IST Welcome Book - The International School of Turin



IST Welcome Book - The International School of Turin
IST Welcome Book
The PTA Welcome Committee gives you a hearty welcome to IST! We hope that you
find this booklet helpful as you settle into our community. Whatever your questions,
please do not hesitate to contact the Welcome Committee and we will help you find
the answer. The School Office will always assist you to reach one of us. We look
forward to meeting you and your family in the very near future.
Please note that the information contained in this booklet has been
reviewed but full accuracy cannot be guaranteed by the PTA.
International School of Turin
IST Main Office
Board of Directors
Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
After-School Activities
Life In and Around Turin
General (Finding Information, Helpful Web-sites, Post Office, Pets)
Residence Permits
Domestic Contracts (Telephone, Gas, Electricity, Garbage, Water)
Health Care, Hospitals and Doctors
Automobile Information
Public Transportation
Food Shopping and Open Markets
Cultural and Tourist Resources (museums, monuments, cinema, TV, clubs)
Sports Facilities
Hairdressers and Beauty Centres
Party Organizers and “Baby Parking” Important Telephone Numbers
In the Main School Office, you will find, Valeria Cocchi, Marita Bellone. They are
always available to help with any kind of general and administrative information about
the school and its routines. They will take any messages regarding school transport
and pass them on to Marita Bellone who is responsible each day for compiling the list
of students who are taking the bus and those who go home by car. If you telephone,
for example, to say that your child is unwell, the call will most likely be answered by
one of them in the first instance. They are also there to help if you wish to make an
appointment to see a particular teacher or Dean.
Monica Jona is the school’s Registrar and she welcomes, along with the Head of
School, new parents whose children are joining the school. Monica ensures that all
the relevant documentation for the enrolment of children comes into the school and
she is happy to answer any questions about how things work in the school.
The Business Manager is Maria Recrosio and she is responsible for all business
matters including payments such as tuition fees, extra curricular activities and hot
Telephone: 011-645-967 or 011-640-7810
Email: [email protected]
Strada Pecetto 34 – 10023 Chieri (TO)
The International School of Turin is an Association of members who are parents or
guardians of children enrolled in the school. It is the responsibility of the Board of
Directors to manage the affairs of the Association, as defined and regulated by the
The IST Board of Directors is a volunteer group of up to ten Association members,
elected by the Association, plus the Head of School. The Board’s duty is to oversee
the legal and financial affairs of the Association (and therefore the school) and to
define and establish the basic educational and operational goals, objectives and
policies of IST. Election of Board Members is held during the annual Association
General Assembly.
Board Meetings are held once a month (with the exception of July and August) and a
summary of the pertinent points of the meeting are posted on the school’s website
The Board of Directors has a mailbox in the school’s Main Office. The Board will
address all signed correspondence as quickly as possible.
Board of Directors 2010-2012 (as of June 2010 – vacancies due to leaving)
Corrado Ferretti – President
Maurizio Irrera – Vice-President
Andrea Scarabosio – Treasurer
Secretary (vacant)
Head of School
Marco Cavaglià – Member
Fred Levy – Member
Michele Melchiorre – Member
Uwe Niehaus – Member
Karen Price – Member
Member (vacant)
Tomm Elliott – Head of School
The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) includes all parents and teachers – we are all
members! Our aim is to foster positive working relationships between parents and
our children’s school, creating a strong partnership. This helps the school to listen
and deal with parents’ suggestions and for parents to learn more about what they can
do to help the school improve their children’s education. We also sponsor events
which are organised to raise funds for needs in class that are not in the school’s
budget and for charities like the Burkina Faso water project or for local charities.
Students, parents, teachers, staff, support staff and the Board of Directors are all part
of the school community and we have one common goal:
To achieve this, respect, good communication, open-minded approach, mutual
understanding and the willingness to try to understand are essential as well as cooperation and support. Identify yourself with the whole school, not only “your” part.
The PTA meetings are held on a regular basis and advertised in the weekly PTA
newsletter. The minutes are put on the website ( under PTA. If you are
not able to attend, it is possible to contact the PTA via email at [email protected] or via a
note in the office. We really value your input. We believe that via PTA activities, you
can gain a sense of belonging to the school community. Depending on your time and
interest, you can use your talent to share with others.
You can become a knowledgeable partner in your children’s education so that you
can help them perform better. Parental support is vitally important for children
throughout their schooling, even when they reach Middle and High School.
If you are not familiar with parent involvement in school, we welcome you to explore
the possibilities.
It is all about our children!
The PTA is a volunteer organization. To run the PTA, the following structure has
been put in place:
PTA Board Members
Kerstin Reymann
Vice President
Annebet van Weerelt
Claudia Hamilton
PTA e-mail:
[email protected]
PTA Committees
After-School Club – an English language movie is shown and the children are offered
either pizza, focaccia or popcorn and a drink. A donation is requested.
Bake Sale – this fund raising event is held once a month, usually every third
Wednesday. Parents are asked to donate snacks to be sold to the students and
teachers during the morning break.
International Day – this is one of the main fund raising events of the school year. It is
a representation of all nationalities in the school coming together with a flag parade,
international food, raffle and games.
Luncheons – each year, different members of the school offer to host a luncheon in
their home. The luncheon will have a theme of the nationality or the country of the
Newsletter – this is sent home at the end of every week in both English and Italian. It
contains information about forthcoming events and any other important news. The
Newsletter is written by a parent member, with input from PTA and Head of School.
Room Parents – in classes from Nursery to 5th Grade, Room Parents volunteer to
help the teachers organize extra activities and events for the class/grade. They also
collect piggy-bank money and keep a class contact list. The Room Parents organize
class parties throughout the year such as at Halloween, Winter holiday, and Carnival.
STRACAT – this is a road race/walk in the school’s neighborhood followed by a BBQ
in the garden of the school with games for the children. It is a unique family event.
