Gino Bartali: The cyclist who saved Jews in



Gino Bartali: The cyclist who saved Jews in
Manitoba’s Italian Community Newspaper
September 2014
Manitoba’s Italian Community Newspaper
Issue 59
September 2014
from your members of the
Manitoba Legislative Assembly
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Myrna Driedger
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Gino Bartali: The cyclist who saved Jews in wartime Italy
By Peter Crutchley
As one of the cycling
world’s biggest races, the
Giro d’Italia, begins in
Belfast on Friday, more
is being learned about the
daring activities of one
of its former winners in
wartime Italy. “He had
everything to lose. His
story is one of the most
dramatic examples during World War Two of an
Italian willing to risk his
own life to save the lives
of strangers.” Film director Oren Jacoby is describing Gino Bartali, one
of the leading cyclists of
his era - a three-time winner of the Giro d’Italia,
who also notched up two
Tour de France victories,
10 years apart, before and
after the war.
During his lifetime,
Bartali didn’t talk about
his wartime activities. It
was only after his death
in 2000 that details began
to emerge, and Jacoby
fills in some remaining
gaps in a Storyville
documentary film about
Italy’s secret heroes, due
to be premiered this year.
Bartali, a villager from
a poor Tuscan family,
was reaching the peak
of his career as the war
devout Catholic, was
asked by the Cardinal
of Florence, Archbishop
Elia Dalla Costa, to
join a secret network
offering protection and
safe passsage to Jews and
other endangered people.
His role in the network
was uniquely suited to
his talents - he became a
courier. On the face of it
he was undertaking the
long training rides for
which he was renowned,
but in reality he was
carrying photographs
and counterfeit identity
documents to and from a
secret printing press.
He won his first Giro
d’Italia in 1936, retaining
the title in 1937. Then to Italy’s delight - he won
the 1938 Tour de France.
It was a moment the
country’s fascist leader,
Benito Mussolini, had
been looking forward to
“Mussolini believed
that if an Italian rider
triumphed in the Tour
it would show that
Italians too belonged to
the master race,” says
Bartali’s son Andrea in
Jacoby’s film. “It was a
matter of national pride
and fascist prestige that
my father won the 1938
Tour, so he was under
real pressure.” Bartali
was invited to dedicate
his win to Mussolini, but
refused. It was a grave
insult to il duce and a
big risk to take. In the
middle of that year’s
Tour, Mussolini had
published a Manifesto
on Race, which led later
to Jews being stripped
of citizenship or any
position in government or
the professions.
Italy remained, however,
a country in which
Jews could take refuge,
until it surrendered to
the allies in 1943. The
German army then
occupied northern and
central parts of the
country and immediately
started rounding up
Jews and sending them
to concentration camps.
At this point Bartali, a
All were hidden in the
frame and handlebars
of his bicycle. “We’ve
seen documentation that
he travelled thousands
of kilometres across
Italy, travelling the roads
between cities as far
apart as Florence, Lucca,
Genoa, Assisi, and the
Vatican in Rome,” says
By taking on this role,
he put himself at huge
risk. At one point he was
arrested and questioned
by the head of the Fascist
secret police in Florence,
where he lived. For
a period he went into
hiding, living incognito
in the town of Citta Di
Castello in Umbria.
In addition to this, Bartali
hid his Jewish friend
Giacomo Goldenberg,
and Goldenberg’s
family. “He hid us in
spite of knowing that
the Germans were
killing everybody who
was hiding Jews,”
Goldenberg’s son,
Giorgio, says in Jacoby’s
film. “He was risking
not only his life but also
his family. Gino Bartali
saved my life and the
life of my family. That’s
clear because if he
hadn’t hidden us, we had
nowhere to go.”
Approximately 80%
of Italian and refugee
Jews living in Italy
before World War Two
survived, partly thanks
to the efforts of Italian
sympathisers. It’s taken
a lot of detective work,
by a number of people,
to piece Bartali’s story
together over the last 14
Andrea Bartali says that
eventually little by little
his father told him about
his actions during the war
but made him promise
not to tell anyone at that
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“Ieri, Oggi, Sophia: Loren on
Exhibition in Venice
Sophia Loren turns 80
this year. She was born
on September 20, 1934.
Italy,her native country,
is planning a number of
Bartali’s bike on display in the cycling museum in Madonna del Ghisallo
Church, Lombardy
extravagant events to
pay homage to the Oscar
winning Italian actress.
The Venice Film Festival
now underway has aptly
chosen to commemorate
Loren’s birthday with an
exhibition dedicated to
her and her memorable
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September 2014
Italian Canadian League celebrates
50th anniversary
2014 marks the 50th
Anniversary of the Italian
Canadian League of
Manitoba Inc. It was fifty
years ago, that on a hot
summer evening in 1964,
Vice Consul Giovanni
Battista Mottola hosted
and organized a meeting
with prominent members
of the Italian community.
Present in the small living
room of the Mottola
home were, Phil Del
Biggio (Marccheggiano),
Art Mauro, Tony Scerbo,
Luigi Villa, Attilio
Cantafio, Tony Scerbo
( Frattelanza Amatese)
Romeo Bidinosti (
member of Leonardo
Di Vinci) and Rosa
Cianplone. The purpose
of the meeting was
to create an umbrella
organisation that would
unite all the community
clubs so that it might
assist them in their
deliberations with the
community at large. In
unison, the members
of the League would
form a large group that
when approaching any
of the three levels of
government, be it civil,
provincial or federal, for
assistance or direction,
it would have a notable
This year the
League celebrated its
50th Anniversary and
in honour of all its Past
Presidents and in light
of June being Italian
Heritage month in
Ontario, a gala event
was hosted on Saturday,
June 21. Past Presidents
in attendance were:
Dr. Luigi Villa, Dr.
Sam Loschiavo,Franco
Grande, Mario Raimondi,
Don Romano, Joe
Aiello, Charles Sherbo
( Son of Anthony
Coppola, Frank
Fiorentino, Loris
Vendramelli ( son of
Luigi Vendramelli),
Erminio Caligiuri. Not
in attendance and still
honoured during the
festivities were Past
Presidents Dr. Edris
Sabbadini, Domenico
Pepe, Emilio Guercio,
Vince De Luca,
Gianfranco Riva, and
Greg Fiorentino.
