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Brochure - Tilelook
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Join Tilelook, the new fastest gro
Vast library of tiles
13 languages: Italian, English,
Spanish, German, French, Dutch,
Czech, Polish, Turkish, Russian,
Persian, Thai, Chinese
Over 150 thousand authentic tiles,
each product has its own web page
with images and details
Active professional public
Millions of 3D models
30 thousand subscribers:
38% resellers, 27% architects,
12% construction companies
76% in EU
Tilelook lets you access over 3 million
models from Trimble 3D Warehouse
Many new listed brands
FREE interior design tool
Discover 400 brands on Tilelook
with up-to-date product
Use the Tilelook design tool to
create your rendering projects,
completely free, no limits
Your products FREE on Tilelook
wing interior design community
Top ranking on Google
FREE product uploads
Tilelook web pages are listed in
Google’s top results for tile searches
in English
Everyday over 100 tiles are uploaded
on Tilelook, it’s free and it takes only
few clicks
Product search record
Contact professional users
Over 1 million product searches
on Tilelook in the last 12 months
Find professional resellers and
designers on our map
5.000 shared projects
FREE project notifications
New projects online every day,
with images, descriptions and
product list
Receive a free notification for each
project that includes your products
1 newsletter to 30.000 subscribers: 350 €
Brands on Tilelook
14 Ora Italiana, Abk, Absolut Keramika, Acquario Due, AK by Arcom, Alaplana, A.L.CO, Alea, Alfalux, American Standard,
Antoniazzi, Antonio Lupi, Antrax, Aparici, Apavisa, Appiani, Arbi Arredobagno, Arcana, Arcom, Area Ceramiche,
Ariana, Ariostea, Armanyi Ceramic, Armonie by Arte Casa, Art Ceram, Artesi, Artesia, Ascot, Atlas Concorde, Avila
Dos, Azteca Ceramica, Azulejos Benadresa, Baldocer, Bellosta, Bette, Biancogres, Bien Seramik, Bocchi, Boizenburg
Fliesen, Boxer Mosaics, Brandoni, Brem, Brennero Ceramiche, Caesar, Casabath, Casa Dolce Casa, Casalgrande
Padana, Casamood, Catalano, Cave Gontero, Cedir, Century, Ceracasa, Ceramica Alta, Ceramica Bardelli, Ceramica
Cleopatra, Ceramica Euro, Ceramica GSG, Cerámica Italia, Ceramica Mercurio, Cerámica Ribesalbes, Ceramica
Rondine, Ceramica Sant’Agostino, Ceramica Vogue, Ceramiche Musa, Cerasarda, Cerdisa, Cerdomus, Cerim, CE.SI,
Cevica, Champion, Cielo, Cinca, Cir, Coem, Colli di Sassuolo, Colormix, Cordivari, Corona, Cotto D’Este, Cristacer,
Cristalker, Dado Ceramica, Daniel Rubinetterie, Daytona, Decocer, Decortiles, Del Conca, Demosaica, De’ Venetia,
Disegno Bagno, Docol, Doka, Dom Ceramiche, Dominó, Dornbracht, DSG, Dual Gres, Duka, Dune, Duravit, Edoné,
Ege Seramik, Eiffelgres, El Barco, Elfos Cerámica, Eliane, Elios, Emilceramica, Energie Ker, Engers, Epoca Ceramiche,
Ergon, Eurocerámica, Ever by Thermomat, Fanal, FAP Ceramiche, Favor, Fiandre, Fima, Fiora, Fioranese, Fiordo,
Flaminia, Flaviker, Flexform, F.lli Frattini, Floor Gres, Friul Mosaic, Future Ceramics, Gabbianelli, Galassia, Gambarelli,
Gamma, Gamma Due, Gardenia, Garfloor, Gayafores, Geberit, Gemma, Gentry Home, Geopietra, Gessi, Gigacer, Glass
1989, Globo, Gracia Ceramica, Graff, Graniser, Gran Tour, Grazia, Grespania, Grober, Grohe, GSI Ceramica Hansgrohe,
Herberia, Hidra Ceramica, Ibero Porcelanico, Idea Group, Il Pozzo, Imola Ceramica, Impronta Ceramiche, Inbani,
Inceazahar, Inti Revestimentos, Iris Ceramica, Isla, Italgraniti, Jika, Kährs, Kale Banyo, Kale Seramik, Keraben Grupo,
Keramika Modus, Keramin, Kronos, La Fabbrica, La Favola, Laminam, L’Antic Colonial, Lasselsberger, Latina, Lea
Ceramiche, Legnobagno, Lineabeta, Listone Giordano, Magna Ceramica, Marazzi, Marca Corona, Marcobelli, Mariani
Rubinetterie, Mariner, Martinelli Luce, Maxlight, Meco Office, Megius, MGM, Mirage, Moab 80, MO.DA, Mogen,
Moneli Decor, Monocibec, Mosaico+, Mosarte, Mosavit, Musis, Mutina, Nahm, Natucer, Natuzzi, Naxos, Newform,
Newker, Nobili, Novabell, Novoceram, Novogres, Oltremateria, Olympia, Opera, Ornamenta, Oset, Pamesa, Panaria,
Paul Ceramiche, Pecchioli, Peronda, Petra Antiqua, Petracer’s, Piemme, Polis, Porcelaingres, Porcelanite, Porcelanosa,
Porcellan, Portinari, Progetto Baucer, Provenza, Quilla, Ragno, Rak Ceramics, Rako, Realonda, Recer, Refin, Remer
Rubinetterie, Reviglass, Rex, Ricchetti, Ritmonio, Roca, Rock Ceramic, Rosa Gres, Safranglass, Saime, Saint-Pierre,
Salgar, Saloni, San Lorenzo, Sanycces, Savoia Italia, Self, Senio, Seramiksan, Serenissima, Settecento, Shakhtinskaya
Plitka, Sichenia, Simas, Sphinx, Stn Cerámica, Stone Italiana, Supergres, Technogym, Tesselle, Tonalite, Toto, Trend.
