER: Vidi suum
(Pergolesi)/JULIUS CAESAR: Piangero (Händel). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
3258. 10” Red French G&T 3285 [2062-R]. CARMEN: Seguidilla (Bizet). Couple minor lbl.
rubs, otherwise an exceptionally bright lbl. (with coin-sized “edition” sticker on all
French pressings of the period). Few LGTs. An extremely fine cons. 2. $250.00.
3067. 10” Red Monarch 91001 [2060 F.S.]. ENCHANTEMENT (Massenet). One can faintly
hear word cues being fired to her in the second verse. Excellent, clean copy. IMs. Cons.
2. $200.00.
1263. 12” Red GP ’08 Victor 88085 [1st take]. CARMEN: Habanera (Bizet). Cons. 2. $8.00.
1281. 12” Red ’12 Pats. Victrola 88087. PERLE DU BRÉSIL: Charmant oiseau (David).
Lightest NR on lbl., few lightest mks. Cons. 2. $7.00.
1357. 12” Red Victor 88119 [take 7]. SÉRÉNADE (Gounod). Text label on verso. Very minor
ndle. scr. on lbl., few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
1358. 12” Red Victor 88130. HÉRODIADE: Il est doux (Massenet). Cons. 2. $7.00.
1643. 12” Red Victrola 6054 [takes 9/1]. SÉRÉNADE (Gounod)/PEARL DU BRÉSIL: Charmant oiseau (David). Minuscule lbl. tear side two, otherwise just about 1-2. $7.00.
LÉON CAMPAGNOLA [t]. Marseille,
1875-1955. Campagnola made his debut in
Marseille, 1903, as Vincent in Mireille. He subsequently appeared in Mons, Ghent and Antwerp, then
Toulouse, Tours and Nimes, making his Paris Opéra
debut in 1910 as Gounod’s Roméo. He was heard in
the U.S. primarily with the Chicago Opera (beginning
in 1913) and in 1916 he made his La Scala debut.
From then through 1926 most of his performances
took place in France. He sang principal tenor roles in
a number of operas, including Rigoletto, Fedora, I
Gioielli della Madonna, Louise, Pagliacci and Tosca.
3868. 10” acous. Purple Disque Gram. U.64
[BS616-III/841-II]. O BIMBA BIMBETTA (Sibella)/PRINTEMPS NOUVEAU (P. Vidal). Side one 2-3. Side
two 2. $12.00.
2240. 12” acous. Purple Disque Gram.
032196/032199 [01955v/01974v].
CARMEN: Romance de la fleur
(Bizet)/SIGURD: Ésprits gardiens
(Reyer). Lbl. stkrs. removed (with
resultant white patches bottom center
of lbls.). Surfaces lt. rubs, 2-3.
2382. 12” acous. Red Disque Gram.
032233/032236 [02202v/02244v].
GIOCONDA: Cielo e mar (Ponchielli)/ELISIR D’AMORE: Una furtiva
lagrima (Donizetti). Both in French.
Side one couple MGTs, cons. 2.
Side two just about 1-2. $15.00.
2249. 12” acous. Purple Disque Gram.
032248/032279 [02380v/02574v]. PAGLIACCI: No, Pagliaccio non son
(Leoncavallo)/ENCORE (Tosti). Both in French. Lbl. wear mainly side two. Surface
side one gen. 2-3. Surface side two cons. 2. $12.00.
2461. 12” acous. Purple Disque Gram. Y61 [03389v/03390v]. SI TU M’AMAIS! (Denza)/LA
PETITE AMIE (Delmas). Harmless rubs, 2-3. $12.00.
2062. 12” acous. Plum Disque Gram. Y73 [673aj/02157v]. L’ATTAQUE DU MOULIN: Le
jour tombe … adieux forêt profonde (Bruneau)/HÉRODIADE: Ne pouvant réprimer
(Massenet). Harmless rubs, cons. 2-3. $12.00.
2268. 12” Blue Victor 55084 [S/8]. CARMEN: Final Scene (Bizet). With SUZANNE
BROHLY [c]. Two sides. One small scr. side one. Few LSSs side two. 2-3. $6.00.
3098. 10” Red Columbia Grand Opera 1225 [take 1]. SERENADE (Sepilli). Probably
accompanied by Sepilli. A scarce Campanari item. Few minor lbl. rubs mostly in
spindle hole area. Some LGTs will sound. Cons. 4. $150.00.
2128. 12” Red Vinyl White lbl. Victrola 85081 [C-2477]. PAGLIACCI: Prologo (Leoncavallo).
1905 version with orchestra. Best possible pressing. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
3105. 10” Red Disco Grammofono DA 1497 [OBA1401-1/1428-I]. MI MADRE, SE MI DATE
GIOVANNINO/STORNELLO (both Barbara Elena Giuranna). Accompanied by the
composer. Two tiny scrs. near end side one. Cons. 2. $20.00.
1356. 12” Late Red VDP DB 5361 [2BA.4181-2/4188]. FORZA DEL DESTINO: Pace, pace
(Verdi)/ANDREA CHENIER: La mamma morta (Giordano). Lt. superficial rubs, 2.
3250. 10” PW Blue Eng. Col. D15254 [WB2366/2367]. IL RE: La bella muguiaia
[valzer]/IL RE: O Colombello, sposarti (Giordano). Just about 1-2. $20.00.
EMMA CARELLI [s]. Naples, 1877-near Rome, 1928.
Particularly associated with dramatic and verismo repertoire,
Carelli made her debut in 1895 and became a great success in
Italy and South America. In 1898 she wed Walter Mocchi, a left
wing politician and self-made millionaire, who became a noted
impresario. He bought the Teatro Costanzi in 1910 which they
both ran, although her husband concentrated on a South
American troupe. After 1910 Carelli seldom appeared on stage
except as Elektra (which she created for Rome at the Costanzi) and
Iris, one of her major roles. In 1926 she and Mocchi sold the
Costanzi to the Rome City Council and retired from most of their
South American musical and business ventures as well. Two years
later Carelli was killed in an automobile accident. Sometime later
her husband wed soprano Bidú Sayão, whose career Carelli had
8238. 11” Fonotipia 39647/39648 [XPh1808/1807].
SIBERIA: Nel suo amore/SIBERIA: Non odi là il
martir? (Giordano). Piano acc. Just about 1-2.
8244. 11” Fonotipia 39649/39650 [XPh1822/1820. TOSCA:
Vissi d’arte/MANON: Ancora son io tutt’attonita
(Massenet). Piano acc. Lt. harmless superficial rubs,
EMMA CARELLI in Mascheroni's
2-3. $75.00.
Lorenza (1903)
4397. 10” Red VdP DA 5373 [OBA-3636-I/3637-II]. GRAN VALZER CANTABILE (Luigi
Venzano)/CANZONE ARABA (Lorenzo Pagans). Uncommon. Cons. 2. $10.00.
FERNANDO CARPI [t]. Firenze, 1876-Genoa, 1959.
He studied in Bologna with Masetti
and Martucci and made his debut in Lecce, 1898, as Gounod’s Faust. Subsequently he sang throughout Italy
as well as at Covent Garden, in Lisbon, Madrid, the Paris Opéra and from 1916-1919 at the Metropolitan
Opera. He also sang in Chicago and South America. After retiring in 1923 he taught in Prague, then at the
Geneva Conservatory and in Italy. Those who studied with him at various points in their careers included
Suzanne Danco, Ernst Haefliger, Zinka Milanov, Geraint Evans, Jennifer Vyvyan and Gösta Björling.
4051. 11” Fonotipia 69099/69100 [XPh4982/4984]. BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA: Ecco
ridente/BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA: Se il mio nome (Rossini). Just about 1-2.
CARLO CARTICA [t]. 1863 - ? .
Cartica made his debut in 1887 as Faust. His career
subsequently included a number of major Italian theaters, including La Scala in 1894 when he partnered
Nellie Melba in Lucia. He also appeared in South America, Russia, Portugal and Spain. In 1909 he
made his debut with the Boston Opera and then appeared with Agide Jacchia’s New San Carlo Opera
Company (in Brooklyn and likely other locations), 1910, and in 1911 with Louis Zuro’s “New Grand Opera
Company” at Daly’s Theater in New York (directed by Louis’s son, Josiah Zuro). Cartica eventually returned
to Italy and appeared there in 1916 at the Teatro Costanzi, Rome, as Manrico. His career seems to have ended
around 1918. Cartica’s repertoire primarily featured roles such as Raoul (in Les Huguenots), Manrico, Edgardo,
Rhadames, Canio, Don Alvaro (Forza del Destino) and Samson.
1598. 12” Blue Notes Columbia A5331 [30814-4/30344-2]. AIDA: O terra addio (Verdi).
With LUISA VILLANI [s]/PRINCE’S ORCH. AIDA: Selections (Verdi). Side one
cons. 2. Side two 2-3. $12.00.
4081. 12” Blue Notes Columbia A5343 [30817-1/30869-1]. MARTHA: Solo profugo
(Flotow)/FORZA DEL DESTINO: Solenne in quest’ ora (Verdi). Both with CESARE
ALESSANDRONI [b]. Cons. 2. $15.00.
1359. 12” Blue Notes Columbia A5465 [36503-2/36663-3]. WILLIAM TELL: Troncar suoi
ORCHESTRA: CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA: Prelude & Siciliana (Mascagni). One
MGT side one, 3. $7.00.
3835. 10” Red Milano G&T 52349 (VII) [1790b]. TOSCA: E lucevan le stelle (Puccini).
Label bright but surfaced greyed. One short NS, 5. $7.00.
3836. 10” Flush Red Milano G&T 52378 (II) [1782nb]. GERMANIA: Studenti uditi
(Franchetti). Marked in inner land “Carusso” and “Repro”. Label rubbed. 4. $7.00.
3690. 10” Pink Dog Gram. 52418 (XII) [2876b]. CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA: Siciliana
(Mascagni). Small lbl. tear. Surface just about 1-2. $20.00.
3939. 10” Red Vinyl Victor 91007 [2873-R]. AIDA: Celeste Aida (Verdi). Cons. 2. $35.00.
3026. 10” Red Monarch 91007 [2873-R]. AIDA: Celeste Aida (Verdi). Lightest NR on label.
Surface is an exceptional cons. 2 condition. $60.00.
10” White lbl. Victrola 91010 [2879-w2]. LA MIA CANZONE (Tosti). Inherent
harmless surface ripples (as this is pressed from an original part). A remarkably fine
copy, cons. 2. $75.00.
10” White lbl. Victrola 91013 [2877-w2]. NON T’AMO PIÙ (Denza). Again, light
(harmless) surface ripples. Another remarkably fine copy, cons. 2. $75.00.
10” Red Victrola 81062 [B-2344]. CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA: Brindisi (Mascagni).
Piano acc. 1905 recording. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
10” Red Victrola 87054. GERMANIA: Non chiuder gli occhi vaghi (Franchetti). Just
about 1-2. $7.00.
10” Red Victrola 89159. YOUR
DID NOT KNOW (G. O’Hara). 2.
10” Red Victrola 87211. HANTISE
D’AMOUR (Szulc). Cons. 2. $7.00.
10” Red Victor 87242. LUNA D’ESTATE (Tosti). Just about 1-2.
10” Red Victrola 87294. OVER
THERE (George M. Cohan). One
small lbl. stain. Cons. 2. $8.00.