Stephanie Zirino
eloquently directed
the evening as our
MC and special guests
Joyce Bateman brought
greetings from the
Federal government
and Stan Carbone
brought greetings from
the Italian government.
Presidents and members
of the 14 organisations
of the ICLM were also in
attendance. Such clubs
as the Roma Society,
the Italian Canadian
Foundation Inc., the
Fratellanza Amatese,
Comitato Degli Italiani di
Terza Eta’di Winnipeg,
Fogolar Association
of Winnipeg, Gruppo
Sportivo Italiano, La
Lupa Di Roma Lodge,
Sons of Italy, San Mango
D’Aquino Society Inc.,
Centro Caboto, were
The five-course dinner
was delicious and the
service of the Centro
Caboto staff was
exceptional. The hall
was decorated in black
and gold splendor by the
talents of Rick Mayhiew
and we were led into a
delightful evening of
dance by the Amici Band,
who played music of the
60’s and 70’s in honour
of our special guests. We
were also honoured to
have a special appearance
by Carmine La Rosa.
In October, look
forward to a book
launch for the historical
commemorative book
that is being written on
the 50 Years of the Italian
Canadian League of
Alfina Grande
President, Italian
Canadian League of
Manitoba, Inc.
Gino Bartali
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“When I asked my
father why I couldn’t tell
anyone, he said, ‘You
must do good, but you
must not talk about it. If
you talk about it you’re
taking advantage of
others misfortunes’ for
your own gain.’”
“When Bartali was
stopped and searched, he
specifically asked that his
bicycle not be touched
since the different parts
were very carefully
calibrated to achieve
maximum speed,” the
citation points out.
According to Jacoby,
Bartali’s reticence is a
“defining characteristic”
of many of the Italians
who were willing to risk
their lives in World War
Andrea Bartali says his
father refused to view his
actions as heroic.
“He didn’t want to be
acknowledged for what
he had done: few of those
he helped ever knew his
name or what role he had
played in their rescue,”
says Jacoby.
Last September he
was posthumously
awarded with the honour
Righteous Among the
Nations by Yad Vashem,
the Holocaust memorial
and education centre in
“When people were
telling him, ‘Gino, you’re
a hero’, he would reply:
‘No, no - I want to be
remembered for my
sporting achievements.
Real heroes are others,
those who have suffered
in their soul, in their
heart, in their spirit,
in their mind, for their
loved ones. Those are
the real heroes. I’m just a
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Italian League’s Presidents, L to R: Dr. Sam Loschiavo, Mario Raimondi, Alfina Grande,
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A helping hand during Folklorama 2014
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Le Ragazze Italane dance group
Manitoba’s Italian Community Newspaper
Caboto Update Notizie dal Centro Caboto
Peace Run 2014
Picnic table makeover
GRAZIE! Our picnic
tables got a fantastic
makeover during July!
Grazie to the following
individuals might not be
enough! Special com-
September 2014
mendation to Mr. John
Frezza and Joe Trozzo
for providing the physical
labour! Joe and John
were there without complaint, and contributed
far above and beyond
any expectation.Other
members included Joe’s
father Luigi Trozzo, and
John’s son - Jonathon.We
were also helped by San-
dro Foianesi, and a kind
donation by Reno Augellone. As well, one of the
Centro Board members
led the project and saw it
to fruition!
Italians were represented
at the Peace Run The
Peace Run 2014 took
place on Sunday July
13. This year marked
the first for a Peace Run
team to carry a flaming
torch along a 16 000 km
North American route
that links the US, Mexico
and Canada. Throughout
the world, runners traveled through over 100
nations on six continents
seeking to unite people,
towns, communities and
countries together in
friendship. The run is to
raise personal aspirations
and try and create a more
harmonious world. The
ceremony in Winnipeg
took place at the Legislative Building in the name
of multiculturalism, and
in the presence of the
Minister of Multiculturalism, Flo Marcelino.
Many children from
different cultures in Winnipeg spoke the words
“Peace be with you” in
their cultural language.
William was our representative at the Peace
Run, and did great! Find
more information regarding the Peace Run on the
William is between two Italian runners: to the left an ItaloAmerican from NewYork and to the right an Italian from the
Marche region.
Folklorama 2014
Entertainer Gabriela Gesualdo
Splendore d’Italia Folk dancers
Mercato in Café 13
Food Preparation in the Caboto KItchen
Manitoba’s Italian Community Newspaper
Seniors’ Corner
During the afternoon
of May 21, 2014 the
Childrens’ Choir of St.
Jean Brebeuf (Grades
2 – 6), accompanied by
violinists led by Louisa
Cianflone, entertained
the seniors of the 55+
Program at the Centro
Caboto. At the end of
their performance the
children informally
visited with the seniors
and presented a “thank”
you card to each of the
seniors. It was a moving
scene as the old and the
young met and enjoyed
each other over the long
span of years.
Nel pomeriggio del 21
Marzo 2014 i ragazzi del
coro della scuola St. Jean
Brebeuf ( dal grado 2 al
grado 6 ) accompagnati
da violinisti diretti da
Louise Cianflone, hanno
intrattenuto gli anziani
del programma 55+ al
Centro Caboto. Alla fine
della rappresentazione
i ragazzi hanno
socializzato con gli
anziani ed hanno
presentato carte di
ringraziamento ad
ognuno di loro. É stata
una scena commovente
vedere l’incontro tra
giovani ed anziani e
constatare quanto si
siano divertiti insieme,
malgrado la grande
differenza di etá.
L’Angolo Degli Anziani
On June 17, 2014, one
of the few days without
rain, the 55+ Program of
the Centro Caboto Centre
left with a bus load of
seniors and volunteers
and travelled to Neepawa
to celebrate its annual
picnic and participate
in the excitement of the
55+ Games of Manitoba.
