The International Federation of Photographic Art


The International Federation of Photographic Art
The International Federation of Photographic Art
“Friendship and Solidarity”
International Competition for PI
Patronage n.2014/074
Organised by FIAP
In conjunction with “Il Circolo Fotografico Arno”
“The 6th January 1839 M. François Arago presented at the Academy of Science in Paris
a report announcing the discovery of “photography” by Daguerre.
Hundred sixty-five years have passed since that far back 6th January, and photography has
had a development Daguerre could not even imagine.
FIAP “Federation International de l’Art Photographique” wishes to remember and to
celebrate this great anniversary with a project called “Friendship and Solidarity”.
The wish of the FIAP Directory Board in presenting the project “Friendship and Solidarity” is
to realise an event that upholds the fundamental principles of the International Federation:
“to develop and to promote the Photographic Art in an atmosphere of friendship and
fraternity among all people of the world, without any political, ideological, racial and religious
discrimination”, through a solidarity project.
FIAP and the photographic world joint in a project of solidarity, that once again underlines
the big heart of photographers.
The project schedules the organization of an international competition under FIAP
Patronage (2014/074), with the collaboration of the Circolo Fotografico Arno ILFIAP open to
all photographers of the world, with free theme and with theme “Friendship and Solidarity”.
The entire proceeds will be donated to the NPO “Un Raggio di Luce”, for the realisation of a
polyvalent medical-formative center for women and children in Burkina Faso.
I address you, Presidents of Clubs and friends photographers, help us, with your
participation and your support, in transforming our dream in a wonderful reality.
Thank you for all you will do!
Riccardo Busi
“Friendship and Solidarity”
International Competition for PI
Patronage n.2014/074
1) The FIAP (Fédération International de l’Art Photographique), with its Patronage (2014/xxx) and with the collaboration of the Circolo Fotografico Arno, organizes «Friendship and Solidarity », a photographic competition for digital images. The competition is open to all amateurs or professionals photographers worldwide, who are the owners of the presented images rights. All parts, even the smallest, of the image must have been photographed by the author who presents the work. 2) It is possible to take part in the competition with digital photos on the following themes: A) Free B) Friendship and Solidarity. In both themes it is possible to submit up to 4 black and white or color works in total. The images must be sent in JPG format, with a size of 1024 pixels on the long side and a 300 dpi resolution, both for black and white and color photographs. 3) All entries must be sent through the form available on the website, or by sending the participation form on a digital mean (CD, DVD etc.) to the following address: Friendship and Solidarity c/o Circolo Fotografico Arno, Via Roma 2 ‐ P.O. Box 116, 50063 Figline Valdarno, Italia 4) The subscription fee amounts to a minimum of 15.00 €. For those who want to contribute to the solidarity project, the amount is free with a minimum of 15.00€. Registration and payment can be done at: . 5) Calendar: The receiving deadline for the works is the 24th January 2014. Jury meetings: 1st and 2nd February 2014. Transmission of the results: by 8th February 2014. Award ceremony: 1st May 2014 in Tuscany, Italy. Sending of the digital catalogue: by 1st June 2014 . Jury: Mr. Carlo Diana, MFIAP, EFIAP/p (Belgium) – Mr. Walter Gaberthuel, EFIAP (Switzerland) – Mr. Marcello Materassi EFIAP/s, Hon.EFIAP (Italy) Alternate: Mr. Virgilio Bardossi, MFIAP, EFIAP/p, (Italy). Chairman: Silvano Monchi ; Email: [email protected] Prizes: Best Author (author with the largest number of admitted photographs), Pin FIAP. Theme A: first, second and third prize (FIAP medals). 6 Honourable Mentions (HM). 5 Special Prizes: Portrait, Landscape, Journalism, Travel, Nature (Certificate). Theme B: first, second and third prize (FIAP medals). 6 Honourable Mentions (HM). Special Prizes for Club: “FIAP Recognition” for the club with the highest number of admitted and awarded authors All awarded photographs of each theme will be published on the FIAP website and on the FIAP Facebook page. 6) The best author of the competition will have the possibility to expose a personal exhibition in the FIAP seat in Paris, and on the FIAP Facebook page. 7) The digital catalogue will illustrate all awarded works as well as the minutes of the jury and the list of the admitted images and participants. 