10” Red Victrola 506. HANTISE
(d’Hardelot). Just about 1-2.
10” Red Victrola 509. LASCIATI
AMAR (Leoncavallo)/GUARDANN’ A
LUNA (Crescenzo). Just about 1-2.
10” Red late ‘30s “Z” shellac
Victrola 511. TOSCA: Recondita
armonia/TOSCA: E lucevan (Puccini). Side one from orig. matrix. Side
two S/8. Few lt. rubs, con. 2. $7.00.
10” Red Victrola 516. ANDREA
CHENIER: Come un bel dì di
maggio (Giordano)/ CAVALLERIA
RUSTICANA: Siciliana (Mascagni). Side two with harp. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
10” Red Victrola 522. RIGOLETTO: Questa o quella/RIGOLETTO: La donna è
mobile (Verdi). Orig. 1904 piano acc. matrices. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
10” Red Victrola 523. TOSCA: E lucevan le stelle (Puccini)/MANON: Il sogno
(Massenet). Orig. 1904 piano acc. matrices. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
10” Red Hist. No. 2 HMV DA 546 [2875b/2181h]. PAGLIACCI: Vesti la giubba/
MATTINATA (both Leoncavallo). From orig. 1902/1904 G&T matrices, side two
accompanied by the composer. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
10” White HMV VA 7 [1787b/2871-R]. MEFISTOFELE: Giunto sul passo/MEFISTOFELE: Dai campi (Boïto). 1902 G&T matrices. IMs. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
10” White HMV VA 9 [2882-R/B-14357]. LUNA FEDEL (Zardo)/HANTISE D’AMOUR
(Szulc). From orig. 1902 G&T/1914 Victor matrices. IMs. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
10” White HMV VA 39. PARTED (Tosti)/OVER THERE (Cohan). From orig. 1914/1918
Victor matrices. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
10” Red vinyl RCA Victor 87499/[D9-CB-2234-2]. BOHÊME: Vecchia zimarra
RECORDED THE “COAT SONG”. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
10” Green (shellac) HMV DL 100. Same as previous listing (item #4045) but side two
is marked take 1-B instead of 2. Couple minor rubs side two, otherwise just about
1-2. $15.00.
12” Green Schall. Grammophon 85005 [C-4159/C-6009]. TRISTE RITORNO
(Barthèlemy)/ ADORABLES TOURMENTS (Caruso-Barthèlemy). Just about 1-2.
12” Red Flush HMV 052157 [C-4160-2]. AFRICAINE: O Paradiso (Meyerbeer). Cons.
2. $7.00.
12” Red GP ’07 Victor 85022 [C-997]. AIDA: Celeste Aida (Verdi). 1904, piano acc.
Small lbl. stkr. and IMs. Cons. 2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 85055 [C-2343]. GIOCONDA: Cielo e mar (Ponchielli). 1905 piano
acc. matrix. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red ’08 Pats. Victrola 88001 [C-3100-1]. MARTHA: M’appari (Flotow). 1st issued
take (1906). Small etched number in outer land area. Few lightest mks., cons. 2.
12” Red Victrola 88004 [C-3104]. FAVORITA: Spirto gentil (Donizetti). Just about 12. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 88048. TRISTE RITORNO! (Barthèlemy). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 88115. ADORABLE TOURMENTS [VALSE LENTE] (BarthèlemyCaruso). Cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Victrola 88121. TROVATORE: Ah si, ben mio (Verdi). Just about 1-2.
12” Red Pats. Victrola 88127. AIDA: Celeste Aida (Verdi). First take, without
recitative. Text label on back. Great copy. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
12” Red Pats. Victrola 88206. MAMMA MIA CHE VO’ SAPÈ? (Nutile). Excellent copy,
indeed. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
12” Red Pats. Victrola 88206. MAMMA MIA CHE VO’ SAPÈ? (Nutile). One very tiny
scr., few lightest mks., cons. 2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 88207. FORZA DEL DESTINO: O tu che seno (Verdi). Few lt. mks.,
cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Victor 88209. CARMEN: Il fior che avevi a me (Bizet). Text label on reverse.
Cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Victor 88210. HUGUENOTS: Bianca al par (Meyerbeer). Text label on reverse.
Cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Pats. Victrola 88339. ELISIR D’AMORE: Una furtiva lagrima (Donizetti).
Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red ’12 Pats. “A” plate Victrola 88425. AGNUS DEI (Bizet). Lt. rubs, cons. 2.
12” Red ’12 Pats. Victrola 88429. RIGOLETTO: Parmi veder le lagrime (Verdi). Text
label on reverse. One TB. Cons. 2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 88458. CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA: Addio alla madre (Mascagni).
Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Victor 88460. STABAT MATER: Cujus animam (Rossini). Minor rubs,
otherwise clean. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Victor [early “B” plate] 88472. TIEMPO ANTICO (Caruso). Beautiful, bright
copy. Couple tiny mks., just about 1-2. $12.00.
12” Red Victor “A” plate 88516. DUCA D’ALBA: Angelo casto e bel (Donizetti). Just
about 1-2. $10.00.
12” Red Victor early “B” plate 88516. Same as preceding listing (item #1775). IMs.
Minor lt. rubs, 2. $7.00.
12” Red Victor 88580. PEARL FISHERS: Je crois entendre encore (Bizet). Just about
1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 88589. NERO: Ah, mon sort! (Rubinstein). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 88616. LOVE ME OR NOT (Secchi). Cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Victrola 88617. XERXES: Largo (Händel). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 88628. SERENATA (Caruso-Bracco). Cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Victrola 88638. SALVATOR ROSA: Mia piccirella (Gomez). VrBk. Few
lightest mks., cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Pats. Victrola 89018 [first issued take]. TROVATORE: Ai nostri monti
(Verdi). With LOUISE HOMER [c]. Very lt. NR on lbl., otherwise just about 1-2.
12” Red ’12 Pats. Victrola 89031. FAUST: Sempre amar (Gounod). With
GERALDINE FARRAR [s]. Cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Victor 89033. FAUST: Mon coeur est penêtre (Gounod). With GERALDINE
FARRAR [s]. Nice pressing. One small LSS (harmless, barely noticeable), just about
1-2. $7.00.
12” Red Victrola 89039. FAUST: O merveille! (Gounod). With MARCEL JOURNET
[bs]. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
12” Red Pats. Victrola 89049. TROVATORE: Mal reggendo (Verdi). With LOUISE
HOMER [c]. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
12” Red Pats. Victrola 89054. CRUCIFIX (Faure). With MARCEL JOURNET [bs].
Excellent copy, few lightest rubs. $8.00.
12” Red ’12 Pats. “A” plate Victrola 89065. AVE MARIA (Percy B. Kahn). With
MISCHA ELMAN [vln], accompanied by the composer. Cons. 2. $12.00.
12” Red Victrola 89076. BALLO
IN MASCHERA: È scherzo, od
è folia (Verdi). With FRIEDA
SEGUROLA [bs]. Just about
1-2. $7.00.
12” Red Victor 89077. BALLO
IN MASCHERA: La rivedrà
nell’ estasi (Verdi). With
SEGUROLA [bs]. Few lightest
rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Victor 89077. Same as
preceding item (#1255). IMs,
couple minor rubs, cons. 2.
12” Red Victrola 89089. ELISIR
D’AMORE: Venti scudi! (Donizetti). With GIUSEPPE DE
LUCA [b]. Cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Victrola 95207.
MARTHA: Siam giunti, o
giovinette (Flotow). With
tiny, harmless mk., just about
1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Pats. “A” plate Victrola
95208. MARTHA: Che vuol
ENRICO CARUSO at his Victrola (gold record attached to lid)
dir Cio (Flotow). With F.
ALDA [s], J. JACOBY [c], M.
JOURNET [bs]. Text label pressed on verso. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
12” Red Victrola 95208. Same as previous listing (item #2165). Later pressing. Few
most minimal mks., cons. 2. $8.00.
12” Red ’12 Pats. Victrola 95208. Same as preceding record (item #2165) except the
reverse text label is in Spanish (which I’ve never before seen). 2. $10.00.
12” Red ’12 Pats. Victrola 95210. MARTHA: Quartetto notturno (Flotow). With F.
ALDA [s], J. JACOBY [c], M. JOURNET [bs]. Text lbl. on reverse. Just about 1-2.
12” Red Victor 95211. LOMBARDI: Qual voluttà (Verdi). With FRANCES ALDA [s],
MARCEL JOURNET [bs]. Text label on reverse. Cons. 2. $8.00.
12” PW Gold print Victor 6001. PAGLIACCI: Vesti la giubba/ PAGLIACCI: No, Pagliaccio non son! (Leoncavallo). Superb late ‘30s pressing. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
12” PW Gold print Victor 6007. CARMEN: Il fior (Bizet)/AFRICANA: O Paradiso
(Meyerbeer). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
12” Red Victrola 6015. DREAMS OF LONG AGO (Earl Carroll-Caruso)/LOVE ME
OR NOT (Secchi). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 6021. ADDIO [GOOD-BYE] (Tosti)/MUSICA PROIBITA (Gastaldon).
Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 6027. LO SCHIAVO: Quando nacesti tu (Gomes)/BALLO IN MASCHERA: Ma se m’è forza (Verdi). Lbl. stkr., few lightest mks., cons. 2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 6028. REQUIEM MASS: Ingemisco (Verdi)/STABAT MATER: Cujus
animam (Rossini). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 6035. LA PROCESSION (Franck)/QUEEN OF SHEBA: Prête-moi
ton aide (Gounod). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 6355. IL DUCA D’ALBA: Angelo casto e bel (Donizetti)/IL
GUARANY: Sento una forza indomita (Gomez). Side two with EMMY DESTINN [s].
Just about 1-2. $10.00.
12” PW Gold print Victor 8000. BOHÊME: Ah, Mimi, tu più (Puccini)/FORZA DEL
DESTINO: Solenne in quest’ ora (Verdi). Both with ANTONIO SCOTTI [b].
Another superb late ‘30s pressing. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
12” Red Victrola 8006. FORZA DEL DESTINO: Il segreto fu dunque (Verdi)/ELISIR
D’AMORE: Venti scudi! (Donizetti). Both with GIUSEPPE DE LUCA [b]. Couple
lightest rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red Victrola 8013. TROVATORE: Mal reggendo/TROVATORE: Ai nostri monti
(Verdi). Both with LOUISE HOMER [c]. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
12” Red Victrola 8036. PEARL FISHERS: Del tempio al limitar (Bizet). With MARIO
ANCONA [b]/DON CARLOS: Dio che nell’ alma infondere (Verdi). With ANTONIO
SCOTTI [b]. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
12” Red PW (gold print) Victor 8045. OTELLO: Si pel ciel (Verdi). With TITTA
RUFFO [b]/RUFFO [b]. OTELLO: Credo (Verdi). Superb late ‘30s pressing. Just
about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red Victrola 10002. MARTHA: Siam giunti/MARTHA: Che vuol di Cio (Flotow).
With ALDA [s], JACOBY [c], JOURNET [bs]. Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red RCA Victor vinyl 15-1037 [C-5008-2/C-8351-1]. DON SEBASTIANO:
Deserto in terra (Donizetti)/HUGUENOTS: Bianca al par din eve alpine
(Meyerbeer). From orig. 1908/’09 Victor matrices. Only edition of side one take. Lt.
rubs side two, 2. Side one cons. 2. $8.00.
