Issue 02 - My Vyapar News Paper



Issue 02 - My Vyapar News Paper
MY Vyapar
Vol. 1 Issue 2
June 30, 2013
Next Issue July 14, 2013
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News Round UP
June 30, 2013
The Fortnight News Highlights – 14th June to 28th June
National & International
More than 1500 people dead in Uttarakhad
7500 still stranded in
Media claims Modi
rescued 15,000 Gujarathi
from Uttarakhand. BJP
refutes he never made that
Sonia flags off relief
mission after Narendra
Modi’s ‘rescue’ act
Copter crashes in rescue, 20 people feared dead
in Uttarakhand. 5 of them
belonging to armed forces.
“20 people belonging to National Disaster
Response Force (nine),
Indo Tibetan Border Police
(six) and five from Indian
Air Force will be a given
guard of honour on Friday
at 12.30pm in Dehradun,”
said Vice chairman of National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)
M Shashidhar Reddy
The armed forces create world record for the
number of people rescued
using copters in a day.
Manipal University
Girl gang raped. Reward of
Rs. 5 lacs for information
on suspects.
India wins Champions
Trophy in the finals against
England in a 20/20 stand
off due to rain.
 Govt bans diabetic drugs Pioglitazone,
pain killer Analgin and
anti&depressant drug
Round UP
Deanxit. Pioglitazone,
which is marketed as a
single drug as well as in
combinations with other
drugs such as Metformin,
Glimepiride, Alogliptin.
It is claimed that the use
of pioglitazone can lead to
fluid retention that precipitates or worsens congestive heart failure among
After Amma canteens,
Cheif Minister Ms. Jayalalithaa launches fair price
vegetable shops to help
Ms. Kanimozhi wins
RS polls with Cong support
Edward Snowden is
on the run after leaking
information about US’s
snooping telephone and
internet records.
US: In 5-4 rulings,
the high court cleared the
way for gay marriages to
resume in California.
 S.Africa: Nelson
Mandela Critical
 Qatar: HH Sheik
Hamad bin Khalifa
al&Thani transfer power
to son 32 year old son HH
Sheik Tamim bin Hamad
Wimbeldon: Serena
coasts into Wimbledon
third round but Roger
Federer out in the second
Science: NASA’s Kepler discovers two new
planets orbiting in a new
Red bus acquired for
Rs. 850 crores by iBibibo.
 Gold price rises as
demand picks up in India.
 UK says worst is
over – economy on a rebound
Mahindra out of Banking license race.
Car sales down. Nice
time to get a bargain.
Real estate market in
Bangalore does better than
Reliance stops Gold
ETF, Gold Loan and many
other gold related products at the request of Fin
 Ford Eco Sport
launches with starting price
of Rs. 5.59 lacs. Duster
may have to slash prices.
 Rupee touched
Rs.61.5 to a dollar and
as on Thu at Rs. 60.20
after RBI’s release that India’s Current account gap
reduced to 3.6% for Q4,
lower than 4% as expected
by the market, and sharply
below, Q3 numbers which
was 6.7%. RBI rate cut
Cover Story
Can This Happen To You? Þ¶ àƒèÀ‚° ïì‰F¼‰î£™?
t will never
happen to me
syndrome” is a
psychological issue. Talking
on the cell phone while
driving, drunken driving,
or not taking sufficient
precautions to protect one
self or their business is all
due to this syndrome. No
one knows it or understands
it until something adverse
happens. Are you infected
with this syndrome?
Difference Between Uttarakhand Floods and Hurricane Katrina or Sandy?
$60 Billion (3,60,000
Crores Indian Rupees) is the
insurance loss of Hurricane
Katrina and $20 billion
(1,19,000 Crores Indian
Rupees) is the insurance
loss of Hurricane Sandy. Do
we know the insurance loss
of Uttarakhand? With only
4.4% of population covered
under Life Insurance, it is
probably not a significant
amount. Motor insurance
gets wide coverage because
it is mandatory and the
rest of the sectors form a
very minuscule part of the
insurance industry.
Why? The only answers
that comes to our mind
is “It will not happen to
me syndrome” and lack of
It CAN Happen To You:
With climate change
comes perils that we
have never heard of. The
number of hot days in TN
has gone to 220 days from
about 170 days. Amount of
annual rain we receive has
increased by 11.2 cms in the
last two decades. Houses
being constructed with no
proper approvals, forests
being destroyed, no proper
drainage, river beds being
plundered for building
material etc. is a recipe for
disaster waiting to happen
anytime to anyone.
Check List of How To Protect Yourself Financially:
1. Life Insurance and Personal Accident Policy:
Te r m i n s u r a n c e i s
ideally suited to protect
your family financially.
Premiums for this policy
are very low and you have
the option of money back
where you can get your
premium back without
any returns should nothing
happen to you.
Personal Accident policy
will cover you in case of
loss of limb or partial/
temporary disability. Not
going to work for long
periods of time or not being
able to work at all can put
a burden on your loved
ones. Having a personal
accident cover on top of
your life insurance will
cover both the risks of life
and disability.
2. Asset Insurance For Individuals:
Dwelling (just your
house) or House Holders
package (house and the
assets inside the house like
TV, refrigerator and other
valuables) policy will cover
you for the financial loss of
your assets. These policies
will cover fire and STFI
(Storm, Tempest, Flood and
Inundation). Ideally you
should ask for additional
cover of earth quake and
terror. The policy will cost a
few hundred rupees but can
save you at the time of need.
3. Asset Insurance for Office or Shops:
Similar to the house
holders policy, a shop
keepers package policy or
office shield policy will
cover fire, storm, tempest,
flood and inundation
with option of additional
coverage for earth quake
and terrorism. This
policy will cost Rs.1000
approximately and can give
you peace of mind during
hard times.
4. Individual Health or
Group Mediclaim Policy
Getting out of a situation
like Uttarkhand is one thing
but bearing the cost of
health treatment is another.
Taking a health insurance
policy is important to
protect yourself financially
even if you manage to
survive the disaster.
Do you need advice on
how to protect yourself
financially? Call 99445
31981 or 85
¶ âù‚° ïì‚è«õ
ïì‚裶 â¡ø å¼
ßÁ ¬ê‚è£LT‚è™
à‡¬ñò£°‹. õ‡®
憴‹«ð£¶ ªê™«ð£¡
«ð²õ¶, «ð£¬îJ™
õ‡® 冴õ¶, Ü™ô¶
º¿ ð£¶è£Š¹ Þ™ô£ñ™
å¼ ªêòL™ ß´ð´õ¶
Ýðˆî£ù ÜP°Pèœ.
Þˆî¬èò ÝðˆFŸ°‚
è£óíñ£è Þ¼Šð¬õ
¬ìò ÜPò£¬ñ,
ªîOM™ô£¬ñ Ý°‹.
cƒèÀ‹ Þˆî¬èò
ÝðˆFŸ° àœ÷£ùõó£?
àˆîó裇† ªõœ÷‹,
ýK‚«è¡ 裈Kù£,
Ü™ô¶ ꣇? $60 H™Lò¡
(3,60,000 «è£®Ïð£Œ) å¼
Þ¡Åó¡v 苪ðQ‚°
ýK‚«è¡ 裈Kù£ Íô‹
3,60,000 ïwìñ£ù¶. ñŸÁ‹
$20 H™Lò¡ (1,19,000
«è£®Ïð£Œ) ýK‚«è¡
꣇®Íô‹ Þ¡Åó¡v
苪ðQ‚° ïwìñ£ù¶.
àˆFó裇®™ âšõ÷¾
Þ¡Åó¡v ïwì‹ â¡Á
àƒèÀ‚°ˆ ªîK»ñ£!
àˆFó裇† ñ‚èœ
ªî£¬èJ™ 4.4% ñ‚èœ
¬ôŠ Þ¡Åó¡v Íô‹
ðò¡ ܬìAø£˜èœ.
Þ¶ ñ‚èœ ªî£¬è¬ò
裆®½‹ I辋 °¬ø¾.
