Piotr Zlotorowicz Polonia/2012/15`1


Piotr Zlotorowicz Polonia/2012/15`1
Wiosna Lato Jesen
(Spring Summer
Piotr Zlotorowicz
Cast & credits
Produzione Polish National
Film School Lodz.
Sceneggiatura: Piotr
montaggio:Barbara Fronc
A story about Amish family who years
before had settled in a foreign land. Guided
by the singular and attentive regard of the
director, we share a brief moment of their
life. The delicate photography shows us
characters in an authentic relationship with
nature and god.
Ludzie Normalni
(Normal People)
Piotr Złotorowicz
Polonia / 2011/ 24' 51"
Sceneggiatura: Piotr
Zlotorowicz ;montaggio Ola
Gowin e Justyna
Król Con: Piotr Głowacki,
Maria Gładkowska, Ewa
Szykulska, Mariusz Jakus,
Jerzy Matula, Piotr Bułka,
Bartłomiej Nowosielski
Daniel Misiewicz Martyna
George Orwell’s words ‘sanity is not
statistical’ fully reflect the idea of the film.
Daniel, who has just been released from
prison, is trying to make a new life for
himself. It is not easy – he must take care of
his alcoholic mother and find a job. Maybe
he can find some happiness in a new
relationship with a medical rescuer he has
just met? Normal People are people with
their secrets and weaknesses but also with
dreams about a better ‘normality’. Will they
manage to realize their dreams? (KFF)
Crocodile Tears
Anna Mila Stella
Italia / 2012/ 4'36"
fotografia, soggetto, editing
audio e video, musica, testo,
Anna Mila Stella, Con il
Coccodrillo, Giulia
Sangiorgio, Luciano
Fragasso, Valeria Iannone,
Vincenzo Iacovelli, Sabrina
Pentassuglia, Roberta
Barbieri, Claudia Loseto,
Claudia de Bari, Mirko
E' triste
E' gentile e timido.
e non mente mai.
Nuota da solo tutto il tempo
e piange tantissime lacrime.
He waits.
He's sad
Rizzi, Sergio Patremia,
Raffaele Addamiano,
Antonio Carone, Giuseppe
Martiradonna e Anna Mila
He's kind and shy.
Clay-Mation, Stash House Stick-Ups, West
Baltimore, and fluffy pancakes.The Hopper
is not your average clay-animation story. 16
year old Dexter lives with his grandmother
in west Baltimore, Maryland. One night
Dexter and his friend Kevin rob the local
drug dealers, but things do not work out as
planned and violence spins out of control
Paul is a Social Media junkie and he can't
live his life without his smartphone. But on
his lucky day he'd be better off leaving it at
The Hopper
Alex Brüel Flagstad
Danimarca - Germania
/2012 /17'
fotografia,animazione :
Alex Brüel Flagstad,
musica: Ole Wagner and
Elton Theander.
Produzione: Alex Brüel
Steffi gefällt das
(Steffi Like This)
Philipp Scholz
Germania /2012/ 4'35"
Sceneggiatura: Florian
Gregor, Philipp Scholz,
fotografia Philipp Scholz,
musica: Micky Wolf.
He loves
He swears
and never lies.
He's swimming alone all the time
and very many tears he cries
Con:Ole Jacobsen,
Christopher Fliether, Rasmus
Borowski, Verena Wolfien.
Produzione: The Fu King
Wie du küsst (The
Way You Kiss)
Eva Viola Trobisch
Germania /2012/23'
Sceneggiatura: Eva
Trobisch, Gregor
Koppenburg, fotografia:
Kaspar Kaven, montaggio:
Benjamin Kaubisch,
musica: Michael Regner.
Con: Sandro Lohmann,
Katharina Marie Schubert,
After his father left the family, Klemens has
taken over for him as the man of the house.
His mother Kerstin and him live in tune with
each other´s more or less regular day-to-day
routine. A close and intimate relationship.
Used to his mother´s outbreaks and
meltdowns, Klemens has a hard time dealing
with his feelings for the 16 year old Lisa.
Vor Dir (You
Janin Halisch
Germania /2012/ 15'
Thomas Loibl, Irina
Kurbanova. Produzione:
Hochschule für Fernsehen
und Film, München
But Klemens sexual coming of age
challenges how mother an son behave
towards each other.
Sceneggiatura: Janin
Halisch, fotografia:
Albrecht von Grünhagen,
montaggio: Diemo
Kemmesies, musica: Pantha
du Prince, produzione:
Albrecht von Grünhagen,
Janin Halisch Con Irina
Jaschek is driving. Nada is sitting next to
him. No one talks till he puts in a cassette.
Nada's voice comes on. She talks about the
night they met. Her voice takes us on a
journey remembering what they saw in each
other. Through Jaschek's eyes we will
become part of their inaccessible story.
Potapenko, Sebastian
Ne u e N ä h e
(N e w C l o s e n e
One Shot
Sonja Vukovic,
Christian Stahl
Germania /2011/ 4'50"
Sceneggiatura: Sonja
Vukovic, fotografia: RizaRocco Avsar, montaggio:
Johannes Fritsche, musica:
Tom vonderSonne. Con:
Knud Riepen (Voice-over),
Shaheen Neumann,
Riccardo Hilpert, Karoline
Beyer, Harald Planer,
Franziska Karg
The idea for the video essay "Neue Nähe"
was created in autumn 2010. As a volunteer
at the Axel Springer Academy and following
the success of their teams with the crossmedia project "Little Berlin" written and
produced Sonja Vukovic in collaboration
with moderation and video coach Christian
Stahl and with the support of cross-media
director Ansgar Mayer and the Director of
the Academy, Marc Thomas Spahl, the
video essay on the "Future of journalism".
The topic of the future journalism / new
media is one of the most important in the
think tank of the publisher. So "Neue Nähe"
was used on the one hand for the training,
but also for the in-house, substantive debate.
Germania / 2011 / 11'
Sceneggiatura: Dietrich
A german-turkish gay movie kiss ends up in
Br ggemann
Heart Says Explode
Adrian Scholz ,
Johannes Fritsche
Germania /2012 /
Brüggemann, fotografia:
Dietrich Brüggemann,
montaggio: Vincent
Assmann, musica: Hannes
Fabian Maubach Con:
Burak Yigit, Richard Kropf,
Arndt Klawitter, Patrick
Pinheiro, Anna Brüggemann
a funny deadlock of misunderstandings and
Kerem is turkish, and
from a conservative family. His sister fell
from belief and lives a modern life, so he
was ordered to restore the family honor and kill her. The only problem: Kerem
himself is not quite the ideal young muslim.
He‘s gay.
Do you think this is a painful
cliché? Of course it is. And it‘s only the
beginning of a whole series, as it‘s only a
film within a film (within a film), where
everybody starts out to do a social spot for
tolerance and against racism, but end up
entangled in all sorts of clichés, counterclichés and idiosyncrasies of political
correctness. A colourful crowd of
international folks has to accept that they
were only cast to embody that colourful
internationality, and a film student who
wants to set her mark against some alarming
tendencies in our society, has to cope with
the fact that her migrant friends have a life
of their own. So everything goes wrong, but
everything goes on, all players are laughing
stock and nice friendly people at the same
time - but aren‘t we all?
Sceneggiatura e montaggio
Adrian Scholz, Johannes
Fritsche, fotografia: Oliver
Köppel, musica: Etienne
Arras, produzione: _FILM /
The young musician Finn is stumbling
between the longing for conventional
understanding, that it‘s hard to get along in a
niche without any bourgeois conventions.
How can he find an alternative draft for his
life, that won‘t lead him in a stuck up,
Filmproduktion. Con Tom
Lass, Christian Meyer,
Karin Hanczewski , Daniel
middle class life?
His heart says: explode! - but what for?
The countless possibilities of his generation
are both: a blessing and a curse. There are
no limits, no repression, no "real" conflicts.
Sympathy is lurking everywhere, and so is
the fear to make wrong decisions. Be it
concerning work, love or how to live ones
life. Finn is fascinated by the dedication and
passion of his Arabic contemporaries,
aiming for one goal: freedom, as the only
property in a torn society.
But what if this fight is already won?