12” Late Red VDP DB 112 [C-6034/C-8345]. TROVATORE: Ah si, ben mio/FORZA
DEL DESTINO: O tu che in seno (Verdi). Fine late pressing. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red HMV DB 122. LA BOHÊME: Io non ho che una povera stanzetta/LA
BOHÊME: Testa adorata (Leoncavallo). Just about 1-2. $7.00.
12” Red PoW VDP DB 137. BALLO IN MASCHERA: Ma se m’è forza perderti (Verdi)/
LO SCHIAVO: Qui fortuna, insistenza (Gomez). Cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red late VDP DB 137. Same as previous item (#1256). Slightly later pressing.
One pinpoint tiny (absolutely harmless) scr., just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Mauve HMV AGSB 50. BOHÊME: O soave fanciulla (Puccini). With GERALDINE
Tutti i fior (Puccini). Side one never published by Victor. Both from orig. Victor matrices
(1912/1909). $25.00.
12” White HMV VB 44 [268i/C-996]. PEARL FISHERS: Mi par d’udir ancora (Bizet)/
ELISIR D’AMORE: Una furtiva lagrima (Donizetti). Piano acc. Both from orig. 1904
matrices. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
12” White HMV VB 55 [C-2340/C-14661]. DON PASQUALE: Com’ è gentil
(Donizetti)/LA PARTIDA (Alvarez). Both piano acc. from orig. 1905/1914 Victor
matrices. Side two never issued in the U.S. Few small mks., cons. 2. $7.00.
12” White HMV VB 57. HUGUENOTS: Bianca al par di neve (Meyerbeer)/CARMEN: Il
fior (Bizet). From orig. 1905 piano acc. Victor matrices. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
12” White HMV VB 61 [C-14358/C-17343]. MANELLA MIA (Valente)/TIEMPO
ANTICO (Caruso). From orig. Victor matrices. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1809. 12” Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia 50153-D [W98649-4/98659-3]. MARRIAGE OF
FIGARO: Non so più cosa son (Mozart)/THEODORA: Angels Ever Bright and Fair
(Händel). Minor lt. superficial rubs, 2. $8.00.
3978. 10” PW Red (gold print) Victor 1936. CARMEN: Seguidilla/CARMEN: Card Song
(Bizet). Orch. dir. Wilfred Pelletier. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
4070. 12” Late Italian VDP DB 11301 [2BA.5841-II/5842-II]. TROVATORE: Tacea la notte
(Verdi)/AIDA: O cieli azzurri (Verdi). Excellent pressing. Small rub side two, otherwise just about 1-2. $15.00.
EDOARDO CASTELLANO [t]. Naples, 1871-Rio de Janeiro 1917 or 1918.
He was born of a
noble Italian family and studied in Naples. His debut was in 1891 in Piacenza as Turiddu in
Cavalleria Rusticana although another source gives his debut in Malta, the opera and role
unidentified. After success in Italy, he appeared in North America, 1902, with Mascagni’s touring
company. Subsequently he formed his own touring Castellano Grand Opera Company, appearing
with it internationally and in South and Central America in particular. A tropical illness he
contracted while touring Brazil led to his death. Castellano’s few records were made on the blue
Zonofono label and for American Columbia.
1107. 12” Manhattan 30094 [M-62-1]. RIGOLETTO: Questa o quella (Verdi). Just about
1-2. $15.00.
1604. 12” TC Columbia A5005 [30094-1/30101-1]. RIGOLETTO: Questa o quella (Verdi)/
Mme. JOSÉ GRAYVILL [s]. DINORAH: Shadow Song (Meyerbeer). Nice copy.
Cons. 2. $20.00.
2288. 12” TC Columbia A5070 [30135-1/30095-1]. TOSCA: Recondita armonia (Puccini)/
CHARLES GILIBERT [b]. PLAISIR D’AMOUR (Martini). Side one with orch., side
two with piano. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
ELDA CAVALIERI [s]. According to a 1907 Victor Catalogue, Cavalieri was born in Naples (1876?)
but soon moved with her family to Palermo, where she began vocal studies “first with her mother, who was a
famous singer, and afterward with the great Cantelli.” Her debut was in Palermo in concert at the age of 13.
After operatic studies, she made her debut according to one source with Tamagno and Maurel. She appeared
in several Italian houses, as well as in Russia, Roumania, Spain, Portugal, Cuba and various South American
locations. Victor recorded her on her way back from South America to Italy in 1907. Roberto Marcocci’s
research marks her debut as at the Palermo Politeama in 1891 as Amore in Orfeo ed Euridice (Gluck), obviously
not with Tamagno and Maurel! She seems to have sung in smaller Italian houses, slowly moving from
coloratura roles (Lucia, Norina, Violetta) to a more dramatic repertoire (Santuzza, Leonora in La Forza del
Destino, Aida and Tosca).
8281. 12” Blue Victor 55015. MEFISTOFELE: L’altra notte (Boïto)/GIOCONDA: Suicidio!
(Ponchielli). Piano acc. Excellent copy, cons. 2. $15.00.
3648. 10” Red Decca 23056 [Be11378-2/
11379]. IL BACIO/PARLA (both
Arditi). Orch. dir. Robert Heger.
Cons. 2. $7.00.
3283. 10” Red PW Fr. Odeon 188.561 [KI1533-1/1534-1]. LE ROI D’YS: Air
de Margared (Lalo). Two sides.
Few lt. rubs, cons. 2. $12.00.
3401. 10” Red PW Fr. Odeon 188.619 [KI1985-1/1987-1]. PENELOPE:
C’est sur ce banc/ PENELOPE: Je
l’attends, Minerve, la protégé
(Fauré). Side one cons. 2. Side
two superficial rubs, 2-3. $12.00.
3217. 10” Red PW Fr. Odeon 188.630
[KI-2111-2/2112-2]. SHEHERAZADE: La Flûte enchantée/
SHEHERAZADE: L’indifferent
(Ravel). Orch. dir. G. Cloëz. Lbl.
stkrs., just about 1-2. $25.00.
3447. 10” Eldridge Johnson Victor
Monarch 3401. DON GIOVANNI:
La ci darem la mano (Mozart).
as FRANCISCO. Wide (3.5)
stylus recommended. Interesting
to note the variances in tempo in performance practices of this duet 110 years ago.
Nice copy. A few LGTs, gen. 2-3. $100.00.
3137. 10” Eldridge Johnson Victor Monarch 3408. TU-HABANERA (Fuentes). Some
greying, 4. $50.00.
4027. 10” Eldridge Johnson Victor Monarch 3433. HOME, SWEET HOME (Bishop). The
arpeggiated accompanying piano chords and right hand tremolo are definitely from a
bygone era! The record is quite clean (including the label) except for some greying. 4.
3606. 10” Red Flush Moscow G&T 22824 [623x-N1-2z]. DISENCHANTMENT (Tschaikowsky). 1902 disc. His only recording of this selection. Bright label. Few LGTs, 2-3.
3360. 10” Blue Opera Disc 74613 (4-22487) [y16750c]. THE BIG GNAT-FUNNY SONG;
With St. Petersburg Vocal Quartet. The Kelly-Gurvich discography reverses these titles.
This reversal is probably correct as the first song, sung by the quartet alone, doesn’t
sound very funny whereas the second, in which Chaliapin joining spiritedly, does! Just
about 1-2. $15.00.
3622. 10” White lbl. HMV VA 25 [OPG428-IV/429-III].
DON QUICHOTTE [film]: Chanson du Duc/
DON QUICHOTTE: Chanson du depart
(Jacques Ibert). Conducted by the composer.
The producers of the film Don Quichotte solicited
music from several composers, including Ravel
and Ibert. There was no mention of it having been
a competition and when Ibert’s music was
selected, Ravel sued. While Ibert may have won,
Ravel and his estate probably made considerably
more money in the long run with the inclusion of
his Don Quichotte songs on many concert programs over the years and via a number of recordings. Ibert’s music, as attractive as it is, seemed
to have had a life mostly limited to its inclusion
in the film. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
3792. 10” PW Red Disque Gram. DA-1311 [OPG430I/633-I]. DON QUICHOTTE: Chanson à
Dulcinée/DON QUICHOTTE: Mort de Don
Quichotte (Ibert). Conducted by the composer. Rare original issue. Small lbl. stkr. Just
about 1-2. $10.00.
3628. 10” White lbl. HMV VA 26 [OPG430-II/663-I].
Same as item above (#3792). Later issue.
Just about 1-2. $7.00.
3933. 10” Red acous. Victrola 1004. SIBERIAN
PRISONERS’ SONG (arr. F. Koenemann)/
PILGRIM’S SONG (Tschaikowsky). Side one
piano acc. Feodor Koenemann. Cons. 2.
3966. 10” Red Orth. Victrola 1365. THE BLIND
EXPRESS IN SONG (Malashkin). In English.
Just about 1-2. $10.00.
3898. 10” Red Orth. Victrola 1365. Same as preceding listing (item #3966). Cons. 2.
3629. 10” Maroon Japanese Victor NF-4070 [Bb16590-IV/16991-IIT1]. DOWN THE
(Unaccompanied Russian Folk Song). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1680. 12” White Original Gram. test. Matrix 621i (issued as 022129). LUCHINUSHKA
[THE LITTLE BIRCH TORCH] (Folk Song). Unaccompanied. Evidently Chaliapin
was not happy with this test as he has boldly signed the label “pas bon!!!” (Not
good!!!) and signed it “Th. Chaliapin”. See illustrated label section. Some rubs and
marks. Minor incidental ticking. 4. $200.00.
12” Blue Opera Disc 76447 (022261) [2535c]. THE TWO GRENADIERS (Schumann).
Small lbl. stkr. Couple small rubs, otherwise just about 1-2. $15.00.
(Glazounov)l. In French. Couple small rubs, cons. 2. $15.00.
12” Blue Opera Disc 76222 (052356) [616m]. SONNAMBULA: Vi ravviso (Bellini). In
Italian. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
12” Blue Opera Disc 76225 (052389) [2694c]. ERNANI: Infelice (Verdi). In Italian.
Just about 1-2. $15.00.
12” Green acous. Schall. Grammophon 85108 (022112/052388) [616i/2693c].
LAKMÉ: Lakmé, ton doux regard (Delibes)/LUCREZIA BORGIA: Vieni, la mia
vendetta (Donizetti). IMs. Excellent pressing. Few lightest rubs. Cons. 2. $15.00.
12” Red HMV DB 403 [2693c/2694c]. LUCREZIA BORGIA: Vieni, la mia vendetta
(Donizetti)/ERNANI: Infelice (Verdi). Excellent, heavy pressing. Raised rim side one,
just about 1-2. Side two minor stain where label was removed, cons. 2. $12.00.
12” Red Hist. No. 2 HMV DB 610 [2004c/2005c]. MERRY BUTTERWEEK: Hostile
Power (Sierov)/DOWN THE VOLGA; FROM UNDER THE OAK (Russian Folk Songs).
Lt. lbl. fade. Few MGTs, cons. 2. $15.00.
