I dialoghi del premio nonino press release



I dialoghi del premio nonino press release
In collaboration with
Saturday 29 January at 18.00 at Palamostre
On the occasion of the international prize, “Nonino distillatori”, in
collaboration with the Town Council, offers the town a conversation, open to
the public, between the Nobel laureate in Literature and the writer from Trieste.
The “Nonino Prize” lands also in Udine, with the arrival in town of the Nobel laureate in
Literature, Sir V.S. Naipaul and Claudio Magris, the writer from Trieste.
The famous international acknowledgement in the field of thought and arts, this year
reaching the 36th edition, will have a continuation also for the town public thanks to the “Dialoghi
del Premio Nonino”, a new initiative organized by “Nonino distillatori in Friuli dal 1897” and
carried out in collaboration with the Town Council of Udine.
The event is scheduled on Saturday 29th January at 18.00 at Palamostre Theater in Udine, on
the same day when at the Distillerie Nonino in Ronchi di Percoto the prestigious prizes will be
The protagonists of the meeting will be V.S. Naipaul, the president of the international jury
of the prize, and Claudio Magris, himself a member of the jury that every year awards the
personalities who have most distinguished themselves in the world of culture and the arts.
“In 1975 we created the “Nonino Prize” as an act of love towards our land – explains
Giannola Nonino, managing director of the historical company of Friuli -, to save the ancient
autochthonous Friulian vines that were dying out. It was the beginning of an extraordinary
adventure – she says -, not only for our company, but also and especially, I think, for each of us.
Thanks to this acknowledgement and to grappa, once simple and rustic, today refined and fantastic,
the Nonino distilleries once a year become a small capital of culture. From all over the world come
writers, playwrights, actors, directors, anthropologists, scientists, entrepreneurs and many friends
who have in common with the Noninos the love for the land, for their roots, and the respect of
Nature. It is a magic moment – she concludes – and for this reason we are happy to share it, at least
in part, also with many Friulian friends and appraisers”.
Even the Councilor for Culture, Luigi Reitani, doesn’t conceal his great satisfaction. “The
ceremony of the awarding of the Prize – the Councilor comments – gathers in Friuli guests of great
importance in the fields of publishing, journalism, show business, economy and culture, attracting
the attention of national and foreign media. For this reason – he continues – the event represents an
extraordinary chance of promotion of the town and we are honored for the will of bringing here in
Udine its spirit and some protagonists of the Prize. A true gift to the town and its inhabitants”.
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Of British nationality, Sir VS Naipaul has been living in London for almost 40 years, but he
was born in the village of Chaguanas, on Trinidad, in the Antilles, in a Caribbean family descending
from Hindu immigrants from the north of India. He moved to England at the age of 18, where he
graduated in literature at the University of Oxford in 1953. His first novel, “The Mystic Masseur”,
was published in 1957. Great traveler, he described the Caribbean world with much irony, but he
also faced the themes of slavery, armed violence and the difficult emancipation of African
countries. Anticipating the most important international acknowledgement (he would be awarded
the Nobel Prize in 2001 “for having united perceptive narrative and incorruptible scrutiny in works
that compel us to see the presence of suppressed histories”) in 1993, he was awarded the Nonino
Prize, whose jury, that year, was presided by Claudio Magris.
Germanist and critic, Magris is universally acknowledged as a refined scholar, of wide and
extraordinary culture, one of the deepest contemporary essayists, able as few others to investigate
not only the patrimony of Middle-European civilization, but to find even the deep reasons lying
behind any book he comes in contact with. But the writer from Trieste is also one of the scholars
with the greatest humanity and sensibility. This great intellectual has been awarded numberless
prizes and acknowledgements and, as we have already mentioned, he is a member of the famous
Nonino Prize of Percoto (Ud).
The admission to the event of January 29th at the Palamostre will be free. On reaching
the maximum seating capacity of the theater access will not be allowed. It is therefore warmly
recommended to book the seats contacting the PuntoInforma of the Municipal Offices of
Udine (Via Savorgnana, 12) telephone 0432 414717/718 or sending an e-mail to
[email protected] (Monday through Friday from 9.30 to 13.30 and from 14.30
to 18.30).
Udine, January 18th, 2011
Ufficio stampa Comune di Udine - Palazzo D’Aronco, via Lionello, 1 – 33100 Udine
Tel. 0432-271603/686 e-mail [email protected]
Simonetta Di Zanutto cell. 320-4358468 Mario Giudici cell. 320-4353364 Stefano Zucchini 366 –6602294
In collaborazione con ufficio stampa “PremioNonino”: [email protected]