The bus was packed and
by the time we made the
perimeter snacks started
to appear and be enjoyed
by everyone. Meanwhile
from deep within the
back of the bus one could
hear the plaintive voices
of Armando and Alec
asking – “Are we there
The group arrived in
Neepawa safe and sound
and after the seniors
enjoyed their fitness
session and after we
shared a beautiful lunch,
we boarded our bus
again and proceeded to
the Yellowhead Centre
where we picked up
our tour guide. The tour
gave us an excellent
grounding in the Town’s
history – visiting such
sites as the Cemetery
and its “Stone Angel”,
the Margaret Laurence
Home, Beautiful Plains
Museum, Rotary Park
and Bird Sanctuary and
the Viscount Cultural
Centre. We returned to
our picnic site and after a
few snacks, a few games
of Bocce Ball alongside
the gently flowing river,
we all boarded the bus
and headed back to
Winnipeg. It was a full
day of enjoying each
other’s company, the
country side, cultural
exchange and learning.
Once again our
sponsors were there to
help. We thank them
all – Deluca’s, Nucci
Gelati,Price Choppers,
Safeway and Superstore.
We also would like to say
a special thank you to
Connie Newman and the
Manitoba Association of
Seniors Centres for their
enthusiasm and financial
On June 4, 2014 the
seniors, volunteers and
Centro Caboto Staff
said a fond farewell to
Maria Reid. It was an
ideal opportunity to
acknowledge and thank
Maria Reid with love
and gratitude for her
more than 12 years of
service to the seniors
participating in the 55+
Program and for her hard
work for the Comitato.
Maria and her husband
Jack are relocating to
the West Coast. We wish
them blessings and good
Il 4 Giugno 2014, gli
anziani, i volontari e gli
impiegati del Centro
Caboto hanno dato
un affettuoso saluto
a Maria Reid. É stata
un’occasione appropriata
per riconoscere e
ringraziare Maria Reid
con amore e gratitudine,
per i suoi 12 anni e piú
al servizio degli anziani
del programma 55+ e
per il suo assiduo aiuto
al Comitato. Maria,
con il marito Jack si
trasferiscono sulla Costa
Ovest. Auguriamo loro
molte benedizioni e tanta
SUPPER: 7:00 P.M.
One outstanding
4, 2014
WED. SEPT. 24, 2014
September 2014
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PINA 204-986-1962
204-269- 6363 O PINA :
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Person of the Month
Name: Giovanni Battista De Negri
Nickname: Gianni
Occupation: Pensionato (Elettricista)
Age: 66
Generation: Prima
Dad From: Vittorio Veneto ( Veneto)
Mom From: Vittorio Veneto ( Veneto)
Speaks: Italiano, Inglese
Raised in: Vittorio Veneto ( Veneto)
Passion: Giocare al calcio
Favourite dish: Lasagna
Absolute must in pantry: Caffe’ Espresso
Favourite grocery store: Piazza De Nardi, De Luca
Favourite restaurant in Winnipeg: Monticchio
Favourite hangout in Winnipeg: Centro Caboto
Best pizza in Winnipeg: Casa Grande, Calabria Market
Type of wine/drink: Vino Bianco Moscato
Favourite Italian saying or quote: Chi dorme non piglia pesci
Last time you went to Italy: Giugno 2008
Place you want to visit at least once in your life: New York
Dream car: Cadillac
Italian Soccer team: Juventus
What you like most about Il Nuovo Sole: Notizie dal Canada e dall’Italia
Best way to feel Italian in Winnipeg: Parlare Italiano con i miei amici
Thing about you that would surprise most people: Di essere meticoloso
Best espresso in Winnipeg: A casa mia
Most common name in your family: Mario
Dream: Una crocera sul mare Mediterraneo
Sexiest Italian: Claudia Cardinale
Pet peeve: La mia automobile sporca
Best Italian movie: La Vita e Bella
Favourite band or singer: Andrea Bocelli
Your fashion Idol: Dolce e Gabbana
Favourite thing to do in Winnipeg: Vedere concerti di cantanti
You know you where raised Italian when: Tenermi in contatto con la famiglia
September 2014
3 v5
Italy threatens to let
loose refugees picked
up in the sea
The last time Mare
Nostrum (Latin for
Our Sea) was used as a
political slogan in Italy,
Mussolini’s fascists were
claiming dominance over
the entire Mediterranean.
This time it’s different.
It’s the name of the
operation the Italian navy
is running to save asylum
seekers from drowning
on the dangerous voyage
in open boats from North
Africa to Italy.
In a seaworthy vessel
with a working engine
and a reliable compass,
it’s a 10-hour crossing
and not very dangerous at
all. In a leaky, massively
overcrowded wreck
that was scavenged
somewhere along the
North African coast by
the people smugglers
and sent off to Italy
after a few rudimentary
repairs, it can be a death
sentence. An estimated
20,000 people went down
with their boats before
reaching Italy in the past
10 years.
The most recent victims,
on Saturday, barely made
it one kilometre off the
Libyan coast before
their boat sank, leaving
170 people in the water.
The Italian navy does
not operate in Libyan
territorial waters, and
the Libyan coast guard
station near Qarabouli,
east of Tripoli, has no
ships of its own. The
coast guard borrowed a
couple of fishing boats,
but only 16 people were
still alive by the time they
got there.
The boats usually
flounder in international
waters, however, and
then it’s the Italian
navy’s job. Operation
Mare Nostrum began in
October 2013, and since
then over 80,000 people
have been pulled from
these sea-going death
traps (though most were
not actually sinking at the
time) and safely landed
in Italy. Last weekend,
the Italian navy rescued
almost 4,000 more.
This policy honours
Italy’s humanitarian
traditions -- but since all
the people who are saved
claim political asylum
on coming ashore,
setting in motion a legal
process that can last for
years, the Italian navy
is actually increasing
Italy’s problem as the
first port of call for over
half the undocumented
immigrants entering the
European Union.
Most of them have a
good case for claiming
asylum: a large majority
of the people reaching
Italy are refugees from
war and tyranny in Syria,
Eritrea, and Somalia,
with smaller number
from various West
African countries. Nor do
they really want to stay
in Italy, which is going
through a prolonged
economic crisis and has
very high unemployment.
They would rather move
on to more prosperous
EU countries further
But international law
says refugees must claim
asylum in the first safe
haven they reach, and in
the case of the EU that is
almost bound to be Italy,
because it is so near to
Africa and because the
post-Gaddafi chaos in
Libya means there is no
control over boats leaving
the Libyan coast.