õ£èù 裊d†´ˆ F†ì‹
â¡ð¶ å¼ ðóõô£ù
Mûò‹, º‚Aòñ£ù¶‹
Ãì. Ýù£™ ñŸø 裊d†´ˆ
F†ìƒèœ ܬùˆ¶‹
å¼ º‚Aòñ£ù F†ìñ£è
è¼îŠðìM™¬ô. ã¡?
ÞîŸè£ù å«ó M¬ì ïñ‚°
â¡ù ïì‚èg;« ð£Aø ¶.
ñŸÁ‹ ÜPò£¬ñ»‹Ãì.
õ£Q¬ô ñ£Ÿøƒè÷£™
îI›ï£†®™ «è£¬ì
ï£†èœ 170 Ýè Þ¼‰î
ï£†èœ ÞŠ«ð£¶ 220
Ýè ñ£P»œ÷¶. èì‰î
2 õ¼ìƒèO™ ñ¬öJ¡
Ü÷¾ 11.2 ªê.e ÜFèñ£A
àœ÷¶. º¬øò£ù ÜÂñF
Þ™ô£ñ™ è†ìŠð†ì
膮캋, 裴èœ
ÜNõ‹, º¬øò£ù
èN¾ c˜ ªî£†®èœ
ܬñ‚è£îFù£½‹ ÜN¾
â¡ð¶ â‚è£ôˆF½‹
≫ïóˆF½‹ ãŸðìô£‹.
àƒè¬÷ cƒèœ ð£¶è£ˆ¶
ªè£œõ¶ âŠð®?
Ý»œ 裊d´ ñŸÁ‹
îQïð˜ 裊d´
1. Ý»œ 裊d´
â¡ð¶ å¼ °´‹ðˆFŸ°ˆ
«î¬õò£ù¶. Ý»œ
裊d†®¡ HKIò‹ Iè
°¬ø¾ å¼ °PŠH†ì
è£ôˆFŸ° Hø° ªî£¬è¬ò
â´‚è õêF»œ÷¶.
ñŸÁ‹ àƒèÀ‚° 㶋
«ïó£M†ì£™ cƒèœ 膮ò
HKIò‹ ðí‹ F¼‹ð‚
A¬ì‚è õ£ŒŠ¹œ÷¶.
2. îQïð˜ 裊d´
Mðˆ¶ «ï˜‰F¼‰î£«ô£
Ü™ô¶ º¿õ¶ñ£è
ð£F‚èŠð†ì£«ô£ Þ‰î‚
裊d´ Íô‹ àƒèÀ‚°
º¿¬ñò£è ªî£¬è¬òŠ
àƒè÷£™ ÜFè 
«õ¬ô‚°„ ªê™ô
º®ò£ñ™ Þ¼‰î£«ô£
Ü™ô¶ àƒèœ e¶
ï‹H‚¬è ¬õˆF¼‚°‹
àƒèœ °´‹ðˆFŸ°
Þ‰î‚ è£Šd†´ˆ F†ì‹
àîMò£è Þ¼‚°‹.
3. ܬêò£ ªê£ˆ¶‚èO¡
Þˆî¬èò 裊d†´ˆ F†ì‹
àƒèœ i†®™ àœ÷ ®.M.
HK†x ñŸÁ‹ ÜFè ñFŠ¹
õ£Œ‰î ªð£¼†èO¡
Íô‹ ã«î‹ Ýðˆ¶
õ‰î£™ Þ‰î 裊d†´
GF Hó„¬ùJ™ Þ¼‰¶
裊ð£Ÿø à. Þ‰î
裊d†´ˆ F†ì‹ ªï¼Š¹,
ñŸÁ‹ ¹ò™, ªõœ÷‹
ÝAòõŸø£™ cƒèœ
ð£F‚èŠð†ì£™ Þ‰î‚
裊d†´ F†ì‹ àƒèÀ‚°
ð£¶è£Š¹ . Þ‰î
裊d†´ˆ F†ì‹ Cô
100 Ïð£ò£è Þ¼‰î£½‹
àƒèÀ‚° ïwì‹ â¡Á
«ï˜‰î£™ àƒè¬÷
ÞˆF†ì‹ 裊ð£ŸÁ‹.
4. ܽõôè‹ ñŸÁ‹
è¬ìèO¡ ªê£ˆ¶ 裊d´.
i†´ 裊d´ «ð£ô
è¬ìè«ô£ Ü™ô¶
ܽõôè«ñ£ ã«îQ½‹
ªï¼Š¹ ñŸÁ‹ ¹ò™,
Gôï´‚è‹ «ð£¡ø
ðòƒèóõ£î °î™
ÝAòõŸP™ Þ¼‰¶
î Š H ˆ ¶ ‚ ª è £ œ ÷
Þ‰î 裊d†´ˆF†ì‹
àîM¹KAø¶. ÞŠð£LC
«î£óòñ£è Ï𣌠1000ñ£è
Þ¼‰î£½‹ Þ¶ ïñ‚°
èwìñ£ù «ïóˆF™
¬èªè£´ˆ¶ G‹ñF
5. îQŠð†ì ²è£î£ó
°¿ªñ®‚«ô¡ ªè£œ¬è.
àˆó裇† «ð£¡ø
Å›G¬ôJL¼‰¶ ñŸÁ‹
å¼õK¡ àì™G¬ô¬ò
裊ð£ŸÁõ¶ â¡ð¶
ªêô¾ I°Fò£°‹. å¼
àì™ïô 裊d†´ˆ F†ì‹
â¡ð¶ cƒèœ â´ˆ¶‚
ªè£‡ì£™ àƒè¬÷
å¼ «ðóNML¼‰¶
裊ð£Ÿø à. cƒèœ
àƒè¬÷ ð£¶è£‚è âŠð®
Ý«ô£ê¬ù «õ‡´‹?
ܬö»ƒèœ 99445 31981
Ü™ô¶ 99445 31985.
Social Responsibility - Charity
You Can Help
he Ma Foi
has tirelessly
worked over the last
7 years in educationg
the underprivileged
children in the slums of
Chennai and in the rural
areas of Madurai and
Vidrudhunagar District.
We have encouraged all
students who have passed
Grade XII to take up
college education because
we honestly believe
that college education
equips a student to face
the challenges of life
with confidence and
brings about stability and
sustainability in their lives.
140 Disha scholars
supported by the
Foundation have taken
employment in reputed
companies and more than
Every Joke Column
woman went
for shopping, At
counter she
Counts opened hercashpurse
to pay.
750 students are currently
pursuing college education.
The aim of the
foundation is to empower
as many deserving students
in this country with a
graduation that will help
them in securing their
future. A good job not only
transforms them but also
transforms the family.
Please support atleast
one student pursue
college education. You
can choose to be a mentor
to the student you are
The cashier noticed a
TV remote in her purse. He
cud'nt control his curiosity
n asked
"Do u always carry ur
TV remote with u?"
She replied " No, not
always, but my husband
June 30, 2013
refused to accompany me
for shopping today.. Due to
his stupid match SO...
The story continues....
The shopkeeper smiles
and takes back all the items
that lady had purchased.
Shocked at this act, she
asks the shopkeeper what
is he doing. He said your
husband has blocked your
credit card.
MORAL: Respect the
hobbies of your husband.
Want Our Help?
Do you have a social cause, blood donation or organ donation
that you would like us to promote?
Write about it in our facebook page:
MyVyaparNews. or email us at [email protected]
com or call us at 044-26150707 / 0808. You can also write
about the good work you are doing in www.myvyaparnews.
com using iReporter.
Pls Contact
Tel: 044 49109999
Let us join together to
empower our youth and
secure the future of our
Rupee fall will increase all costs and prices
he sharp fall in the
external value of
the rupee in the
past two years is a very
significant economic
development. Everyone
from the common man to
the micro-business unit
to a large business house
will feel its impact in the
ensuing period.
There will be mainly
negative fall-outs from this
development. The average
household, already reeling
under double digit inflation,
will see a worsening of
those pressures. Sections
of industry and trade (such
as exporters / importcompeting industry)
though, may benefit to
some extent. Households
receiving NRIs remittances
will also benefit.