Teachers Apprediation Day – In January, Lower School students prepare ThankYouCards for the teachers and the PTA organizes a Teachers Appreciation Lunch which
is set up in the cafeteria. The food is donated by the parents.
Welcome Committee – they have put together a “Welcome Book” containing useful
information for new families and they attend the new family orientation day. The
committee also organizes social events such as a Welcome Brunch and language
exchange coffee mornings.
Each year, IST organizes a range of student after-school activities. Tennis and
Swimming lessons are arranged for IST students at the Ronchi Verdi Club in
Moncalieri. Golf at “I Ciliegi” in Pecetto and various courses at “Villa Brea” in Chieri.
Children are transported by bus from the school and parents then collect children
from the club. Other activities that are offered on the IST premises include: Drama,
Music, Yearbook, School Newspaper, Model United Nations, Photography, SAT
Preparation, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Aikido, Fencing, Ballet and Modern
After-school classes in Italian and English for beginners are available for parents.
Please refer to the “Extra-Curriculum Activities Handbook” or the IST-website.
These activities are offered at an additional cost which varies depending on the
requirements of the activity.
Families have the possibility to enroll their children in the local sports clubs in their
town. Torino, Moncalieri, Pecetto, Pino Torinese and Chieri all are well known for
their athletic programs in football and basketball.
The Yellow Pages/Pagine Gialle is often a good place to start. This guide should be
given to you when you make your home telephone contract. At the same time, you
will receive the City Phone Book and Tutto Città which includes one of the best street
maps of Torino.
The Yellow Pages also has a comprehensive section of internet web-site addresses.
The Pagine Gialle is in Italian but you can find the English Yellow Pages On the
internet at
If you are away from home and want information from the Yellow Pages, you can call:
89-24-24 (they will also give information about cinemas and home phone numbers).
Although the operator will answer in Italian, you may ask to be passed to an Englishspeaking operator.
Tourist Information Centres are great places to pick up local maps and information
regarding museums, exhibits, festivals and special events.
Porta Nuova Train Station
Casellle International Airport
Via Bogino 9 (Main Office)
Informacitta’ – Via Palazzo di Citta’ 24b
Vetrina per Torino – Piazza San Carlo 159
011-44-22-22-44 is full of information about Torino and you may choose your
language (although Italian is the most complete). There are many helpful links on this
page (traffic, culture, tourist, politics). You can also find the link to your own “comune”
(ie. Moncalieri, Chieri).
At the Post Office or “Poste” you can purchase stamps, send packages and
telegrams and pay bills (with cash or bancomat). The Central Post Office of Torino is
located at Via Alfieri 10. Check the Yellow Pages to find a post office in your
neighbourhood. You can also purchase stamps (francobolli) at any tobacconist
(“T” sign).
Letters can be posted directly from the special red boxes marked “Poste Italiane” that
are found throughout the city and neighbourhoods. PETS
Italy has laws and regulations regarding household pets. It is mandatory that all dogs
be registered and micro-chipped. It is best to consult a veterinarian or your local
Agenzia Sanitaria Locale (ASL) who can provide you with specific information. There
are many good vets in the Torino area. The following were recommended in the past
by local pet owners:
Dr. Bartolomeo Bargarello & Dr. Lorella Catterin (speaks English)
Strada Genova 174, Moncalieri
Via Roma 44, Pino Torinese
Clinica Veterinaria Europa
Corso Marconi 17, Torino
Dr. Luisa Cafasso
Via Roma 89, Pino Torinese
Dr. Maria Teresa Milletto
Via Gramsci 6, Moncalieri
011-605-1281 or 337-229-139
Kennels/Catery – Casa del Cane at Strada Rebaude 65, Moncalieri; 011-642-561
Expatriate News: (French)
The ‘permessso di soggiorno’ is the official registered stay
permission that allows you to remain living here in Turin (Italy). As
this is a government document, it is important that you contact the
Questura listed below for the most up-to-date information and
procedure. Listed below is some very simple information that might be
A non EU-citizen is obliged to go to the Questura until 8 days form
its arrival.
Questura di Torino - Immigration Office - Corso Verona 4 - Torino
Opening hours -Mon Fri 9am to 5 pm
Information Office Mon Fri 9-11am
Telephone 011 246 20921
Foreigners may report directly to the front desk at the Questura,
according to the existing hours, with no need to book for the
following applications:
1. first issue residence permit for non-EU nationals
2. issue of work authorisations (“Nulla Osta”)
EU citizens are not requested to obtain a “permesso di soggiorno”.
They should apply for “residenza” at the local Anagrafe and for
“Codice Fiscale” at the local Agenzia delle Entrate. Please consult
Please consult the Questura website for the most current information:
The first thing you must do is sign a contract with TELECOM ITALIA so you can have a fixed
telephone line. The number you must call to have a new line is 187- the operators will tell you
what to do and will give you an appointment to install your new line. They can also offer you a
number of services like the answering machine, call waiting etc… and their products like
cordless phones, fax and internet connection. You can ask them information about the rates
or call for assistance if your line is not working. The call is free from all fix and mobile
telephones - you can call 24 h. a day. With your new line you should receive the city phone
directory, the "Pagine Gialle" (phone numbers and addresses of all kinds of commercial
categories) and "Tuttocittà" a very useful booklet with the city road map and all kinds of
information about the city.
At this point you are free to compare rates and choose the company you wish to have a
contract with- for example: TELE 2, VODAFONE, or FASTWEB.
Invoices arrive every two months and have a deadline for payment. You can pay them
directly through the bank or at the post office.
Mobile Phones are widely used in Italy. There are several companies that provide many
different rates and services for you to choose from. Some of the most widely used companies
are TIM, VODAFONE, WIND and 3.
International Telephone cards are available at the Tobacconists and newspaper stands.
They are called “scheda telefonica”, and come in 5, 10 or 20 euro. They give you longdistance access for reduced rates and last for 90 days.