Weisse Nacht
(White Night)
Sabrina Sarabi
Germania /2013 / 21'
Sceneggiatura: Sabrina
Sarabi, fotografia: Enno
Endlicher, montaggio: Jan
von Rimscha. Produzione:
Kunsthochschule für
Medien Köln Con: Petra
Staduan, Matthias Ziesing
A young couple gets themselves into a role
play for the course of a night. But soon
enough the borders between reality and
game, between role and identity begin to
melt. Parts of their personality come to the
surface which will destroy their assumed
Up and Down the
Sabrina Sarabi
Germania /2012 / 15'
Sceneggiatura: Sabrina
Sarabi, fotografia: Enno
Sabrina Sarabi, Christian
Krämer, Natascha
Cartolaro, musica: Felix
Rösch. Produzione:
Kunsthochschule für
Medien Köln. Con Wolfram
A story about the ups and downs in a
relationship of a young couple and jealousy
that longs for everything and owns nothing.
Schorlemmer, Ann Kathrin
Sinfonie der
(Symphony of
Volker Heymann
Germania /2012/ 5'
Dans le jardin du
Sophie Kluge
Germania /2011/9'
Nachtwächter (Night
Eike Frederik
Germania /2012/ 30'
Sceneggiatura, montaggio e
musica: Volker Heymann,
fotografia: Mikis
Fontagnier, produzione:
Cube Films & Famefabrik
Co-Production. Con Gudrun
Schnitzer, Volker Heymann,
Gunter Möckel, Sven Prietz.
Sceneggiatura: Sophie
Kluge, Boram Lie,
fotografia: Tim Schenki,
montaggio: Kolja Kunt,
musica Alexander Komlew.
Produzione Sophie Kluge.
Con: Judith Hofman, Olivia
Gräser, Matthias
Grundmann, Andeas
Tobias, Boram Lie
Sceneggiatura: Eike
Frederik Schulz, fotografia:
Kaim Rahmani, montaggio:
Angel Cano. Produzione:
Amon Thein. Con Oliver
Moser, Thomas Hintze,
Jannis Niewöhner, Heike
Hanold- Lynch, Oli Bagalke
An emergency meeting of the sales
representatives of a medium-sized company.
Sales are dropping, a new strategy must be
found! The current product, a bobbledhead
dog, seems to be eliciting the same response
from the uninspired group of salesmen
toward the new plan of action.
How a day goes by. The phone rings and
rings. A romantic weekend in Paris didn't
work out as planned. She listens but in
reality she would have loved to call someone
herself. She actually would have had the
time for it today.
The days of Adrian and commissioner
Keller in the provincial Oldenburg are
numbered. The 18 year old graffiti writer
Adrian wants to get out of the small town to
go and study art, while the aging
commissioner just quit his job in the
vandalism department oft he local police.
For the second time. When another math
exam of Adrian is cluttered with sketches of
well known combinations of letters, his
teacher Brinkmann warns the police. Keller
starts his investigations and things get out of
hand. Followed by the police commissioner
Adrian decides to paint one last graffiti that
is suppose to outclass everything he has
done before. And so two loners set out for
their last ramble through the night...
„Night Guards“ does not only tell a crime
story – it´s about all that matters in the end –
to be recognized.
Vaterlandsliebe (A
German Loves His
Nico Sommer
Germania /2011/20'10"
Alberto Meroni
Svizzera /2012 / 15'
Abattoir (Mattatoio)
Paolo Zagaglia
Belgio / 2013 / 12'50"
Sceneggiatura: Fabian
Püschel, Nico Sommer,
fotografia e montaggio:
Nico Sommer. Produzione
Nico Sommer suesssauerfilm. Con Eve
Wangui, Fabian Püschel
Sceneggiatura: Mario Fabi,
fotografia: Michael Bonito,
montaggio: Claudio Cea,
muusica: Roberto
Leuzinger. Produzione:
Imagofilm SA Lugano, RSI
Radiotelevisione Svizzera
Con Andrea Zogg, Roberta
Sceneggiatura: Paolo
Zagaglia, fotografia Marco
Zagaglia, Nicolas Rincon
Gille, montaggio : Paolo
Zagaglia, musica: Stephane
CollinProduzione: Irezumi
Jens is tolerant, tall and good-looking. His
big honesty and loyalty to Germany brings
him increasingly problems. Many people
think he is a Nazi, although he only loves his
native country...
Paul vende contenitori per alimenti porta a
porta e la sua vita è diventata proprio come
il cibo al suo interno: sigillata dal mondo
esterno. Un giorno accadrà qualcosa di
davvero curioso e inaspettato che lo farà
uscire dalla sua scatola di plastica.
Paul, a door-to-door salesman, struggles –
with a smile – to sell his food containers. In
fact, his life resembles the preserved foods
they hold: hermetically sealed off from the
exterior world. One day, a singular event
will force him to come out of his plastic box
Un film girato in un mattatoio comunale
belga, con i suoi suoni, la sua crudeltà, la
sua bestialità, la sua brutale verità. Un film
con le domande suscitate da queste scene
terribili che finiscono con delle immagini
quasi poetiche per sottolineare l'ambiguità :
quella dello spettatore a cui piace la carne
ma anche gli animali, quella dello sguardo
del regista, disgustato e affascinato nello
stesso tempo da queste immagini
Léa is about to give birth. She has planned
everything… to get rid of the child. But
when the "thing" becomes a flesh and blood
human being, everything is turned upside
Premiers pas (First
Grégory Lecocq
Belgio /2012/18'
Sceneggiatura: Grégory
Lecocq, fotografia: JeanFrançois Metz montagggio:
Thomas Vanthuyne,
musica: Yannick Schyns
Con Pauline Brisy , Thierry
De Coster , Arthur
Buyssens, Laure Voglaire
‫ هوى حال ة‬Halat Hawa
(The State of
Nour Ouayda
Libano /2012 / 8'
Sceneggiatura: Nour
Ouayda, fotografia: Jad
Youssef: montaggio: Nour
Ouayda, musica: ’Zay el
Hawa’ di Abdel Halim
Hafez. Produzione: IESAV
– USJ. Con Nour Ouayda
A woman running away from her present is
haunted by her past.
Sono incinta
Pietro Ciccotti,
Harald Pizzini
Italia / 2012 /3'22"
Sceneggiatura: Pietro
Ciccotti,Harald Pizzini,
fotografia: Claudio
Colafrancesco, 3D
animator: Federico
Tocchella, musica:Roberto
Fulvi. Produzione: Erreffe
Edizioni Musicali. Con
Rossa Tiziano
Sergio San Martin
Spagna / 2012 / 27'
Scebeggiatura: Sergio San
Martin, fotografia: Gail
Duboi, montaggio: Sergio
Canzone, video, riflessione intima, stato di
coscienza, inno alla vita!È un po` tutto
Anche l`interprete, Rossa Tiziano, mamma,
donna, artista, è un po` tutto questo.Un
video di animazione, che ci porta, tra sogno
e realtà, ad incontrare una donna che scopre
di essere incinta, a conoscere le sue
emozioni, ad interpretare i suoi
sogni.Entriamo nel mondo magico della
donna nell`attesa di un bimbo
TXIKI is a documentary piece structured
around artist Txiki Medina (1958) and
focused on the creative process of an oil
San Martin, musica:
Stephane Deprost, Bianca
Inés Rubio, Chris Zabriskie.
Produzione: Orianna G.
Muccio. Documentario
Victor Uribe
Cile /2012 / 13.25"
Libre directo (Free
Bernabé Rico
Spagna /2012 / 12'
Silence, on détourne
(Lies !... Camera !...
Bernard Garant
Belgio / 2012/ 15'
Sceneggiatura: Victor
Uribe, fotografia: Raul
Heutl, montaggio: German
Ovando, musica: Jorge
Aliaga. Produzione: Kuko
Films. Con Francisco Melo,
Paloma Hoyos. Felipe
Sceneggiatura: Diego Soto,
fotografia: Víctor Lobato,
montaggio: Manuel
Terceño, musica: Antonio
Meliveo. Produzione:
Talycual Producciones, SL.