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Favourite colour: Viola
Spaghetti or penne: Penne
Favourite Italian song: Canto della Terra
Famous Italian artist/actor you would like to meet: Andrea Bocelli
Favourite Italian City: Venezia
Best memory growing up Canadian/Italian: Picnic al Campo Fogolar
Favourite flavour gelato: Pistacchio
Favourite thing about being Italian: La nostra gastronomia
Favourite charity: Cancer care, Health and Stroke Foundation
Migrants wait to be boarded on the San Giusto Navy ship, along the
Mediterranean sea, off the Sicilian island of Lampedusa
Italy threatens to let
loose refugees
Continued from page 5
Italy is now getting
more than half of the
EU’s entire refugee
flow -- probably well
over 100,000 this year
-- and all of those people
must stay in Italy. It’s
expensive, it’s politically
poisonous, and the
country’s facilities for
looking after these
refugees are being
overwhelmed. Yet Italy’s
EU partners seem quite
content to leave Italy to
bear the burden all by
With almost all of the
Fertile Crescent now in
a state of war, and new
flows of refugees starting
as a result of the fighting
in South Sudan and the
Central African Republic,
the numbers are going up
fast. Five Italian warships
are dedicated full-time to
Operation Mare Nostrum,
and on many occasions in
the past few months they
have picked up more than
a thousand people in one
day. This situation cannot
Italy has made no threats
to stop the rescues and
let the refugees drown.
“We do not want a
sea of death,” said
Rear-Admiral Michele
Saponaro, who runs the
operation from the naval
command centre. But
Rome is losing patience
with its do-nothing EU
“partners”, and there is
another way to address
Italy’s problem.
The Schengen Treaty
does not include Britain
and Ireland, which opted
out, and four new EU
members have not yet
complied with its terms
-- but 22 of the EU’s
28 members allow free
movement across their
borders for legal residents
of all the Schengen
countries. This includes
Italy, of course. So in
theory if Italy just gives
the asylum seekers an
ID card and a document
saying they have
permanent residence,
then they’ll leave for
greener pastures.
“We’ll just let them go,”
said Interior Minister
Angelino Alfano last
May. “We want to
Manitoba’s Italian Community Newspaper
clearly say to the EU
that they either patrol the
Mediterranean border
with us or we will send
all those who ask for
asylum in Italy where
they really want to go:
that is, the rest of Europe,
because they don’t want
to stay in Italy.”
A previous Italian
government briefly made
the same threat back in
2011 and then the rift was
papered over, but Italian
Prime Minister Matteo
Renzi’s new government
seems to mean business.
Italy not only wants its
partners to contribute
money and ships to
Operation Mare Nostrum;
it also wants them to
share the job of looking
after the refugees and not
leave them all in Italy.
September 2014
2 6
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The EU is famously bad
at making hard choices,
but it’s finally going to
have to face up to this
Gwynne Dyer is an
independent journalist
whose articles on world
affairs are published in
45 countries.
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Potato Gnocchi
This is a real classic of the Italian cuisine. It takes a little time to prepare them but they are easy to make and more than worth the effort.
2 lbs – 2 oz. (one Kilo) whole baking potatoes
1 beaten egg
2-1/4 cups flour
pinch of salt
1. Boil the potatoes whole with the skin in salted water until cooked.
2. Once cooked drain the potatoes and then peel them being careful not to burn yourself.
3. Pass the potatoes through a vegetable mill or a potato ricer and into a bowl.
4. Add the flour, egg and a good pinch of salt.
5. Mix until you have a nice pliable ball of dough.
6. Prepare a work area and dust it with flour.
7. Take the dough, a piece at a time, and roll it out with your hands until you have rolls about 3/4 inch in diameter.
8. Cut the tubes of dough into pieces about one inch long.
9. With a fork, holding the tines against the work surface, use your finger to press a piece of dough gently against the fork and roll it slightly then letting it
fall to the table.
10. The result should be gnocchi with an indent on one side from your finger and a pattern on the other side from the fork.
11. Handle the gnocchi carefully so they don’t loose their shape. Place them on a lightly flour plates. Keep them apart so they don’t touch one another or
they’ll stick together.
12. Bring a big pot of water to a boil, add a table spoon of olive oil and then add the gnocchi carefully a plate or two at a time. When they float to the
surface they are ready just remove them with a slotted spoon and set them in a strainer to drain off the excess water.
13. Serve with tomato sauce and top up with grated parmesan cheese. Enjoy…
Manitoba’s Italian Community Newspaper
September 2014
Procession of the Madonna del S.S. Rosario
The annual feast and
procession in honor of
the Madonna del S.S.
Rosario was held on
Sunday, August 17.
Judging by the attendance of approximately
1000 devotees it was a
great success. It was a
fine day which culminated at the Caboto
Centre for an evening
of good food and entertainment for everyone.
Over 300 people were
entertained under the
capable direction of
Tony Cianflone and
the band of Vito and
Maria di Stefano. A
special appearance by
the mitical Carmine la
Rosa was the highlight
of the evening. Thank
you to Father Sam and
the Church committee
for another successful
and memorable festa.”
Fratellanza Amatese Annual Family Picnic
On Sunday, July 20th,
2014, the Fratellanza
Amatese hosted the
annual family picnic in
St. Andrew’s. It was a
beautiful, hot day, and
many people participated
in the various activities
throughout the day.
When people started to
arrive in the morning, the
smell of amazing food,
the organizing of the
bocce teams and setting
up the lunch tables were
the most important
things. When it was
time to eat, people were
going around from table
to table, sharing their
homemade meats, breads,
and desserts.
After all the food and
drink, it was time
to enjoy the bocce
tournament. The bocce
games were played
in teams of four and
the surfaces varied,
depending on the location
of the game. There was
even a game where the
“pallina” was in between
two trees in a shrub, but
it was still played! As
teams were advancing
and other teams were
heading back to their
tables for more food and
drink, there could only
be one team to win the
their heads and return
home with other things
in their hands. Talk about
At the Amatese picnic,
we take it a step further
and make it a race! This
year, we had a repeat
champion (who kept
her championship title),
Maria Cianflone, and
coming in 2nd place was
Concetta Caradonna.
Once all of the prizes
were handed out, the
picnic was wrapped up
with some singing.
A special thank you goes
out to Joseph Fiorentino
for organizing a great
picnic, and to all of the
people who helped out
throughout the day.