The negative impact
arises from the higher
rupee price we have to pay
for our imports. If Rs.45
fetched one dollar in June
2011, now we have to shell
out nearly Rs.60 to buy one
US dollar of imports.
Everyday living is
likely to become more
expensive. Almost all
items of household
consumption such as food,
housing, power, transport,
education, health care
services will become dearer
as supply-chains across all
goods and services pass on
the higher costs.
The small business
owner could be squeezed.
While his costs rise, he
may find it challenging to
pass on the increase if he
is a vendor to big industry.
The adverse impact
has been well highlighted
by the recent decision to
allow private electricity
companies to hike their
tariffs. Power consumers
– both industries and
households – will therefore
see their bills rising.
If the tariff hike is not
passed on immediately
to households, it will get
passed in course of time
through higher subsidies /
Why will power costs
rise because of the rupee’s
That is because we now
have to pay more rupees for
importing coal. Almost all
private power stations use
imported coal. Domestic
coal is not available in
sufficient quantities
and quality for power
generation. The power
cuts in various States are
Crude petroleum, edible
oils (palm oil, soybean
oil etc) and fertilizers are
our other most important
imports (apart from gold).
The rupee cost of all
these imports will be up
at least 35% (under some
assumptions) in the next
12 / 15 month period. Even
in a best case scenario for
India, they will be up 25%.
Other producers will
then pass on the increase
in costs as long as overall
demand does not decline.
Therefore, the common
man will have to budget
for costlier petrol, diesel
and all edible oils such as
sunflower oil, groundnut
oil, palm oil etc. Farmers
may be shielded from
higher fertilizer costs by
government subsidies.
But large government
subsidies, in course of
time, will show up in still
higher general prices.
So, what is the message
for the common man
and small businesses?
Tighten belts, cut down on
unnecessary consumption
and increase productivity
to absorb higher costs.
Such belt tightening will
ultimately help the rupee
recover its value.
Ï𣌠i›„C ܬùˆ¶ ªêô¾èœ ñŸÁ‹ M¬ôèœ ÜFèK‚°‹
ì‰î Þó‡´ Ý‡´èO™ Ïð£J¡ ñFŠ¹
è´‹ êK¾ ÝAàœ÷¶. å¼
ªðKò õEè ñQîQìI¼‰¶
¬ñ‚«ó£ ñQî¡ õ¬ó
ÝAò ܬùõ¬ó»‹ Þ¼‰î
è£ôˆF™ Þ‰î Ïð£Œ
i›„CJ¡ î£‚è‹ Þ¼‚°‹.
Þ‰î º¡«ùŸøˆF¡ Íô‹
õ¼‹ õ£ŒŠ¹èœ âF˜
ñ¬øò£è Þ¼‚è‚ô‹.
ãŸèù«õ êó£êK i†®¡
ñFŠ¹ ñŸÁ‹ Þó†¬ì
Þô‚è ðíi‚è‹ ÝAò¬õ
Þˆî¬èò º¡«ùŸøˆF¡
Íô‹ «ñ£êñ£A àœ÷¶.
ªî£N™ ñŸÁ‹ õ˜ˆîè‹
Þø‚°ñFò£÷˜èœ) æó÷¾
ñ ªðŸø£½‹ ªõO´
õ£› °´‹ðƒèœ Þî¡Íô‹
ðò¡ ܬìõ£˜èœ.
âF˜ñ¬ø èˆF¡
Íô‹  Þø‚°ñF‚è£è
 å¼ àò˜M¬ô
ªè£´‚è«õ‡® àœ÷¶.
ü¨¡ 2011-™ å¼ ì£ô¼‚°
Ï𣌠45Ýè Þ¼‰î¶.
Ýù£™ ÞŠ«ð£¶  60
Þ ø ‚ ° ñ F
ª ê Œ ¶
îó«õ‡®»œ÷¶. Fùº‹
 â™ô£ ªð£¼†èÀ‚°
ÜFè M¬ô ªè£´‚è «õ‡®»œ÷¶. å¼ °´‹ðˆFŸ°
«î¬õò£ù àí¾, I¡ê£ó‹,
«ð£‚°õóˆ¶, è™M, ²è£î£ó
«ê¬õèœ Þ¬õ ܬùˆ¶‹
 õ£ƒ°õ‹
ªè£´Šð‹ ÜFè M¬ô
ªè£´‚è «õ‡® àœ÷¶.
CÁ õEè àK¬ñò£÷˜
Þˆî¬èò 裲 ãŸøˆF¡
Íô‹ HKòŠð†´ îù¶
ªêô¾èœ ÜFèK‚°‹«ð£¶
Üõ˜ å¼ ªðKò ªî£N™
ªêŒðõKì‹ MŸð¬ùò£÷ó£è
Þ¼‰î£™ Þ¶ å¼ êõ£ô£ù
Mûòñ£è Þ¼‚°‹.
êeðˆFò îQò£˜ I¡ê£ó
àò˜õ£™ ªî£N™ ñŸÁ‹
i´èO™ I¡ê£óˆ¬î
ðò¡ð´ˆ¶‹ ¸è˜«õ£˜èœ
Üõ˜èO¡ I¡ê£ó‚ è†ìí‹
àò˜õ¬î 𣘂èô£‹.
è†ìí àò˜¾ àìù®ò£è
i´èÀ‚° ªè£´‚èŠðì£ñ™
Þ¼‰î£™ ܶ ÜFè
ñ£Qòƒèœ #ðíi‚è‹
Íô‹ ªê¡ø¬ì»‹.
Ïð£J¡ i›„C è£óíñ£è
I¡ê£ó è†ìí‹ àò˜õ¶
ãªù¡ø£™  Gô‚èK
ªè£œºî™ ªêŒ-õ
ÜFè ðí‹ ªè£´‚è
«õ‡®»œ÷¶. A†ìˆ- î †ì
ܬùˆ¶ îQò£˜ I¡
G¬ôòƒèO™ Gô‚èK
ªè£œºî™ ªêŒòŠð´Aø¶. ÞŠ«ð£¶ ï‹Iì‹
«î¬õò£ù Gô‚èK Þ™-
ô£- ñ ™ Þ¼Šð‹ ñŸø
ñ£GôƒèO™ ïì‚°‹ I¡ªõ†´ Þ å¼ ê£¡ø£°‹.
è„ê£ ªð†«ó£Lò‹, ê¬ñò™
⇪íŒèœ (ð¬ù ⇪íŒ, «ê£ò£ ⇪íŒ) ñŸÁ‹ àóƒèœ å¼ º‚Aòñ£ù
Þø‚°ñFò£è (îƒè‹ îMó)
Þ‰î Þø‚°ñFJ¡
Íôñ£è Ïð£J¡ ñFŠ¹ 35%
Ü´ˆî 12# 15# ñ£îƒèO™
°¬øò õ£ŒŠ¹œ÷¶. å¼
Cø‰î àî£óíñ£è Þ¶
25% õ¬ó Þ¼‚èô£‹.
ñŸø Mò£ð£Kèœ îƒèO¡
ªð£¼†èO¡ «î¬õ‚«èŸð
ªð£¼†èO¡ M¬ô¬ò
ãŸP‚ªè£‡«ì ªê™õ£˜è«÷
îMó Þø‚èñ£†ì£˜èœ.
âù«õ ê£î£óí ñQ-î¡
Üõ¡ «î¬õèœ Ü¬ùˆFŸ°‹ ð†ªü† «ð£ì«õ‡®
Þ¼‚Aø¶. ªð†«ó£™, ¯ê™
ñŸÁ‹ ⇪íŒèO™
ÅKò裉F ⇪íŒ,
èìªô‡ªíŒ, ð£ñ£J™
«ð£¡- ø ¬õ Ý°‹. Üó²
ñ£QòˆF¡ Íôñ£è ÜFè
àóM¬ôè¬÷ Mõê£JèOìI¼‰¶ 裊ð£ŸÁAø¶.
