ITA 2030C - St. John`s University


ITA 2030C - St. John`s University
Fall 2013
Intermediate Italian III 2030 Independent Study
Date and time TBA
Email: [email protected]
Cell phone: 338/9367106
Prerequisites: ITA 1020 or ITA 1000 or at the discretion of the Chair.
Credit: 3 Semester hours
Bulletin description: This course reviews the basic skills learned in Italian I and II and
continues building oral and written proficiency with more intensive reading and conversation within
the context of Italian culture
Textbook: Prego 8th edition
Course Goals: Italian 2030 is a lower-intermediate course whose goal is to develop
oral communication, listening, reading and writing skills. Students will also work on
increasing their vocabulary and improving their grasp of grammatical structures.
Frequently used vocabulary will be emphasized as a tool for effective communication. All
class discussion is in Italian.
Learning Outcomes: Students will be engaged in the acquisition of Italian, that is the ability
to communicate with educated native speakers of the language on a variety of topics.
At the conclusion of this course, students will demonstrate the following competencies
and knowledge bases:
- understand native speakers in daily life situations;
- acquire a working knowledge of phonetics in order to improve pronunciation
and listening;
- read and understand texts of an intermediate level;
- write in Italian texts of intermediate complexity using correct grammatical
Assessments: Students are assessed in the following ways:
Daily contributions to class discussions of reading assignments. (10%)
Quizzes and Exams (80%) covering:
vocabulary of assigned readings.
grammar relating to assigned readings.
content of assigned readings.
comprehension of texts not previously read or studied.
written essays pertaining to assigned texts.
Units of Instruction: (14 weeks)
1. Chapter 13: condizionale presente, dovere potere e volere al condizionale, condizionale
passato, pronomi possessivi.
2. Chapter 14: pronomi relativi, Chi?, costruzioni con l’infinito, nomi e aggettivi in –a.
3. Chapter 15: passato remoto, numeri ordinali, volerci v. metterci.
4. Chapter 16: congiuntivo presente, verbi ed espressioni che richiedono il congiuntivo,
congiuntivo passato.
5. Chapter 17: congiunzioni che richiedono il congiuntivo, altri usi del congiuntivo,
congiuntivo o infinito?
6. Chapter 18: imperfetto del congiuntivo, trapassato del congiuntivo, correlazione dei tempi
nel congiuntivo.
** Dates of quizzes to be announced
Oral and written Midterm exam will take place during the week of Feb. 25.
Oral and Final exam will take place during the week of April 30.
This schedule is subject to change!!!!!!!!!!

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