Con Petra Martinez,Ramon
Barea, Jose A. Izaguirre,
Manolo Lama
Sceneggiatura: Bernard
Garant, fotografia : Vincent
painting. In order to put together his peculiar
geometry, the artist takes inspiration from
urban spaces and spoilt aspects of Nature,
places filled with elements which, rather
than sought, have been encountered. There
is also a drive towards introspection,
towards revealing the human interior where
silence plays a key role. The trace that the
passing of time leaves on each image.
Painting as a metaphor of the velocity of
Set free by strange female force , a madman
manages to escape from a psychiatric
hospital. The force guides him up to an old
cemetery where he discovers looters
desecrating the wrong grave. Supernatural
forces join with the maniac’s range
triggering an apocalyptic ending.
Arrivata a 60 anni, Adela vive la vita che
non avrebbe mai desiderato: senza figli, con
un marito che la ignora e, peggio senza
nessuna ispirazione. Finché un giorno le
viene offerta l'opportunià di vincere 300.000
euro di lsciarsi alle spalle la sua vecchia vita
Having turned 60, Adela is living a life she
never wanted. She has no children, a
husband who walks all over her and, sworst
of all, nothing to look forward to. Then one
day she has the chance to win € 300.000 and
leave her old life behind ....
Two workers to save their factory, shoot a
promotional film where they transform
Action !)
The Dark Side of
Flavio Sciolè
Italia /2012 / 18' 34"
Shapes Recording
Giuliana Fantoni
Italia /2013/15'
Van Gelder, Montaggio:
Marka Piedboeuf, Musica:
François Petit, Simon
Fransquet, Bernard Garant.
Produzione: Les films du
carre. Con David Murgia,
Pierre Nisse, Jean-François
Noville, Denis Closset,
François de Brigode, Hoan
Vumanh, Vincent Pagacz.
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montaggio e produzione:
Flavio Sciolè. Con: Ella Dei
Santi, Super N
different places emblematic of Liege in
Expo pavilions. Will this movie succeed to
convince a Chinese billionaire to invest?
Un uomo autoreclusosi con la maschera di
Frankenstein (che non può dismettere) e le
proprie memorie d’infanzia. Ricordi
lancinanti: una madre (evocata tristemente e
vanamente), doni (una pistola, la maschera
che indossa), musiche ridondanti. Ancestrali
impossibilità. Il carnevale come unica
Uscita, unico giorno di normalità. Un
antiuomo fragile e perso. Un Frankenstein
decadente e claustrofobico. Ognuno è solo,
Sneggiatura e fotografia:
Diversità culturale, identitaria e religiosa
Giuliana Fantoni,
contraddistinguono le 5 donne protagoniste
montaggio: Alberto Gemmi, di Shapes Recording. Ciò che le accomuna è
Giulia Giapponesi, musica: la scelta di venire a vivere in Italia da
Zende Music. Produzione
Francia, Giappone, Iran, Angola e
indipendente civilmente.
Germania. Le loro storie esaltano l'Italia
Con: Linda Fahssis, Julieta dell'arte e della bellezza come nelle parole di
Manassas, Natascha Wilms, Satomi: “Sono venuta in Italia perché volevo
Una Donna dall'Iran, Satomi imparare la voce di Mirella Freni,
bellissima stupenda voce, bel canto puro... è
lei, l'Italia per me era lei” e decantano il
lusso di poter scegliere dove vivere, come
dichiara Linda, anglo-marocchina nata a
Mikel Rueda
Spagna /2012 /15'10"
Rueda, fotografia Kenneth
Oribe, montaggio: Alex
Argoitia, music oserra
Gutiérrez, Belako Taldea.
Produzione: Dospierre
Producciones, Baleuko S.L..
Con: Àlex Batllori,
Fernando Tielve, Àlex
Angulo, Patxi Santamaría.
Bajo la almohada
(Sotto il cuscino)
Isabel Herguerra
Spagna /2012/ 8' 25"
Sceneggiatura e produzione:
Isabel Herguerra,
montaggio: Gianmarco
Serra, musica Xabier
Erkizia, animazione: Rajiv
Eipe, Rajesh Tkhare, Troi
Vasanth, Niwesh Gurung,
Isabel Herguera
Parigi. Shapes Recording è una lettura
alternativa del migrante, comunemente
associato alla vittima, allo svantaggiato, che
per necessità è costretto a lasciare il proprio
paese d'origine, ponendo invece l'attenzione
su un cambiamento per scelta determinato
da esigenze di natura intima ed intellettuale,
in controtendenza rispetto alla “fuga” degli
italiani all'estero
Guille and Alex don’t know each other.
Each of them leads their lives in their own
way. They live according to how they have
been taught and raised. Although they come
from different worlds, they are united by
something – their passion for swimming.
And today, there’s a competition.
Guille e Alex non si conoscono. Vivono
ognuno a modo suo. Così come è stato loro
insegnato. Così come sono stati educati.
Anche se
apparentemente c’è un mondo insalvabile fra
i due, c’è qualcosa che li unisce. La loro
passione per il nuoto. E oggi… hanno una
Animated documentary which uses the
voices and drawings of a group of children
who live in a clinic in India. The guitar, the
dances, a trip out to sea, the cats Sweety and
Kitty, and the sisters who look after them are
just some of the treasures and dreams which
the children keep hidden under the pillow.
Documentario d'animazione, realizzato co
dei disegni e le voci di un gruppo di bambini
ricoverati in una clinica in India. La chitarra,
Voice Over
Martín Rosete
Spagna /2012 / 9'40"
Monsters Do Not
Paul Urkijo
Spagna / 2012 /9'22"
Deus et Machina
Koldo Almandoz
Spagna /2012 / 8'30
i balli, una gita al mare, i gatti Sweety e
Kitty, e l suore che si rendono cura di loro,
sono alcuni dei tesori e dei sogni che i
bambini conservano sotto il cuscino.
Sceneggiatura: Luiso
I-won’t-tell-you-whose voice over guides us
Bertejo, fotografia: Jose
through three extreme situations which are
Martín Rosete, montaggio:
actually the same. Will you survive?
Fernando Franco, music:
La voce di non-ti-dico-che racconta tre
Jose Villalobos. Produzione: situazioni limite che in realtà sono la stessa.
KowalskiFilm, Kamel Film, Riuscirai a sopravvivere?
Volcano Films, Encanta
Films. Con: Jonthan
D.Mello, Fédor Atkine,
Javier Cidoncha, Luna
Motignier Peiró
Sceneggatura, montaggio e
Nai is a child who lives in Phonm Penh,
produzione: Paul Urkijo,
Cambodia. Recently, he is having
fotografia: Gorka Gómez
nightmares about the Yeak, a Khmer
Andreu, musica: Xabat
monster that eats naughty children. Michael,
Lertxundi. Con: Nang Nay, his English teacher at school, tells him that
Iñigo De la Iglesia, Bin
monsters don’t exist. He assures him that
Sothum, Ander Pardo
they are just children’s fantasies. The truth,
however, is very different.
Sceneggiatura: Koldo
Almandoz, fotografia: Javi
Nai è un bambino che vive a Phonm Penh,
Cambogia. Ultimamente sta avendo incubi
con il Yeak, un mostro della tradizione
khmer che mangia i bambini che si
comportano male. Michael, il professore
d’inglese della scuola, gli dice che i mostri
non esistono, che sono storie per bambini.
Ma la verità è molto diversa.
The employee comes to the factory every
day. He is the only person who is qualified
Aguirre, montaggio:
Laurent Dufreche.
Produzione Txintxua Films.
Con: Ramón Agirre, Urduri
Lantegia, Anartz Zuazua,
Iker Bereziartua, Koldo
Obraz (Face)
(Stefan Sidovski)
Macedonia /2012/
Sceneggiatura: Velko
Nedelkovski, fotografia:
Ilija Žogovski, montaggio:
Aleksandar Zikov.
Produzione Arka Media
Doo Skopje. Con:
Magdalena Rizova, Martin,
Aleksandar Mikik
V Put’ (Away)
Anna Sarukhanova
Russia /2012 / 17'15"
Sarukhanova, fotografia:
Danila Goryunkov
Montaggio: Roman
Perepyolkin, musica:
Vasiliy Filatov. Produzione:
Ivan Lopatin. Con: Nika
Ksnelashvili, Keti
Surguladze, Vakhtang
to do his particular job. It is precise,
mundane, and repetitive work. Every
morning he goes through the same drill,
starting up each machine. Today, though, he
has made a decision...