12” PW acous. Red HMV DB 691 [Cc3155-II/C-27090-2]. ALEKO: The moon is high
in the sky (Rachmaninoff)/CRAZY-HEADED JOHN (Russian Folk Song). Side two
sung unaccompanied. This side is a Victor recording, although it was never issued
in the U.S. Good pressing. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
12” acous. Red acous. HMV DB 691. Same as previous listing (item #2022). One
harmless, tiny scr. side two. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
12” Red acous. HMV DB 757 [Cc540-III/544-I]. THE LAST VOYAGE, Op. 17, No. 2
(Alnaes)/THE NIGHTINGALE (Tschaikowsky). Piano acc. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
12” Red acous. HMV DB 758 [Cc3504-II/4890-I]. LIFE FOR A CZAR: They Guess
the Truth (Glinka). Two sides. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
12” PW elec. HMV DB 899 [Cc7067-II/7075-I]. FAUST: Church Scene (Gounod).
Two sides. With FLORENCE AUSTRAL [s]. In French. Orch. dir. ALBERT
COATES. Cons. 2-3. $8.00.
12” PW Australian HMV DB 1183 [CR2139-IA/2141-IA]. BORIS GODOUNOV: It is a
pity Prince Shuisky is absent/BORIS GODOUNOV: Farewell of Boris (Moussorgsky). Recorded during Covent Garden perf., 4 July 1928. Gen. 2. $8.00.
12” PW HMV DB 1511 [2G113-II/Cc18157-II]. HOSTILE POWER: Merry Butterweek
(Sierov). With Chorus and Balalaika Orchestra/SONGS AND DANCES OF DEATH:
Trépak (Moussorgsky). Crayon mks. Ex-radio station copy. Very quiet surfaces.
Just about 1-2. $15.00.
12” Red PW HMV DB 1531 [2B580-I/581-I]. ROUSSALKA: Mad Scene and Death of
the Miller (Dargomizhsky). Two sides. With GEORGE POZEMKOVSKY [t]. Just
about 1-2. $7.00.
12” Red late VDP DB 1700 [2W1328-II/1229-IV]. DOWN THE VOLGA (arr.
Alexandroff)/LEGEND OF THE TWELVE BRIGANDS (arr. Jaroff). With male
chorus dir. N. P. Afonsky. Excellent pressing. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Mauve acous. HMV AGSB 8 [2495c/2536c]. DEMON: Do not weep, Child/THE
DEMON: On the airy Ocean (Rubinstein). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” White acous. HMV VB 1 [2008c/630c]. FAUST: Church Scene (Gounod). With
ANTONIO PINI-CORSI [b]. BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA: Ah! qual colpo (Rossini). IMs.
Just about 1-2. $7.00.
12” White elec. HMV Test Pressing
Ridda e Fuga infernale (Boïto).
Recorded live at Covent Garden, 31
May 1926. Chorus and Orch. dir.
Vincenzo Bellezza. Issued as one
side of DB 942. Chaliapin is heard
with various shouts (“Sabboè!”) and
noises, goading on the “infernal
chorus”. Minor rubs, 2. $8.00.
4094. 12” White Nezinárodní Diskotéka
(PoW Hungarian HMV) MD 037
[Cc10958-I/ 10961-IV]. WHEN
OSCURA (Beethoven). Excellent
surface material (similar to
Electrola). 2. $10.00.
1280. 12” Red (acous.) Victrola 88655
(Rimsky-Korsakov). VrBk. Just
about 1-2. $7.00.
1276. 12” Red (acous.) Victrola 88665
[take 2]. DON CARLOS: Ella giammai m’amò (Verdi). VrBk. Never
doubled. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1836. 12” Red Scroll (“Z”-type shellac)
Victor 6724 [CR-375-1/Cc10938III]. BORIS GODOUNOV: Farewell/Death of Boris (Moussorgsky). Two sides. Just
about 1-2. $7.00.
1295. 12” Red PW (gold print) Victor 6724 [CR-375-I/Cc10938-III]. Same as preceding
listing [item #1836]. Slightly later pressing. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
1279. 12” Red Orth. Victrola 7199 [Cc10957-I/Cc10958-1]. THE PROPHET, Op. 49
(Rimsky-Korsakov)/WHEN THE KING WENT FORTH TO WAR (Koenemann). Orch.
dir. by Lawrance Collingwood. Only form of issue of side one. The HMV version
appeared on HMV DB 1103 as Cc10957-2, conducted by Albert Coates. Just about
1-2. $12.00.
12” Red Orth. Victrola 7422 [Cc17102-IIA-T1/17103-II-T1]. LE COR (Flégier)/ THE
OLD CORPORAL (Dargomijsky). Orch. dir. George Byng. Small edge flake side two
far from grooves. Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $8.00.
12” Red PW (gold print) Victor 7600 [CF3000-II/3001-III]. FAUST: Le veau d’or/
FAUST: Vous qui faites (Gounod). Side one with MICHAEL COZETTE [b]. Orch.
dir. Henri Büsser. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
12” Red Scroll “Z” shellac Victor 11485 [Cc7064-III/7066-I]. BORIS GODOUNOV:
Coronation Scene (Moussorgsky). Two sides. Orch. and Chorus dir. Albert Coates.
Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
12” Red PoW RCA Victor 14901. SONG OF THE FLEA (Moussorgsky)/SONG OF
THE VOLGA BOATMEN (Koenemann). Piano acc. G. Godzinski. Recorded in
Japan. Matrix signed and dated by Chaliapin: Febr. 6, 1936, Tokyo. As new, as is
the case with almost all records in this grading category. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
12” Red PW (gold print) Victor 14902 [Cc18156-I/2B885-I]. ALEKO: The Moon is
High in the Sky (Rachmaninoff)/ÉLÉGIE (Massenet). Side one orch. dir. Lawrance
Collingwood. Side two with Cedric Sharpe [cello], Ivor Newton [piano]. Just about
1-2. $7.00.
12” Red PW (gold print) Victor 15177 [CR2142-I/2143-I]. BORIS GODOUNOV:
Prayer and Death of Boris (Moussorgsky). Two sides. Orch. dir. Vincenzo Bellezza.
Recorded during Covent Garden perf., 4 July 1928. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
MARIO CHAMLEE [t]. Los Angeles,
CA, 1892-Los Angeles, CA, 1966. He
began studies with William Shakespeare in San
Francisco, who advised that he hadn’t any
potential. Teacher Achille Alberti was more
enthusiastic and led him to a successful debut
as Edgardo in Lucia, 1916. His later studies were
in New York with Ricardo Dellera. He served
with the U.S. Infantry in France, 1917-1918.
Upon returning, he was hired by Antonio Scotti
for his touring Scotti Grand Opera Company.
His success there led to his Metropolitan debut
as Cavaradossi in November, 1920. Chamlee
appeared there until 1927 and again the
seasons of 1935-37. He was also heard at the
Paris Opéra-Comique in Rabaud’s Marouf in
1929, an opera he later sang at the Met. At San
Francisco he appeared in the Wagner roles of
Lohengrin and Walther.
3969. 10” Green Bruns 10008 [3017].
CAVALLERIA SICILIANA: Siciliana (Mascagni). Label credit
Cons. 2. $7.00.
3964. 10” Green Bruns 10014 [3649].
RIGOLETTO: Questa o quella
(Verdi). Just about 1-2.
3475. 10” Purple acous. Brunswick
10105 [11477/5684]. FOR
Enrico Caruso). Just about
1-2. $10.00.
3094. 10” Purple acous. Brunswick 10201. GIVE ME ONE ROSE TO REMEMBER (Grey)/I
LOOK INTO YOUR GARDEN (Wood). One harmless small press. bump, just about
1-2. $12.00.
3354. 10” Gold acous. Brunswick 15023 [7521/7719]. MY DREAMS/PARTED (both Tosti).
Lt. superficial rubs, 2. $12.00.
1058. 12” Gold acous. Brunswick 50020 [X9087/X9091]. TRISTE RITORNO! (Barthèlemy)/L’ALBA SEPARA DALLA LUCE L’OMBRA (Tosti). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
1368. 12” Gold acous. Brunswick 50020. Same as previous listing [item #1058]. Cons. 2.
1059. 12” Purple late acous. Brunswick 30110. HOSANNA (Granier)/OPEN THE GATES
OF THE TEMPLE (Knapp). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
3644. 10” B&S Columbia 3493 [take 1]. MORREMO (Mozart). With TAURINO PARVIS [b].
Bright label, few minor rubs. Nice copy. Cons. 2. $8.00.
8215. 11” Fonotipia 69107/69108 [XPh ? / ? ]. I GIOIELLI DELLA MADONNA: Perchè, o
mamma/I GIOIELLI DELLA MADONNA: La perderemo (Wolf-Ferrari). Both with
MARIA PASSARI [ms]. Pressing No. 3. Just about 1-2. $150.00.
8213. 11” Fonotipia 69183/69184 [XPh ? / ? ]. LE DONNE CURIOSE: De per pieta/LE
DONNE CURIOSE: Io non amarvi (Wolf-Ferrari). Very rare, indeed. IMs. Couple
minor rubs, otherwise just about 1-2. $150.00.
3689. 10” Blk. ’12 Pats. Victor 62407 [8097b/7064b]. AFRICAINE: Adamastor/TINA
FARELLI [s], GINO MARTINEZ-PATTI [t]. AFRICAINE: Sei l’angiol diletto
(Meyerbeer). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1369. 12” PW Microphone Columbia 9127-M [WBX1258/1262]. GIOCONDA: Suicidio
(Ponchielli)/NORMA: Casta Diva (Bellini). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1832. 12” Late PoW Italian Columbia D14589 [WBX658/657]. FAUST: Scene della chiesa
(Gounod). With NAZZARENO DE ANGELIS [bs]. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
C. [CLARENCE] CARROLL CLARK [b]. Denver, CO, c.1880- ? . Clark recorded for
Columbia 1908-10, again in 1917 and finally 1924, but the company consistently refused to include his photo in
their publicity material. While his repertoire was mostly music of the old South, no mention was made that he
was Black. His last records were for Black Swan, Paramount, and one for Okeh. He apparently lived in New
York City after 1909, appearing in local concerts, working as a teacher in arts schools in Harlem (one having
been “The Music School Settlement for Colored People”), and as a baritone in several quartets, as well as
singing in restaurants. What became of him after the mid-1920s isn’t known.
3002. 10” Orange acous. Black Swan 2006 [P110/P111]. NOBODY KNOWS DE TROUBLE
I’VE SEEN (Negro Spiritual)/BY THE WATERS OF MINNETONKA [Lieurance). With
F. Hamilton Henderson, Jr., pianist (who is jazz great Fletcher Henderson). Side
two also with unidentified violinist and Saxophonist. Excellent copy, slightest lbl.
stain side two, cons. 2. $30.00.
3965. 10” Red Victor 64223. BERGÈRE LÉGÈRE; L’ADIEU DU MATIN (PessardWeckerlin). Piano acc. Frank LaForge. Small lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
3967. 10” Red ’12 Pats. Victor 64233. JOCELYN: Berceuse (Godard). Just about 1-2.
3631. 10” Red Victor 87508. DANTE: Nous allons partir (Godard). With GERALDINE
FARRAR [s]. Lt. superficial rubs. 3. $7.00.
8220. 11” Brown Odeon 56050/97141 [XPh759/XP. ? ]. MANON: Le rêve (Massenet)/
ARMAND NARÇON [bs]. AFRICAINE: D’impie ed de rebelle (Massenet). One rub
side one, otherwise just about 1-2. $125.00.
8225. 11” Red ‘30s Odeon 56002/62018 [XPh758/XPh2333]. LA DAME BLANCHE: Grand
Air (Boieldieu)/VICTOR MAUREL [b]. A YEAR AGO (d’Hardelot). Piano acc. Side
two in English. Wonderful record. As new. Just about 1-2. $150.00.