Please note that there are several different suppliers. Below you find the information
concerning the two main ones in Turin City Aera. If you would like to continue the
existing contract made by the last tenant please refer to the companies’ internet
2. GAS
To get connected to the gas supply you must sign a contract with ENI-ITALGAS. You can
contact the company by phone: toll free 800-900-700 or go directly to the office at via XX
Settembre 41. The website is
Invoices can be paid directly through your bank account or at the post office with the bill that
they will send you. Remember that in order to sign a contract with Italgas you need to have
your "Fiscal Code" number. For any problems, damages or leaks, call 800-900-777.
The company is called AEM, Via Bertola 48, you can call them at this toll free number 80097-97-97 from 8:00 to 18:30. The contract will be mailed to you at home and you have to
return it signed together with a declaration (autocertificazione) stating that you are a resident
at the address you gave them. The payment can be done directly through your bank account,
if you authorize it, but the first bill must be paid at the post office using the form that will be
sent to you at home. For any problems or damages, call 800 91 0101.
You must pay this tax for the garbage collection – called TARSU (“tasso per lo smaltimento
dei rifiuti solidi urbani”). You (if you are the owner of the house) or your landlord should make
a declaration stating the size of the house and on this basis you will have to pay a certain
amount of money. When you declare you are resident at your address at the "Anagrafe di
Torino" they will automatically send the information to the "UFFICIO TASSA RIFIUTI" which
will send you the bill (three times per year) that must be paid at the post office. The “ufficio
tassa fifiuti” in Turin is in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 8 (2nd floor). Phone n. 011 4424847 / 48
- open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 12:30.
Each comune also has a garbage recycling program (some of which provide designated bins
for different types of garbage and then individual collection days) and their own service
organisation. Please ask your local administration (comune) for the local information.
The consumption of water in your house is calculated either based on the surface area or on
the amount of cubic metres used. The payment is due once a year and it is usually included
in the condominium expenses. SMAT (Società Metropolitana Acque Torino) is the office that
administers the public water system in Turin.
Customer service telephone number:
Emergency telephone number:
In Italy, medical services are run by the regional authorities, called ASL (Azienda
Sanitaria Locale).
In order to receive medical care it is necessary to request a health card from the
health office (unità socio-sanitaria) in your area. The offices are generally open
Monday to Saturday.
The ASL guarantees basic medical services, providing each citizen with a general
practitioner, called “Medico di Base”, hospital care, and laboratory analysis.
Each ASL provides a list of doctors with addresses and timetables from which you
can choose your GP.
Doctors specialised in paediatric care are recommended for children aged 0 to 14
(female) – 16 (male).
All medical visits to the doctor’s office or at home are free as long as they are held
during normal visiting hours.
Home visits are provided only when the patient is unable to move.
The contribution or “ticket” for medicines and clinical exams is determined by the
Ministry of Health (Ministero della Sanità).
Foreigners regularly residing, not belonging to those categories required to register
with the National Health Service, must open up a health insurance policy with an
Italian or foreign Insurance Company. Visitors or persons not enrolled with ASL must
pay all hospital charges and then claim reimbursement from their insurance carrier.
Italy is a country where you can expect to pay low-cost health care and a good
standard of medical assistance. Some Italians and foreigners opt to take out private
health insurance over and above the basic state coverage, where you are free to
choose any doctor or specialist and be treated in private hospitals (cliniche),
sometimes avoiding a long wait for a specialist appointment or surgery.
If you need to be hospitalised, you will need to produce your doctor’s referral and, if
you qualify for state health cover, it will be free. In an emergency, you will need to go
to your nearest emergency room (Pronto Soccorso) and wait to be treated. If you are
unable to do so, call 118 and the appropriate medical service will be sent to you.
If you are an EU citizen visiting Italy, you can take advantage of reciprocal health
agreements. Before arriving, you should apply for a certificate of entitlement
treatment (form E111) at least 3 weeks beforehand (you should make a photocopy
and take it with you).
Here is a list of the main hospitals in the city and surrounding areas of Turin (hospitals
are known commonly by the underlined name):
Amedeo di Savoia
Corso Svizzera, 164
Switch-board: 011-439-3111
San Camillo Hospital
Strada Santa Margherita, 136
Switch-board: 011-819-9411
Giovanni Bosco Hospital
Piazza del Donatore di Sangue, 3
Switch-board: 011-240-1111
in San Maurizio Canavese
Fatebenefratelli Hospital
Via Fatebenefratelli, 70
Switch-board: 011-926-3811
San Giovanni Battista Hospital “Molinette”
Corso Bramante, 88/90
Switch-board: 011-633-1633
Orthopaedic Hospital “CTO”
Via Zuretti, 29
Switch-board: 011-693-3111
Children’s Hospital “Regina Margherita”
Piazza Polonia, 94
Switch-board: 011-313-4444
Umberto Primo Hospital/ Mauriziano
Largo Turati, 62
Switch-board: 011-693-026
in Orbassano
San Luigi Gonzaga
Regione Gondole, 10
Switch-board: 011-90-261
in Chieri
Ospedale Maggiore
Via De Maria, 1
Switch-board: 011-94291
in Moncalieri
Ospedale Santa Croce
P.zza San Ferdinando 3
Switch-board: 011-508-2370
Ospedale Ginecolocigo Santa Anna
Corso Spezia, 60
Switch Board: 011-313-4444
English Speaking Doctors
We are actually updating the list of English speaking doctors. In the meanwhile, if you
find yourself in the need of one, please contact one of the Welcome Committee and
we will try to help you!
If you have a foreign car, you must register it in Italy within six months after you have
obtained residence here. If you will remain in Italy only for less than one year, you
are permitted to keep your car’s foreign registration. For all information about
registration procedures, contact “Motorizzazione” (Motor Vehicles Office) of Torino,
Corso Belgio 158; Tel. 011-898-0933/34/35.