Il lavoratore va ogni giorno in fabbrica. È
l’unico qualificato per fare il lavoro che
svolge. Un lavoro preciso, monotono e
ripetitivo. Ogni mattina la stessa cerimonia,
l’avvio di ogni macchina. Ma oggi ha preso
una decisione...
Vetka is forty year old woman, single
mother without a permanent job. Her
husband died, along with her 14 year old son
Simcho, lives in poor cabin. They wash car
windows, collect old things, and barely feed
them selfs. Besides the misery and poverty a
new threat is hanging over their lives. The
land on which their cabin is, a new complex
of buildings is planned to be build.
Excavator comes, literally crumbling away,
and they remain on the streets again.
Simcho that grows and matures, has chosen
delinquents path to social justice. One night
he breaks into a exchange office...
The young man has got invitation for some
job abroad and have to leave his native town
for several years. A choice is to be done whether to leave habitual environment and
connected with some plans for the
uncertainty or to stay and continue living at
the place so well known from childhood not
interrupting started relations with girlfriend
and not leaving grandparents for forever.
Kirkvalidze, Marisha
One Shot
Hawre Bahjat
Kurdistan/Iraq/ 2012/
Sceneggiatura: Hawre
Bahjat, fotografia:
Mohammed Jano,
montaggio: Kurdo Khalid,
musica: Kawan mahmmud.
Produzione: Hawre Bahjat.
Con: Mohammed Atrushi,
Sheviar Masoud Arif
Sceneggiatore: Alessandro
Riconda, fotografia: Dario
Corno, montaggio: Federica
Bagagiolo. Produzione:
Alessandro Riconda,
ArTwelve. Con: Mirko,
Jennifer , Alina La Costa
Shame and Glasses
Alessandro Riconda
Italia /2013/ 7'02"
Interviste sul futuro
Paolo Scolari
Italia / 2013 / 28'10"
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montaggio e produzione:
Paolo Scolari, musiche
Francesco Bellomi.
Gérard Cairaschi
Francia / 2013 / 6'45"
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montaggio e produzione:
Gérard Cairaschi, musiche:
The controversy of situation brings him to
inner conflict and makes him feel lonely and
alien both in native and in the unknown
The film talks about suicide, a man of the
lives of boredom or any other reason, such
as repeating or anything or because he
thought he does not need to live or does not
have a reason to live in but always have
reasons to live.
è la storia di un bambino di 8 anni che deve
fare una verifica particolarmente diffcile. In
realtà lui conosce molto bene le risposte, il
problema è che non ci vede bene e dovrebbe
mettersi gli occhiali. Ma indossandoli si
sentirebbe ridicolo e in particolare non
potrebbe mai farsi vedere con gli occhiali da
quella bambina seduta alla sua sinistra di cui
è segretamente innamorato...
A series of interviews with seniors, in
nursinghomes, to collect non only their
memories but lso some considerations on
today and how the word has changed in the
course of their lives.
Una serie di interviste ad anziani presso le
case di riposo o le loro abitazioni, per
raccogliere non solo i ricordi, ma anche
alcune considerazioni sull'oggi e su come è
cambiato il mondo nel corso della loro vita.
Carried by a song, images and fragments of
narration interwine. Simulacrum, magical or
religious ritual, ritual of death or rite of
Il seminario musicale
Mario De La Torre
Spagna /2012 / 9'
Tin & Tina
Rubin Stein
Spagna / 2013 / 12'
Genius Loci
Damiano Menegolo, Italia / 2013 / 13'30"
Fabio Zocca
Sceneggiatura: Mario De La
Torre, fotografia: Fran
montaggio:Rubin Stein,
musica Jose Tomé. Con:
Miguel Alcíbar, Rocío
Avilés, Rocío Espinosa
Sceneggiatura: Rocío
Báñez, fotografia: Alejandro
Espadero, montaggio: Rubin
Stein musiche: Juan Carlos
Casimiro Produzione:
Doñana's Twitter Con:
Sasha Di Bendetto, Ana
Blanco, Manolo Cuervo
Sceneggiatura: Damiano
Menegolo, Fabio Zocca
fotografia: Damiano
Menegolo, Giuseppe
Ramazzin, Fabio Zocca,
montaggio: Damiano
Menegolo, Fabio Zocca,
musica: Francesco Soave.
Produzione: LAS Lights and
Shades. Con: Damiano
Menegolo, Giuseppe
Ramazzin, Giacomo
Castagna, Paola Castagna
passage, nothing is explicit in the action that
deploys amongst the characters, between the
extreme proximity and,at the same time, the
absolute distance expressed by the gestures
and bodies
It’s night, and her daughters are hungry…
Tin and Tina are not eating the purée
Lessinia, north-east of Verona. One night at
the end of 18th century, a man must come
back home. But the road is long, it's dark
and he has to cross the forest. In these places
dominated by legends and by the spirit of
the place: the Genius Loci. Maybe go back
home could be more complex than expected.
Lessinia, territorio a nord-est di Verona. In
un tempo non meglio precisato, forse sul
finire del 1800, un montanaro si attarda a
casa di un amico. Deve ritornare alla sua
contrada e decide di affrontare il buio,
attraverso il bosco per tornare a casa. Ma
questi sono luoghi dominati dalle leggende e
Cupid Stupid
Su Yu Liao
Taiwan /2012/ 4'40"
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montaggio, animazione e
produzione: Su Yu Liao,
musica: Shao Yung Huang
Me, Nobody & I
Joerg Hurschler
Svizzera / 2012 / 8'40"
Sceneggiatura e montaggio:
Joerg Hurschler, fotografia:
Samuel Weniger, musica:
Sin Starlett (Boozing Days).
Produzione: Lucerne
University of Applied
Sciences and Arts,
Design6Art, SRF.
Stephen Slade
Australia, Giappone /
2012 / 10'00
Co Raz Zostalo
Zapisane (Written in
Martin Rath
Polonia /2011/ 12'
dallo spirito del luogo: il Genius Loci. Forse
tornare a casa potrebbe essere più complesso
del previsto.
Cupid finally gets a mission! When a man
meets a woman, it seems like something's
happening. But cupid makes a terrible
mistake and the man is filled with an
uncontrollable desire for the wrong "lover".
Heroes. Super heroes. Role models in the
media. A personal inquiry into children's
role models, TV stars and the question why
we identify with cliché role models, and
why we are influenced by them. An essay, a
meditation, a firework of images which
includes a wrestling ring, a speaking car and
a trip through the desert - until the film
maker finds the origins of this phenomenon.
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
A sorcerer rejects Christianity and modern
montaggio e produzione:
"progress" as he lies dying. He must perform
Stephen Slade, musica
one last ritual to take him to Summerland
Naoto Mitsume. Con Daniel but the crone watches and waits for her
Bacon, Brenda Young, Kym opportunity to strike. "Samhain" is when the
spirits are near.
Sceneggiatura: Martin Rath,
fotografia: Yori Fabian,
montaggio: Bogusława
Furga , musica: Max
Richter. Produzione:
PWSFTviT (Państwowa
Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa,
Telewizyjna i Teatralna)
The main protagonist is a homeless,
alcoholic living in the dregs of society. He is
a tatoo enthusiast, with almost all of his
body covered in ink. Each tatoo resembles
a different story, of which there were many.
Despite the uneasy possition he finds
himself in, he is trying to take his life in his
own hands once again and make up for the
African Race
Julien Paolini
Francia, Burkina Faso /
2012 /12'00
Sceneggiatura: Julien
Paolini, fotografia: Pierre
Edelmann, montaggio:
Raphaël Lubczanski,
musica: Data. Produzione:
NoLiTa Cinema
Con: Ilyassé Sanou
Thin Traces
Jangwook Lee
Corea del Sud / 2012
Sceneggiatura, montaggio,
produzione: Jangwook Lee
Dawn Westlake
USA /2011/ 13'30"
Sceneggiatura: Dawn
Westlake, fotografia:
Francesco Uboldi,
Montaggio: Brandon
musica:Grgory Johnson.