1693. 12” Red Victor 76022. PEARL FISHERS: Au fond du temple saint (Bizet). With
MARCEL JOURNET [bs]. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1846. 12” Red ’12 Pats. Victor 74319. LES RAMEAUX (Faure). Very lt. rubs, 2. $7.00.
GIUSEPPINA COBELLI [s]. Maderno, 1898-Barbarano di Salò, 1948.
Her training was in
Hamburg with Jacques Stückgold and in Bologna with Benvenuti. 1924 marked her debut as La Gioconda in
Piacenza. The following year she made her La Scala entrance as Kundry and remained there through
1942. Particularly noted for her verismo interpretations, her repertoire included Adriana Lecouvreur, Minnie
in La Fanciulla del West, Fedora, Margherita in Boïto’s Faust, Maddelena in Andrea Chenier and Silvana in
Respighi’s La Fiamma, which she created in Rome in 1934. She also was noted for such roles as Isolde,
Sieglinde and Eboli. There are only two recordings by this great soprano, both dating from the tail end of the
acoustic era and the beginning of her career. Excepting a broadcast excerpt of part of the Liebestod, these
are the only remaining sonic souvenirs of this exceptional artist. Magda Olivero, who inherited the role of
Adriana Lecouveur from Cobelli, recalled her as “intelligent, a beautiful woman with an exciting personality
and a wonderful voice.” She made only two recorded sides.
3608. 10” Green acous. Disco Grammofono R.5183 [BT1678-I/BT1691-II]. CAVALLERIA
RUSTICANA: Voi lo sapete/ARISTODEMO GIORGINI [t]. CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA: Addio alla madre (Mascagni). Side one few LGTs, gen. 2-3. Side two cons.
2. $150.00.
1609. 12” Red London T.5262 [AB13649-1/13709-1]. MARTHA: M’appari (Flotow)/
TURANDOT: Non piangere Liù (Puccini). Few very minor rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
Constantino must have been a dangerous
dueling colleague. In 1909, during a performance of I Puritani at the Manhattan Opera, both
Constantino and his stage opponent, baritone
Giovanni Polese, were momentarily startled when
a cat “suddenly darted across the stage”. Constantino stabbed Polese, giving him “a severe cut
on the hand.” Meanwhile the public, unaware of
the injury, was “in an uproar of laughter on the
appearance of the cat.” Polese “pluckily continued” until the end of the scene. Much more serious was the damage done to bass Giovanni Gravina by Constantino during a duel scene at the
Boston Opera in 1912 in which he lost an eye.
3449. 10” Red Victor 64072. RIGOLETTO: La
donna è mobile (Verdi). Just about
1-2. $8.00.
3968. 10” Red Pats. Victor 64091. ROMÉO
ET JULIETTE: Ah! ne fuis pas en-core
(Gounod). With ALICE NIELSEN [s].
One MGT. Cons. 2. $7.00.
1847. 12” Red ’08 Pats Victor 74066. LUCIA:
O bell’ alma inammorata (Donizetti).
2 or better. $7.00.
1994. 12” Red Pats. Victor 74076. FAUST:
Dammi ancor (Gounod). With ALICE
NIELSEN [s]. Just about 1-2.
1402. 12” Red ’12 Pats. Victor 74076. Same
as previous item (#1994). Slightly
later pressing. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1564. 12” TC Columbia A5113 [30238-1/30248-1]. OTELLO: Morte d’Otello (Verdi)/
SEMPRE AMARTI (Pietro Vallini). Side two selection “Dedicated to Sig. Constantino and Columbia Phonograph Company” by the composer. Side one minor PB,
otherwise both sides just about 1-2. $8.00.
1361. 12” TC Columbia A5184 [30419-1/30409-1]. FORZA DEL DESTINO: Solenne in
quest’ ora (Verdi). With RAMON BLANCHART [b] / BLANCHART [b], JOSÉ
MARDONES [bs]. PURITANI: Suoni la tromba (Bellini). Cons. 2. $7.00.
1828. 12” TC Columbia A5204 [30438-1/30464-1]. HUGUENOTS: Bianca al par (Meyerbeer)/FAUST: Salve! dimora (Gounod). Later flush pressing. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
MARIUS CORPAIT [t]. Lyons, 1877-Puteaux, 1955. His birth name had been Cropait. He
studied as a baritone with Warot and Melchissédec at the Paris Conservatoire, 1903-05, and in 1906 made his
Paris Opéra-Comique debut, singing there several secondary roles. He restudied as a tenor with Jules Juliani
and as such made a second debut in 1908, this time at the Paris Opéra. His major role there was SaintSaëns’ Samson. In addition he appeared in principal parts in Bordeaux and Lyons, as well as at the Paris
Gaîté-Lyrique, where he sang Jean in Hérodiade. His subsequent career has not been traced, but he is known to
have taught in his later years.
4464. 11” Brown Odéon 97279-2/97348 [XP ? / ? ]. CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA:
Brindisi (Mascagni)/HUGUENOT: Entrée de Raoul (Meyerbeer). Both with chorus.
Couple small LSSs (absolutely harmless), cons. 2-3. $15.00.
IRIS ADAMI CORRADETTI [s]. 1903-1998. Daughter of soprano Bice Adami and
baritone Ferruccio Corradetti, Adami-Corradetti studied first as a pianist. Toscanini heard her singing and
playing the piano at a party and was so impressed that he hired her to appear at La Scala, where she began
her vocal career in 1927. She was largely self-taught. Beginning with small roles, she gradually assumed
principal parts and was heard in close to 100 operas by composers ranging from Carissimi to Menotti. Her
particular specialty was the verismo repertoire. In 1946, she retired from the stage to please her husband (I
hope those days are long gone!), although she taught into her 90s.
4076. 12” Dk. Blue Cetra 20265 [2-70405/2-70407]. LODOLETTA: Flammen, perdonami
(Mascagni)/MADAMA BUTTERFLY: Un bel di (Puccini). Exceptionally rare and
desirable, two of her only three commercially issued sides, dating from 1940. Side
one few LGTs, 3-4. Side two greying, 4. $35.00.
FERRUCCIO CORRADETTI [b]. San Severino, 1869-New York, 1939. A prominent baritone
in many Italian and South American houses in the 1890s and first decade of the 1900s, Corradetti
interpreted a variety of both leading and character roles. His first wife, soprano Bice Adami, frequently
appeared with him on stage, and their daughter, Iris Adami-Corradetti, became one of the great verismo
figures in Italy from the later 1920s into the 1940s. Moving to America shortly before W.W. I, Corradetti
broadened his career to include teaching and work as an impresario. He remarried, and one daughter from
that marriage, Fiora Contino, is a noted American music educator and opera conductor. Another daughter,
Adriana, is a gifted non-professional soprano. Corradetti’s extensive recording output began with Berliner in
1900 and ended with U.S. Okeh in 1921. In a number of operetta selections for Fonotipia he appears under the
nom-du-disque, “Fercor”.
4053. 11” Fonotipia 62076/62077 [XPh2505/2711]. LA POUPÉE: Canzone e Duetto
(Audran). With “LISON” [s] (ELISA PETRI)/MISS HELYETT: Romanza di Paolo
(both Audran). Piano acc. Formerly Corradetti’s own personal copy. Pressing No.
17. Small ND side one, otherwise just about 1-2. $25.00.
4054. 11” Fonotipia 92144/92145 [XXPh3126-2/3131]. LA MASCOTTA: La gente onesta e
saggia (Audran)/BOCCACCIO: Lo scrittor d’una novella (von Suppé). With Chorus.
Pressing No. 10. Again Corradetti’s personal copy. Side one small bump, otherwise
just about 1-2. Side two two lbl. tears, otherwise cons. 2. $20.00.
2094. 12” Fonotipia 74135/74136 [XXPh3980/3981]. PAGLIACCI: Decidi il mio destin/
PAGLIACCI: E allor perchè (Leoncavallo). With LINA PASINI-VITALE [s]. Few
MGTs, lt. rubs, cons. 3-4. $15.00.
4239. 10” Red PoW VdP DA 757 [BVE-33405/
33406]. BOHÊME: Mimì è una civetta
(Puccini)/FAVORITA: Una vergine
(Donizetti). Just about 1-2. $7.00.
4075. 12” Blk. acous. Spanish Disco Gramófono 064195/064196 [s-03201v/
03202v]. BOHEMIOS: Duo final (Vives).
Two sides. With BONASTRE [s] and
chorus. First recordings of Antonio
Cortis (here as ANTONIO CORTS),
made around 1919. Exceptionally rare.
Side one some heavily greyed areas, 5.
Side two a bit less greying, 4-5. Fully
playable but with some noise on forward
areas. $15.00.
1852. 12” Red PoW VDP DB 1363 [CM1108I/1111-I]. CARMEN: Il fior (Bizet)/
MANON: Ah! Dispar, vision! (Massenet). Just about 1-2. $7.00.
ORAZIO COSENTINO [t]. Catania, 1871-
Milano, 1938. First a chorister in the Bellini
Choir in Catania, Cosentino made his solo debut
as Laertes in Thomas’ Hamlet. He continued
studies in Milan and in 1896 began a more dramatic repertoire which was to become a mainstay of his career, lasting until at least 1914. He sang
throughout Italy, including the Rome Costanzi, the Torino Teatro Regio and La Fenice in Venice, as
well as in Spain, Portugal and South America. He likely sang in Mexico and San Francisco as well,
the latter probably the site of his few American Zonophone recordings. Roles sung by Cosentino
included Rhadames, Chenier, Cavaradossi, Poliuto, Otello, Samson, Siegmund and Canio.
3037. 10” Green Zonophone 40112 [A527/5982]. LE PROPHÈTE: Sopra Berta l’amor mio
(Meyerbeer)/ALAN TURNER [b]. STABAT MATER: Pro peccatis (Rossini). Piano
acc. Excellent copy. Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $30.00.
EUGENE COWLES [bass]. Stanstead, Québec, 1860-1948. A member of the Bostonians
through the 1890s, Cowles was a creator of roles in several premieres, including de Koven’s Robin Hood
(Chicago, 1890). His career continued until the early 1920s in Gilbert & Sullivan and occasional opera
appearances as well. He was also a composer, his song “Forgotten” having been, in particular,
popular with many singers in the early 1900s.
3286. 10” White Victrola 4737 [take 2]. ROBIN HOOD: Armorer’s Song (De Koven).
Creator. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
8282. 10” Purple acous. Argentine Disco Nacional 82004. CANTA CHI VO CANTA
[Canzone napoletana) (Dominghetti). 2-3. $60.00.
10” Purple acous. Argentine Disco Nacional 82013. Hi, LITTLE FELLER [“American
Song”] (F. Ricker). One small PB, superficial rubs. 3. $50.00.
10” Purple acous. Argentine Disco Nacional 82015. QUAND MADELON (Roberts).
2-3. $60.00.
10” Purple acous. Argentine Disco Nacional 82035. SMANIA (Dominghetti). Lbl.
stkr. Superficial rubs, gen. 2-3. $60.00.
10” Red Orth. Victrola 4137 [Bv62-ITI/64-I]. TRUST DE LOS TENORIOS: Te quiero
[Jota] (Serrano)/SUR L’EAU (Pedrell). Both in French. Orch. dir. Piero Coppola.
Cons. 2-3. $7.00.