8) Each photograph must bear a code composed of the first three letters of the name, the first three letters of the first name of the author, the letter associated with the theme (A,B) and the progressive number (for example: Rossi Mario: ROSMARA1 – Smith John: SMIJOHB1). The title of the photographs must be written on the entry form. Photographs submitted either through the Internet or by digital means will not be sent back. 9) The results will be transmitted per e‐mail to all participants. 10) Each author is personally responsible for the subject matter of the photograph and he authorizes its publication not for commercial use. 11) The admittance of photographs and the awards will be an unquestionable judgment of the jury. 12) The organization, assuring the utmost care in the manipulation of the received files, wanes every responsibility for any possible damage or loss, whatever the cause. 13) We inform that, according to art. 13 of It. Leg. Decree 30th June 2003, n° 196, all personal data submitted to the international photographic competition “Friendship and Solidarity” will be collected and stored by the Circolo Fotografico Arno, protected and handled in order to ensure data integrity and confidentiality in compliance with the Code. We inform entrants that the submitted data will be only used for purposes strictly connected and instrumental for the competition. The data controller is Circolo Fotografico Arno, with registered office in: Via Roma 2, Figline Valdarno (Italia) in the person of its pro‐tempore president, Mr.Silvano Monchi. 14) The participation in the competition implies the entrants’ total and unconditioned acceptance of the present regulation and its knowledge is taken for granted. The Project: “Friendship and Solidarity” – Summary
The whole proceed of the photographic competitions and eventual donations will be entirely donated to the NPO “Un
Raggio di Luce” for the realisation of a polyvalent center for four villages of the municipality of Yalgo and the relative
plan of sanitary and educative activities in the province of Nametenga in Burkina Faso.
The fundamental goals of the project (entirely reported in the attachment) can be summarised in this way:
The built of a polyvalent center, that will be the cornerstone of a plan centred on educational, training activities and
children’s entertainment that aims at:
1) the improvement of the sanitary profile of the population (in particular, women and children); 2) the lowering of the elementary school’s tax of abandon; 3) women literacy; 4) stimulating the learning, developing of intellectual and creative competences and potentialities of the children. In particular, the center will host: a) an annual campaign of gynaecological visits which aim is to diagnose and treat the
various pathologies of the reproductive system; b) sessions of sanitary education, in particular about the reproductive
health and about malnutrition prevention; c) training activities of different types addressed mainly to women; d)
literacy courses for adults; e) educational activities.
“Friendship and Solidarity” – NPO “Un Raggio di Luce”
“Un Raggio di Luce” is a laic and independent NPO which works in less developed countries. Constituted in the
beginning of 2004 by the entrepreneur Paolo Carrara, from Pistoia, and by his family, it carries out different activities
in many areas of the world and collaborates with many partners who share the vision, the values and the project
whereof the Foundation is the guarantor.
The foundation works on the basis of a clear action project: to give priority to initiatives and targeted financing
operations, entrusting the communities, the families and especially the women to the task of carrying on the undertaken
activities, following a logic of empowerment and not of assistance.
The interventions focus on three countries: Burkina Faso, Central African Republic and Nepal, while child sponsorship
programs are operative in the Philippines and in Indonesia.
It collaborates with the UNICEF delegation in the Central African Republic where, also with the UNICEF financial
support, an hygienic-sanitary intervention in the region of Lobaye and a project for children and teenagers with
troubles with the law in the province of Mambere Kadei has been done. In addition, in Burkina Faso, the partner
structure IRIS AFRIK is part of a group of associations called: “Alimentation de la petite enfance” sponsored by the
UNICEF delegation of the country.
Fondazione Un Raggio di Luce Onlus Principle Bodies Via Alberto Franchetti, 11 Board of Directors: 9 members 51100 Pistoia Italy President: Paolo Carrara Telephone +39 0573 31291 Managers E‐mail: [email protected] Dott.ssa Paola Ciardi – Director C.F. 01513130474 Cristiano Vannucchi – Secretary General

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