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irene fattacciu - Scuola di Dottorato in Scienze Umane e Sociali
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DATE OF BIRTH: 15/12/1980
University of Turin, Turin
PhD in Social and Political Change
Nov 2014 – Present
University of Turin, Turin
Sept 2014 – Dec 2014
Assistant in the co-ordination of an Horizon Application, Culture Politics and Society Department.
MAIN DUTIES: Assistance in preparing the Horizon 2020 application and in coordinating the Network
(“Europe as a Global Actor” 2014/15 call, The cultural, scientific and social dimension of EU-LAC
relations); Project Website curator.
University of Turin, Turin
Jul 2013 – Jun 2014
Research Fellow (assegnista di ricerca) at the Culture Politics and Society Department. In the framework of
the Project “Race in Citizenship in the Atlantic World, 18th and 19th centuries” directed by prof. F. Morelli
and funded through the UniTO-CSP Partnership by the Compagnia San Paolo.
MAIN DUTIES: Secondary Literature Survey; Archival research; Preparation of applications for further
funding; Dissemination activities.
Colegio de Mexico (ColMex), Mexico City
Visiting Fellow at the Centro de Estudios Historicos
March 2014
European University Institute, Florence
Jan 2012 – Jun 2013
Postdoc as Vasco da Gama Fellow at the History and Civilization Department.
MAIN DUTIES: Research activity; Europe and the World Forum Team; Responsible for creating the new
Project Website (; Teaching PhD Research Seminar.
European University Institute, Florence
2007- 2011
Ph.D. at the History and Civilization Department. Supervisor: Bartolomé Yun-Casalilla
THESIS TITLE: “Across the Atlantic: Chocolate consumption, imperial political economies and the making
of a Spanish imaginary (1700-1800)”. Examiners: Luca Molá, William G. Clarence Smith, Giovanni
Levi. Discussed on April 19th, 2011 and suggested for publication after minor revisions.
European University Institute, Florence
Master of Research at the History and Civilization Department
2006 – 2007
University of Florence, Florence
1999 – 2005
Laurea with distinction (“110 e lode”), Modern Languages and Literatures (Spanish and English. Majors:
History of the Americas and Intercultural Studies). Supervisor: Alessandra Lorini.
THESIS TITLE: “National Identity, Race and Gender Representations: the Experience of the Cuban
Teachers at Harvard in 1900”.
Brown University, Providence (US)
Fall 2004
Visiting Fellow at the History Department.
MAIN ACTIVITIES: Participation in the Department activities; secondary literature survey and archival
research at the James Carter Library (Providence), Harvard University Archive (Boston), New York
Library (New York) and Library of Congress (Washington).
English: C1 (understanding, speaking, writing);
Spanish: C1 (understanding, speaking, writing);
French: B2 understanding; A1 spoken production;
Portuguese: B2 understanding; A1 spoken production.
Wordpress, HTML writing. CAT tools: Trados 7.0 Freelance edition, Wordfast, Otis Trans, Catalyst,
Across, learning SDL.
2015: Grant for the Organization of Scientific Meetings awarded by the Fondazione Ricerca e Talenti (CRT),
Turin (6-researchers team).
2015: ‘Fondi per la Ricerca Locale 2014 – Linea B’ (funding for research missions, costs ecc.), University of
Turin (4-researchers team)
2014 – 2016 : Two years Nordic Council Grant for the Organization of a series of Exploratory Workshops (MIRA
Research Group).
2014: Course on ‘Research Public Funding: How to prepare and manage successful projects’ at the University of
2011 – 2012 : Received as part of the MIRA Research Group funding by the University of Trondheim (Norway)
to organize Workshops and to finance an international Publication.
2006-2011: Salvador de Madariaga awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education for research missions in
Spanish Archives.
Fall 2004: Brown University Fellowship, awarded in the framework of the Brown University – University of
Florence Exchange.
2003: Scholarship to participate in the Summer School America, Americhe, awarded by the Società Italiana delle
Storiche (SIS), Siena.
2000-2005: Annual scholarships of the Ministry of Education for high grade students, University level.
Race, gender and nationalism between Europe and the Americas since the 19th century.
Circulation of goods, people and ideas (in particular exotic staples) between Europe, Africa and the Spanish
colonies (17th - 19th century), political economy of consumption.
History and Sociology of Consumption with a focus on forms of globalization, cultural exchange and
sustainability in a diachronic perspective.