Tubądzin, Tubes Radiatori, Undefasa, Unicer, Unicom Starker, Urbatek, Uşak Seramik, Valdama, Vallelunga, Vasco
Radiatori, Venis, Venus Ceramica, VetroVivo, Victoria + Albert, Vidrepur, Villeroy & Boch, Villeroy & Boch Tiles,
Vismaravetro, Vitrex, Vitrogres, Viva, Vives, Vizavi, Yüksel Seramik, Yurtbay Seramik, Zaniolo Pavimenti, Zorka.
Add your brand on Tilelook FREE
Design your rooms in 3D with Tilelook PRO
Tilelook PRO is a complete and user friendly
3D rendering software for Interiors.
A professional tool to increase your sales,
that you pay as you go.
You can login from any PCs,
both Windows and Mac
Print your project with renders,
blueprints, tile layouts, product
Access the complete online
library and add your own
brands and products
Import drawings and 3D
models from SketchUp and
other software
Photo-realistic renders and
360° panoramic views in only
few minutes
Includes: support, tutorial
videos, software and library
Subscription: 23 €/month - 230 €/year
Buy Tilelook as a gift for your affiliates
Accounts easy to manage
Every user can access the program directly online with email and password, there’s no need
to send DVDs or codes. You can verify the use of each account at any time and activate or
deactivate them
Custom product library
Choose from the Tilelook library the brands to make available for your affiliates. Each new
product uploaded is immediately visible to all your users
Share projects in team
Any project can be shared, downloaded and modified by your users. A great way to improve
the team work and the design quality
Dedicated training course
We organise training courses for your company to make your users productive from the very
start. Courses last 4 hours and can be both online or on-site.
Buy more accounts, get more discount
10 accounts
1.800 €/year
20 accounts
3.200 €/year
50 accounts
7.000 €/year
A custom version of Tilelook on your website
Design Area is a custom version of Tilelook
open to everyone on your company website.
A great marketing solution to get new leads
and photo-realistic projects with your products.
Custom mini-website
with introduction video where
users register to the service
for free
Tilelook FREE software
with custom product library,
rendering and project print
Reports with subscriber data,
project renders and service
Support for the communication
of the service with new designs
and newsletters
Numero utenti illimitato ad un prezzo flat
3.400 €/year all inclusive
Want some nice designs? Tilelook will do them for you!
Send us this info:
Tilelook will deliver:
A photo of the room or any
picture taken from catalogues
2 photo-realistic renders of your
room in FULL-HD
A sketch drawing with your room
dimensions, doors and windows
position, and notes
PDF with 2D drawings, tile layouts
and product quantities
List of products to include, that
you can choose from
3D file of your project that you can
open and edit on Tilelook
39 €/room - delivery in 4 days
Change coverings with a click
Tilelook visualizer is a custom room configurator
that you can use on your website and any
touch-screen device. The perfect tool to
immediately capture customer attention with
different solutions and product combinations.
Custom mini-website
with your logo and colours,
accessible from any tablet or
smartphone (iOS and Android)
Your room scenes made dynamic
send us your photos, we will make
them customizable in every surface!
250 €/scene
Custom tile library
with your products that users can
place in the scene to obtain any
possible combination
Tile layout options
with just one click you get straight,
rotated or brick wall patterns and
you can choose the grout colour
and thickness
4.900 €/year - 4 scenes included
Tilelook is registered trade mark by Tecnobit S.r.l
Via B. Sacchi, 9 - 36061 Bassano d. G. (VI) - Italy
Phone 0424.56.85.34 - [email protected]
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