Il Teatro delle Ombre
The comics of Robin and his sailing ship lost in space filled my
adolescence, as well as Romolo’s and may other people’s one,
with suggestions and fantasy dreams. As a matter of fact
Robin’s comic is very popular especially in the Latin America,
as it was written, scripted and drawn in the seventies by
Carlos Trillo and Enrique Breccia, who were born in Argentina.
The opportunity of composing the music of such an
inspirational story, which is so full of adventures (planets,
strange and even some bad and sneaky creatures, transitional
locations where the past merges with the future) was very
welcome by all CAP members, who reacted with a positivity
“as high as the stars” (well we could certainly say that!).
And while mentioning CAP members, let me introduce you to
the new bass guitarist, who joined us at that time. He was
coming from the prolific Biella Area, land of music and
textiles. Gigi Secco earned a long term contract from a band
who was able to fire as much bass guitarists as the falling
leaves in autumn. He brought us his immediate commitment,
artistic involvement and will to create.
Gigi, a fabric designer in local important textile firm, and a
past model, had at that time, long and wonderful hair, which
he used to wear loose or in a ponytail. His hair were so long
and plushy to intimidate the old CAP members, who were
already having less flowing hair.
He was coming from several experiences with other bands
however he was playing with no other groups at that time and
had a personal preference for the Kiss and the metal genre
(with the exclusion of heavy metal). He also was competent
even in general rock as well as far as progressive rock was
concerned. He was indeed an asset to the band and still he is
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Il Teatro delle Ombre
The sailing ship of Robin, a captain, lost in space due to a
space and time distortion, like it was the case of Star Trek,
sails in the space surrounded by the melody of a transverse
flute played by the cabin boy O’ Flagherty and the boatswain
Jonah, rounding up a 3- members only crew.
Like captain James T. Kirk of the Star Treck’s ship Enterprise
Robin, through thousand adventures will be part of strange
worlds, keep in touch with alien beauties who will fall in love
only with him (as it was the case with Kirk as well), and
representing a monster materialization of his human fears and
his earthly loves. Robin and his crew will then enter a strange
Inn ("Lontana Lucia") located on a woman-less planet, created
by an evil wizard and full of stunned by rum pirates. They will
have to fight against the custodians of time: the "Signori del
tempo" (Literally the Lord of Times -note of the translator-). The Captain
will risk a bloody insubordination of his crew (maybe caused
by the jealousy for his exclusive success with women) due to
an evil star. Well pals that was a great mess in the end!
Robin will meet with Prometheus, an immortal creature
confined in the space by the ancient Greek Gods as a
punishment for stealing the sacred fire form the Olympus to
bring it to mankind (as a lucky coincidence we were ready to
tell this story already in 1974 with our song "Soli
Recorded on ADAT in the rehearsal room in Andorno Micca,
mixed at Romolo Bollea’s house, who was still licensed by
Raoul Caprio’s Kaliphonia (as it was written in several musical
magazines), a rich booklet full of oneiric images, a parchment
paperboard with lyrics in 2 languages and second cover
printed in false bronzed marble (for the special edition only),
“Robin delle Stelle” saws the light and was released on the
market in 1998.
On the day the CD was published Consorzio Acqua Potabile
devoted to Robin Conrad a moving presentation concert,
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Il Teatro delle Ombre
blessed by the stars and the moon, in the wonderful location
of San Sebastian’s cloister in Biella. That was the occasion to
whish Robin a fantastic and never ending trip into space,
surrounded by our little musical contribution.
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