2014 – Present : Part of the interdisciplinary Research Group InteRGRace (Interdisciplinary/Intersectional
Research Group on Race and Racisms, )
2011 – Present : Co-founder and part of the MIRA Research Group, an international research group of five early
2010 – Present : Part of Nuevos Productos Atldnticos, Ciencia, Guerra, Economia y Consumo en la Espana del
Antiguo Regimen. 1492-1824, a 4-year project financed by the Junta de Andalucía and the European Union,
coordinated by prof. B. Yun-Casalilla ( )
2013 – 2014 : Part of the interdisciplinary Research Project Cittadinanze / Citizenships of the Campus Einaudi,
University of Turin ( ).
University of Minnesota, Florence
2011 – 2013
Lecturer of “History and Sociology of Consumption” and “The Making of Modern Europe: Italian History
from Garibaldi to Berlusconi” (in English)
European University Institute, Florence
Fall 2012
Leading PhD Research Seminar “Slavery and Empires, 15th to 19th century” with prof. Jorge Flores.
Lorenzo de Medici/Marist College, Florence
2006 – 2010
Lecturer of “Atlantic Crossings” and “Women’s History in a Global Perspective” (in English)
University of Florence-Boston College Exchange, Florence
2005 – 2006
Lecturer of “Atlantic Crossings: Images of Italy in America, Images of America in Italy” (in English)
Chapters and Articles:
‘The Resilience and Boomerang Effect of Chocolate: A Product's Globalization and Commodification’ in B.
Yun Casalilla, B. Aram Worzella ed., American Products in the Spanish Empire. Globalization, Resistance and
Diversity,1492-1824. (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).
‘7 April 1917: Central America, the Caribbean and the First World War’ in A. Sharp (ed.), 28 June. Sarajevo
1914 – Versailles 1919: The War and Peace that changed the Modern World (London: Haus Publishing, 2014)
‘Atlantic Politics and Strategies of Commercialization: The role of Bourbon reformism in the diffusion of
chocolate, 18th century’, in G. Entin, A.E. Gomez, F. Morelli, C. Thibaud eds., L' Atlantique revolutionnaire.
Une perspective ibero-americain (Paris: Editions Les Perseides, 2013).
‘Exotic Products, Luxury and New Forms of Sociability: Changing Patterns of Consumption in 18th Century
Madrid’ in V. Hyden-Hanscho, R. Pieper, W. Stangler, Cultural Exchange and Consumption Patterns in the
Age of Enlightenment. Europe and the Atlantic World (Bochum: Verlag Dr. Dieter Winkler, 2013), pp. 169-188.
‘Atlantic history and Spanish consumer goods in the 18th century: the assimilation of exotic drinks and the
fragmentation of European identities’ in Nuevo Mundo Mundos Nuevos (February 2012)
‘Gremios y evolución de las pautas de consumo en el siglo XVIII: la industria artesanal del chocolate’ in D.
Muñoz Navarro ed., Comprar, Vender y Consumir. Nuevas aportaciones a la Historia del Consumo en la
España Moderna (Publicacions Universitat de Valencia, April 2011), pp. 157-177.
‘Il corpo della madre schiava, i corpi dei figli. Forme di resistenza alla schiavitù nell’America del XIX secolo’
in Storia delle Donne, «Schiave» (5/2009), pp. 167-185.
‘Cuba and Fernando Poo in the 19th century’ in A. Lorini (ed.), Cuba in the World, the World in Cuba (Firenze
University Press, 2009), pp. 39-51.
‘Cacao, from an exotic curiosity to a Spanish commodity: the diffusion of new patterns of consumption in 18th
century Spain’, in Food and History, Brepols Publishers (special edition, 2009), pp. 53-78.
‘Alexis E. Frye y la experiencia de los maestros Cubanos en Harvard en el 1900’ in A. Lorini ed., An intimate
and contested relation: the United States and Cuba in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (essays in English
and Spanish), (Firenze University Press, February 2006), pp. 80-102.
2015: Organizing Committee of the Conference Turin and elsewhere. Cross-disciplinary debates on urban
transformations and dynamics financed by the Fondazione Ricerca e Talenti (CRT), Turin
2015: Organizing Committee of the Conference Spices and Stockings - Cultures of Consumption in the Periphery
1600-1850 (Uppsala, Sweeden), organized within the framework of the Nordic Research Councils for the
Humanities and the Social Sciences NOS-HS 2014/2015 Grant for Explorative Workshop.
2014: Organizing Committee of the X Simposio della Conflittualità Sociale, organized by the review Zapruder
and the Association Storie in Movimento.
2012 : Roundtable From Old to New Forms of Slavery jointly with the "Gender, race and sexuality" Working
Group of the Robert Schuman Center (EUI, Florence).
