Cocktails Bread



Cocktails Bread
Aperol or Campari Spritz Prosecco, Aperol or Campari
Americano Campari, Martini Rosso, soda water
Basilico Limoncello, vodka, basil, lemon juice
Espresso Martini Vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso
Fruit Bellini Prosecco with a choice of peach, lychee or strawberry purée
Hugo Prosecco, elderflower, soda water, lime juice, mint
Isabella Gin, Aperol, Cointreau, limonata, citrus fruits
La Dolce Vita Vodka, prosecco, honey, orange bitters, grapes
Moscato Fresco Moscato D’Asti, elderflower, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, Angostura bitters
Negroni Campari, Martini Rosso, gin
Negroni Sbagliato Prosecco, Campari, Martini Rosso
Passione Citron vodka, Aperol, white peach purée, prosecco, lemon juice
Sicilian Ice Tea Sicilian syrah, earl grey tea, agave, raspberries
Prosecco, vodka, lemon sorbet, lemon zest
Stiletto Maker’s Mark, Amaretto, cranberry juice, lime juice
Valentina Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, cranberry juice, pink pepper, strawberry liqueur, strawberries,
balsamic vinegar
Vecchio Frack Maker’s Mark, dry vermouth, Campari
Pizza Bianca 5
With rosemary, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt
Pizza Bianca con pomodori Datterini 6
With Datterini tomatoes,
extra virgin olive oil and sea salt
Freshly baked bread basket 3.5
Pesti 2
Homemade pesto choose basil or
sun-dried tomato
Il tagliere 16
Tasting board with prosciutto crudo di
Parma DOP, Soppressata Calabrese
DOP, soft and medium-hard buffalo
cheeses, Sicilian caponata and crostini
with n’duja di Spilinga
(spicy spreadable salami).
Starter for 2 people
La gran degustazione 28
The Obicà grand tasting experience with
classic mozzarella or smoked mozzarella
served with burrata, a selection of cured
meats, Sicilian caponata and our own
basil and sun-dried tomato pestos.
Vegetarian platter available on request.
Perfect as a starter for 4 people or
a main course for 2 people to share
Mozzarella bar
The fresher the mozzarella, the better it tastes. Our handmade DOP
(Protected Origin Denomination) mozzarella di bufala Campana travels
from our farms in Italy to your plate in less than 48 hours.
Choose your mozzarella and pair it with a selection of our small plates.
Bufala classica 6
di burrata 7
Deliciously creamy
di burrata al tartufo 9
With black truffle shavings
Bufala affumicata 6
Grande mozzarella di bufala 1kg 38
A generous ball of classic mozzarella
di bufala served with basil pesto,
sun-dried tomato pesto and focaccia.
Perfect to share
Bocconcini di mozzarella di bufala 7
Five bite size balls of classic mozzarella
Ricottino di bufala 6
Creamy and slightly sweet to taste
Small plates
Choose a selection of small plates to start or as an accompaniment to your mozzarella di bufala.
v Pomodori Datterini e pesto di basilico 5
Datterini tomatoes with basil pesto
Prosciutto cotto alla brace 5
Charcoal roasted ham
v Carciofi grigliati sott’olio 6
Grilled artichokes in olive oil
Prosciutto crudo di Parma DOP 5
Cured for 20 months
v Verdure grigliate e pesto di basilico 7
Grilled vegetables and homemade
basil pesto
Bresaola della Valtellina IGP 6
Air-dried aged beef rump
Soppressata Calabrese DOP 5
Spicy dry salami
v Caponata alla Siciliana 6
A typical Sicilian dish with aubergine,
pine nuts, almonds, raisins,
capers and vinegar
Capocollo di Martina Franca 7
Cured for 6 months
v Duo di Caprese 6
A tower of mozzarella di bufala, tomatoes
and homemade basil pesto
Speck del Trentino Alto Adige 6
Cured for 6 months
A mini glass of La Motticella organic
tomato soup, stracciatella and basil
Salame Felino 5
Crostini n’duja e stracciatella 5
N’duja and stracciatella di burrata
Al forno
Sformatino di patate con speck
e casatica di bufala 5
Baked potato puree, speck and
casatica di bufala
Crostini con verdure grigliate e basilico 5
Roasted winter vegetables and fresh basil
Crostini con speck e blu di bufala 5
Speck and blu di bufala
v La Caprese di Obicà 11
Mozzarella di bufala, tomatoes and fresh basil
Pollo, misticanza e parmigiano 13