10” Red Orth. Victrola 4145 [Bb13921-II/13922-I]. LA CHINA [CANCIÓN CRIOLLA]
(Maurage)/TANGUINHO BRASILEIRO (Tupynambá). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
10” Plum PW Disque Gramophone K-7546 [OPG-1373-1/1374-1]. LA PAYSE A
JEAN (Dupin)/PLAISIR D’AMOUR (Martini). Both sides with MAY RUBIA [s]. Just
about 1-2. $50.00.
10” Blk. Decca 23010 [GB5342/5343]. AMOUREUSE (Berger)/ICH LIEBE DICH, MY
DEAR (Hart-Blight). LSS side two, few minor rubs, 2-3. $8.00.
12” Red Orth. Victrola 9442 [CFR378-II/379-I]. HAMLET: O vin, dissipe (Thomas)/
BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA: Place au Factotum (Rossini). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
12” PW Red HMV DB 1305 [CM688-II/694-II T I]. ALEXANDER’S FEAST: Honour
and Arms (Händel). Two sides. Orch. dir. Carlo Sabajno. In French. Unusually
good quality shellac (late ‘30s). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
LUCIA CRESTANI [s]. Verona, 1886-Ferrara, 1972. Her debut was in Turin, 1904, as Aida.
Despite her youth, she was received with the success of a “veteran”. She was at La Scala the season of 1905-06
as Catalani’s Loreley. Appearing in most of the major Italian houses, Crestani was also successful in South
America. Aside from Aida, which she sang over 500
times, her repertoire included a number of verismo
parts, such as Wally (Catalani), Minnie (Puccini’s La
Fanciulla del West), Isabeau (Mascagni), Stephana
(Giordano’s Siberia) and Ricke in Franchetti’s Germania.
She retired in 1924, following a tumultuous relationship with a theatrical impresario who threatened her
with a gun. She then cared for her sick mother and an
ailing brother and eventually became a teacher.
Despite her importance, Crestani made only five
records, these at the age of 19 in 1905.
3073. 10” Blk. ’12 Pats. Victor 16810 [7298b/
7028b]. TROVATORE: D’amor sull’
ali rosee/MARIA BERNACCHI [s],
ERNESTO CARONNA [b]. TROVATORE: Mira d’acerbe lagrime (Verdi).
Side one just about 1-2. Side two minor LSS, few lt. rubs, cons. 2. $12.00.
3384. 10” Blk. Shellac vertical Aeolian-Vocalion 30024 [1711]. CARMEN: Ma mère
je la vois (Bizet). With MARIE SUNDELIUS [s]. One small lt. scr., gen. 2.
4356. 10” Brown Shellac Aeolian-Vocalion
30119 [7876]. MANON LESCAUT:
Donna non vidi mai (Puccini). Just
about 1-2. $12.00.
4217. 10” Brown Shellac Vocalion 30153
[6467]. O SOLE MIO (di Capua). Just
about 1-2. $12.00.
3278. 10” Brown Shellac Vocalion 30158
[8469]. ZAZÀ: Canzone di Milio (Leoncavallo). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
3361. 10” Brown Shellac Vocalion 60030
[7076/7079]. MANON LESCAUT:
Donna non vidi mai/TOSCA:
Recondita armonia (both Puccini).
Just about 1-2. $20.00.
GIULIO CRIMI and daughter
10” Brown Shellac Vocalion 60035 [ ? /8592]. RIGOLETTO: La donna è mobile
(Verdi)/MANON: Il sogno (Massenet). IMs. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
10” Brown Shellac Vocalion 60039 [8444/8446]. PAGLIACCI: Vesti la giubba
(Leoncavallo)/TOSCA: E lucevan le stelle (Puccini). Just about 1-2. $20.00.
12” Brown Shellac Aeolian-Vocalion 52004 [5797]. FAVORITA: Spirto gentil
(Donizetti). One harmless rub area, cons. 2. $15.00.
12” Brown Shellac Aeolian-Vocalion 52011 [ ? ]. TROVATORE: Ai nostri monti (Verdi). With MARGUERITE D’ALVAREZ [c]. Small lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
12” Brown Shellac Vocalion 52042 [ ? ]. CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA: Addio alla
madre (Mascagni). Just about 1-2. $15.00.
12” Blk. Shellac Blue lbl. Aeolian-Vocalion 55003 [5545]. L’ULTIMA CANZONE
(Tosti). One minor rub area, cons. 2. $15.00.
12” Blk. Shellac Blue lbl. Aeolian-Vocalion 55003 [5546]. L’ULTIMA CANZONE
(Tosti). I don’t know which take might be rarer as the record seldom turns up.
Neither take was doubled. Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $15.00.
12” Blk. Shellac Blue lbl. Aeolian-Vocalion 55005 [5655]. AFRICAINE: O Paradiso
(Meyerbeer). IMs. Minor rubs. 2. $12.00.
12” Brown Shellac Aeolian-Vocalion 55006 [ ? ]. ZAZÀ: O mio piccolo tavolo
(Leoncavallo). Small lbl. stkr., cons. 2. $12.00.
3167. 10” PW Blue Eng. Columbia D13082 [WL1294-2/1295-1]. AUTOMNE/CHANSON
DES SIRÈNES; BERCEUSE DE LA SIRÈNE (all Honegger). Accompanied by
ARTHUR HONEGGER. This was almost immediately replaced, under the same
catalogue number, by side two doubled with Roussel’s AMOUREUX SEPARÉS. Small
lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $100.00.
2061. 12” PW Blue Eng. Columbia D15041 [WLX328/363]. LE BESTIAIRE [cycle of six
songs, announced] (Francis Poulence)/L’INVITATION AU VOYAGE (Duparc). Both
accompanied by FRANCIS POULENC. Just about 1-2. $35.00.
3138. 10” Red Scroll “Z” material Victor 4000. A DREAM
(Bartlett)/ABSENT (Metcalf). Just about 1-2.
4260. 10” Red PW (gold print) Victor 1478. STUDENT
PRINCE: Serenade (Romberg)/ L’AMOUR, TOUJOURS, L’AMOUR (Friml). Just about 1-2. 7.00.
1003. 12” Blk. elec. Czech HMV ES 510 [CLR4465-II/
4466-I]. AIDA: Holde Aida (Verdi)/ CARMEN:
Blumenarie (Bizet). Lt. superficial rubs, 2.
2091. 12” elec. Blue PW Victor 55287. OPEN THE
BETHLEHEM (Adams). Rare late ‘30s blue label
pressing. By this time most of the blue label
issues had long since been deleted from the
Victor catalogue. Good surface material. Just
about 1-2. $25.00.
1473. 12” Red PW (gold print) Victor 9008. FORRICHARD CROOKS & ROSA
(Del Riego). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1483. 12” Red Scroll “Z” material Victor 7105.
MEISTERSINGER: Preislied/LOHENGRIN: In fernem Land (Wagner). Wonderful
pressing. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
2453. 12” Red PW (gold print) Victor 15543. MANON: Ah, fuyez, douce image (Massenet)/
ROI D’YS: Vainement (Lalo). Orch. dir. W. Pelletier. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
2010. 12” Red RCA Victor 11-8814. THE TRUMPETER (Dix)/WERE YOU THERE (Negro
Spiritual, arr. ?). Orch. dir. Maximilian Pilzer. Lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
2410. 12” Red PoW RCA Victor Set M 1067: 11-9251 through 11-9253 [six sides). DIE
SCHÖNE MÜLLERIN: Excerpts (Schubert). Piano acc. Frank La Forge. Crooks
recorded the whole cycle in the 1930s but it was never issued until this group of
excerpts appeared in 1947 (all from the original matrices). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1482. 12” Vinyl V-Disc 256 [VP1301/VP1318]. PEARL FISHERS: Mi par d’udir ancora
(Bizet)/MARCELLE DENYA [s]. PLAISIR D’AMOUR (Martini); AIR VIF (Poulenc).
Side one dir. Howard Barlow, side two Edward Sadowski. Side one cons. 2-3. Side
two one TB, cons. 2. $8.00.
ALICE CUCINI [ms]. 1870 (?)-Milano, 1949.
Cucini’s debut was in the Naples San Carlo in
1891. For the next two decades she had considerable success in many of the opera houses of Italy as well as in
South America. Her roles included parts such as Dalila, Amneris and Azucena. Her final years were spent in
the Verdi Casa di riposo in Milan. In the first Teatro Regio Samson et Dalila performances (1897), conductor
Toscanini recounted in a letter to a friend prior to the opening, “Cucini is a bit cold but she has a pleasant
voice and sings quite well.” After the opening, Toscanini reported, “Cucini … was much liked – in my opinion
she doesn’t understand a thing about the character, but since she has a nice, even voice she made an excellent
impression on the audience and was applauded throughout.” –From The Letters of Toscanini (Harvey Sachs).
4031. 10” Blue Disco Zonofono X-1579. SAMSON ET DALILA: S’apre per te (Saint-Saëns).
Piano acc. Lt. NS ticks lightly about ” (just into her first phrase), one MGT,
otherwise excellent condition, just about 2. $650.00.
4005. 10” Red Milano G&T 53500 [10372b].
TROVATORE: Stride la vampa (Verdi). IMs.
Some LGTs, otherwise clean, gen. 2.
4439. 10” Red Milano G&T 53502 [10388b].
LUCREZIA BORGIA: Brindisi (Donizetti).
Small lbl. tears in trademark area. Surface
2. $40.00.
3053. 10” Red acous. Polydor 70531 [17179L/
(Schubert). Just about 1-2. $40.00.
4247. 10” Red acous. Victrola 64396. HAIDENRÖSLEIN, Op. 3, No. 3 (Schubert). Piano
acc. Coenraad v. Bos. Cons. 2. $8.00.
4313. 10” Red acous. Victrola 64396. Same as
preceding listing (item #4247). Small lbl.
stkr. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
3272. 10” White Victrola 64552. DUTCH SERENADE (de Lang, arr. C. Bos). With harp
acc. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
3934. 10” Red acous. Victrola 1041. AUF FLÜGELN DES GESANGES, Op. 34, No. 2
(Mendelssohn)/ES MUSS EIN WUNDERBARES SEIN (Liszt). Piano acc. Michael
Raucheisen. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1992. 12” Red Victor 74427. ELIJAH: Oh Rest in
the Lord (Mendelssohn). Just about 1-2.
4278. 10” Blue Pats. Victor 45012 [224ah/103ah].
ANDREA CHENIER: Si, fui soldato/
CHENIER: Son sessant’ anni (Giordano).
Side one just about 1-2. Side two one
rub, couple minor mks., cons. 2. $8.00.
Vittoria, Sicily, 1893-1975. His debut was in 1921, Lugano, as Wilhelm
Meister in Thomas’ Mignon. He performed major lyric roles in many Italian houses, including La Scala, 1927,
under Toscanini, with Toti dal Monte, as the Duke in Rigoletto. He was also heard in Germany and Denmark.
D’Alessio was married to contralto Aurora Buades and taught in Florence following the closing of his stage
3260. 10” PW Red Eng. Columbia D12549 [WB1385/1386]. MIGNON: Addio Mignon/
MIGNON: Ah! non credevi tu (Thomas). Excellent lyric tenor, highly recommended.
Just about 1-2. $12.00.
