The European Network ESEP-N and the Energy Center in Turin



The European Network ESEP-N and the Energy Center in Turin
Press release
International seminar in Turin today:
“The European Network ESEP-N and the Energy Center in Turin”
Debating on national and European energy policies in future years
Turin, 27th October 2014 – “The European Network ESEP-N and the Energy Center in Turin” seminar was held in
Turin’s Castello del Valentino today; taking part were several persons and organizations in the national energy sector.
The meeting was promoted by the Compagnia di San Paolo and by Italiadecide, an association for the quality of public
policies, for encouraging debates on possible strategies and scenarios leading to national energy policies which
adequately meet European needs and new market challenges.
The new European Commission Chair Jean-Claude Juncker presented the programme for the next five years,
prioritising reform and reorganisation of European energy policies for a European Energy Union, with particular focus
on climate change. Nationally, in Turin, the City, Regione Piemonte, the Politecnico, the University and the Compagnia
di San Paolo, in collaboration with other national stakeholders, the aim is to invest approximately €20 million in setting
up an Energy Center, a place where research, production and utilities can blend together for the benefit of common
interests. The Centre intends to become a reference for collating national competencies and interests that can talk to
Europe from a privileged position; a scientific/technological, physical and at the same time virtual location which
makes it possible to synthesize research, innovation, production, education and spin-offs towards firms, especially PMI
innovative ones and public administrations.
During the workshop, the Politecnico di Torino signed agreements with the Management of the Institute for Energy and
Transport of the European Union: regarding scientific collaboration about European energy policies, particularly energy
safety, and the flow of workers from the European Union. Training particularly involves doctorate courses: PhD
students chosen by the Commission or by the Politecnico will be able to take a joint research course and the
Commission’s scientific officers who scientifically support European energy policies will be able to take a PhD course
at the Politecnico of Turin.
Workshop participants:
Welcoming speeches
Piero Fassino, Mayor of Turin
Giuseppina De Santis, Councillor for Productive Activities, Energy, Innovation, Research and for relations with universities and
public and private Research Centres, Relationships with regionally-participated firms - Regione Piemonte
Gianmaria Ajani, Dean of the University of Turin
Guido Bortoni, Chair of the Authority for electric energy, gas and water
Marco Gilli, Dean of the Politecnico of Turin
Opening of sessions
Videomessage from Claudio De Vincenti, Vice Minister for Economic Development
Marco Mezzalama, Vice chair of the Compagnia di San Paolo
Luciano Violante, Chair of italiadecide,
Jan Panek, Principal Adviser to the Director General, DG Energy, European Commission
Giovanni De Santi, Director of the Institute for Energy and Transport, Joint Research Centre, European Commission
Paolo De Ioanna, State Councillor, Energy Observatory italiadecide
Luigi De Francisci, Head of Regulatory, Commercial and Network planning Terna S.p.A.
Francesco Giorgianni, Senior Vice President ENEL S.p.A.
Rosanna Fusco, Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Department, Vice President Environment & Technical Audit, ENI S.p.A.
Gianfranco Presutti, Area Manager, manager ad interim of Servizio Fondi Europei, Innovazione e Sviluppo Economico - Torino
Valeria Termini, Chair of the Authority for electric energy, gas and water, Vicechair of CEER; University of Roma Tre
Giuseppe Zollino, Chair of SOGIN S.p.A.; University of Padua
Marco Mezzalama, Vice chair of the Compagnia di San Paolo
Francesco Profumo, Chair of IREN S.p.A., Politecnico di Torino
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