2007 : Collaborated with prof. A. Lorini (prof, of History of the Americas, Univ. of Florence) and the CSIC
(Madrid) to the organization of the International Workshop Cuba, a Strategic Island: New Perspectives on
History, Politics and Culture, held at the Dipartimento di Studi Storici e Geografici, the University of Florence.
2006 : Collaborated with prof. A. Lorini to the organization of the International Conference Global Migrants,
Global Diasporas, held at the University of Florence.
2004 : Collaborated with prof. A. Lorini to the organization of the International Workshop on a Doctoral program
in "Globalisation Studies", held at the Centro Studi CISL, Florence.
2015: 40th Social History Society Conference at Lancaster University, Portsmouth (UK)
2015: Invited lecture at the University of Milan, Department of Scienze della mediazione linguistica e di studi
interculturali, invited by prof. M. Benzoni, Milan
2015: Invited lecture at the Università degli Studi di Scienze Gastronomiche, invited by prof. M. Cinotto,
2015: Seminar Culture del consumo, reti commerciali, globalizzazione organized by prof. Paolo Capuzzo at the
University of Bologna
2014: Workshop Cittadinanze, organized by the Scuola di Scienze Giuridiche, Politiche ed Economico‐Sociali,
University of Turin, Turin.
2014: Conference Les Libres De Couleur Dans L'espace Atlantique, Atelier n°3 of the STARACO project
(STAtuts, “Race” et COuleurs dans le monde atlantique de l'Antiquité à nos jours), University of Nantes.
2013: Paper accepted at the AISU (Associazione Italiana di Storia Urbana) Conference, Catania.
2012: Scales and Cases, Workshop organized in honour of prof. Jacques Revel (EHESS, Paris), European
University Institute, Florence.
2012: Roundtable From Old to New Forms of Slavery, organized jointly with the “Gender, race and sexuality"
Working Group del Robert Schuman Center (European University Institute, Florence).
2012: Simposio di Storia della conflittualità sociale, organized by StorieInMovimento and Zap-Ruder,
2012: Epistemic Exchange in the Early Modern World. European and non-Europeans in Dialogue: Research
Perspectives, organized by John Hopkins University and European University Institute, Florence
2012: The Portuguese Empire and the Early Modern World: Emerging Work and Recent Trends in
Historiography, organized by Vasco da Gama Chair / Europe in the World Forum and Centro de História de
Além-Mar (CHAM), Florence
2011: 13th International Congress for Eighteenth Century Studies, organized by International Society for
Eighteenth-Century Studies and University of Graz, Graz
2010: Approaching and Dividing Cultures: New Goods Between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, 1492-1824,
Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville.
2010: Globalization and De-Globalization. Trans-national perspectives of Europe in World History, Department
of History of Princeton University and the European University Institute and the Global Governance Programme
(RSCAS), Florence.
2010: The History of Cocoa and Chocolate, University of Cologne and Chocolate Museum Cologne, Cologne.
2010: Les Empires Du Monde Atlantique En Révolution. Une perspective transnationale (1763-1865), École des
Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris.
2010: XI Reunión de la Fundación Española De Historia Moderna, Granada.
2010: Atlantic History e relazioni transatlantiche tra età moderna e contemporanea, University of Turin,
CISPEA and Fondazione Einaudi, Turin.
2009: Trans-Atlantic and European Social Networks in a Comparative Perspective, 16th-19th centuries,
University of Florence, Florence.
2008: Chiles, Chocolate and Tomatoes: Global Cultures of Food After Columbus, Warwick University and
University of Padua, Venice.
2007: Cuba, a Strategic Island: New Perspectives on History, Politics and Culture, University of Florence,
2007: Métodos, teorías y nuevas líneas de investigación histórica, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville.
2006: Annual conference of the OAH (Organization of American Historians) Our Americas/Nuestra Americas,
Wordtree agency, Florence
Freelance Translator and Correction Service (Spanish and English)
MOUSEION Professors Limited, London UK
September 2011 – Present
Jul – Dec 2013
Prof. Richard Jobs, Visiting Professor at the EUI
Prof. Bartolomé Yun-Casalilla, EUI Professor
Prof. A. Lorini, University of Florence
Collaboration as Conference and Research Assistant:
European University Institute
Occasional part time collaborations with the Academic Service:
Sept. – Nov. 2011
Nov. 2010 – May 2011
Aug 2004, Nov 2007, Jan – Jun 2010
Boston College, Massachussets (US)
Sept 2005 – Aug 2006
On-site Coordinator for the Boston College/University of Florence Exchange Program
Lorenzo de Medici Institute, Florence
Admission Officer
Aug – Dec 2005
Maternity Leave:
March 2011 – Oct 2008
May 2011 – Dec 2011