1st place bocce winners
On the A-Side, there was
a battle between cousins,
brothers, and friends
and on the consolation
side it was a battle of the
women. In a close game,
the last bocce ball was
tossed, and the 1st place
team consisting of Joseph
Fiorentino, Joe Aiello,
Anthony Romeo and
Sebastian Grande, had
won the game.
All of the teams
that placed received
prizes and Amatese
1st place: Joseph
Fiorentino, Joe Aiello,
Anthony Romeo, and
Sebastian Grande
2nd place: Tom Masi,
Joseph Masi, Rob Masi,
and Anthony Fiorentino
Consolation: Elvira
Cantafio, Mary Cantafio,
Sandra Falvo, Adriana
Bocce wasn’t the only
thing at the picnic! There
were various games
from the “old town” and
some picnic favourites
for adults and children.
Many of the people
who weren’t playing
bocce participated in the
cheese rolling contest,
the watermelon eating
contest, and the carrying
the water bowl on your
head race. The children
participated in the waterballoon toss, the three
legged race, the potato
sack race and various
other games.
The cheese rolling
competition was a fun
game they used to play
back in Calabria. At this
year’s picnic, Angelo
Anania got first place and
there was a tie for second
between Vincenzina
Aiello and Joe Grande.
The watermelon eating
contest is a fun contest
we have been enjoying
at every picnic, and this
year Frankie Fiorillo took
the title.
Back in Amato, many
people would head down
to the fountains and fill
their buckets with water
to bring back to their
houses. They would take
a cloth, make a crown
on their heads, and place
the bucket on top of the
crown. They would then
balance this water on
Bucket carrying contest
Cheese rolling fun
Manitoba’s Italian Community Newspaper
September 2014
Notizie dall’ Italia News from Italy
Autostradale: Brescia
– Bergamo- Milano
Un’opera fondamentale
per la Lombardia e per
l’Italia, per l’agricoltura
e per l’Expo 2015,
un’infrastruttura per
la crescita del Paese.
Non a caso, a tagliare il
nastro dell’autostrada
A35 Brebemi (Brescia
– Bergamo – Milano),
è arrivato anche il
presidente del Consiglio,
Matteo Renzi, arrivato al
casello di Fara Olivana
mercoledì mattina, in
provincia di Bergamo.
“Voglio ringraziare non
solo gli amministratori,
ma, soprattutto, le donne
e gli uomini che hanno
lavorato, per realizzare
questa autostrada”.
Insieme al premier erano
presenti i ministri di
Infrastrutture e Politiche
agricole, Maurizio Lupi
e Maurizio Martina, il
governatore lombardo,
Roberto Maroni, e i
sindaci della zona, tra
cui il primo cittadino
di Bergamo, Giorgio
Gori. “Noi siamo il
Paese dove le donne e
gli uomini sanno fare
bene il loro lavoro - ha
proseguito Renzi - voi,
qui, in Lombardia, ne
siete l’esempio e questa
infrastruttura ne è una
dimostrazione. Dobbiamo
smettere di fare di noi
un racconto paradossale,
del Paese solo del buon
vino e del buon cibo”.
L’autostrada, lunga
62,1 chilometri, ha 15
svincoli di cui 6 con
caselli e dispone di una
dotazione tecnologica
conforme ai più elevati
standard di sicurezza
europei. Secondo
Maroni, “Brebemi è uno
straordinario esempio di
successo”. La Lombardia,
sottolinea il governatore,
“è la prima regione
italiana per investimenti
in infrastrutture, ma
soffre ancora di un gap
autostradale di oltre
200 chilometri, al quale
abbiamo voluto, io e chi
mi ha preceduto, porre
rimedio, sostenendo la
realizzazione delle tre
grandi opere, Brebemi,
Teem e Pedemontana”.
“Sono convinto - ha
aggiunto - che un
sistema infrastrutturale
moderno ed efficiente
sia la chiave per lo
sviluppo economico,
industriale e sociale della
Lombardia e di tutto
Paese”. Maroni ha messo
in risalto anche come
la Brebemi sia la prima
infrastruttura autostradale
italiana a essere
realizzata in completo
autofinanziamento, senza
oneri per i contribuenti.
“La ragione per cui siamo
qui non può essere solo
legata alla Lombardia –
ha evidenziato il ministro
Lupi – è un segnale di
successo e positività per
tutto il Paese”. Durante
la cerimonia di apertura
al traffico della nuova
autostrada, Lupi ha
ricordato “gli ostacoli,
i limiti e le difficoltà
dell’opera”, ma ha anche
rivendicato “i segnali
positivi, che ci vengono
dalla concretezza e dai
fatti”. “Le infrastrutture
- ha aggiunto - sono un
elemento indispensabile
di sviluppo per il
territorio e le imprese nel
nostro Paese. Le risorse
investite in infrastrutture
sono un volano per la
crescita e il futuro del
(NoveColonne ATG)
Roma - “Ho appreso
con preoccupazione le
notizie che giungono
dalle comunità cristiane a
Mossul, in Iraq, e in altre
parti del Medio Oriente,
dove esse, sin dall’inizio
del cristianesimo,
hanno vissuto con i loro
concittadini offrendo un
significativo contributo al
bene della società. Oggi
sono perseguitate; i nostri
fratelli sono perseguitati,
sono cacciati via, devono
lasciare le loro case
senza avere la possibilità
di portare niente con
loro”. Il pensiero di
Papa Francesco è
tornato domenica, dopo
l’Angelus a piazza
San Pietro, ancora una
volta alla situazione
in Medio Oriente e
in particolare alle
difficoltà che le comunità
cristiane in quelle
zone stanno vivendo.
“A queste famiglie e
a queste persone – ha
aggiunto il pontefice
- voglio esprimere la
mia vicinanza e la mia
costante preghiera.
Carissimi fratelli e sorelle
tanto perseguitati, io so
quanto soffrite, io so che
siete spogliati di tutto.
Sono con voi nella fede
in Colui che ha vinto il
male” ha detto il Papa
invitando tutti i fedeli “a
ricordare nella preghiera
queste comunità
cristiane. Vi esorto,
inoltre, a perseverare
nella preghiera per le
situazioni di tensione e di
conflitto che persistono in
diverse zone del mondo,
specialmente in Medio
Oriente e in Ucraina. Il
Dio della pace susciti
in tutti un autentico
desiderio di dialogo e
di riconciliazione. La
violenza non si vince con
la violenza. La violenza
si vince con la pace”.
