710 million Landmark Financing


710 million Landmark Financing
€710 million Landmark Financing
Milan – 15 September 2016: Today, Beni Stabili signed a mortgage loan contract for a total amount
of €710 million with an international banking pool composed by BNP Paribas, Italian Branch
(Documentation Agent and Agent), Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A., UniCredit S.p.A., Société Générale, Milan
Branch, Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank, Milan Branch and Natixis S.A., Milan Branch.
The contract provides also for the possibility to increase the loan up to €810 million.
The loan, secured by the portfolio of properties owned by the Company leased to Telecom Italia, has
a maturity of eight years and a coupon below 1.8%.
The proceeds will be used mainly to prepay corporate loans maturing in 2017 and mortgage financing
maturing in 2020 and 2021.
The transaction allows the Beni Stabili Group to further strengthen its financial structure, reduce its
average annual cost of debt and increase its average debt maturity by 1.5 years up to 5.1 years.
Alexei Dal Pastro, General Manager of Beni Stabili, said: "With this transaction, Beni Stabili is
taking a further important step in the implementation of the strategy announced earlier this
year. This landmark financing is another illustration of the ability of Beni Stabili to gain the
support of major European lenders to secure very attractive financing conditions and help the
Company deliver on its strategic objectives".
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Media Contact - Barbara Ciocca - + 39.02.3666.4695 - [email protected]
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Beni Stabili Siiq, a leading property company in the Italian real estate sector
Beni Stabili is the leading property player in the Italian real estate market with total assets of 4.0 bn euro. Our assets
portfolio is sited in key locations of North and Central Italy‘s major cities and consist mainly of offices. We pursue the
appreciation of our assets to increase profitability and create value for our clients, partners and shareholders.
As a major player in office investment and development, we foster pioneering solutions to improve the environmental
performance of our buildings for the well-being of our clients’ employees. With this is mind we are developing in Milan a
new business area dedicated to smart working: Symbiosis.
Beni Stabili is listed on the Milan and Paris Stock Exchanges and operates through its main offices of Milan and Rome.
Beni Stabili belongs to the Foncière des Régions group, a leading real estate player in Europe who owns and manages
an 18bn euro portfolio located in the most attractive metropolitan cities of France, Germany and Italy.

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