Programma Svolto Classe 2 C Scienze Applicate Anno scolastico



Programma Svolto Classe 2 C Scienze Applicate Anno scolastico
Programma Svolto Classe 2 C Scienze Applicate Anno scolastico 204-15
Libro di Testo Network Intermediate B2 – P. Radley – OUP
Grammar: Top Grammar – ed. Helbling
Insegnante Riccardo Cannizzo
Unit 1 Well-being – Talking about health, Giving and taking advice – Talking about obligation and
permission – Grammar: should, ought to, had better – Advice make, let
Unit 2 Move it! – Talking about keeping fit – experiences – Grammar: Revision Present Perfect –
ever, never, just, already, not yet, yet, still – Present perfect – for, since
Unit 3 The world around us – Talking about geographical location – Describing people, places and
things – Giving extra information – Grammar: Non-defining relative clauses – Defining
relative clauses
Unit 4 Getting on with people – Discussing relationships – Talking about hypothetical conditions,
making wishes – Grammar: 2nd conditional wish+ past simple – too+ adjective – not –
enough – Present continuous + always – wish+ would
Unit 5 Don’t panic! Discussing fears and phobias – Talking about past habits – Talking aboput your
appearance. Grammar: Used to – past habits, have/get something done, reflexive and
reciprocal pronouns, compounds of some, any, every, no.
Unit 6 The cinema – Discussing films – Talking about unfinished actions – Making deductions.
Grammar: Present Perfect Continuous – for, since, Pres. Perf. Simpl. And cont. – Modali
Must, could/might, can’t – deduction – Reply questions.
Unit 7 Describe it! – Describing everyday objects – Talking about news and events.
Grammar: The passive form – Present simple – Past simple – Present Perfect (passive) –
from Top Grammar, tute le forme del passive. - Dimension
Unit 8 Celebrate! – Organizing an event – Describing past events, Talking about past continuous.
Grammar: Past perfect (had+p.p), 3rd conditional – Wish + past perfect, should, shouldn’t
have done.
Unit 9 Read it! – Discussing reading habits – Reporting statements, reporting questions.
Grammar: Indirect speech- Statements, say and tell – Indirect speech (2) Questions.
Nello svolgimento delle varie unità didattiche si sono svolte attività di listening, Dialogues,
Reading: letture tratte dal testo inerenti alle varie Unità didattiche e presenti nella lista dei contenuti.
Dal libro di grammatica in adozione sono stati approfonditi tutti quegli argomenti di grammatica
presenti nelle varie unità didattiche con relativi esercizi.
Attività per le vacanze estive – Ripasso delle varie unità didattiche e dal libro di grammatica.
Letture guidate – Beowulf Ed. Black Cat – a scelta: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – R. L. Stevenson. Ed Oxford
University Press stage 4 – Frankenstein – Mary Shelley – ed. Oxford U.P. stage 3.
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