Ýù£™ Üó² ñ£Qòƒèœ
Ãì ÜFè M¬ô¬ò
âù«õ ê£î£óí ñQî¡
ñŸÁ‹ CÁõEè˜èœ Íô‹
ªè£´‚èŠð´‹ ªêŒF â¡ù?
ð í ‚ è † ´ Š ð £ ´
«î¬õòŸø ªêô¾è¬÷
°¬øŠð¶‹ ñŸÁ‹ ÜFè
àŸðˆF¬ò ªêŒõ¶‹
ðíñFŠ¬ð °¬ø‚è à.
Þî¡Íô‹ ðíñFŠ¬ð
ð¬öò G¬ô¬ñ‚°
ªê¡ø¬ìò õNõ°‚°‹.
݃Aô Íô‹: ®.H.èð£L
ï¡P: îI›ªñ£NŠªðò˜¹: êbw
Disclaimer: Readers are recommended to make adequate
inquiries before entering into any deals with advertisers. The editor
and publisher do not vouch for any claims made by advertisers and
hence shall not be liable for any adverse consequence.
June 30, 2013
Life Style
Real Estate
10 Quick and Easy Home Décor Ideas to Update Your Space
Plot Sales in TN : Customers Beware
ummer is here, and now is the perfect
time to update your space for the
season! Here are 10 quick and easy home
décor updates that will enliven your home
for the warm months ahead.
Put an Antique in an Unexpected Place. No matter
your décor style, an antique is the perfect finishing
touch in a room by blending harmoniously with
traditional décor, or standing out among contemporary
styling. Pick a piece with sentimental value, or choose a
unique home accent at a flea market or estate sale.
Use a Garden Stool as an Accent Table. Not just for
the outdoors anymore, decorative ceramic accents
come in an impressive array of colors and finishes
and are the perfect pop of color and texture in a living
Add Brightly Colored
Pillows to Your Bed.
Nothing livens up a
space like colorful accent
pillows. Swap them out
seasonally to completely
change the look of your
bedroom without breaking
the bank.
Hang a Gallery
Wa l l . S m a l l
photographs and
artworks can have a
major design impact when
hung together as a group.
Here’s an easy technique
for hanging wall art that
will make installing your
gallery wall a breeze.
Paint a Cheaper Find in High-Gloss
Paint. Nothing revives a tired piece
of furniture and gives it a new life
like lacquer! Be sure to properly sand and
prime the piece before painting to ensure
a uniform, glossy finish.
Paint an Accent Wall. When done right, an accent
wall can help the rest of a room’s décor really
sing. If you’re not sure what color to choose, start
by looking around your room — there will likely be an
accent color in a pillow, a piece of art, or an accessory
that you can use as inspiration. The key is selecting an
accent wall color that complements your décor without
drawing too much attention.
S w a p Yo u r B e d s i d e
Lampshades. If your lamp
base has good “bones,” but
the shade has seen better days,
a replacement lampshade can
revive its sluggish appearance.
Not sure how to find out the
lampshade size you need?
Here’s a handy guide on how
to update your décor with a new
lamp shade.
Swap Out Builder’s Basic
Light Fixtures. If you live
in a new home, chances are
that many of your ceiling fixtures
are inexpensive builder’s basics.
Close-to-ceiling lights(typically
found in hallways, kitchens, and
bathrooms) are easily exchanged
with more stylish options. You
can do this even if you’re a
renter - just keep the original
fixtures and make sure to reinstall them when you move.
uying plots in the
outskirts or rural
India where prices
“seem” cheap may sound
like a good idea but customers should be careful.
Here is some useful information before you make
that investment.
1. Panchayat Approval: Plots are being sold as
“approved” plots across
Tamil Nadu. When you
look deep, it will say “Panchayat Approval”. There
is NO such thing as panchayat approval. Unless
the land is DTCP (Directorate of Town and Country
Planning) approved, it is
considered agricultural
property and you are not
allowed to use it for any
other purpose other than
that. The local panchayat
certificate i.e. the panchayat does not have any objection to the land being used
for residential purpose is
all that it means.
2. Loans: One cannot
get a loan for any plot that
is not DTCP approved.
This is because according
to SARFAESI Act agricultural properties cannot be
repossessed by banks for
non-payment of loans.
3. Mark Up: The plots
being sold usually come
at a lot higher price than
market price because of
cost of development. The
issue is that the plot developers usually charge a
200% premium (on top of
costs) which means one
ends of paying more than
what is the actual worth.
If you buy such properties you have to wait for
the property to appreciate
more than 200% for you to
feel safe about your investment which beats the logic
of any investment mantra.
4. Developments
Around The Plot: Before
buying a plot find out what
is the new developments
happening around it? Why
should this property appreciate in value in the
5. Property Management: Managing properties in remote locations
will be a nightmare especially with laws favoring
occupants of land rather
than the owners who have
invested their hard earned
money in the property.
Ethical and
Fair value Services
Want to
Buy or Sell a
Contact Shriram Vyapar Associate
in your area today.
Anna Nagar:
2615 0707 / 0808
98417 24712
Hang a Mirror Opposite
a Window. The reflection
will create the illusion of
having more windows and natural
Dress up a
Hallway or
Entryway with
a Runner. Area rugs are
often viewed as a design
necessity for living rooms
and dining rooms – but
why not in the hallway and
entryway too? A beautiful
runner can bring color,
pattern, and softness into
an otherwise “hard” space.
Whether you incorporate just one or all 10, these
easy home décor ideas can provide an instant
update to your space this summer.
Published By Giridhar Raja and Owned by/On behalf of Shriram Vyapar Private Limited and published from R5-A/2, Imayam Colony, Anna Nagar West Ext. Chennai - 600101
and printed by C. Murali, Frontline Printers Private Limited at M-7, Thiru-Vi-Ka Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai - 600032. Editor : S. Vijay Prakash
Vol. 1 Issue 2
Anna Nagar Trendz
June 30, 2013
Next Issue July 14, 2013
Free Circulation
Fair price vegetable shops launched in Anna Nagar, Rs. 10 Water to follow
fter the superhit
“Amma canteens”
across the state
that sell hot meals at
dirt cheap rates, Tamil
Nadu Chief Minister J
Jayalalithaa launched fair
price vegetable shops to
sell farm-fresh vegetables
at substantially lower
rates in Chennai and its
suburbs.Thirty one such
Pannai Pasumai Nugarvor
Kootturavu Kadai (farm
fresh cooperative store)
were opened.
The shops are a
market-intervention by
the government to stem
the rising vegetable
prices. In the recent past,
prices of vegetables have
skyrocketed in Tamil Nadu
and the rest of the southern
The government
departments (cooperation,
food and consumer
protection) procure
vegetables directly
from the farmers for the
shops. With this step, the
government has been able
to keep the prices low by
keeping the middlemen at
bay. What is noteworthy
that the move has not
burdened the exchequer
with a subsidy burden.
Reportedly, the outlets
sold a whopping 13,000
kg of vegetables on the
first day. Chief Mionister
Jayalalithaa had recently
made a similar market
intervention by offloading
one lakh metric tonne rice,
when prices were going up.
The Amma canteens
are a global success story
on food security now. The
management of the shops
have been modernised with
computerised billing and
barcodes, new machinery
and expanded menu.
In an announcement
on Friday, Chief Minister
Jayalalithaa said she had
directed State Transport
Corporations to set up
‘Amma Mineral Water’
plants across Tamil Nadu.
They will market mineral
water, packaged in plastic
bottles, at Rs.10 a litre.
The price line would make
the product attractive, as
private brands were sold
at Rs.20 a litre and that of
Railways at Rs.15.
Residents in the
neighbourhood can
benefit from the outlets
on W-40, near Ayyanar
S t a t u e , A n n a N a g a r,
Outlet Market
Rate Rate
Rs. per kg.
Onion (large)
Onion (small)
Brewery Salai (Shenoy
Nagar) and Chinthamani
outlet, 1st Avenue, near
Chinthamani Signal, East
Anna Nagar.