If you have a driver’s license from an EU country or from a non-EU country where
driver’s license reciprocity exists (USA and Canada do not have reciprocity), you must
convert your foreign license to an Italian driving license before the end of your first
year of residency in Italy.
If your driving license is not one of the above indicated, you need to obtain an Italian
driving license by undergoing the driving test.
Information regarding these
procedures can be obtained from the “Motorizzazione” or by contacting any driving
school (scuola guida).
You must have proof of your vehicle’s registration.
Car insurance is obligatory. In case of an accident, exchange all details about name,
address, driving license, insurance company (best if you complete a “constatazione
amichevole” a special paper given by your insurance company) and take everything
to your insurance broker with a description of the accident and photos of the damage.
The “GreenCard” given to you as part of your insurance certificate is for use when
you are outside Italy.
The payment of this tax (Bollo) is obligatory. Payment can be made at the
Automobile Club of Italy (A.C.I.) in Via Giolitti in Torino, 011-57791 or in any post
office or tobacco shop.
If you receive a written notice of a fine for violation of the “Street Code”, you can pay it
at your Municipal Police Department (Ufficio di Polizia Municipale, via internet using
the site on the notice or in any post office or tobacco shop.
If your car is towed away in Turin, call the Towing Office (Ufficio Rimozioni) in Corso
Brescia 103, Northern Area of Torino: 011-852-935 or Southern Area of Torino: 011319-6012. They will tell you in which depot you can find your car. Before collecting
the car you will have to pay a fine.
As a pollution control, Torino and surrounding towns regularly implement a
programme of driving limitations, which might for example give permission to odd or
even license plate numbers. Some year-round restrictions are placed on cars and
trucks according to their emissions rating. In Turin and surrounding towns exist zones
of the city center where traffic is restricted (ZTL Zona Traffico Limitato), please also
see next pages in this booklet. The Torino website explains the
restrictions and how to identify your car’s emissions rating.
The largest road-side assistance network is through Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI –
pronounced ah-chee in English): 803-116 or ACI also offers other travel
In Torino buses and trams are run by GTT (Gruppo Torinese Trasporti). You can buy
a map of tram and bus routes at the "Tabaccaio" (where they sell cigarettes and
tobacco) or look in the "Tuttocittà" - a booklet that you should receive together with
the phone book and the "Pagine Gialle" when you sign your home telephone line
contract. For more information you can call toll free 800-019-152 or see: for urban routes are not sold on-board, you
must buy them at the Tabaccaio, at some Newspaper stands or at the automatic
machines. The ticket is valid for 70 minutes so you can get back on the bus or tram
and use the same ticket if you are within the 70 minutes. Remember to stamp it on
board both the first time and the second!
TorinoCard – you can buy a city pass valid for 48 or 72 hours which allows you free
travel on all public transport, including the TurismoBus Torino, and free entry into
more than 120 museums, monuments, castles, and royal residences in Turin and the
Piedmont region. For more information, call Turismo Torino 011-535-181.
Trains leave from Torino's two main stations: "Porta Nuova" in Piazza Carlo Felice
and "Porta Susa" in Piazza XVIII Dicembre. The website for Trenitalia is and the telephone number is 892-021 (no prefix). Tickets can be
bought in most travel agencies, on line with your credit card at,
and obviously, at the train station. For time tables, you can purchase a booklet at
news stands, visit or call 892-021.
Remember: stamp your ticket before you get on the train or you might get a fine!
TGV/ EUROSTAR and INTERCITY trains are speedy trains that need to be reserved.
"Sandro Pertini " International Airport (commonly referred to as “Caselle”) is situated
in Caselle, a 30 min. by car from Torino. You can reach the Airport:
By bus leaving from Stazione Porta Nuova (railway station) - Corso Vittorio
Emanuele on the corner of via Sacchi (info. at 011-311-1616).
By train from the new railway link to the airport at the Dora Railway Station
(Turin's minor RW station in Piazza Baldissera, 7). Departures are every 30
min. and the trip lasts 20 min. The station is connected to the check in
counters on the departure level.
By taxi the cost is of approximately 30 Euro and it takes about 30 min. to reach
the airport.
By private car it will take you 30 min. if you don't get in a traffic jam! The
airport has a multilevel parking lot as well as less expensive outdoor lots.
For further information call 011-567-6361, visit or call 011-5676200 for lost luggage.
Many Torinese also use Milan’s international airport at Malpensa, about 2 hours from
Turin. This can be helpful for direct flights to the United States.
In Torino taxis are white, you can find them in the taxi parking lots situated in the
piazzas and main streets or you can call for one at the following Radio-Taxi
companies: 011-57-37 or 011-57-30 or 011-33-99.
Outside Turin, each provincial town will have its own taxi company.
In order to use your private car and park safely without paying very expensive fines
you must know a few things about parking rules in Torino:
First of all there is an area in the center of the city called ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone)
which is closed to traffic during certain hours. The entrances of the ZTL are controlled
by cameras. Please pay attention to the signs and respect the stated time-tables as
fines are very high! Some private cars can enter the ZTL because they have special
permission. For information on special permission you can call Ufficio Permessi di
Torino 011-442-2476. Also check for a map of the ZTL and any
time changes and exceptions e.g. for getting to certain underground parkings.
A very large area of the city is called Zona Blu (blu stripes). On-street parking spaces
are marked by blue lines and you must pay to park in these spaces usually from
Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 19:30 with the exception of Piazza CLN, Piazza
Lagrange and Piazza Paleocapa where you have to pay also until midnight. Tariffs
and times vary depending on the areas and are written on the parking machines and
on special sign poles. It is possible to pay for parking with coins at the indicated
machines. You can also purchase a booklet of scratch off vouchers that are to be left
visible in the car with the time of arrival scratched away. These can be found at the
Tabaccaio, news-stands or bars with the ATM sticker on the window. If you are a
resident of the Zona Blu you can get a special permission from the ATM office at the
ACI (Automobile Club Torino) in Via Giolitti 15. It lasts one year so you can park freely
in your street and in a small area around it (sottozona).