Produzione: Ron de Cana
Productions. Con David
Razowsky, Dawn Westlake
wrong he did in the past. After many years
apart he is trying to reconnect with his
siblings. Althogh his sister ignores his
telephone calls and his brother doesn’t want
to speak with him, he doesn’t give up hope
that something may still change in his life.
Young Elias builds his own motorcycle out
of parts he's collected from landfills across
the country. With this bike he will embark
on the long journey to the capital of
Burkina-Faso, and participate in the race of
his life.
This film is a body of traces of personal
observation and documentation of other's
memory made out of my friend's(she is also
a filmmaker herself) smart phone record.
Multiple exposure method is applied during
hand printing process using simple
synchronizer and lights, then a kind of
unimaginable traces occurred. Events in the
film gradually changed to Traces on film
Russell and Genevieve fall in with each
other at the racetrack, but their circuitous
journey leads them further and further from
home. “Covariance” is inspired by the 1938
John Cheever story “Saratoga”, which is
now in the public domain. I say “inspired
by” because although Cheever’s story is also
about two gambling addicts, I added many
surreal visuals; comparing and contrasting
the couple to horses, and using shot
composition to make completely unrelated
Dreaming Apecar
Dario Samuele
Italia / 2013/ 16'
Sceneggiatura: Chiara
Nicola, fotografia: Sandro
Dominici, montaggio:
Stefano Cravero, musica:
Giorgio Giampà.
Produzione Redibis Film.
Con Lorenza Indovina,
Mircea Andreescu
Posledna esen (Last
Sofiya Llieva
Bulgaria / 2012 /4'11"
(Time of the
Last Persecution)
Taiki Sakpisit
Thailandia / 2012 /
Merdzhanov, montaggio:
Stoyan Tenev, musica:
Emilian Gatsov,
animazione: Sofiya Llieva.
Produzione: NATFA
"Krastyo Sarafov" Sofia
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montaggio, produzione:
Taiki Sakpisit
locations echo back to the characters’
obsession with the racetrack. (Westlake)
Caterina is a 45 year old Italian woman who
has been without a job for months and caot
find another one. So she accepts to work as a
carer for Ghorghe,an elderly lively
Romanian stuck to a wheelchair. This
experience will change her life.
Caterina é na donna italiana di
quarantacinque anni. Da molti mesi é senza
lavoro. Trovarne un altro sembra imposibile,
così accetta di fare la badante. Dovrà
occuparsi di Gheorge, esuberante ottantenne
romeno in sedia a rotelle. Un'esperienza che
le cambierà la vita.
The time has come for a woman to leave her
man. Death descends from the mountain to
take someone away. Inspired by haiku
Before the shower of fire fell onto the world,
there was a prophecy that told of this
portent. The mythological was a crazily
imaginative genre of Thai B-movies.
Making delightful uses of rudimentary
special effects, its flaming creatures were
constantly changing outward appearance and
shifting figural form in epic tales of thwarted
love and immutable destiny. Assembling
moments of eruptive beauty from five of
these films, all of which were made in the
early 1980s, TIME OF THE LAST
PERSECUTION reanimates the force of
metamorphosis in the rhythm of a soaring
Ana Priscila
Portogallo /2012 / 8'51"
Sceneggiatura: Alvaro
Silveira , André Vieira ,
Ana Priscila Fontoura ,
fotografia e montaggio: Ana
Priscila Fontoura .
Produzione: Lula Gigante,
Ana Priscila Fontoura Con:
Álvaro Silveira, André
Vieira, Dinis Ferreira
Sceneggiatura: Thet Su
Hlaing, fotografia: Isaac
Isaac, montaggio: Thet Su
Hlaing. Produzione: Yangon
Film School
A jester carries a king on his back. They go
on a journey from an uncertain place and
they walk determinedly to another uncertain
place. The journey is long but the comfort of
the king is provided by the subservience of
the jester. One day they get to a mysterious
place that will put on test their relationship.
Budget: 15 euros!
The Bag
Thet Su Hlaing
Myanmar / 2011 /
Requiem 2019
Rutger Hauer, Sil
van der Woerd
Danimarca / 2011/
Fotografia: Keidrych
Musica: Lolly Jane Blue
Animazione: Sil Van der
Woerd. Produzione:
Radiator Film. Con
Rutger Hauer
In 2019 the last whale alive shares its story
of extinction by swimming through
projections of whaling documentary footage.
It seeks mercy from its only enemy: Man.
But that may prove to be a mistake.
Lapithen und
Zentauren (Lapiths
and Centaurs)
Frank Müller
Germania / 2013 / 3'
Giants and horsemen meet for a bloody
weddingmeal. In wild rage and lust for
murder they tear and destroy everything that
comes upon their faces.
Inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses
Jake Willis
Australia/2012/ 6'
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montggio: Frank Müller,
musica: Nathan Steinhagen.
Produzione: Kerstin Reich,
Doppelplusultra. Con: Alev
Sceneggiatura: Jake Willis,
Here in Silence
While construction workers are building an
extension next door, Daw Nar Ku quietly
creates a beautiful patterned traditional Lahu
A young teenager named Michael meets a
Historie Belge (A
Belgian Caper)
Myriam Donasis
Francia /2012 / 25' 44"
Kata Oláh
Ungheria / 2012 / 8'
L'ultima partita
Demetrio Pisanò
Italia / 2013 /12' 26"
fotografia: Joathan Haynes,
montaggio: Tobis Willis,
sound designer: Casey
Hartnett. Produzione:
Tobias Willis. Con Jay
Morrissey, Phillipa Russell
Sceneggiatura: Myriam
Donasis, Caroline Dubreuil,
fotografia: Sylvie Petit,
montaggio: Damien Labbé,
musica: Benjamin
Leherissey, Izidor Leitinger.
Produzione: La Luna
Productions. Con: Juliette
Poissonier, Lily ben Sliman,
Michel Nabokoff,
Dominique Bayens.
Sceneggiatura: Kata Oláh,
fotografia: Sándor Csukás,
musica: Gergely Barcza.
Produzione: Makabor.
Con:Márton Csukás
Sceneggiatura: Vittorio
Zuccotto, fotografia:
Alberto Costantini,
montaggio: Angelo
Mariano, musica: Michele
Nicoli. Produzione
Demetrio Pisanò. Con:
Barbara Sangiorgi,
Giuseppe Oliosi, Maria
Nunzia Messina, Elettra
deaf teenage girl Isabelle radomly at a train
station, when both miss their train. As they
wait at the next train Michael and Isabelle
form a special bond learning to overcome
their language barriers and communicate
Muriel is nearly 40 and still
childless.Despite the misgivings of her
girlfriend, Emmanuelle,she decides to take
an emergency trip to the Belgians (neighbors
of french people in Europe) where in vitro
fertilization is legal. Thus begins a
tragicomic journey.
"But man is not made for defeat. A man can
be destroyed but not defeated." (Ernest
Paola meets her father again after many
years but, instead of talking, he just wants
to play chess. The following days, the man
stands still there, with the board in front of
him. At the end Paola, feeling lost, will give
up and as a consequence she will be thrown
into a dreamlike atmosphere where she will
hardly discern reality from fantasy.
Eventually both of them will talk but not as
Paola would have imagined.
Paola rivede il padre dopo tanti anni ma lui,
invece di parlare, vuole solo giocare a
scacchi. Nei giorni successivi l’uomo è
sempre lì, con la scacchiera davanti a sé.
Paola, smarrita, alla fine cederà e verrà
catapultata in un’atmosfera onirica dove le
sarà difficile discernere la realtà dalla
fantasia. Alla fine i due riusciranno a parlare
ma non come Paola avrebbe immaginato.
Sally Lalla
Germania /2012 / 4'58"
Sceneggiatura, fotografia e
produzione: Sally Lalla,
montaggio: José E.
Sven, a man with Down syndrome is
passionate about his hobbies. His simplicity
and creativity makes him and others around
him happy.
El hombre
equivocado (The
Wron Man)
Roberto Goñi
Spagna /2013/ 16'30"
He is an ordinary sales rep, she is an
attractive sea archeologist and there is a loot
of 200.000 euros. These are the ingredients
of this romantic comedy with a touch of a
Amir Admoni
Brasile / 2012/ 6'
Juan Pablo
Argentina / 2011 / 6'
Sceneggiatura: Roberto
Goñi, Daniel Castro,
fotografia: Jokin Pascual,
montaggio: Cristina Laguna,
musica Aritz Villodas.
