City of Wilder



City of Wilder
Wilder Economic Development Council
Wilder, Idaho 83676
David Lincoln Chair 208-899-7072
Julie Marlatt Co-Chair 208-412-9809
Wednesday, June 26, 2013
12:00 NOON
COSSA (109 Penny Lane, Wilder, ID)
Chairman Dave Lincoln called the meeting to order at: 12:03 P.M.
A motion was made to approve the agenda.
Motion by: Michael McGarvin
Second by: Lori Church
Motion carried.
A motion was made to approve the May 2013 minutes.
Motion by: Michael McGarvin
Second by: Lori Church
Motion carried.
Brian Smith of JUB and Keith of CTI Foods were in attendance.
Membership Dues- Financial Report – Connie Tolmie reports a
balance of: Beginning balance of $15,783.35 and ending balance of
Entrance Signs – David Lincoln submitted our proposal to the Wilder
Farm Labor Sponsoring Committee requesting $16,000.00. They accepted and
donated $18,000.00 for three entrance signs. Suggested we bring Dan Dixon
on board to finalize the placement. Michael McGarvin has the information
from ITD and others to proceed with the permit process. Helen Noe has the
approval of the Wilder Farm Labor board to proceed with her design.
Safe Routes to School- Brian Smith of JUB reports that the contractor
is close to wrapping up this phase. Some delays due to weather but they
are working hard to meet the schedule. Some work on 1st Street is
finishing up and the painting of the sidewalks will be completed.
Downtown Redevelopment - Brian Smith of JUB reports that the
contractor should finish the storm drains by 6/27/13. They will be back
on site 7/8/13 to finish electrical, curbs and gutters starting on the north
side first. Hope to finish by 9/1/13. Lori Church has some new
information on purchasing banners and lamp post plaques. David
Lincoln reports that CTI Foods will purchase two more lamp posts if
necessary and they graciously donated $500.00 to sponsor the 4th of
July Parade.
a. Business Recruitment –David Lincoln reports that a new
possible business is now looking at Marsing as well. Tina Wilson
is still in contact with them and they are looking for financial
support. David reports that Cecil Burnett has painted his
b. Review of Strategic Plan-
Business Promotion Drawing - David Lincoln reports that the
Western Canyon Chronicle has still not done the story on Joe's
Quality Painting so we will hold off again.
REPORTS (time permitting)
A. COSSA-Harold Nevill-reports that summer school is winding down and evening
classes will start up again in mid July. Full time classes start August 15. They are looking
at starting a mentorship program and looking for ideas.
B. Wilder School District-Jeff Dillon-was not present.
C. Wilder Library District-Carol Culver-reports that their yard sale raised $1600.00 for
the library fund. Introduced Alice Reyes as the Chairman of Friends of the Library. They
will be having an auction and bake sale at the park on the 4th of July.
D. Planning and Zoning-Lupe Garia-no report
E. Western Alliance-Tina Wilson reports that the group has restructured and the Idaho
Department of Commerce is funding them for three years with Owyhee County being
their fiscal sponsor. Now that they are working as a stand alone entity, an audit returned
$17,000.00 to the group. Has had two grants funded one being the Sunny Slope Wine
Trail and the other a GEM grant funded by the Department of Commerce, ITD and
Nunhems for construction of a safer intersection at Hwy. 95 and Anderson Corner.
F. Head Start-Dalia Cortex/Aymee Michels no report
G. City of Wilder-Mayor Bechtel reports that we should honor the death of Mayor Fink of
Homedale. He, Lori Church and Dr. Neville are working on a Blue Cross grant to fund
more sidewalk work.
H. Wilder Housing Authority-David Lincoln reports they have started a 4-H program for
any children 3rd grade-6th grade with 25 students already participating. The program is
based on horticulture and the U of I is supporting the program with three staff members
overseeing projects.
I. Wilder Food Pantry-Heidi Addington Mayor Bechtel reports that Heidi was
hospitalized for intestinal problems and is recovering.
J. Golden Gate Highway District-Rich Girard reports they are working on Matthews,
Rodeo, Peckham to the state line, then Peckham to Notus Rd. Funding is necessary to
provide satisfactory maintenance. David Lincoln adds he attended a Transportation
Alliance meeting regarding highway funding. There has been no increase since 1996 and
they have added 4000 miles of roadways since. They are proposing a 1% sales tax
increase for five years to cover the deficit.
K. Wilder Fire District-Dee Enrico-Steve Rhodes reports that the Fire Fighters Golf
Tournament may be cancelled due to lack of participation. They purchased $4175.00
worth of fireworks and we all need to support donation efforts to replenish the fund. They
have issued a couple of building permits along with issuing final occupancy for Valley
A. Next WEDC Meeting – July 24 2013 – Location - COSSA
B. Comments or suggestions-Annual picnic at the McGarvin's on
September 7, 2013, time to be determined.

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