Movie Interview
Ü‡í£ ïè˜ õ£CJ¡
öè£ù ªð‡è¬÷ 𣘈ô
݇èÀ‚° Üõ˜èœ e¶
å¼ Mî ݬê õ¼‹. ܉î
ݬê«ò ªõPò£°‹ «ð£¶ ð£Lò™
ªî£™¬ô‚° ðô ªð‡èœ Ý÷£è
«ïK´‹. êeðˆF™ ïì‰î ðô èŸðNŠ¹
ê‹ðõƒèœ Ü àî£óí‹. M¬óM™
F¬ó‚° õóM¼‚°‹ "ñ£¬ò" â¡ø
F¬óŠð캋 Þ¬î«ò ð¬ó꣟ÁA¡ø¶.
ï£òAJ¡ ÜöA™ ñòƒAò ï£òè‚°,
ï£òA â†ì£èQ â¡ø£ù¶‹ ªõP
ªè£‡´ Ý´‹ ݆ì«ñ "ñ£¬ò" â¡Á
ªê£™Aø£˜ Þò‚°ù˜. ÞF™ èŸðNŠ¹
â¡ð¬î ¬ñòŠð´ˆî£ñ™ «õÁ Mîñ£è
è¬î ªê£™LJ¼‚Aø£˜èœ. Üöè£ù
ªð‡è¬÷ 𣘈 ñF ñòƒA
¬ê‚«è£õ£è ñ£Á‹ ݇èÀ‚°, Üö°
â¡ð¶ å¼ "ñ£¬ò" â¡«ø ¹Pò
¬õˆ¶œ÷î£è ªê£™Aø£˜ Þò‚°ù˜.
îò£KŠð£÷˜ ðó«ñvõó¡ å¼ Ü‡í£
ïèK™ õCŠðõ˜ â¡ð¶ °PŠHìˆî‚è¶.
Suits your Budget
91 to 180 Days
10% (p.a)
K.B.Madhukumar, B.E.
Cell: 98401 03579
 Civil Engineering Contractor
 Domestic / Industrial Works undertaken
 Builders & Flat Promoters
No. 1, Park Road, Padi,
Chennai - 50. Ph: 044-26156745
E-mail: [email protected]
Highest Interest Rate of
on Fixed Deposits
181 to 270 Days
11% (p.a)
(for Senior Citizen)
271 to 365 Days
11.5% (p.a)
More than
One Year
11.75% (p.a)
Thiruvalluvar Transport Corporation
Employees’ Cooperative Credit Society Ltd.
(Regd. No: MSCS/CR/16-91) (Governed by Central Registrar of Cooperatives, New Delhi, Govt. of India)
No. 10, 23rd Street, Jai Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai-106.
Ph: 2363 7712, 4355 6050, 98402 75405
Local Start-Up Focus
Anna Nagar Trendz June 30, 2013 2
chinmaya vidyalaya, BVM, Bhavans and many more choose Report Bee
for innovative student, teacher and school reporting
id you know
that child of a
Graduate parent
on an average score 20%
more than post-Graduate
Did you know in Tamil
Nadu, students born in
m o n t h o f S e p t e m b e r,
October and November
on an average score 150
marks more than students
born in other month?
Did you know there are
specific intervals where
a student dramatically
starts to learn well?
Example: An ush an
average student till 6th
standard started to improve
When a teacher says this
is the worst 10th standard
batch I have seen in life.
Report Bee can actually
say if it is true or suggest
that this is 2nd worst
batch, the batch 3 years
before was the worst
Report Bee, an IITMadras incubated
company, has successfully
implemented solutions
in schools which give
them the power to record
granular and holistic
data. These records
are then presented as
beautiful Student Report
Cards, useful School
Registries and Insightful
Okay, that is lot of
data analysis what about
memorable life?
Report Bee is only the
system that can effectively
capture various activities
such as participated in
drama or
d a n c e
competition or Olympiad
test to regular school tests
and presenting the data in
beautiful and meaningful
feed-back report. Schools
are very busy doing a lot
of good activities, but
don't find the means to
effectively communicate
the details and outcomes
of these activities to the
parents. Report Bee Report
Cards highlight the
contribution of the
schools to the growth and
achievements of the child.
Currently there are
36,570 students and
parents who actually like
their Reports Cards.
Right now Report
Bee serves 52 schools,
5 Chennai corporation
schools and 30 government
schools. It has successfully
complete 3 year crucial
life-cycle of serving
schools and set to
expand nationally and
Report Bee has been
invited by Tamil Nadu
Education department to
do analysis of board exam
and the reports has been
show-cased to Honorable
CM and World Bank.
Core Team of Report
Anjan T, Bala Ganesh,
Vinod Kumar, Umesh
Ganapathy, Prabhakaran
V, Antony Jackson
膴ñ£ùˆ ªî£NL™ âF˜ªè£‡ì êõ£™ â¶?
膴ñ£ùˆ ªî£NôFð˜ ñ£‹ðô‹ ê‰Fó«êè¼ì¡ «ï˜è£í™
õœÀõ˜ õNJ™ õEè‹
¶õ£è Mò£ð£óˆF™ ß´ð†´œ÷õ˜-èÀ‚°‹, ªî£NôFð˜èÀ‚°‹
Þô‚AòˆF¡ ð‚è‹ Üšõ÷õ£è ìI¼‚裶. MFMô‚è£è
Cô˜ Þ¼Šð£˜èœ â¡ð¬î ñ£‹ðô‹ ê‰Fó«êè˜ Üõ˜è¬÷„ ê‰Fˆî Hø°
ÜP‰¶ªè£œ÷ º®‰î¶. ñQî˜ ä‰¶ GI숶‚ªè£¼º¬ø å¼ F¼‚°ø¬÷„
ªê£™L M÷‚躋 î¼Aø£˜. îŸè£ô Þô‚Aòˆ¬î»‹ MìM™¬ô. ªüò裉î¡,
ªüò‰î¡, ï£.𣘈îê£óF «ð£¡«ø£˜ ð¬ìŠ¹èOL¼‰¶‹ «ñŸ«è£œè¬÷„
ªê£™Aø£˜. «ð„C™ ÜÂðõ ÜP¾ ðO„C´Aø¶. â™ô£õŸ¬ø»‹ Mì îù¶
F¼ñí ñ‡ìðˆ¬î Þô‚Aò‚ Æìƒèœ ïìˆî Þôõêñ£è«õ î¼Aø£˜. ܉î
õ¬èJ™ Þ‰î Ü̘õ ñQî¬ó„ ê‰F‚°‹«ð£¶ æ˜ Üô£Fò£ù ñA›„C»‹,
F¼ŠF»‹ õóˆî£¡ ªêŒAø¶. Mò£ð£ó‹, Mò£ð£K â¡ø õ£˜ˆ¬îèœ ÜîŸè£ù
܉îv¬î Þö‰¶ GŸ°‹ è£ôè†ì‹ Þ¶. 'ªêŒè ªð£¼¬÷' â¡Á õœÀõ˜
ªê£™LJ¼‚Aø£˜. Ýù£™ ܊𮠪𣼬÷ ߆´õ¶ «ï˜¬ñò£ù º¬øJ™
Þ¼‚è«õ‡´‹ â¡ð«î º‚Aò‹! ÞQ ñ£‹ðô‹ ê‰Fó«êè¼ìù£ù ïñ¶
 îƒèO¡ ªî£ì‚è‹,
°´‹ðŠ H¡ùE?
♫ô£¼‹ î£ƒèœ ªî£ì‚èˆF™
㬠ö ò £è Þ¼‰îî£è„
ª ê £ ™ õ £ ˜ è œ .
Ýù£™  Ü Š ð ®„
 ð óñ 㬠ö ò £è
ñ£‹ðô‹ ð°FJ™î£¡
H ø ‰«î¡.
ð œO J™ 𠮈« î¡.
ð œO J Á F õ ° Š H™
Installation will be done with in 4 hrs
Immediate Recharge
Asktec Services, Old No.69B, New No.139, 5th Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 600040
G ¬ ø ò ñ F Š ª ð ‡è œ
ªðŸÁ, ðô è™ÖKèO™
Þ ì‹
A ¬ 숶 ‹
õÁ¬ñ è£óíñ£è
« ñ Ÿ ð ® Š ¬ ð ˆ ª î £ ìó
º®òM™¬ô. ÜŠð£
âù¶ CPò õòF«ô«ò
Þ ø ‰ ¶ M † ì £ ˜ .