Produzione: Roberto Goñi
PC. Con: Alejandra Lorente,
Alfonso Lara
Sceneggiatura: Fabito
Ryckter, Amir Admoni,
fotografia: Newton Leitão,
montaggio Amir Admoni,
musica Nick GrahamSmith. Produzione: Estudio
Admoni. Con Marco de
Andrade, Roberta Zago
Sceneggiatura: Juan Pablo
Cornilllón, fotografia:
Sergio Piñeyro, montaggio:
Juan Pablo Zaramella,
"A line is a dat that went for a walk" Paul
In a world controlled and timed by light, an
ordinary man has aplan that could change
the natural order of things
Mi ocho derecho
(My Right Eye)
Josecho de Linares
Spagna /2012/ 14'
Max Hattler
Gran Bretagna /2012 /
Model Starship
Max Hattler
Gran Bretagna /2012 /
Max Hattler
Gran Bretagna /2012 /
Laura M.Campos
Spagna /2012/19'
musica: Lluvia de estrellas.
Produzione: Juan Pablo
Zaramella. Con: Gustavo
Cornilllón, María Alché,
Luis Rial
Sceneggiatura: Josecho de
Linares, fotografia: J.Iván
Romero, montaggioBernat
Udina, musica "O sole mio"
Produzione: Escándalo
Film. Con Abert Prat, Pepita
Roca, Oscar Lara, Margarita
Calatayud, Noemí Ruiz,
Carmen Flores
Montaggio e produzione:
Max Hattler, sound David
Montaggio e produzione:
Max Hattler, sound Eduardo
Noya Schreus
Montaggio e produzione:
Max Hattler, sound Eduardo
Noya Schreus
Sceneggiatura: Laura
M.Campos, fotografia:
Antonio J. Garcia.
montaggio: Arantxa Galan,
Laura M. Campos, musica
Antonio Escobar.
Zurdo maintained a special relationship with
his grandmother. Since he went away to
study they have lost contact. On the last day
of summer Zurdo decides to visit her with
the intuition that he might not see her again.
"...an attempt to visualise higher dimensions
and unearthliness, taking into account these
concept's heightened awareness when
attempting to process or predict the end of
the world..."
"A very brief encounter with the world of
the stars"
"kinetik energetic otherworld". This work is
the film festival version of the "Max Hattler
KXFS Canal Commission", a water screen
projection commissioned by KXFS and
Vauxhall, presented on regen's Canal in
London in september 2012
Olivia has a mutation that gives her unique
superhuman abilities. She has been
identified by The Corporation and an elite
squad now surrounds her house to recruit
her. Hugo, who seems to be a stranger,
offers to help her escape
Las Heridas Lilas
(Purple Wounds)
Maria Lorente
Spagna / 2012/ 12'30"
Al otro lado(To the
other side)
Alicia Albares
Spagna /2013/ 19'
Eutanas SA
(Euthanas Inc.)
Victor Nores
Spagna / 2013/ 10'
La luz del mundo
(The Light of the
Fernando J.
Martinez, Alfonso
Spagna /2012/16'20"
Produzione: Ignaci Carreño
Film. Con: Lluvia Rojo,
Antonio de Cos, Nerea
Garmendia, Aura Garrido
Sceneggiatura Maria
Lorente fotografia:
Alejandro Oset, montaggio:
Alberto Gutiérrez, musica:
Joan Vila.produzione:
Ovideo. Con: Ariadna
Cabrol, Francesc Garrido
Sceneggiatura: Alicia
Albares, fotografia: Jose
Martin Rosete, montaggio:
Sergy Moreno, Musica:
Gines Carrion. Produzione
White Leaf. Con: William
Miller, Xenia Sevillano,
Carlos Álvarez-Novoa,
Ramón Barea
Sceneggiatura e montaggio:
Victor Nores, fotografia:
Angel Rojo, musica: Elias
Merino. Produzione:Borja
de la Fuente. Con: Mario
Alonso, Amparo Baró, Alba
Sceneggiatura: Fernando J.
Martinez, Alfonso Garcia,
fotografia: Pope Maroto,
montaggio: Ignasi Esteve,
Javier Puerto & Sebastián
Angel is a eighteen year old girl that belongs
to a wealthy family. To escape from a
terrible past, she creates a double secret life
where she sells her body to the best bidder.
Behind the strength that Angel projects,
hides a great fragility. One night she will
meet an obscure character, Gabriel, who
through a twisted psychological will lead her
to confront with herself.
Sara Sanabria, writer, and his lover, Adolfo
Santolaya, lived their lives absorbed by just
one obsession: the belief that, hidden in an
abandoned mansion, there was a gate that
ended in an unkown dimension.
Would you like to die the same way your
icon did? Would you like to imitate the
death of some memorable scene? Euthanas
Inc. For those who need or want to put a
legitimately spectacular end to their lives.
The future. Humankind lives in underground
cities, where sense of sight has been lost,
being forgotten that it ever existed. When
some people start to get it back they are
accused by the government of being sick,
Pello Gutiérrez
Kde rostou motýli?
(Where do the wild
butterflies grow?)
Vladka Macurova
O Šunce (Ham
Eliška Chytková
Pruní Rybka (First
Roque, musica: Miguel A.
Pozuelo. Produzione Kines
Cinema. Con Marina
Durante, Javier Ramírez:
Irene García, Javier Gadea,
Jose Royo
Spagna /2013/ 17'
Sceneggiatura: Pello
Gutiérrez, fotografia David
Aguilar, montaggio: Pello
Gutiérrez, musica: Giovanni
Pierluigi da Palestrina /
Kakahuete. Produzione
Zazpi T'erdi. Con: Beñat
Larrukert, Felisa García,
Vega Iguarán
Repubblica Ceca /2012/ Sceneggiatura e fotografia:
Vladka Macurova,
montaggio: Libor
Nemeskal, musica Marek
Gabriel Hruska.
Produzione:Tomas Bata
University in Zlin
Animazione: Vladka
Repubblica Ceca /2012/ Sceneggiatura, animazione:
Eliška Chytková,
montaggio: Libor
Nemeškal, musica:Jacques
Ferti, John Patrick, M Tiso,
Nicolas Folmer,...
Produzione Tomas Bata
University in Zlin
Repubblica Ceca /2012/ Sceneggiatura e
animazione: Veronika
and return to the cities outdoors where once
lived the human race, finding a dormant
threat that has been hidden for generations.
Julen deve prendersi cura della sua nonna
durante i caldi pomeriggi di un'estate
piovosa. Mentre i giorni passano, la sua
indifferenza iniziale si trasforma in curiosità.
Un racconto al confine tra l'amore e l'orrore.
The little creature is born into the fantastic
world and looking for its own herd and
A poetic story about the search for kindred
My story is about imagination. About the
imagination which has been chained for so
long, and setfree with so much strength.
About playing God in a childlike and pure
An old fisherman catches fishes in the sea
which symbolize his memories. A little girl
Don't Be Curly
Veronika Jelinkova
Repubblica Ceca
Naked Love - Ea's
Sara Koppel
Danimarca /2012/ 6'26"
Martin Ulikhanyan
Armenia /2012 / 6' 11"
I Still Love You
Henrique Faria
Brasile - Olanda / 2012
/ 5'33"
Göttlichová, fotografia:
Tomáš Galásek,
Lukáš Šereš, musica:
David Göttlich, Daniel
Stanchev, Ondřej Neurokiss
Produzione: Tomas Bata
University in Zlin
Sceneggiatura, fotografia e
animazione: Veronika
Jelinkova, montaggio:
Veronika Jelinkova, Jiri
Stejskal, musica: Jacub
Kudlac. Produzione: Tomas
Bata University in Zlin
Sceneggiatura, animazione,
montaggio, produzione:
Sara Koppel, musica: Sune
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montaggio, animazione,
musica, produzione: Martin
Ulikhanyan. Con: Martin
Ulikhanyan, Satenik
Hakobyan Ulikhanyan
still can't find her memory but she dreams of
what it would be when she grows up and she
hides her pink dreams to collected seashells.