In Turin there are also some underground or multilevel parking areas that have fares
more or less the same as the Zona Blu:
Piazza Bodoni
Porto Romano (near Piazza Castello)
Via Roma/San Carlo - entrance from Via Lagrange or Piazza Carlo
Piazza Vittorio Veneto (main piazza by the River Po, across from Gran
Valdo Fusi – entrance in Via Cavour or Via G. Giolitti
Corso Stati Uniti
Corso Magellano
Lingotto Fiere - for the exposition area, Pathè Cinema, Galleria 8 mall, and the
Corso XI Febbraio - for Porta Palazzo market area
Piazza Madama Cristina - for Madama Cristina market area
For more information on parking areas visit
IPERMERCATO AUCHAN - Corso Romania 460, Torino (at the entrance of the
Torino-Milano motorway) and Corso Susa 301/307, Rivoli (Frejus motorway, exit
Rivoli Rosta).
LE GRU - Via Crea 10 (near corso Allamano) in Grugliasco or take the Tangenziale
sud (highway ring around Torino) exit Corso Allamano. Shopping mall with
restaurants (Mc Donalds…) fashion and sports shops, Media World, Disney Store,
natural food stores and a big "Carrefour" Supermarket.
IKEA- you will find this famous furniture supermarket in Collegno, close to the exit
“Savonera” of highway Tangenziale Nord.
CARREFOUR - Corso Bramante 15, Torino. This is the largest supermarket you can
find inside the city. In Moncalieri: Via Vittime di Bologna 16 and in Corso Savona,
next to Decathlon.
DECATHLON - Corso Bramante 143, Grugliasco and Corso Savona 67, Moncalieri.
Here you can find all kinds of sports and free time apparel and equipment at very
convenient prices.
8 GALLERY- Via Nizza 262, Torino is a fairly big shopping mall inside the
"LINGOTTO FIERE" building, here you can find all kinds of shops, restaurants, bars,
wine bars and a cinema with 12 different shows.
PAM- Via Nizza 262, Torino:
big supermarket inside the "LINGOTTO FIERE"
LIDL - many German products can be found here. See or call 800-716771. Also PENNY markets are good resources in many communities.
PAM - Corso Bramante on the corner of Corso massimo D'Azeglio.
Carrefour Express - Chain of medium/small supermarkets with all major brands and
fresh products such as meat vegetables and cheese: in Torino - Via Breglio 65;
Largo Mentana 8; Via Santorre di Santarosa 6; Corso Casale 115; Via Cimabue 6;
Piazza Madama Cristina; also found through the towns surrounding Torino.
Carrefour Market – bigger supermarkets of the Carrefour chain. In Torino - Corso
Turati 29/D; Via Madama Cristina 66; via Cristoforo Colombo 43; in Chieri – Viale
Fasano 8/bis.
The most frequently used home-delivery web site in Torino is
More and more supermarkets offer on-line shopping. Please check the website of
your supermarket.
If you are looking for typical American or British products visit .
PAISSA - Piazza San Carlo196; Corso De Gasperi 29; and Corso Peschiera156 TO
ASIA MARKET -Via Galliari 15 - TO
LE PIRAMIDI - Oriental food products- Via Berthollet 13 - TO
CHINA & AFRICA MARKET - Via Nizza 17 bis - TO
AFRICAN SHOPPING CENTER - Corso Regina Margherita 140/d,Porta Palazzo,-TO
SPEZIE E CEREALI - all kinds of spices and rice. Piazza della Repubblica 5/h (Porta
Palazzo) - TO
TEA & COMPANY - Via Mazzini 22/g - TO (All kinds of teas, biscuits and coffee)
MAUTINO - Via Vittone 20 - TO Biscuits and "panettone" factory where you can find
all kinds of goodies and chocolate and excellent quality pasta.
EATALY – here you can find everything linked to good food, from ingredients to
accessories, a wide range of wine, beer and else. You can also eat in the dedicated
areas. – Via Nizza 230/14 Torino, tel 011-19506801
open every day 10-22.30
BOTTEGA NATURA - Via Colombo 33 - TO
FAST ENERGY- sports products (excellent choice of American brands) Via Coppino
75/a - TO
SESAMO - Macrobiotics- Via Berthollet 24/a - TO
IL QUADRIFOGLIO - Organic food, also vegetables and fruits. Via Lancia 10/c - TO
EOS - Via Matteo Pescatore 10 - TO
FIORINA - products for sports and diets. Via XX Settembre 1(Porta Nuova) - TO
MEZZALUNA - Natural food and beauty products, ready food and "BioBar" - Piazza
Emanuele Filiberto 8/d - TO
LA BIOIDEA - Via S. Croce 23, Moncalieri.
NATURASI' - Corso Moncalieri, 194 - TO
ELIA- Via San Tommaso 12 - TO (great lasagne al pesto!) Very difficult to park near
the shop.
PASTIFICIO BOLOGNESE- Via S. Secondo 69 – TO Here you will find 80 kinds of
fresh pastas with delicious sauces and lots of nice recipes and hints on how to cook
PASTIFICIO GRAN MADRE- Via Villa della Regina 3 - TO
BALON - all kinds of old or used things "mercato delle pulci". It takes place every
Saturday morning in the "Porta Palazzo" area of Turin.
GRAN BALON - every third Sunday, same as Balon but bigger.
GRAN MADRE – an open-air antiques market, held in the parking lot behind Gran
Madre Church, one Sunday per month.
MERCATO DELLE ERBE - Piazza Palazzo di Citta' on Sunday mornings.
MERCATO DI PORTA PALAZZO - Piazza della Repubblica. Biggest and most
convenient market. You can find fruits and vegetables but also meat, cheese, fish,
flowers, live animals and a section dedicated to farmers. It is very characteristic and
pleasant to walk through but you must watch out for pick-pockets and don't wear any
jewellery. Open every morning except Sunday.