(NoveColonne ATG)
Roma - La Concordia ha
lasciato l’Isola del Giglio.
Per chi ha lavorato al suo
recupero per due anni e
mezzo, per chi l’ha vista
sdraiata di fianco su un
scoglio come una balena
in quella notte sciagurata
del 13 gennaio 2012 e
poi per mesi, per chi l’ha
vista alla fine rialzarsi e
rigalleggiare, è stato un
tuffo al cuore quando
mercoledì 23 luglio la
nave, con la sua ciambella
di trenta cassoni
tutt’attorno (in gran parte
affondati in acqua), ha
iniziato a ruotare e si è
allontanata dalla costa,
a cercare la posizione
al centro del convoglio
di quattordici mezzi
che l’accompagneranno
fino a Genova. Un
‘galleggiante’ di oltre 70
mila tonnellate trainato
da due rimorchiatori,
un naviglio lungo 290
metri e largo più di 62,
cinquanta metri fuori
acqua ed altri diciotto
sotto, più basso ed
affondato di quasi dieci
metri rispetto a quando
la Concordia navigava
ma con il ‘naso’ fuori
dal mare. Ma se la nave
se ne va l’orologio
non si riporta indietro.
Rimangono i trentadue
morti sulla nave, a cui si
aggiunge il subacqueo
spagnolo che ha perso la
vita durante le operazioni
di rimozione del relitto.
Rimane di quei trentatre
morti l’ultimo corpo da
cercare, Russel Rebello,
il cameriere indiano
che si è sacrificato per
salvare altri passeggeri.
Le ricerche riprenderanno
venerdì sul fondale dove
era adagiata la nave e poi
a Genova, al suo interno.
(NoveColonne ATG)
Roma - Serve l’impegno
di tutta l’Europa, una
strategia e una politica
estera comuni per
affrontare il dramma
delle migrazioni che
sta trasformando il
Mediterraneo in un
vero e proprio teatro di
guerra tra uomini e mare.
Nel Mediterraneo è in
corso una guerra tra le
persone e il mare. Una
guerra che sta causando
migliaia di morti e di
dispersi”. “I racconti
dei sopravvissuti sono
sempre più agghiaccianti.
Organizzatori di viaggi
che prendono a sprangate
i migranti a bordo a
scopo dimostrativo,
una pratica terrificante
usata per terrorizzare
le persone a bordo”.
Secondo la presidente
della Camera è necessario
dare ai migranti una
alternativa “all’affidarsi
ai trafficanti” che è
quella di “ fare domanda
di asilo nei paesi di
transito e organizzare
l’accoglienza nel nostro
paese”. Il ministro
dell’Interno Angelino
Alfano ha sottolineato
la necessità di puntare
a “procedure standard
per tutta l’Europa”. “Chi
ha il riconoscimento di
status di rifugiato in un
paese deve poter andare
anche in un altro paese”
ha detto Alfano nel suo
intervento. “Stiamo
il dibattito
che non può essere un
derby tra accoglienza e
respingimenti” prosegue
il ministro dell’Interno,
secondo cui è necessario
affrontare il tema
su tre livelli diversi:
l’Africa, la frontiera
e l’accoglienza. “La
politica estera è quella
che deve affrontare il
tema in Africa. L’Africa,
dove ci sono guerre e
persecuzioni, dove si
muore e dunque da dove
si scappa e qui serve
la piena responsabilità
dell’Europa” ha detto
Alfano. “I flussi non
si interromperanno
tanto presto e c’è
bisogno di una politica
estera comune che
risolva la situazione
nelle aree di crisi e
per affrontare quella
dell’immigrazione che
è una sfida enorme” ha
detto nel suo intervento
il sottosegretario agli
Esteri Mario Giro.
Infine il presidente della
Commissione Diritti
Umani del Senato, Luigi
Manconi ha parlato del
“Piano di ammissione
umanitaria” nato diversi
mesi fa ed ha sottolineato
di nuovo “la necessità
inderogabile di una
politica condivisa a
livello europeo per
quanto riguarda l’asilo;
di una condivisione
di azioni concrete e la
capacità di distribuire
i profughi sull’intero
territorio europeo”.
Manitoba’s Italian Community Newspaper
September 2014
Health & Wellness LaSalute
Making Your Own Natural Sunscreen
By Anna Albo
With the winter we just
had, it’s hard to imagine
that it’s almost bathing
suit and beach season.
And if you are like me,
you like to know exactly
what’s in the items you
eat or put on your skin. If
I had my way, I’d make
everything from scratch,
but sometimes you
don’t have the time, or
maybe you can’t find the
ingredients. Well, when
I came upon various
recipes online on how to
make my own sunscreen,
I was over the moon.
While I use and love all
the prepared sunscreens
we sell at Sunrise Health
Foods, the opportunity
to make my own was a
fascinating prospect.
In less than five minutes,
I’d prepared my own
natural sunscreen that
doesn’t leave my skin
white, isn’t oily and
barely has a scent. I have
tested my new sunscreen
a few times and so far
I’ve had great success. I
will admit one failure – I
did get a burn on one
shoulder after not reapplying my sunscreen
for over 3 hours. I’ve
learned that you need to
re-apply at least every
Test it out first and reapply at least every hour.
If you have fair skin and/
or burn easily, you may
need to re-apply every
30-45 minutes. It’s not
waterproof, so you will
need to re-apply after
swimming or sweating.
Here is my recipe for
½ cup of aloe vera
gel – the chunky
kind like Lily of the
Desert topical gel or
Jason Aloe gel work
best as liquid will
make it too runny.
Aloe vera has the
capacity to reflect as
much as 20% of UV
rays. On top of that,
it is nourishing and
healing to the skin.
5 tbsp of coconut oil.
Coconut Oil has also
been shown to reflect
harmful UV rays.
20 drops of carrot
seed oil – my key
ingredient. Carrot
seed oil has an SPF
of anywhere from
5-10 drops of
lavender oil optional but it does
give my sunscreen
a nice smell and
lavender is great
for any kind of skin
10 drops of
Vitamin E oil or a
few squeezed out
capsules - also
optional, but it’s very
healing to the skin
“Viva l’Italia” Choir
In the historical context
of the 150th Anniversary
of the Unification of Italy
in 2011, the Viva l’Italia
Choir was founded
under the sponsorship
of the Italian Canadian
Foundation of Manitoba
Inc. (ICFMI).