And yet, one day, the fisherman catches a
fish that doesn't belong to him...
Sceneggiatura e montaggio:
Henrique Faria, fotografia:
Felipe Meneghel, musica:
Felipe Hickmann.
Produzione: Par Ímpar
Produções Audiovisuais
LTDA, Henrique Faria.
After meeting each other in a bike park,
Christina and Dolores fell in love with each
other in the streets of Amsterdam, when
suddenly the unexpected question appears:
How long does a passion last and how far
can it take us?
Short movie about restless hair curls,
troubles, dreams and the power of wish we
"Naked Love - Ea's Garden" is an speechless
erotic hand-drawn animated art-film. A
sensual trip trough Ea's sexuallity in a
surrealistic abstract poetic atmosphere.
A man, standing on God's hand, turns away
from his path and falls into an abyss which
is ruled by fear. Though God shows him the
right door, he runs away from it; he collects
the keys, knocks on doors, but he cannot
figure out that only HE is the door for
Con: Franceska Wagenaar ,
Anouk Briefjes
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montaggio, musica,
produzione: Sunghoon Yu
From Island To
Sunghoon Yu
Corea del Sud / 2012 /
A man watches the sea for a long time and
then rows the boat out to the sea. In the
middle of the ocean, he meets mystic
creatures and struggles to catch them.
Merve Ince
Turchia / 2012 / 10'08
Sceneggiatura: Merve Ince,
fotografia; Deniz Eyuboglu,
montaggio: Serdar Borcan,
musica: Gursel Celik.
Produzione: Merve Ince
Consequent to her rape, Demet gives birth to
a baby girl. After all she has been through,
she is alienated from everything in the
material world. She builds herself a world
between her child and her duties to God.
Memento Mori
Daniela Wayllace
Belgio / 2012 / 9'40
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
animazione, montaggio:
Daniela Wayllace Riguera,
musica: Alejandro Rivas
Cottle. Produzione: ENSAV
La Cambre, Vincent Gilot
During a ceremony of mourning the
photographer takes a picture of a little girl.
With contrite faces the mourners exit the
room leaving the girl surrounded by flowers.
Little by little we move closer to the girl, we
enter her memories and enter the universe of
Ballet Story
Daria Belova
Germania /2011/ 9'
Sceneggiatura: Daria
Belova, Pascal Yorks,
fotografia: Max Preiss,
montaggio: Wolfgang
Miederhoffer, Daria Belova.
Produzione German Film
and Television Academy.
Con: Luise Engel, Elena
Lekovic, Leon Louis
Another day at the ballet school. Classes
routine goes as usual, when Sophie notices a
boy outdoors, on the street. He was here
yesterday already. She finds him mysterious,
may be she likes him, but doesn’t dare to do
anything with it. Surrounded by her
frivolously chattering classmates, she
realizes that another girl is faster making
decisions, and Sophie finds herself caught in
a vortex of grief and aggression
Carceri d'invenzione
di G. Battista
Gregoire Dupond
Italia /2010 / 11'39
La boda de Rita
Fèlix Merino
Spagna /2012 / 52'
The Silent Caos
Antonio Spanò
Democratica del
Congo- Italia / 2012 /
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montaggio: Gregoire
Dupond, musica: J.S. Bach.
Produzione: Fondazione
Giorgio Cini
Sceneggiatura: : Fèlix
Merino, montaggio: Albert
Merino. produzione:
Agencia Zoom Televisió de
Catalunya e Xarxa de
Televisions Locals.
Gregoire Dupond's 12 minute performance
of the Carceri celebrate the potential of new
technology and the complexity of Piranesi's
multi-layered vision.
Sceneggiatura: Antonio
Spanò, Francesco Picciolo,
fotografia: Antonio Spanò,
Edoardo Picciolo,
montaggio: Antonio Spanò,
musica: Massimiliano Ciani.
Repubblica Democratica del Congo, Nord
Kivu. Dopo anni di sanguinosa guerra
civile, la società congolese ha perduto la
propria identità. L'arcaismo, la
superstizione e la credenza magica sono fra i
pochi elementi unificanti rimasti alla
On March 19, U.S. troops backed by several
countries, including Spain, invaded Iraq. In
Spain, millions of people were mobilized to
try to stop the war in an unprecedented
move. The March 19, 2013 is the 10th
anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. For
this reason, and to not forget the
consequences of the war, the Agency has
scheduled the screening Zoom in ten venues
in Barcelona.
Rita's Wedding: story of an Iraqi family,
tells the story of the family Alibek (12
children) living in Baghdad, Barcelona and
London. The story begins at the wedding of
Rita, the eldest niece of the family, who
married in the city.Through Rita's family
know different aspects of the consequences
of the invasion of Iraq. War, political exile
and hope.
Produzione indipendente
Lassù in Germania
Dario Dalla Mura,
Elena Peloso
Italia / 2013 / 43'
Nico Sommer
Silent Youth
Diemo Kemmesies
Pleased to Meet You
Johanna Thalmann,
Germania / 2012/ 80'
Sceneggiatura: Julia Stiebe,
Nico Sommer, fotografia:
Alexander du Prel,
montaggio: Nico Sommer,
Bernhard Strubel. Con Lina
Wendel, Thorsten Merten,
Harald Polzin, Iván
Gallardo, Peter Trabner.
Produzione Nico Sommer,
Sceneggiatura: Diemo
Kemmesies, fotografia
Albrecht von Grünhagen,
montaggio: Diemo
Kemmesies. Con Martin
Bruchmann, Josef Mattes,
Linda Schüle, Mathias
Neuber. Produzione
Milieufilm GbR
Sceneggiatura: Johanna
Thalmann, Severin
popolazione. Sono le forze che armano i
ribelli Mai Mai nella difesa del territorio; ma
permettono anche di identificare il diverso
come una minaccia: è il caso dei sordi di
Butembo. Questa è la storia di chi non ha
voce né speranza, di chi non cessa di
combattere per la propria dignità, di chi non
vuole rassegnarsi all'infelicità.
Storie di donne e uomini che dall'Italia sono
partiti per cercare fortuna in Germania.
Testimoninze di chi è rimasto e di chi è
tornato. Un viaggio che parte dal Centro di
Emigrazione di Verona.
Silvi è stata abbandonata dal marito, che ha
deciso di scrivere la parola fine al loro lungo
e mediocre matrimonio. A quarantasette
anni, la donna si ritrova a far fronte alla
nuova solitudine e, spinta da grande forza
interiore, decide di tentare un nuovo inizio.
La ricerca del partner giusto è però una vera
sfida e un caos emozionale di amore e
lussuria spingerà oltre il razionale i limiti di
Silent Youth is a film for misfits, dreamers
and lovers. It's the classic story of a coming
out, but it focuses on the moments one tends
to quickly forget: the first approach, the
creaking of the chair while sitting across
from each other, not knowing what to say.
And it's about the silence.
Shot in a single night in Los Angeles
Winzenburg Fotografia::
J.B. Rutagarama, Matt
Baker, Shane Coffey,
Malina Poranzke
Montaggio: Sophie
Oldenbourg. Musica
Originale:: Andrew
Wilding, Balthazar Getty.
Con; Joshua Schell,
Tommy Bertelsen, Marita
Troian Bellisario, Morgan
Thalmann and Severin Winzenburg borders
between fiction and documentary.
After a fall-out the young writer Julian
invites his best friends Carson and James to
his house. When James shows up with the
attractive Norwegian Terese and Carson
brings along her accidental highway
acquaintance Byron, the night takes an
unexpected turn. Soon the usual blah blah
turns into a dispute about friendship, trust
and secrets. While Carson, Julian and James
spiral down into their unresolved issues,
Terese and Byron become the winners of the
night. The five go on a journey through Los
Feliz to find out painful truths and come to
surprising concessions.
In the 1930s, Swiss photographer Gotthard
Schuh (1897-1969) pioneered the kind of
sensuous and atmospheric poetic realism
that went on to influence a generation of
post-WWII photographers, including his
friend Robert Frank. Documentarian Villi
Hermann retraces Schuh’s footsteps to
Indonesia, pictures in hand, and revisits the
places and people Schuh photographed, to
fascinating effect.