Ü‹ñ£ Þƒ«è«ò
ï¬ ìð £¬î‚ è £Œ èP‚
è ¬ ì ¬ õ ˆ F ¼ ‰ î £ ˜.
Ü‹ñ£M¡ àì™ G¬ô
ï L õ ¬ ì‰ î G ¬ ô J ™
ª ê £ ‰ î
á ó £ ù
ï £ ¡
Ü ƒ °
ªê¡ø«ð£¶ ܉î Gî£ù
õ£›‚¬è âù‚°Š
H®ðìM™¬ô. e‡´‹
ª ꡬ ù ª ê™A « ø ¡
â ¡ ø « ð £ ¶
â ¡
¬èJ™ ËÁ Ïð£¬ò‚
ªè£´ˆ¶ "à¡ ¬èJ™
ªð£Œ»‹ Þ¼‚è«õ
Ã죶 . ò £˜ i †® ½ ‹
ªê¡Á ¬è«ò‰î‚
Ã죶. à¡ ¬è
⊫ 𠣶 ‹ « ñ«ô
Þ ¼ ‚ è « õ ‡ ´ ‹.
¬è«ò‰¶‹ G¬ô
õ ‰ î £ ™
F ¼ ‹ ð
ἂ« è õ ‰¶ M ´"
â ¡ ø £ ˜. ª ê ¡ ¬ ù ‚ °
õ ‰ ¶
e ‡ ´ ‹
è £Œ è P M ò £ð £óˆ ¬ î
Ýó‹Hˆ«î¡. ÜŠ«ð£¶
ªè£ˆîõ£™ ê£õ ®
ì¾ QL ¼ ‰ î¶ . « êÁ ‹
êèF » ñ£è Þ¼‚°‹
Ü‰î‚ °Áèô£ù
ªî¼‚èO™ ªê¡ø«ð£¶
å¼èí‹ Ü¼õ¼Šð£è
àí ˜‰« î¡. Þ‰îˆ
ª èO™ ͆¬ ì
É‚A õ ó« õ ‡´ ñ £
â¡Á ÜÅ¬êŠ ð†«ì¡.
õ ò î £ùõ ˜è À‹ Ãì
͆¬ì É‚Aõ¼õ¬îŠ
𠣘ˆ« î¡. Ü õ ˜èÀ‹
ñ Q î ˜è œî £ « ñ!
Üõ˜è÷£™ º®»‹«ð£¶
õò²Š¬ðò¡ â¡ù£™
º®ò£î£ â¡Á «î£¡ø
¶ E ¾ ‹ , à Ÿ ê £è º ‹
î £ « ù
õ ‰ î ¶ .
º¿ñù¶ ì¡ ºî™
è£ô® â´ˆ¶ ¬õˆ«î¡.
¹ F ò
õ £ › ‚ ¬ è
裌èP ͆¬ì¬ò„
² ñ ‰¶ õ £›‚ ¬ è ¬ ò ˆ
ª î£ìƒA«ù¡. ܉î„
² ¬ ñ I è ¾ ‹ ² è ñ £è
Þ¼‰î¶. HŸè£ôˆF™
Ü«î ñ£‹ðôˆF™
è¬ ìèœ è†® 裌èP
M ò £ð £K è À‚ ° Þ ì‹
ª è £´ ‚ è ‚ è £óí ñ £è
ܬñ‰î¶ âù¶ ºî™
Mò£ð£óˆF™ ÞøƒAò
H¡ù˜ îƒè÷¶
ܵ ° º¬ø âŠð®
ñ £ ‹ ð ô ˆ F ™
óJ™ G¬ôòˆ¶‚°Š
ð‚èˆF™ 裌èP‚
è ¬ ì Ý ó ‹H ˆ î « 𠣶
♫ô£¼‹ 裌èP
ª ð ò ¬ ó‚ ÃMˆî£¡
MŸÁ‚ ªè£‡®¼‰îù˜.
 Cèªó† ܆¬ìJ™
裌èPèO¡ ªðò˜ â¿F
Üî¡ â¬ì, M¬ô¬ò
â¿F å¼ °„CJ™
ªê¼A ¬õˆ«î¡.
ܬñ‰î îó£¬ê‚
¬èJ™ H®ˆîð®
îM ˜ˆ¶
¯ ô ‚v
î ó£¬ ê Š ð ò ¡ð ´ˆî
Ýó‹Hˆ«î¡. å«óM¬ô.
ê K ò £ ù â ¬ ì! â ù ¶
ºòŸC¬ò ñ‚èœ
Ý ù £ ™
ê è
Mò£ð£Kèœ âF˜ˆîù˜.
« õ Á õ N J¡P âù¶
ºòŸC¬ò‚ ¬èM†«ì¡.
܉î êñò ‹ Mï£òè
궘ˆF õ‰î¶. ܼ«è
àœ÷ «è£J™èO™
å L ª ð ¼ ‚ A J ™
ð ô ñ£è
«è†è Ýó‹Hˆî¶.
Mò£ð£Kèœ â¡ù
àóˆ¶ ‚ èˆF ù£½ ‹
õ £ ƒ ° ð õ ˜è O ¡
è £ ¶ è À ‚ ° Š
«ð£Œ„«êóM™¬ô. 
e‡´‹ â¿F ¬õˆ«î¡.
ñŸøõ ˜èÀ‹ â¡Qì‹
õ‰¶ îƒèÀ‚°‹
Ü«îñ£FK â¿Fˆîó„
ªê£™L Üî¬ù„ ªê¼A
¬õ ˆî£˜èœ. âù¶
ºòŸC‚° Mï£òè˜
àîMù£˜.  ºîL™
«ñŸªè£‡ì ¹¶¬ñ‚°‚
A¬ìˆî ªõŸP Þ¶!
Þ‰î êñòˆF™ Kò™
âv«ì† Mò£ð£ó‹
ªî£ì‚è G¬ôJ™
Anna Nagar Trendz June 30, 2013 3
Þ¼‰î¶. ï£Â‹ âù¶
Gôƒè¬÷ õ£ƒA«ù£‹.
îMó ñ£‹ðôˆF«ô«ò
º‚裙 A󾇮™
çH÷£† 膮ˆ î¼õ
õ£ŒŠ¹ õó Üî¬ù»‹
å Š ¹ ‚ª è £‡´ ª ê Œ ò
Ýó‹Hˆ«î¡. Ü´ˆîî£è
å ¼
Ü ´ ‚ è è ‹ .
膮 º®ˆîHŸ°
MŸè«õ º®òM™¬ô.
ïw ìºI™ô £ñ™
M Ÿ« ø £‹.
ï £¡
Mò£ð£ó‹ ªêŒî Ü«î
ñ £ ˜‚ ª è † ® ™ å ¼ i ´
M¬ô‚° õ‰î¶.
Üî¬ù‚ è¬ ìè÷£è‚
膮 MŸ«ø¡. Þó‡´
A󾇆 M¬ô‚°
õ ‰î¶. ÝÁ ô†ê‹
M ¬ ô .
Þ ó ‡ ´
ð ´ ‚ ¬ è ò ¬ ø è œ
ª è £‡ ì çH ÷£†´ è œ
è †®
M Ÿ « ø £‹.
ê¶ ó Ü ® ‚ ° ï £ÛÁ
Ï𣌠M¬ô. å¼
çH ÷£†« ì Þ ó‡´
ô †ê Ï𠣌 èÀ‚°œ
Þ‰î êñòˆF™
¯‚è¬ì, 裌èP
Mò£ð£ó‹ ÞŠð® ²ñ£˜
Þ ¼ ð ¶ « õ ¬ ô è ¬ ÷„
ª ê ŒF ¼ Š « ð ¡. â‰îˆ
ªî£N½‹ ÞNõ£ùî™ô.
«ï˜¬ñò£è„ ªêŒî£™
â ™ ô £ ‹ ï ™ ô ¬ õ « ò!