PIAZZA MADAMA CRISTINA - open every morning except Sunday
PIAZZA CARLINA - (Piazza Carlo Emanuele) small but charming, it has a great fish
section. Open every morning except Sunday.
MERCATO DELLA CROCETTA - quite big and with many shops around it, nice to
take a walk through it. Open every morning except Sunday.
PIAZZA BORROMINI - open every morning except Sunday.
MONCALIERI - every Friday morning in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.
CHIERI - every Tuesday and Friday morning in Piazza Europa, every Saturday
Morning in Piazza Dante. Wednesday Afternoon Farmers’ Market in Piazza Dante.
Consult for up-to-date information.
The Turin and Piedmont Museum Pass allows unlimited visits to over 130 museums,
monuments, fortresses, castles and royal residences and includes a subscription to
quarterly Museum Newsletter. The Pass is valid for one calendar year and can be
bought at all museums. For more information, please see
In 2011, Italy is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its unification. We would like to
point out two sites in the Turin area with interesting exhibitions going on:
OGR – Officine Grande Riparazioni
La Venaria Reale
Please check on for all events and exhitibitions.
Museums, Art Galleries, Castles, Monuments, Exhibition Centres
Please confirm opening times of museum!
Most museums are closed all day on Mondays.
Museo Egizio
Via Accademia delle Scienze,6
Tel: 011 5617776/877
Museo dell’ Antichita´
Via XX Settembre, 88
Tel: 011. 5211106
Museo della Sindone
Via San Domenico 28
Tel: 0114365832
Museo di Numismatica, Etnografia e di Arti Orientali
Via G. B. Bricherasio 8
Tel: 011541557
Museo nazionale della Montagna ”Duca degli Abruzzi”
Via G. E. Giardino 39
Tel: 0116604104
Museo Pietro Micca e dell'Assedio di Torino
del 1706
Via F. Guicciardini 7
Tel: 011546317
Museo Storico Nazionale dell’Artiglieria G. Ferraris
Tel: 01156034061
Museo Nazionale del Risorgimento Italiano
Palazzo Carignano
Via Accademia delle Scienze, 5
Tel: 011.5621147
Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali/
Museo dei Olympic Winter Games Turin 2006
Via Giolitti, 36
Tel: 4323080
Museo di Storia Naturale“Don Bosco”
Viale E. Thovez, 37
Tel: 011.660166 - 6300629
Museo di Antropologia ed Etnografia
Via Accademia Albertina , 17
Tel:011. 8122374
Museo del cinema Mole Antonelliana
Via Montebello 20
Tel: 011.8125658
Museo della Radio e della Televisione
Via G. Verdi ,16
Tel: 0118104455
Museo Martini di Storia dell’ Enologia
Piazza Luigi Rossi,1
Pessione di Chieri (TO)
Museo del Tessile
Via G. De Maria ,10 – Chieri
Associazione Museo Ferroviario Piemontese
Via Andreis ,2
Tel: 011.4324241
Museo delle Arti Decorative
Via Po, 55
Tel: 011.8150770
Galleria d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Via Magenta, 31
Tel: 0115629911
Museo d’Arte Contemporanea
Castello di Rivoli
Piazza Mafalda di Savoia – Rivoli
Tel : 011.9565222
Galleria dell’ Accademia delle Belle Arti
Via Accademia Albertina, 8
Museo dell'Automobile
Corso Unità d'Italia 40
Tel: 011677666
(closed for renovation until 2011)
Museo delle Marionette
Via Santa Teresa 5
Tel: 011530238
Galleria Sabauda
Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6
Tel: 011547440 – 5641755
Mostra Laboratorio H2O
Corso Roma, 26 – Moncalieri
Tel. 0114645033
Mostra permanente multimediale e interattiva
sui temi ambientali
Casa dell’ Ippopotamo
Corso Casale, 5 – Parco Michelotti
Tel: 011. 747101 - 7711272
Palazzo Reale
Piazzetta Reale – Piazza Castello
Tel: 011.4361455
Armeria Reale
P.zza Castello, 191
Tel: 011.543889 – 5184358
Palazzo Cavour
Via Cavour, 8
Tel. 011 56034061
Castello Cavour di Santena
Piazza Visconti Venosta,2 - Santena
Tel: 011 597373 – 9492578
Castello Ducale D’Aglie`
Piazza Castello, 2 – Aglie`
Tel: 0124.330102
Castello di Racconigi
Piazza Carlo Alberto – Racconigi (CN)
Tel: 0172.84005
Castello di Venaria Reale
Piazza della Repubblica, 4 – Venaria Reale
Tel: 011:496272 – 5623530
Castello di Moncalieri
Via del Castello,2 – Moncalieri
Tel: 011.4361332 – 512 – 577
Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi
Piazza Principe Amedeo,7
Stupinigi- - Nichelino
Tel: 011.3581220
Fondazione Palazzo Bricherasio
Via G. Lagrange 20
Tel: 0115629604
(temporarily closed)
Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo per
Via Modane, 16 – Torino
Tel: 011 19831616
Fax:011 198 31601
Fondazione Italiana per la Fotografia
Via A. Avogadro,4
Tel: 011546594
Casa del Conte Verde
Via Fratello Piol,8 – Rivoli
Tel: 011.5625536
Forte di Exilles
Exilles ( TO)
Borgo e Rocca Medievale
Viale Virgilio- Parco del Valentino
Tel: 0116699372
Orto Botanico
Viale P.A. Mattioli 25
Tel: 0116707446
Localita´ Paola Prali
Tel: 0121.806987
Palazzo Falletti di Barolo
Via delle Orfane,7
Tel: 011.4360311
Teatro Adua
Via Corso Giulio Cesare 67 - Torino
