Programma Lingua Inglese Classe I Liceo


Programma Lingua Inglese Classe I Liceo
Liceo Scientifico “G.Bruno”
Programma Lingua Inglese
Classe I Liceo Classico a.s. 2013/14
Prof.ssa M. T. Caroli
Libri di testo: Medaglia,Young, With Rhymes and Reason, Vol.1, ed. Loescher
Callagher, Galuzzi, Activating Grammar Multilevel, ed. Longman
Pet, vol.5. Cambridge University Press
L'anno scolastico è stato avviato con un ripasso delle principali strutture grammaticali apprese nel corso
dell'anno precedente. In particolare modo sono state esaminate le seguenti strutture: passivo, discorso
diretto e indiretto, condizionale e periodo ipotetico (tipo zero, 1° tipo, 2° tipo, 3° tipo). E' stato, inoltre,
presentato il Present Perfect Continuous, il cui uso è stato analizzato in contrasto con il Present Perfect
Simple. Durante il corso del pentamestre è stata effettuata una preparazione curricolare all'esame PET
The Origins (700BC- AD 900)
The Historical Background. The Origins
The Iberians, the Celts, the Romans, the Anglo-Saxon invasion and civilisation, Christianity in Britain, the
The Literary Context.The origins
The evolution of the English language, Old English, the unwritten word, Pagan versus Christian, Epic,
Beowulf , Elegy, Anglo-Saxon poetry
Literary Techniques
Poetry (structures, layout, language, rethorical figures, types of poetry, the metric foot)
Beowulf: commentary, monsters, dragons and heroes: reality and legend, the language, the story.
The Middle Ages (1066- 1485)
The Normans: the feudal system.
The Domesday Book. Richard the Lion Heart, King John, Henry III, Edward I,II, The Hundred Years’ War,
John Wycliffe, The war of the Roses.
Medieval Literature
The Ballad, Lord Randal
The Rise of the theatre. Miracle and Morality Plays. The romance.
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
G. Chaucer, biographical notes, the European influence. The Canterbury Tales: characterization, the three
Estates, the end of oral tradition, the beginning of modern English. Chaucer and Boccaccio.
Da The Canterbury Tales texts 1-2-3-4The Renaissance
The years of Revolution. Henry VIII, the Breach with Rome, the English Reformation, , Edward VI, Mary I,
Elizabeth I, James I, The Pilgrim Fathers.
Renaissance Literature. Towards the age of sensibiltity. The English Renaissance. The Italian Renaissance
. Theatre, the history of theatre; private and public theatres; the University Wits; The sonnet, Petrarchan
and Shakespearean sonnet. Prose. The gret chain of being. Philosophy. Scientific discoveries.
W. Shakespeare: bibliographic notes, main works, career, his genius, source and structure of
Shakespeare‘s plays.
Two sonnets : sonnet XVIII – sonnet CXXX
Plays:Romeo and Juliet: the plot, source, themes. Texts 1 e 2.
Literary techniques
Drama: structure, elements of a play, types of characters, types of drama
Budrio, 5/06/2014
Gli studenti
M. T. Caroli

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