G¬øòˆ ªî£N™èœ
ª ê Œ » ‹ « ð £ ¶
MîMîñ£ù ÜÂðõƒèœ
A¬ì‚°‹. îõÁèÀ‹,
«î£™MèÀ‹ õ ¼‹.
ð£ìƒèœ èŸÁ Ü´ˆî
ºòŸCè¬÷ «ñŸªè£œ÷
« õ ‡ ® ò ¶ î £ ¡ .
޶ âù¶ Þô‚°
â¡Á èª ô‚ìó£è«õ £,
õ‚Wô£è«õ£ ªî£N¬ô
Ü ¬ ìð õ ˜è œ C ô ˜.
Ü õ ˜èO¡ õ £›‚ ¬ è
c« ó£¬ ì. Ýù£™ â¶
A ¬ ì‚A ø « î £ Ü ¬ î „
ªêŒ¶ Ü´ˆî´ˆ¶ ðô
«õ¬ôèœ ªêŒðõ˜
õ £›‚ ¬ è c˜i ›„C
«ð£¡ø¶. Þ¶ Þ¡ùº‹
Üöè£è ܬñ»‹.
Þó‡´«ñ ï™ô¶î£¡.
Í ¡ ø £ õ ¶
õ¬èò£ùõ˜èœ ù
ñŸøõ˜èÀì¡ åŠH†´
¾ ñùŠð£¡¬ñ»ì¡
ꣂ°Š « 𠣂°è¬÷„
ªê£™ðõ˜èœ. Þõ˜è÷¶
õ£›‚¬è ªõŸPèóñ£è
Þ¼‚裶. Ü®Šð¬ìò£è
å ¼
ª î £N ¬ ô ˆ
ªî£ìƒA ܬî Mì£ñ™
«õÁ ðôõŸ¬ø ºò¡Á
º®õ £è 㫠 õ £¼
ª î £ N ™ ï ™ ô M î ñ £è
ïñ‚° ܬñ‰¶M´‹.
ܶ à‡¬ñ.
å¼ ªî£NôFð˜ â¡ø
º ¬øJ™ Þ¡¬øò
è™M º ¬ø ðŸPò
îƒèO¡ 輈¶ â¡ù?
õ°ŠH™ ºî™
ªð…²èO™ Üñ¼‹
ñ £í õ ˜è œ ï ¡ ø £è Š
ð ® ˆ ¶
ª ð K ò
« õ ¬ ô è À ‚ ° „
ªê™õ£˜èœ. H¡
ªð…²èO™ Üñ¼‹
ñ £ í õ ˜ è À ‹
i‡ «ð£õF™¬ô.
Ü õ ˜èœî£‹ H¡ù£™
ñ£P º¡ ªð…²
ñ £ í õ ˜ è À ‚ °
« õ ¬ ô î¼õ £˜èœ.
Ü™ô¶ î¬ôõ˜è÷£A
M´Aø£˜èœ. Ýè
ï ñ¶ è ™M º ¬ ø J™
â¬î« ò £ ñùŠ ð £ì‹
ªêŒ¶ 𮈶 åŠHˆ¶
å¼ ê˜†®H«è†¬ì
õ £ƒAM†ì£™ « 𣶠‹
Ýù£™ ܶõ™ô
à ‡ ¬ ñ ò £ ù è ™ M!
𠮈î H¡ù˜ àôè‹
ܶ à‡¬ñò£ù
𠮊 ¹ «õÁ. è™M
«õÁ. ÜŠð®Šð£˜ˆî£™
Cø‰î è™Mò£÷˜è÷£è
ó£ü£T, è£ñó£x
Ý A « ò £ ¬ ó „
ªê£™ôô£‹! âƒè¬÷Š
«ð£¡ø GÁõùƒèœ ðô
ð®ˆî Þ¬÷ë˜èÀ‚°
ªè£‡®¼‚A«ø£‹. â…
TQòKƒ «õ¬ô‚°
ðF¬ù‰¶ êîiî‹
ñ †´ « ñ
« î ¬ õ
Þ ¼ ‚ ° ‹ « ð £ « î
â ‡ ð ˆ ¬ î ‰ ¶ ,
ËÁ êîiî‹ â…
TQ ò ˜èœ ª õ OJ™
õ ¼ A ø £ ˜è œ. Ýù £™
Üšõ÷¾ «ð¼‚°‹
«õ¬ô A¬ìŠðF™¬ô.
Ü « î ê ñ ò ‹ ⃠è÷¶
ðEèÀ‚° ¶¬íò£è
G Ÿ è « õ ‡ ® ò
ª è £ˆ î ù £ ˜, C ˆ î £œ,
î „ ê ˜, è ‹ H « õ ¬ ô
ªêŒ«õ£˜ «ð£¡ø
ðEèœ ªêŒõ
A ¬ ì ‚ è £ ñ ™
è ™ M
â ¡ ð ¶
Ã´î™ î°F. ¬è裙
â¡ð«î Gó‰îóˆ
î °F. Ü îù£™ â‰î
«õ¬ôò£è Þ¼‰î£½‹
ªêŒõ Þ¬÷ë˜èœ
º¡Â‚° õó«õ‡´‹.
ð®ˆîõù£è Þ¼‰î£½‹
Ãì å¼ ªî£N™
Üî¬ù Üõ ¡ ª êŒ ò
º¡õó «õ‡´‹.
𠣘ˆ¶ ï £‹ è Ÿ Á ‚
𮂰‹«ð£«î æ†ìL™
ꊬ÷ò˜ «õ¬ô ªêŒ¶
𮊹‚è£ù ð투îˆ
F ó†´ ‹
Þ¬ ÷ò
î¬ôº¬øJù˜ ܃°
G¬øò Þ¼‚A¡øù˜.
 à ƒ è ÷ ¶ è † ´ ñ £ ù ˆ
ªî£NL™ cƒèœ
âF˜ªè£‡ì êõ£ô£è
âî¬ù‚ 輶Al˜èœ?
ð ô õ ¼ ìƒ èÀ‚°
º¡ù£™ ÞòŸøŠð†ì ê†ìƒè¬÷ˆî£¡
Þ ˆ ª î £ N L ™
Ü ñF ºŸP½ ñ£è
ñÁ‚èŠ ð †´ õ ‰î¶.
ªõO èOªô™ô£‹
è£ôñ£Ÿøˆ¬î‚ è¼F
Þ î Ÿ ° å Š ¹ î ™ î ‰¶
ï¬ìº¬øJ™ ðô
Ü´‚°èœ ª 裇ì
ñ £®‚è †® ìƒ è œ õ óˆ
ªî£ìƒAò è£ôˆF½‹
ïñ¶ ®™ ñÁˆîù˜.
Þˆ b˜õ£è
ç H ÷ £ † ¹ ó « ñ £ †ì˜v
â™ « ô £¼ ‹ Þ ¬ í ‰¶
'C ƒ è £ ó „ ª ê ¡ ¬ ù
H™ì˜v Ü«ê£C«òû¡'
â¡Á å¼ Ü¬ñŠ¬ðˆ
ª î £ ì ƒ A Þ ¶ « 𠣡 ø
« è £ K ‚ ¬ è è ÷ £è
¬õˆî«ð£¶ âF˜ð£˜ˆî
ñ£Ÿø‹ G蛉î¶.
âƒèœ «è£K‚¬èèœ
ãŸèŠðìˆ ªî£ìƒAù.
Üî¡ H¡ù˜ ãŸð†ì
ñ£Ÿøƒèœî£‹ 
Þ Š « 𠣶 è £‡ ð ¬ õ .
ÞQ«ñ™ GôˆF™
ð óõ ô£è ª ꣉îñ£èˆ
ê £ ˆ F ò I ™ ¬ ô .
Ü´‚èèƒèœî£¡ å«ó
b˜¾. ފ𮄪êŒî£™
裊ð£Ÿø º®»‹.
Þ « î « ð £ ô
ñŸª ø£¼ Hó„C¬ù
«ð£‚°õ óˆ¶ ª ïKê™!