3474. 10” PW Red Eng. Columbia D12567 [WB1643/1644]. NINA (Pergolesi)/BARBIERE
DI SIVIGLIA: Se il mio nome (Rossini). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1746. 12” Green elec. Odeon N.6600 [XXPh6316/6317-2]. TOSCA: Vissi d’arte/MANON
LESCAUT: In quelle trine morbide (both Puccini). Few lightest rubs, cons. 2.
3925. 10” Red Late VdP DA 5370
[OBA2282-II/3502-II]. FA LA NANA,
MARANGONA (both Geni Sadero).
Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $8.00.
1022. 12” Red acous. Victrola 6484.
Two sides. Available for only a short
time. Replaced by the item below.
Cons. 2. $8.00.
1020. 12” Red Orth. Victrola 6614. CARNIVAL OF VENICE (Benedict-Arban).
Two sides. Minor lt. rubs. 2. $7.00.
1450. 12” Red Orth. [Z-type material] Victrola 7198 [CM1004-II/1015-I].
SONNAMBULA: Ah! non credea
mirarti (Bellini)/FALSTAFF: Sul fil
d’un soffio (Verdi). Just about 1-2.
1024. 12” Late Red Voce del Padrone DB
1317 [CM1004-II/1015-I]. Same as
preceding item (#1450) but later
Italian issue. Excellent pressing,
few lightest rubs. Cons. 2. $10.00.
1620. 12” Blk. PW (gold print) Victor 36285
[CVE-36743-2/36742-4]. LUCIA:
Splendon le sacrifice/LUCIA: Spargi
d’amore pianto (Donizetti). Just
about 1-2. $7.00.
1094. 12” Red PoW Disque Gram. DB 1015
[CVE-36743-2/36742-4]. Same as
preceding listing (item #1620).
Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1797. 12” Late VDP acous. DB 831 [C-31271-?/31272-2]. WILLIAM TELL: Selva opaca
(Rossini)/MARRIAGE OF FIGARO: Deh! vieni (Mozart). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1125. 12” Red PW Disque Gram. DB 1040 [CVE-36744-8/CVE-36745-3]. LUCIA: Regnava
nel silenzio (Donizetti)/FILLE DU RÉGIMENT: Convien partir (both Donizetti).
Excellent pressing. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1027. 12” Red Voce del Padrone DB 5396 [2BA4371-III/4375-I]. DON PASQUALE: Quel
guardo, il cavaliere (Donizetti)/LODOLETTA: Flammen, perdonami (Mascagni).
Both sides very effective in their individual musical styles. Cons. 2. $8.00.
1499. 12” Plum Japanese Victor ND-55 [CM1022-I/1025-II]. MIGNON: Io son Titania
(Thomas)/LO, HERE THE GENTLE LARK (Bishop). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
CHARLES DALMORES [t]. Nancy, France, 1871-Los Angeles, 1939. Beginning as a cellist
and a professional horn player (with the Cologne and Lamoureux Orchestras), he began vocal studies in his
20s, making his debut in Rouen in 1899. He created the leading tenor role in l’Oracolo at Covent Garden in
1905 and was a leading tenor with the Manhattan and Chicago Operas. He was also celebrated in Europe and
appeared at Bayreuth as Lohengrin in 1908. Wagnerian roles were a feature of his primarily dramatic
repertoire. As a youth, Dalmores had been a prizefighter and continued an interest in the sport. In 1909 he
visited the training camp of boxer Jim O’Brien in King-of-Prussia, PA, who was preparing for a fight in New
York with Stanley Ketchel. Dalmorès went three rounds with O’Brien and got in “some blows which were
cleanly delivered.”
4395. 10” White Victrola 87087. SAMSON ET DALILA: Arrêtez, o mes frères (Saint-Saëns).
The typed number to the left of the spindle hole on most white label pressings indicates
the order number, which appears to have begun at #1000. The number is the same for the
total items ordered. In this case it is #4013, so should the customer have ordered other
items as well as this at the same time, each would be given the same number. Lightly
spotted label. Few lt. mks., cons. 2. $7.00.
2265. 12” Red ’08 Pats. Victrola 85123. TROVATORE: Ah si, ben mio (Verdi). Rare issue.
Highly regarded performance. Excellent pressing. Cons. 2. $20.00.
1001. 12” Lilac HMV AGSB 9 [C-4394/12538]. TROVATORE: Ah si, ben mio (Verdi)/
GRISÉLIDIS: Ouvrez-vous sur mon front (Massenet). A particularly desirable double.
Very effective performances. Just about 1-2. $15.00.
ELLEN DALOSSY [s]. Roumanian by birth, her early
career was in operetta (her debut in 1910 at the Neuen
Operettentheater, Hamburg). Gatti-Casazza auditioned her
for the Met in 1919 and she was given a three-year contract.
Unfortunately, she became seriously ill and missed her first
season (1919-1920). Her success, beginning in 1920, was
such, however, that she remained on the Met roster through
1935. She sang over 30 roles, including Bersi (Andrea
Chenier), Micaela, Siebel, Lauretta (Gianni Schicchi), Yniold
(Pélleas et Mélisande) and Liù, among many other parts. I
believe she made only three issued sides, all duets with Julius
Salay (the item below containing two of them), although
Kutsch & Riemens lists ensemble records for Pathé and discs
for Bella records, none of which I’ve seen. What became of
her following her Met years seems not to be known.
3344. 10” Blk. acous. Victor 69365. DIE
GESCHIEDENE FRAU: Man steigt nach
(Leo Fall)/EIN WALZERTRAUM: PiccoloPiccolo tsin-tsin-tsin (O. Straus). Both
with JULIUS SALAY [t]. Just about 1-2.
3427. 10” Brown shellac Vocalion 30129 [7345].
EL RELICARIO (Padilla). Just about 1-2.
4224. 10” Brown shellac Vocalion 30143 [7348].
MIRA LA BIEN (S. Pedrell, from Canzones
Arabescas). Minor lbl. stain, surface cons. 2. $12.00.
3748. 10” Red PW (gold print) Victor 1145. CARMEN: Habanera/CARMEN: Seguidilla
(Bizet). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
4258. 10” Red EE Victor 1145. Same as preceding listing (item #3748) but early pressing.
Cons. 2. $7.00.
4238. 10” Red PW elec. HMV DA 790 [Bb6312-IV/BR-470-I]. DO NOT GO, MY LOVE
(Hageman)/HOMING (d’Alvarez). Side one piano acc. Side two piano and organ.
Just about 1-2. $7.00.
3310. 10” Green Brunswick 10035 [5448]. MARECHIARE (Tosti). Never doubled. Just
about 1-2. $10.00.
4355. 10” Gold acous. Brunswick 15025 [8179/8182]. ZAZÀ: Buona Zazà/ZAZÀ: Zazà,
piccola zingara (Leoncavallo). Few minor mks., 2. $8.00.
1705. 12” Green Bruns. 30010 [X5323]. TRAVIATA: Di Provenza (Verdi). Cons. 2. $8.00.
2054. 12” Gold acous. Bruns. 50004 [X5353/X5447]. OTELLO: Credo (Verdi)/ANDREA
CHENIER: Nemico della patria (Giordano). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1744. 12” Gold acous. Bruns. 50013 [X5450/X7264]. BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA: Largo al
factotum (Rossini)/ERNANI: O de’ verd’ anni miei (Verdi). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1743. 12” Gold elec. Bruns. 50083. TRAVIATA: Di Provenza (Verdi)/FAUST: Avant de
quitter (Gounod). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1704. 12” PoW Red Eng. Columbia RFX 22 [WLBX-58/62]. WILLIAM TELL: Asile
Héréditaire (Rossini)/HUGUENOTS: Plus blanche (Meyerbeer). Orth. dir. Maurice
Bastin. Small cluster of lt. scrs. middle side one (about half inch), otherwise just
about 1-2. $7.00.
GLENN DARWIN [b]. Kansas City, MO, 1913-1982.
Darwin’s Met career included only one
performance of one role: Aaron Burr in Damrosch’s The Man Without a Country, Feb. 2, 1938. Likewise he made
only one record. He was kept much busier in concert work and radio, where he achieved a degree of
1621. 12” Blk. PW (gold print) Victor 36224. PILGRIM’S SONG (Tschaikowsky)/WHEN I
PATHWAY (Griffes). Piano acc. Elsa Fiedler. Tiny scr. side one, otherwise just about
1-2. $10.00.
3956. 10” Plum acous. HMV EK 45 [4982L/4966L]. PIQUE DAME: Forgive Me, Bright
DAME: Already Shades of Night Enfold (Tschaikowsky). Just about 1-2. $7.00.
4241. 10” Blk. London G&T 2-2503. BOHEMIAN GIRL: When Other Lips (Balfe). 1901
recording. Cons. 3-4. $15.00.
3243. 10” Blk. acous. HMV E.389 [Bb4147-I/3944-I]. THE HOUR (Percy B. Kahn)/TOSCA:
Recondita armonia (Puccini). In English. Small lbl. stkr. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
3326. 10” Blk. elec. HMV E.493 [Bb10974-II/6486-I]. SONG OF THE OPEN (Frank La
Forge)/OH, COULD I BUT EXPRESS IN SONG (Malashkin). Piano acc. Percy B.
Kahn. He displays a good, solid high C on side one. Very tiny edge flake side one far
from grooves. Just about 1-2. $20.00.
2066. 12” Red Eng. Decca K.2381 [DAR 14622-1/14623-1]. ALLERSEELEN/BEFREIT
(both R. Strauss). Piano acc. Hubert Greenslade. Lbl. stkrs. Few lightest rubs.
Cons. 2. $10.00.
3330. 10” Plum acous. SR HMV B.1723 [Bb1476-II/1477-II]. THE LAMENT OF SHAH
JEHAN (Landon Ronald). Two sides. Recorded June 15, 1922. Orch. dir. George
W. Byng. Rare! Small lbl. stkr. Few lt. rubs, cons. 2. $20.00.
3963. 10” Plum elec. PoW HMV B.3111 [Bb16956-II/16804-I]. DRAKE GOES WEST
(Sanderson)/MERRIE ENGLAND: Yeomen of England (German). Just about 1-2.
3962. 10” Plum elec. PoW HMV B.3484 [Bb19281-I/19282-II]. MAID OF THE MOUNTAINS:
A Bachelor Gay (Tate)/PHILÉMON ET BAUCIS: Vulcan’s Song (Gounod). Just
about 1-2. $7.00.
1240. 12” (acous.) Fonotipia 74127/74128 [XXPh
? /3765-3]. HUGUENOTS: Gloria a Dio
vendicator/HUGUENOTS: Dio lo vol
(Meyerbeer). Small lbl. stkr. Few LGTs side
one, gen. 3. $10.00.
1241. 12” PW Blue elec. Eng. Columbia D18041
[WBX183/188]. MEFISTOFELE: Ave
Signor/ MEFISTOFELE: Son lo spirito
(Boïto). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
1416. 12” PW Blue elec. Eng. Columbia D18042
[WBX189/190]. DER FREISCHÜTZ: Viva
Bacco (von Weber)/BARBIERE DI
SIVIGLIA: La calunnia (Rossini). Just
about 1-2. $12.00.
1766. 12” PW Blue elec. Eng. Columbia D18059
[WBX334/341]. NABUCCO: Sperate o
figli/ NABUCCO: Tu sul labbro (Verdi).
Cons. 2. $10.00.
1612. 12” Blk. Viva-Tonal Columbia 52819-D
[WBX184-4/195-1]. MEFISTOFELE: Ecco
il mondo (Boïto)/FAUST: Serenata
(Gounod). Few lightest rubs, cons. 2.