Tel. 011.2482276
Teatro Monterosa
Via Brandizzo, 65 – Torino
Tel: 011.284028
Teatro Agnelli
Via Paolo Sarpi 111 - Torino
Tel. 011.6192351
Teatro Nuovo
Corso Massimo D’Azeglio,17 – Torino
Teatro Alfa
Via Casalborgone 16 - Torino
Tel: 0118193529
Teatro Regio
Piazza Castello, 215 – Torino
Tel: 0118815241
Teatro Alfieri
Piazza Solferino 4- Torino
Tel: 0115623800
Teatro Stabile
Piazza S. Carlo, 161 – Torino
Tel: 0115176246
Teatro Araldo
Via Chiomonte,3 – Torino
Tel: 011.331764
Compagnia di Danza Teatro di Torino
Piazza Massana
Tel: 0114730189
Teatro cardinal Massaia
Via Cardinal Massaia ,104 – Torino
Tel: 011257881
Teatro Carignano
Piazza Carignano,6 – Torino
Tel:011. 5176246
Teatro Colosseo
Via Madama Cristina,71 - Torino
Tel: 0116698034 – 6505195
Teatro Erba
Corso Moncalieri, 241
Tel: 0115623800
Teatro Garibaldi
Via Garibaldi, 4 – Settimo Torinese
Tel: 011.8970831
Teatro Gianduja
Via Santa Teresa 5
Tel: 011530238
Teatro Gioiello
Via C. Colombo, 31 – Torino
Tel: 011.5805768
Teatro Juvarra
Via Juvarra ,15 – Torino
Tel: 011540675
Teatro Matteotti
Via Matteotti, 1 – Moncalieri
Tel: 011.6403700
Casa del teatro ragazzi e giovani
(children’s and teenager’s theatre)
Corso Galileo Ferrarsi, 266 – Torino
Tel: 011 19740280
International Women’s Club of Torino
The International Women's Club of Torino is an English-speaking club made up
of members from the United States, Italy, the UK and many other countries. The
purpose of the Club is to promote friendship and understanding between its
members and the Italian community through philanthropy, community service,
and social activities. IWCT is an Associate Member of the Federation of
American Women's Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) and was founded in 1961 as the
American Women’s Club of Torino.
The Club offers: a monthly Coffee Morning Social - What's Up, Torino!
informational coffee on local events - Arts and Crafts Lessons - Cultural Bus Trips
in the Piedmont Region - and an English Language Library.
The major events are: Thanksgiving Dinner - Christmas Bazaar - Spring Fling
Special Interest Group offerings include: Theatre Group - International Fiction
Book Group - Italian Cooking Classes - Museum Tours - Luncheon Groups Moms-N-Tots - Tennis - Golf - and Bridge.
To contact IWCT, please see the club website at or look under the website for Turin, Italy.
British Council
Nearest office: Via Manzoni 38, 20121 Milan, 02-77-22-21
Centre Culturel Francais – Alliance Francaise
Courses In French , Cultural Events, Films, Artistic Publishing
Via Saluzzo 60 Turin, tel 011-19716565
Centro De Estudios De Mexico En Italia
Via Principe Amedeo, 34 – Tel: 011-836-887
Centro Piemontese Di Studi Africani
P.zza San Giovanni,2 – Tel: 011-436-6044 or 011-436-5006
Goethe Institut
Courses In German, Cultural Events, Films, Artistic Publishing S. Carlo 206 – Tel: 011-543-830
The Italian television system works with the PAL system.
Most of the buildings have a centralised antenna that receives the RAI (public
channels, RAI1, RAI2,RAI3), Mediaset Channels (Rete4, Canale 5, Italia 1), La7 and
many other private channels. All these channels can only be received digitally.
Recent TV sets have a modem included, for others you need a separate digital
decoder which can be linked to any TV set.
If you don’t have an antenna, you should call a Technician (antennista) to install one.
If you wish to watch programs in any other language, you’ll need a satellite dish called
“antenna parabolica”.
A digital (or analogue) decoder will give you the possibility to watch international
channels as CNN Sky News, NBC Europe, TV5 (French), Canal 24H (Spanish), RTL
(Greek), German channels, Russian, Arabic’s, etc.. as well as all the movie channels
(which often can be viewed in original language). SkyTV is still the largest supplier of
digital television in Italy.
Subtitles in Italian for RAI channels and Mediaset Channels are available on Teletext
page 777.
Some programmes have also subtitles in English available on page 778. (this
particular information could not be confirmed)
Television set owners are required to pay an annual tax (canone di abbonamento)
for the public channels (RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3). The tax has to be paid at the post
office at the beginning of the year.
You can also subscribe for Pay TV channels through SkyTV or PremiumTV.
There are a few well known cinemas in Turin that also shows movies in English and
For details and show times we suggest you to call them directly or consult websites.
Cinema Nazionale Uno
Via Pomba, 7 – Torino
Tel. 011-812-4173
Cinema Reposi
Via XX Settembre,15
Tel.: 011-531-400
Thursday Nights – Original Language
Also contact Cinema Ambrosio (corso Vittorio Emanuele II ), Eliseo (piazza
Sabotino) and Massimo (via Montebello,8).