Þì‹ Þ¼‚A¡ø«î£
Þ™¬ô« ò £ â™ô£¼ ‹
裘 õ£ƒA M´Aø£˜èœ.
꣬ ô « ò £óˆF « ô « ò
G Á ˆ F M ´ A ¡ ø ù ˜.
꣬ô õ£èùƒèœ
ªê™ô º®ò£ñ™
ª ïKêô£A M´A¡ø¶.
âƒèœ Ü«ê£C«òû¡
õNò£è Üóꣃ舶‚°
Þ‰î Š H ó„C ¬ ù¬ ò ‚
ª è £‡´ ª ê¡ø « 𠣶
î¬ó î÷‹º¿õ¶‹ 裘
𠣘‚A ƒ ª êŒ ò õ êF
ª ê Œ ò « õ ‡ ´ ‹ â¡ ø
ê†ì‹ ÞòŸøŠð†ì¶.
ãø‚°¬øò ð¶
èÀ‚° «ñ™ 
ªê¡Á õ‰F¼‚A«ø¡.
Cô èO™ i´
膴 õ ¶ ª î£ì˜ð£ù
ê†ìƒè¬÷ ÜšõŠ«ð£¶
Ý Œ ¾
ª ê Œ ¶
²ù£I, âKñ¬ô ÞŠð®
ðô ÞòŸ¬è„ YŸøƒèœ
Þ¼‰î£½‹ ܃° ðô
Ü´‚° ñ£®è¬÷‚
膮J¼‚A ø£˜èœ.
ÜF˜¾ è¬÷ˆ  °‹
M î ñ £è Ü ¬ ñ ‚ è Š 𠆮¼‚A¡øù. Þ‰Fò£M™
Þ ¬ î Š ð ŸP ª ò ™ ô £‹
èõ¬ô«ò ð´õF™¬ô.
Hó„C¬ù ºŸPŠ«ð£ù
Hø° MNˆ¶‚ªè£‡´
¹Fò ªî£N™ ºòŸCèœ?
¹ F ò î £ è
'ª ì‚v ¬ ì™' è¬ ìèœ
ª î £ìƒA J ¼ ‚A « ø £‹.
F¼ñí ñ‡ìð‹
膮»œ«÷£‹. Þô‚Aò‚
Þôõêñ£èˆ î¼A«ø£‹.
F . ï è K ™ 'Þ ô ‚ A ò £ '
â¡ø æ˜ àíõ è‹
ª î £ìƒA J ¼ ‚A « ø £‹.
Þô‚A ò ‹, è¬ôèO™
â ù ‚ °
Ý ˜ õ ‹
ÜFè‹. Üîù£™
'Ü ‹ ñ £ Ü ‹ ñ ‹ ñ £ '
F ¬ óŠ ð ì‹ å¡¬ ø » ‹
î ò £ K ‚ A « ø £ ‹ .
Šð£êˆ¬î M÷‚°‹
Mîñ£è ܶ ܬñ»‹.
ê‰FŠ¹: M«õ‚ óM„ê‰Fó¡
ï¡P: ܺî²óH
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Kids Corner
Solve and Win Rs.500 Voucher FUNNY LAME
Here are 20 words that relate to Making Money
Can you find them all?
Previous Puzzle
here is simply no time to study; it is not
fault of a student that a year has only
365 days.
Days in a year – 365 days
Sundays – 52 days
Days left – 313 days
Indra Nagar, Adyar.
Anna Nagar
Summer Vacation – 60 days
Weather is very hot; so it is difficult
to study.
Days left – 235 days
8 hours for daily sleep – 122 days
Sleep is necessary.
Days left – 131 days
1 hour of daily play – 15 days
It’s good for health.
Days left – 116 days
Shanti Colony,
Anna Nagar.
Send answers to [email protected]
Lucky draw for correct answers sent with in One week
2 hours of daily food – 30
Chew the food properly;
don’t care for time.
Days left – 86 days
Examination days
in a year – 30 days
W r i t i n g
examination is necessary.
Days left – 56 days
Winter Vacation – 25 days
Weather is cold; it is difficult to
Days left – 31 days
Other holidays – 20 days
These holidays are to be enjoyed.
Days left – 11 days
Illness once in a way – 8 days
Because of illness, studying is
Days left – 3 days
Remaining Days – 3 days
Getting the Mark sheets, T.C
etc. is necessary.
Days left – 0 Days
So please tell me, where
is the time to study?
Srija S.J.
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Human Body Facts
The nose can remember 50,000 different scents.
Nerve impulses travel to and from the brain
travel as fast as 170 miles per hour.
Each day the average person sheds 60-100
strands of hair.
You need to lose about 50% of your hair
to begin to even give off the appearance of
The small intestine has an average length of
20-23 feet.
It’s estimated that there are 60,000 miles of
blood vessels in the human body.
The surface area of lungs is roughly 750 Sq
feet. Or a nice sized studio apartment.
All babies start off with blue eyes.
You are more likely to have a bad dream in a
cold room.
Tongue prints, like thumb prints, are all
With 52 of them, feet account for one quarter
of your entire body’s bones.
Every minite, 300 million cells in your body
die. Your body produces 300 billion new ones
each day.
After School Activities
aving enrolled
the kids in
school the
next big
question is to decide on
what after school activities
are required and whether to
enroll your kids in these. I
know right about now you
are thinking that Parenting
is not an easy job. It is
so very true but with a
few pointers and well
made decisions it can be
After School
Activities, are those that
an individual pursues
either as a hobby or as an
additional qualification.
Subject Tuitions do not
come under this category.
Most of the ASA are either
pertaining to arts or sports
activities. These days
there are a wide variety
of options available. Most
of these activities are
professionally conducted
targeting a specific age
group. (eg. Abacus – 7 to
14 years).
Though in the new
age where e-learning has
effectively erased the age
barrier most ASA ‘s are
targeted at children in
the age group of 6 to 15
years, as the schedule
and academic work
load is easier to manage
during this time frame.
However there are various
programs available from
the age of 2 and upwards.
Many of these programs
can also be pursued on a
professional level during
college years as in the
case of performing arts.
With the CBSE board
introducing the CCE
pattern for non scholastic
areas and the advent of
IB and global schools
with IGCSE syllabus the
relevance of the art and
sport related activities
has grown in leaps and
bounds in recent years.
However the flip side is
that more and more parents
are enrolling their kids in
many of these activities
indiscriminately either as
a social status or a better
place to baby sit or mainly
due to peer pressure.
While it is good to let
the kids explore as many
options that are open to
them, if you can afford
them it is also prudent to
let them settle down in one
activity of their choice as
this would help them focus
and learn more. Many
classes also offer trial
classes. Having a hobby
or playing a sport also
helps in the cognitive and
psychological development
of the child.
How to choose is a big
question. As a parent you
are the best judge of your
child’s temperament. Here
are some pointers to help
you along the way.
I d e n t i f y y o u r k i d s
strength and interest
Search the market for
Look for age appropriate
Suit your budget.
See to it that the activity
or commuting for the
same does not stress out
the kid.
Stay committed to the
program at least for a
reasonable time to show
some results.
Speak to like minded
C h e c k w h e t h e r t h e
timing and number
of classes are easy to
Last but not the least
choose an activity for
your kid not because
it is popular, in vogue
or because you need to
occupy the kids time.
In this age of technology
and opportunities there
are a flood of activities to
choose from. Be it sport
(like cricket, swimming,
tennis, skating) or
performing arts such
as carnatic/western/
bharatha natyam/ ballet
etc. There also activity
based learning centres
for science/ maths and
languages. For the reading
buffs there is always the
local library.
These after school
activities not only make
a well rounded child,
it also boosts their self
esteem, responsibility and
keeps them active and
emotionally well balanced.
- Nithya
remedial trainer /
[email protected]

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To Advertise M÷‹ðóƒèÀ‚°

To Advertise M÷‹ðóƒèÀ‚° and Crafts,Chennai. He has experience working as an art teacher in PS School Mylapore and Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Taylors Road. He was awarded the Madras Stanley Medical College Award, IIT Gymkana Club...