Ci sono luoghi che si trasformano
rapidamente senza che gli abitanti se ne
rendano conto.
Ci sono persone che cambiano in funzione
Gotthard Schuh - A
Sensual vision of the
Villi Hermann
Svizzera /2011/ 89'
Sceneggiatura: Villi
Hermann, Eve Martin,
fotografia: Alberto Meroni,
montaggio: Alberto Meroni
, Musica: Zeno Gabaglio,
Christian Gilardi.
Produzione Imagofilm Sa Lugano
Nel mio giardino
Cristian Cesaro
Italia / 2013 / 38'56"
Sceeggiatura: Fabio Lessio,
Santo Bruno, fotografia:
Cristian Cesaro, montaggio:
Fabio Lessio, Cristian
Éric Falardeau
Canada /2012/ 100'
Il Docueomentario Il lato nascosto dei
Los Massadores
Dimitri Feltrin
Italia / 2013 / 71'
‫عادت زود چه‬
(How Soon We Get
Used To It ...!)
Meysam Kazazi
Iran /2012/ 75'
Am ende aller tage
(At the End of all
Irina Heckmann
Germania / 2012 / 32'
Cesaro, Davide Donnola,
musica: I guardiani della
dormiente. Produzione
indipendente ambientalsta
Sceneggiatura: Éric
Falardeau, fotografia: Éric
Falardeau, Benoît Lemire,
montaggio: Benoît Lemire.
Produzione: Thanatofilms &
Black Flag Pictures. Con:
Émile Beaudry, Eryka
Cantieri, Roch-Denis
Sceneggiatura e fotografia :
Dimitri Feltrin, montaggio:
Jurij Magoga, musica Los
Massadores. Produzione:
Los Massadores, Sandalo
Produzioni. Con Los
Sceneggiatura: Meysam
Kazazi, fotografia: Abdollah
Abdinasab,montaggio Sadaf
Matluobi, musica Meysam
Kazazi. Produzione:
Shahram Pirouz, Meysam
Kazazi. Con: Satgin
Namazi, Kiarash Asgari,
Golshad Moradi, Sam
Qasemi, Noushin Tehrani,
Sanaz Safei, Azita Balo
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
montaggio, produzione:
dell'ambiente in cui vivono. Ci sono
domande che legano le persone ai luoghi. La
bassa padovana è un luogo fatto di persone e
Thanatomorphose is a french word meaning
the visible signs of an organism's
decomposition caused by death. One day, a
young and beautiful girl a wakes up and
finds her flesh rotting.
"La storia di 7 ragazzi partiti da un paesino
della campagna veneta e arrivati sui palchi
della campagna veneta ...." L'irresistibile
ascesa dei Los Massadores, norcini del rock
Youth who have decided to leave their
country due their own problems. And we
become familiar with their problems,
without any judgement, during the film
The suject of the film is people and their
everyday preparation for going to bed. The
Irina Heckmann
Dans un jardin je
suis entré
Avi Mograbi
Fino a quando ...
Vittorio Curzel
camera is a silent beholder that follows them
through the evening , into their dreams
Israele/Francia/Svizzera Sceneggiatura: Avi
"Dans ce jardin je suis entré" fantasme un «
/2012 / 97'
Mograbi, Noam Enbar
ancien » Moyen-Orient, dans lequel les
Fotografia: Philippe
communautés n’étaient pas séparées par des
Bellaiche, montaggio:
frontières ethniques et religieuses, un
Mograbi, Rainer M.
Moyen-Orient dans lequel même les
Trinkler; musica, Enbar,
frontières métaphoriques n’avaient pas leur
Dakhalt Marra Geneyna.
place. ans l’aventure commune d’Ali et
Produzione: Les Films d'Ici, Avi, de ce voyage qu’ils entreprennent vers
Avi Mograbi Films,
leurs histoires respectives dans une machine
Dschoint Ventschr
à remonter le temps née de leur amitié, le
Filmproduktion. ConAvi
Moyen-Orient d’antan – celui dans lequel ils
Mograbi, Ali Al-Azhari,
pourraient coexister sans efforts- refait
Yasmin Al-Azhari, Philippe surface avec une grande facilité.
Bellaiche. Voice: Hiam
A wry, playful reflection on the emotional
consequences of a political situation, centred
around a revealing series of intimate
conversations between the Israeli filmmaker
and his Palestinian ex-Arabic teacher and
longtime friend. An exchange of shared and
separate histories, perfectly underscored by
and intercut with achingly beautiful letters to
a love lost across the divide, read by a
woman over evocative super 8 footage of
modern-day Beirut.
Italia /2011 / 55'
Sceneggiatura, fotografia,
Sul retro di una vecchia fotografia di due
montaggio: Vittorio Curzel, giovani soldati trentini con la divisa
musiche; Dante Borsetto.
dell'impero asburgico c'è l'indirizzo di uno
Produzione: Fondazione
studio fotografico di una cittadina della
Opera Campana dei Caduti
Bassa Austria. Poi l'immagine di una
di Rovereto, Associazioni
famiglia patriarcale e quella di bambini in
Comuni del Pasubio,
un'aula scolastica, tutti dello stesso paese,
Vittorio Curzel. Voce
tutti profughi di guerra. Inizia così, con la
narrante: Giovanni Mosna
Leccio Debida
(Deserved Lesson)
Iván Ruiz Flores
Spagna /2012/ 62'30"
Ultima spiaggia crisi del 2012
Frank Helbert
Germania /2013 / 39'
Baldi Fuoco!
Zef Muzhani
Italia / 2012/ 58'
Sceneggiatura: Iván Ruiz
Flores, fotografia: Carmelo
Barberk, montaggio: Álex
Bolumar, Carmelo Barberá,
Iván Ruiz Flores ,musica:
Lolo Moldes. Produzione:
Aniur Creativos
Audiovisuales & Demovie
Film. Con: Txema Blasco,
Montse Ortiz, Ramiro
Melgar, Roberto Áron, Mrta
de Frutos, Mar García
Sceneggiatura, fotgrafia,
mntaggio e produzione:
Frank Helbert, musica
Sceneggiatura, montaggio
Zef Muzhani, fotografia
Elisabetta di Porto.
ricerca di quello studio fotografico, il
viaggio nella memoria di una famiglia
trentina durante la prima guerra mondiale. Il
racconto attraversa i campi di battaglia della
Marna e dell'Isonzo, per concludersi fra le
rocce del Pasubio. E quando, alla fine della
guerra, i sopravvissuti tornano nella loro
valle, trovano un paese in macerie e senza
Luz decides to come in. Alejandro led her
there. He’s got a goal but she still doesn’t
Economically it was a flat year, 2012. The
year of the crisis, that is omnipresentand
effects even the summer of italian holidays,
the italians' person wealth highly at risk ...
É stato un anno economicamente fiacco, il
2012. Era l'anno della crisi: la crisi è
ovunque e non si ferma neppure davanti alla
vita estiva degli italiani, il loro bene
personale è a rischio, la crisi ravolge anche
le vacanze....
Una conversazione con il regista Gian
Vittorio Baldi, autore nel 1968 di uno dei
più innovativi film del cinema italiano:
Produzione: Oltrelosguardo,
CGS Arcobaleno
Dr. Ketel
Linus de Paoli
Germania / 2011 / 80'
Sceneggiatura: Anna e
Linus de Paoli, fotografia:
Nikos Welter, montaggio:
Linus de Paoli, musica :
Felix Raffel. Produzione
German Film and
Television academyCon
Ketel Weber, Amanda
Plummer, Burak Yigit, Pit
Bukowski, Franziska
Rummel,Lou Castel
"Fuoco", é l'occasione per una riflessione
sullo statuto dell''immagine cinematografica,
sul passato e sul futuro del cinema come
arte, sui rapporti tra il linguaggio
cinematografico e le altre arti.
Berlin’s notorious Neukoelln district. The
near future, a time in which the health care
system has collapsed. A man works in the
shadows and without licence as a doctor. He
treats people in the streets, stealing medicine
from pharmacies. Forced to adopt the role of
a shadow, an outlaw, he is confronted with
the question as to whether he really is a
doctor. Barely being able to cope with the
situation, he doesn’t notice that an American
security agent is on to him.

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