The Choir’s mission is to:
promote Italian language
and culture through
music and song; provide
an opportunity to enjoy
the intrinsic benefits of
singing; foster a sense of
comradeship and have
If you enjoy singing, you
are welcome to join the
“Viva l’Italia” choir.
Membership is free and
open to anyone. The
ability to read music,
though desirable, is
not a prerequisite.
However, chorists must
demonstrate a strong
willingness to learn and a
high sense of respect for
one another.
18th, at 61 Picardy Place.
We are pleased and
privileged to announce
that for the upcoming
Fall session the ICFMI
has engaged the services
of Ms. Julie Biggs
(Conductor), Ms.
Michèle Barr (Pianist)
and Mr. Luciano Armenti
(Guest Accordionist).
Additional guest
musicians and singers
will be recruited as the
need arises.
In the words of Dr.
Sam Loschiavo, the
creation, sponsorship and
promotion of the Choir
“will bear witness to the
Foundation’s slogan:
Choir practices will be
held every Thursday, 7:30
– 8:30 p.m., commencing
on Thursday, September
In place of coconut oil
(or in addition to it) you
could use wheat germ oil,
shea butter or hemp oil
which all have SPFs in
the range of 4-10.
While it absorbs into
skin quite easily without
a greasy afterglow, you
do need to avoid contact
with your clothing. It will
leave behind oil stains.
A word of caution –
while a limited period
of sun exposure if good
for a lot of us, this article
isn’t meant to advocate
prolonged sun exposure.
You can follow this blog
at sunrisehealthfoods.
ca for other great recipes
and health related tips
and information.
Here are some helpful
It will separate at first
as you can see by the
photo below. However,
as it melts and hardens
with heat and room
temperature, it does start
to mix together quite
nicely. Another tip would
be to mix is vigorously
and place it in your
Summer Camp 2014
Every last Thursday of
the month the practice
will be held in the library
at the Caboto Centre,
1055 Wilkes Avenue.
‘Non ti scordar di me!/
Forget me not!’.”
Should you wish to
become a member or
simply require more
information, please
contact Mario Audino
at: (204) 488-2480 or
[email protected]
The Caboto Centre
hosted a children’s summer camp this summer
from July, 14th- July 25th
. The children had a wonderful time and had some
hand on experiences with
the cultural side of the
Centre. The activities
ranged from art classes to
improv acting, to music
, and film, and of course
sport related. They had
a hands on class where
they made their own
pizza, and pasta, and then
got to enjoy eating it for
lunch. They also ventured
out on some excursions
and were visited by the
Fifa Mascot where they
enjoyed playing some
Manitoba’s Italian Community Newspaper
September 2014
1 2 10
(NoveColonne ATG)
New York - Cinquanta
vetture del Cavallino
rampante hanno
attraversato New York
per giungere a Bridge
Club in Bridgehampton
in una parata nell’ambito
delle celebrazioni dei
60 anni di presenza
di Ferrari nel mercato
statunitense. Partiti dalla
prima concessionaria
newyorkese Miller
Motorcars al Greenwich
hanno raggiunto uno dei
più esclusivi Golf club
costruito nello stesso
luogo dove una volta
sorgeva il Bridge Race
Track su cui le Ferrari
correvano negli anni
‘60. Malgrado la pioggia
battente, la sfilata ha
messo in mostra alcuni
modelli recentissimi
come la 458 Speciale
e la California T ma
anche modelli storici
con la 250 GT SWB, la
275 GTV e la 365 GTB.
Per gli appassionati del
Cavallino Rampante
negli Usa il prossimo
appuntamento è ancora
su un campo da golf, a
Pebble Beach, a metà
agosto dove gli esperti
si aspettano che alcune
Ferrari messe all’asta
batteranno per valore
ogni record precedente.
Summer Bocce 2014
Fun was had by all as we
gathered at the Centro
for our summer bocce
games. We managed
to complete the season
mostly outdoors, although
a few games were played
indoors. We are very
fortunate to have both
options available to us.
Firstly, I would like to
thank all those faithful players for coming
out and supporting the
summer bocce league,
and for all those who
helped to manage the
teams and schedules.
We will be having our
wind up banquet on
Friday, Sept 12th,2014.
(NoveColonne ATG)
Roma - In Svizzera
decide uno svizzero.
Il Napoli batte il
Barcellona a Ginevra con
un gol di Dzemaili, la
“Guardia svizzera” che
sente profumo di casa
e puntuale come una
sentenza ad orologeria
segna il gol decisivo al
minuto 80. Gli azzurri
battono il Barca e, anche
se è un’amichevole , il
fascino di un successo
così prestigioso va
oltre ogni etichetta o
contesto. Bene il Napoli,
ordinato, pugnace,
vivo, già in buona
condizione fisica ed
organizzato tatticamente.
Le indicazioni per Rafa
Benitez sono più che
lusinghiere. Gli azzurri
hanno creato almeno tre
occasioni gol ed hanno
anche saputo tener testa
ai prepotenti palleggiatori
del Barcellona senza
rischiare moltissimo. Per
quel che vale, ad inizio
agosto, è un test che
dà al Napoli conforto e
sicurezza per il lavoro
svolto sinora. Poi arriva
la ciliegina a 10 minuti
dalla fine che rende più
gustosa la torta della
festa. Dzemaili carica
la molla e Claudio
Bravo prende la sveglia:
destro puntuale di
controbalzo dai 30 metri,
gol. “Vincere con il
Barcellona è sempre un
bel risultato”: Benitez
commenta il successo
azzurro nell’amichevole
di lusso a Ginevra col
Barca, ma soprattutto
va oltre la vittoria ed
analizza la prestazione
della squadra in vista
della stagione che
andrà ad iniziare. “I
ragazzi – continua il
tecnico - meritano tutti i
complimenti. Al di là dei
singoli è la squadra che
mi è piaciuta. Abbiamo
fatto molto bene sia
in fase offensiva che
difensiva, e questa è una
bella risposta dopo questa
prima fase di lavoro. Ho
avuto segnali importanti
in ogni senso, questo
significa che stiamo
lavorando bene e che
dobbiamo proseguire
così. Dobbiamo gestire
al meglio questo gruppo
e poi se possibile
migliorarlo”. “La
squadra – aggiunge
Benitez - ha tenuto bene
il campo di fronte ad un
Barcellona che gioca
un calcio collaudato da
ormai dieci anni. Il che
significa che abbiamo
avuto un rendimento
di alto livello”. Lille,
Standard Liegi, Besiktas,
Copenaghen e Atletico
Bilbao sono le possibili
avversarie del Napoli
al play-off Champions
And now congratulations to our winners:1st
place – Cosenza Gubbio
, players: Tony Chilelli,
Livio Radicchi, Salvatore Macchia, Michele
Mastrolonardo2nd place-
LaVilla, players: Armando and June Nasuti,
Albert and Lori Nasuti,
Maria Garcea3rd JaxonPlayers: Pina and Rocco
Macchia, Dave Jones,
Fernanda Augelone.