Grilled chicken breast with seasonal leaves,
Datterini tomatoes, olives, parmesan shavings,
caper dressing and croutons
v Verdure di stagione 10.5
Add grilled herb marinated chicken 4
Roasted winter vegetables, mixed salad leaves
and parmesan shavings
v Blu di bufala, indivia, pera e miele 12.5
Blu di bufala with white endive, rocket, pear,
acacia honey and walnuts served with pane
carasau Sardinian flat bread
Capocollo Martina Franca,
arancia e finocchio 13
Cured pork with fennel, baby lamb’s lettuce,
rocket, radishes, orange, toasted almonds, and
an orange dressing. Served with crostini
Obic à signature dish
Add mozzarella
Mozzarella di bufala 3 or burrata 3.5
Vegetarian dish
v La zuppa di pomodoro di Obicà 9
La Motticella organic tomato soup with fresh
basil, burrata and croutons (served chilled or hot)
v Zuppa di zucca 8
Pumpkin soup with pecorino shavings and
crushed amaretti biscuits
Zuppa Toscana 9.5
Soup made with cannellini beans, cavolo nero,
crispy prosciutto, croutons and
shavings of parmesan
v Crema di spinaci 8.5
Spinach soup with diced Jerusalem artichoke,
pearl barley, stracciatella di burrata
served with crostini
Our fresh pasta dishes are supplemented by a selection of recipes that use Gragnano IGP,
a dried pasta crafted in Italy using a four-century old method handed down through generations.
v Schiaffoni alla Sorrentina 12
Large pasta tubes from Gragnano with organic
tomatoes and mozzarella di bufala
Penne integrali al ragù di vegetali 13
Whole wheat pasta from Gragnano
with a vegetable ragù and
mozzarella di bufala
v Spaghettoni cacio e pepe 10
Spaghettoni from Gragnano with pecorino
Romano DOP and black pepper
Gnocchi di patate con crema
di cusiè di castagno 13
Gnocchi served with creamy cusiè
cheese sauce and toasted
chestnut crumbs
Pappardelle con ragù di salsiccia Toscana 13
Fresh thick ribbons of pasta served with
a Tuscan sausage ragù
Lasagna 12.5
Homemade beef ragù lasagne made with
mozzarella di bufala
v Parmigiana di melanzane 13
Grilled aubergine, organic
tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala
and parmesan
Branzino e mascarpone ravioli 14
Seabass and mascarpone filled ravioli,
white wine sauce, Datterini tomatoes, black
olives, parsley and lemon zest
Our pizzas are prepared with PETRA flour, stone ground from the finest Italian soft wheat.
The dough is left to rise for at least 48 hours, giving it a unique lightness and taste.
v La margherita di Obicà 11
Add burrata 2
Organic tomatoes, mozzarella
di bufala and fresh basil
N’duja e burrata 14
N’duja spicy spreadable salami with burrata,
organic tomatoes and fresh basil
v Verdure grigliate 12.5
Grilled aubergine, courgette, roasted Datterini
tomatoes, smoked mozzarella di bufala
and fresh parsley
Bresaola 13.5
Cured beef, mozzarella di bufala, Datterini
tomatoes, rocket and Parmesan shavings
Prosciutto cotto alla brace 14.5
Charcoal roasted ham, grilled artichokes, organic
tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, olives and oregano
Salsiccia Toscana e blu di bufala 13.5
Tuscan sausage, blu di bufala with organic and
Datterini tomatoes
Speck 14
Speck, organic tomatoes, blu di bufala,
mozzarella di bufala, portobello
mushrooms and rocket
Prosciutto crudo 13.5
Prosciutto crudo di Parma DOP, mozzarella
di bufala, organic tomatoes and rocket
Torta Caprese 5.5
Warm chocolate & almond cake served
with fior di latte ice cream
Panna cotta all’Amaretto 6
Made using amaretto liqueur,
orange zest and amaretti biscuits
Torta di ricotta di bufala e pere 6
Light ricotta di bufala & pear cheesecake
Degustazione di dolci 7
A trio of Obicà dessert tasters: tiramisù, buffalo
ricotta & pear cheesecake and torta Caprese
Tiramisù 5.5
Our traditional Italian recipe
Torta di mozzarella di bufala 6.5
Mozzarella di bufala cheesecake served
with seasonal fruit compote
We don’t use any garlic or onions. If you have any food allergies please ask your waiter to advise you. VAT is charged
at the current rate. A discretionary service charge of 12.5% will be added to your bill.

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