Three big cinemas complexes:
UCI Cinemas Lingotto - (Tuesday Nights - Original Language)
Lingotto Galery tel 011-6677856
The Space cinemas
Shopping Center "Le Fornaci", Beinasco, tel 011-892111
UGC CinèCitè
Shopping Center “45 Nord”, Via Postiglione Moncalieri, tel 011-6495022
For further information and a complete list of Cinemas in Turin click on
Please note that each comune/town has its own public sports facilities. For
information on parks: Below are listed some of the private facilities that
are known to us:
Sport City- Gym -(no children) - Corso Dante 17/a, Torino, open on Sundays
Sporting-Circolo della Stampa- Tennis, summer pool, gym – (courses for
children) - Corso Agnelli 45, Torino, open on Sundays
Ronchi Verdi- Tennis, winter and summer pool, gym – (courses for children,
family oriented) Corso Moncalieri 466/16, 011-661-2146,
Moby Dick- Public pool- (courses for children, several pools, exercise room) Via Miglioretti 30, Pino Torinese, 011-811-1012
Club 77- Pool, tennis, gym, soccer- (courses for children, family oriented) Strada Chieri 34, Pecetto, 011-860-8321
Le Pleiadi- tennis, pool and gym- courses for children – Via Serao 2,
IL Polo Club- Tennis, summer pool, soccer field and polo - Via Olimpia 2,
Nichelino, open Sundays
Baby Gym- Gym for babies from 4 months- 10 years, - Via Vespucci 36,
Torino, Tel. 011-856996
Saran Studio – Gyrotonics. Via Campana 25, Torino, 011-650-5215
Virgin Active – Corso Savona 67, Moncalieri, 800-914-5555, Different types of gym, winter and summer swimming
pool. Courses for children and baby-sitting area.
Golf Club I Ciliegi- Strada Valle Sauglio, Pecetto, (9 holes, par 36) Tel.
Moncalieri Golf Club- Strada Vallere 20, Moncalieri, (9 holes, par 31) Tel.
Associazione Sportiva I Roveri- Rotta Cerbiatta, 24 Fiano Torinese (9 holes,
par 36 + 18 holes, par72) Tel. 011/9235719
Circolo Golf Torino- Via Grange 137, Fiano Torinese (blue course- 18 holes
par 72, yellow course 18 holes par 72) Tel. 011/9235440
Golf Club I Girasoli- Via Pralormo 315, Carmagnola (18 holes par 65+9 holes
par 27) Tel. 011/9795088
Golf Club La Margherita- Via Pralormo 29, Carmagnola (18 holes par 72) Tel.
Circolo Golf Stupinigi- Corso Unione Sovietica 506/a (9 holes par 33) Tel.
For further information:
DIRELLA: Via C. Albertini 10, Torino – 011-885-030
ESTETICA ALESSANDRA: Corso Sommeiller ang. Via Nizza, TO – 011-669-3493
ESTETICA MENTE: Via Bertola 20, Torino – 011-541-206
Strada Revigliasco 82, Testona/Moncalieri – 011-647-4141
Ask for Alex (he speaks English) but all staff is very friendly.
*FRANCO CURLETTO: Via Santa Croce 19, Moncalieri – 011-640-3713
Ask for Gabriella – not much English spoken but very professional.
There are also other Franco Curletto salons around Turin.
GI DUE DI G. e MUSCARA: Corso Alcide de Gasperi 26, Torino – 011-581-7320
*LA MIMOSA: Via Circonvallazione 11, Pecetto-Torinese – 011-860-9006
Beauty Treatments, Spa, Yoga, Tanning, Massage; English spoken.
PROFUMERIA MICHELA: Corso Rosselli 33, Torino – 011-318-5232
Beauty Treatments
* mouth-to-mouth from community members
Two websites that can be useful regarding activities for children:
and “Baby Parking” means child-care centres.
BABY-GYM: Via Vespucci 36, Torino - 011-856-996 or 347-303-8255 email: [email protected] This is a first gym for babies from 4 months to ten years
with programs developed for kids so they learn while amusing themselves. Baby
parties and summer camps.
BALLOON EXPRESS SHOP: Corso Peschiera 319, Torino - 011-772-7062 and Via
Principe Amedeo, Chieri – 011-942-7087. Here, you can find everything you need to
organize a party by yourself; not only balloons but also dishes, glasses, decorations.
FESTOPOLI: Via San Quintino 31, Torino – 011-517-5886 - –
parties and events organization
ISOLA DI SCIMPA – Via Don Grazioli 11/A, Torino – 011-313-9691
L’ARCA DI NOE’: Corso Racconigi 131, Torino – 011-382-8240,
Party organization on-site or at client’s house. Baby sitting.
MAMI GIOC...ANIMAZIONE: Via Monginevro 108, Torino – 011-385-2359. Party
organization on-site or at client’s house.
PLAYPLANET: Corso Francia 155/A, Rivoli – 011-959-5086 or 011-959-5046
Located in the Centro Commerciale Gardenia. Covered fun park with rooms for
birthday parties.
Fire Brigade
Ambulance/Medical Emergency
Car Breakdown/Roadside Service – ACI
Emergency Doctor
(Guardia medica TO - truly urgent)
Red Cross (Croce Rossa Italiana)
Poison Centre (S.G.Battista Hospital)
011-6637637/ 118
Blue Telephone/Child Abuse Hotline
Red Telephone/Violence Against Women
Each town will have its own local non-emergency phone numbers for the Carabinieri,
Vigili Urbani, Polizia, Vigili del Fuoco. Please refer to your local phonebook.
! These numbers were reviewed in June 2011 but PTA cannot guarantee accuracy.
PagineGialle/Yellow Pages
PagineBianche/White Pages
Trova Tutto/ “Find Anything” (English & Italian)
Telephone (Landline) Problems / Telecom
Electricity Problems
Water Problems (Turin area, SMAT)
Gas Problems “ENI-Italgas”
Paediatrician/Croce Verde Torino (urgent)
List of Pharmacies and Hours
Night Pharmacies (19:30 to 9:00):
Boniscontro – Vittorio Emmanuele II, 66
Comunale n.21 – Belgio, 147
Nizza – Via Nizza, 65
Massaua – Piazza Massaua,1
-those might vary depending on service turns. Please also check with your next
Post Office Information (8:00 to 20:00)
Central Bus Station / GTT
24-hour Taxi Services:
Radio Taxi
011-5730 or 3399
Pronto Taxi
Telephone Operator (National & International)
Urgent Call (to interrupt a local call)
Automatic Alarm Clock
! These numbers were reviewed in June 2011 but PTA cannot guarantee accuracy. Last general update June 2011. 

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