Nibali sets sights on
September worlds
MILAN (VN) — Vincenzo Nibali’s Tour de
France party is nearing
its end with a fan club
gathering in his honor
Saturday in Pistoia, Italy.
The Astana rider from
Sicily will raise a glass
of bubbly and then get
down to the business of
programming his season
finale.“The Shark” is
looking toward the world
championship road title
September 28 via a series
of one-day races. On tap
is a trip to his sponsor’s
home in Kazakhstan near
the end of August and the
three Trittico Lombardo
races — Coppa Bernocchi, Coppa Agostoni,
and Tre Valli Varesine,
September 16-18.“It’s
enough if he trains
well, with moto-pacing
to simulate the races,”
Astana trainer Paolo
Slongo told VeloNews.
“Ideally, it’d be better
to race more, but there
aren’t many alternatives
if you don’t race the
Vuelta a España.”Nibali
will skip the Vuelta,
which he won in 2010
and placed second in
behind Chris Horner in
2013, but could slot in
the Vattenfall Cyclassics on August 24 and,
more likely, the GP Ouest
France-Plouay on August
31. A trip to Canada is
not on his itinerary even
if current world champion Rui Costa (LampreMerida) used the one-day
races in Québec and
Montreal as a lead-up last
year.“The Canadian races
could work out, but they
can also work against
you depending on how
your body reacts to the
jet lag,” added Slongo.
“It’s better possibly that
he remains in Italy and
races and trains at home.
Slongo will see Nibali
Saturday for the first time
since they toasted to victory in Paris more than a
week ago.
Vincenzo Nibali rode into the Paris sunset with the yellow jersey,
but now he’s targeting the rainbow stripes at the world championships. Photo: BrakeThrough Media
Manitoba’s Italian Community Newspaper
September 2014
Dante Alighieri Italian School - Ages 4-17
Saturday mornings 10:00am - 12:30pm
Register at 9:30am on Sept. 20th 2014
You can also register before September 20th by phone: 204-4883834 or by email: [email protected] out our
Dante Alighieri Adult Italian Classes
Monday nights 7:00pm - 9:00pm Start date: Monday, Sept. 22nd
2014 (registration 6:30pm)You can also register before September 22nd by phone: 204-488-3834 or by email: [email protected] Check out our website:
Date: Sunday, October 26th, 2014
Event: Annual Pasta Dinner fundraiser
Location: Holy Rosary Church – Parish Hall
Sponsor: Catholic Women’s League
Other info: please contact Church office: (204) 284-5140
Dante Alighieri:
It’s back to school
for all children and
teachers and that means
that Italian school will
be starting up once
again. We are excited
to start another school
year on SATURDAY,
2014, for the children’s
classes and MONDAY,
SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2014,
for the adult classes.
For over 40 years, the
Dante Alighieri Cultural
Society has been offering
classes for children
ages 4-17. On Saturday
mornings, the Caboto
Centre has been filled
with Italian children
attending Italian classes
to keep the language
and the culture alive in
Winnipeg. This is a great
way to expose children
to the Italian language
and culture and they also
create many friendships
with other Italian children
like themselves. Classes
run from 10:00am –
12:30pm, every Saturday
from September until
On Saturday mornings
you will see the children
engaged in learning
Italian through books,
workbooks, songs,
games, computers,
technology and much
more. They participate in
annual activities such as:
Halloween and Carnevale
parties, the Christmas
Concert, the Concorso
Carducci Poetry Contest,
and much more.
For students in high
school, there is an
opportunity to gain
credits towards your high
school diploma. When
attending the Dante
Alighieri classes, you are
preparing for an Italian
exam that you will take
close to the end of the
Italian school year.
Registration will take
place on the first day
of school: Saturday,
September 20th, starting
at 9:30am.
Along with our children’s
classes, we also offer
evening classes for
adults. Three sessions
of courses are offered
throughout the year from
September – December,
January – March and
April – June. These
classes run for 2 hours
every Monday night for
10 weeks, excluding
holidays. We offer
classes in many levels:
Introductory, Beginner,
Intermediate and
Advanced. Please enquire
about the level that works
best for you!
Registration for adult
classes will take place on
the first day of classes:
Monday, September 22nd,
starting at 6:30pm.
To secure a spot in both
the youth classes and
adult classes prior to
the above registration
dates, you can call
the Dante Alighieri
office at 204-488-3834
or email Anthony at
[email protected] To print off
registration forms from
our website, go to www. click
“School Registration” on
the sidebar, and scroll to
the bottom of the page
where you can print off
the form. The forms for
both children’s classes
and adult classes are on
the same page.
Seven year old entertainer Chiara Biondi Wilson during Folklorama
Hope to see you at Italian
Angela Caputo at Folklorama 2014
Francesca Silla singing “Time to say goodbye”
Manitoba’s Italian Community Newspaper
September 2014
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Cosmetic dentistry
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Emergency & new patients welcome
Al servizio della comunità dal 1981
Cura completa per tutta la famiglia
Ortondonzia estetica
Dentiere, Corone & Ponti
Raggi all’ avanguardia con meno del 50% di radiazione
Si accettano casi di emergenza e nuovi pazienti
402- 428 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg MB R3C 0E2
Phone 204.942.7577/ Fax 204.942.7172
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