D. DE CARO [b]
3786. 10” Plum PW Electrola EG 329 [BwR413I/414-I]. MATTINATA/VORREI (both
Tosti). With orch. Small lbl. stkr. and
minor lbl. stain.. 2. $8.00.
3784. 10” Red Dog Gram. Con. 53529 [10926b]. CARMEN: Seguidilla (Bizet). Small lbl.
stkr. Lightest lbl. fade. 2-3. $40.00.
EMILIO DE GOGORZA [b]. Brooklyn,
1874-New York, 1949. In a letter to William
Seltsam, head of the International Record
Collectors’ Club (IRCC), DeGogorza provided some
background information. He stated that as a very
young man he appeared in opera at the Harlem
Opera House, N.Y.C., but because of “incurable short
sightedness” he decided to become strictly a concert
and oratorio singer. His occasional recording nom-dudisque, Sig. Francisco, was taken from his mother’s
first name, Francisca. In 1935, Mr. Seltsam asked De
Gogorza if he might wish to make some new records
of his voice for IRCC distribution. Unfortunately, he
replied no. “To be perfectly frank I am entirely out of
practice and what with much teaching … I can’t envisage making the effort at present.” DeGogorza,
early in his career, recorded under several names in
addition to his own. These included Herbert Goddard
(for songs in English), Monsieur Fernand (songs and
arias in French) and Carlos Francisco (songs and
Zarzuela airs in Spanish and songs and arias in
3045. 10” Blk. Victor Monarch 1339 [prematrix]. LA SEVILLIANA (Yradier).
Announced as “E. Francisco.” A
superior copy of this 1902 rarity.
Bright label. Few LGTs, 2-3. $30.00.
3391. 10” Blk. GP ’04 Victor 1344 [B-1457].
LA FAVORITA: Vien Leonora (Donizetti). Piano acc. Lt. superficial
rubs, 2-3. $30.00.
3141. 10” Blk. GP ’04 Victor 1399 [B-973].
BONJOUR SUZON (Devries?). As
“M. Fernand”. One small pressing
bump, gen. 2. $35.00.
3088. 10” Blk. Victor Monarch 1406 [prematrix, take 2]. À TOI (Bemberg). In
French. Sung as “M. Fernand”. A
remarkably fine copy, cons. 2, but
there is a “repaired” edge chip a quarter-inch into grooves (which will sound, but it
can be played through). It will bang until quickly passing that point. $35.00.
3049. 10” Blk. Monarch 1852 [pre-matrix, take 4]. GOODBYE (Tosti). Announced as “Herbert
Goddard”. 2-3. $30.00.
3102. 10” Blk. ’08 Pats. Victor 62358 [B-2191/ ? ]. TANGO DEL CAFÉ (Nieto). As “Francisco”/Sr. RIVERO [b]. LA BRUJA: Jota, “No extrañéis que se me escapea”
(Chapi). Side one with orchestra. Side two with piano. Small lbl. stkr. side two,
lightest NR on lbl. side one. Nice copy, cons. 2. $15.00.
3266. 10” Red ’12 Pats. Victor 64160. MANDOLINATA (Paladilhe). Just about 1-2. $12.00.
4259. 10” Red Victor 64663. SANTA LUCIA (Cottrau). Cons. 2. $7.00.
3151. 10” Red Victrola 580. TERESITA MIA (Nieto)/LA SEVILLANA (Yradier). Just about 12. $12.00.
3115. 10” Red Victrola 589. LA TEMPESTAD: Monólogo (Chapi)/LA BOCA DE PEPITA;
BOLERO (both from “Songs of the Pyrenees” arr. Sturgis-Blake). Just about 1-2.
3293. 10” Red acous. Victrola 1107. THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER (O’Hara)/MOTHER O’
MINE (Tours). Very scarce late acoustic issue. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
4283. 10” Red PW (gold print) Victor 1179. IN OLD MADRID (Trotère)/JUANITA (Norton).
Just about 1-2. $8.00.
4377. 10” Red PW (gold print) Victor 1263. O SOLE MIO (di Capua)/SANTA LUCIA
(Cottrau). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
4398. 10” Red Orth. Victrola 1286. MOTHER O’ MINE (Tours)/DREAM (Seismit-Doda).
Few lightest mks., cons. 2. $8.00.
4414. 10” Red Orth. Victrola 1294. EL RELICARIO (Padilla)/ROSARIO DE LA AURORA
(Trad.). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1542. 12” Red GP ’08 “A” plate Victor 88154. TANNHÄUSER: O du mein holder Abendstern (Wagner). DeGogorza’s only recording in German. The last Grand Prize issue
in the 88000 series. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
2085. 12” Red Victor 88172 [take 5]. ROI DE LAHORE: Promesse de mon avenir (Massenet). The first issue of 88172 [take 2] was recorded in April, 1909 and was also
issued single and double-face on HMV. This version, 15 Apr. 1915, was never doubled
or issued elsewhere. Just about 1-2. $12.00.
2471. 12” Red Victrola 88181 [take 2]. BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA: Largo al factotum (Rossini). Just about 1-2. $10.00
2122. 12” Red Victor 74422. ‘MONG THE
GREEN IRISH HILLS (Nettie Freese).
Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $12.00.
4435. 11” Fonotipia 92788/92789 [XPh ? / ?
]. SAMSON ET DALILA: S’apre per te/
SAMSON ET DALILA: Amor, i mi fini
proteggi (Saint-Saëns). Just about 12. $60.00.
3186. 10” Blk. Paris G&T 2-32639 [1290-F].
DON GIOVANNI: Recit. & Sérénade
(Mozart). Forward recording. Clean lbl.
Lt. “swish” which may clean up with
stylus experimentation. MGTs, 3-4.
8235. 11” French Fonotipia 39207/39210. LE
NOSTER (Niedermeyer). Tiny hair
patina just into first few grooves side
one only. Harmless and barely visible.
Excellent copy, cons. 2. $125.00.
3230. 10” Plum VDP HN 2377 [OBA 6645/
GIOVA (both G. D’Anzi). Both from
film “L’Uomo dal Guanto Grivio”. From
his first recording session, 1948. Just
about 1-2. $20.00.
3232. 10” Plum VDP HN 2378 [OBA 6647/
from film “L’Uomo da Guanto Grivio”.
Just about
1-2. $20.00.
3635. 10” Red VDP DA 11305 [OBA6716/
6717]. AFRICAINE: O Paradiso
(Meyerbeer)/ TURANDOT: Nessun
dorma (Puccini). Cons. 2. $8.00.
1286. 12” Late Red VDP DB 11343 [2BA7647/7655]. AIDA: Celeste
Aida/OTELLO: Morte d’Otello (both
Verdi). Just about 1-2. $10.00.
3693. 10” Red HMV DA 1929 [OEA-13829-I/13830-II]. SAETA (Turina)/CANTARES (both
Turina). With Phil. Orch. dir. Walter Susskind. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
3692. 10” Red HMV DA 1930 [OEA-13822-I/13823-II]. STORNELLATRICE/È SE UN
GIORNO TORNASSI (both Respighi). Piano acc. I. Newton. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
3694. 10” Red HMV DA 1961 [OEA-14830-I/14831-IB]. NO QUIERO TUS AVELLANAS/
JOTA (Guridi). Piano acc. Gerald Moore. Few lightest rubs, cons. 2. $7.00.
3216. 10” Red HMV DA 1971 [OEA-14993-II/14994-I]. ADIÓS MEU HOMIÑO; MIÑO NAY
POR ME CASARE (both Galicia)/TENGO QUE SUBIR (G. Tarregó). Guitar acc. by
Renata Tarregó. Non-grainy copy. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
3214. 10” Red HMV DA 1972 [OEA-14998-2/14999-1]. AHÍ TIENES MI CORAZÓN
(Castillian Fandanto, arr. G. Tarregó)/LA VILLORANDO; YA SE VAN LOS
PASTORES (Old Castile Airs, arr. G. Tarregó). Guitar acc. Renata Tarregó. Just
about 1-2. $7.00.
3213. 10” Red HMV DA 1973 [OEA-15000-1/15001-1]. CAMPANAS DE BELÉN; JAENERAS (Andalusian Songs, arr. G. Tarregó)/ DORMIR AHORA MESMO (Murcia,
arr. G. Tarregó). Guitar acc. Renata Tarregó. Just about 1-2. $7.00.
3215. 10” Red HMV DA 2046 [OEA-17489-4A/17490-3C]. PAÑO MURCIANO/EL VITO
(both arr. Nin). Piano acc. Gerald Moore. Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1662. 12” Late PoW RCA Victor 12-3213. TANNHÄUSER: Dich, teure Halle/LOHENGRIN:
Elsas Traum (Wagner). Orch. dir. Anatole Fistoulari. Couple lt. rubs, cons. 2.
3038. 10” Blk. Milano G&T 53423
[2885]. FAVORITA: Vien Leonora (Donizetti). One mk. (a
repair in the matrix and in all
copies, at least those from this
stamper). LGTs. Otherwise
looks clean (including bright
label). 2-3. $100.00.
3695. 10” Red Victrola 64910. OI LUNA (Cardillo). Just about 1-2.
3696. 10” Red “A” plate Victrola
64957. DON CARLOS: O
Carlo, ascolta (Verdi). Just
about 1-2. $7.00.
3229. 10” Late Red VDP DA 1169
[BVE-51150/59273-1]. I
April, bella, la finestrella
(Wolf-Ferrari)/ TROVATORE:
Per me ora fatale (Verdi). Met.
Op. Chorus and Orch. dir.
Giulio Setti. Excellent
pressing. Just about 1-2.
8196. 11” Fonotipia 39169/39992
[XPh228/2313]. OCCHI DI
vendicata assai (Meyerbeer).
Piano acc. 2. $40.00.
8265. 11” Brown Odeon 59073/59074
[XPh228/227]. OCCHI DI
FATA (Denza)/ZAZÀ: Zazà,
piccola Zingara (Leoncavallo).
Piano acc. Cons. 2.
8207. 11” Brown Odeon X59087/
X59088 [XPh2379/2327]. GERMANIA: Ferito, prigionier (Franchetti)/MIA SPOSA
SARÀ LA MIA BANDIERA (Rotoli). Nice copy. Few MGTs, one TN, 2. $35.00.
2093. 12” Red Victor 74526. BALLO IN MASCHERA: Eri tu (Verdi). Early “C” plate. Just
about 1-2. $8.00.
2183. 12” Red Victrola 74591. FAVORITA: A tanto amor (Donizetti). Few lightest mks.,
cons. 2. $7.00.
1471. 12” Red Scroll [Z-type shellac] Victor 7086. TRAVIATA: Di Provenza (Verdi)/FAUST:
Dio possente (Gounod). Just about 1-2. $8.00.
1530. 12” Red Orth.[Z-type shellac] Victrola 8174. GIOCONDA: Barcarola (Ponchielli)/
ERNANI: O sommo Carlo (Verdi). Side two with ALFIO TEDESCO [t], GRACE
ANTHONY [s]. Just about 1-2. $10.00.
1386. 12” Late Red VDP DB 1371 [CVE-41075-2/43616-1]. RIGOLETTO: Povero
Rigoletto/RIGOLETTO: Cortigiani (Verdi). Best pressing format of this 1928 Victor
recording. Short U.S. catalogue life. Few lt. mks., cons. 2. $8.00.

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