LA SOCIETÀ DELLO SPETTACOLO – associazione di cultura



LA SOCIETÀ DELLO SPETTACOLO – associazione di cultura
LA SOCIETÀ DELLO SPETTACOLO – associazione di cultura
La Società dello Spettacolo - Association of Culture, was born in Umbria in 2007 by the
cooperation of three artists: cl Grugher, Marianna Masciolini and Michelangelo Bellani, all
coming from different individual experiences.
Modularity is from the beginning the main feature of their investigation, as means to express
their own personalities.
Multiple languages of expression and no closure, in a free testing ground which however
doesn‟t forget the memory of tradition.
The project "The society of the spectacle" inspired by the theory of the French philosopher and
filmmaker Guy Debord, marks an important moment of study and reflection on contemporary
civilization. This study leads this group of theatrical research to take the same name of their
first work, to choose the city of Assisi as workspace and to orientate their research to the
dramaturgical adaptation of sociological and philosophical texts, trying to explain the link
between the theatric word and the one of philosophy.
Parallel with the theatrical production, the Società dello Spettacolo leads
training and education projects in which the theatrical disciplines support the teaching. For
these activities the association collaborates with the local government and public institutions,
with the Regional Office of education and with the ONG TAMAT. It also regularly conducts
theatrical workshops in various schools in the district of Perugia and workshops of studio for
adults, "Spaziozero", in different sites in Umbria. It is associated partner with the project
Hu.Ri.Su and partner for the project “Non Profit Sector as key competencies and transversal
generator “ under the Lifelong Learning Program - Grundtvig European Commission.
The Società dello Spettacolo – Association of culture, organizes projects of
theatrical education, "SpazioH", dedicated to the disabled people in collaboration with
institutions and humanitarian organizations.
The Società dello Spettacolo - also produces documentaries , video, installations and live
multimedia performances.
- La società dello spettacolo by Guy Debord
The show, which has attracted the attention and appreciation of national critic, has been
defined as "an intense cultural experience of rare poignancy and necessity," puts
on stage theses of the French philosopher and filmmaker Guy Debord, founder in '57of the
Situationist International movement.
The show was presented in many important Italian theater seasons including :
Udine Spazio Teatro Capannone – Stagione Contatto 07 Teatro stabile D‟innovazione CSS
Bevagna (Pg) Teatro Torti - Teatro Stabile dell‟Umbria Stagione 07/08
Scavi di Pompei – Festival Classico Pompeiano 07
Rovigo – Festival Opera Prima – Teatro del Lemming
Rocca Paolina Perugia – BATIK film festival
Foligno – Auditorium S.Domenico – Teatro Stabile dell‟Umbria Theatre season 09/10
la società dello spettacolo associazione di cultura
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-Il Delitto Perfetto by Jean Baudrillard
Again a 'philosophical' text put on stage. The ploy, in hindsight, it is less misleading than what
it seems at first sight.
If fact what is true for the words of philosophy also applies to the theatrical text: both words
are created to be 'spoken'.
Indeed if a narrative or a poetic transposition arises from a “silent matter” that is
born to be read, on the contrary the philosophy word and the theatric script have the same will
to became spoken word in a dialectical fight, almost as body emergency of a thinking
substance. Therefore the word of the philosophical text grow out already “theatric”.
Debut: Clitunno theatre _ Trevi (pg) Italy Teatro Stabile dell'Umbria
-Il Neo Barocco – [1610-2010 [1610-2010 THE SPECTRE OF '600 is haunting EUROPE ]
The project is openly indebted to The new Baroque age, essay written by Omar Calabrese,
one of the most famous Italian semiologists.
Other studies have conducted our research to explore the scenic „transmigration‟ of
philosophical works - as already know who knows our theatrical production,In this case,
however, it is not the dramaturgical transposition of the noted essay appeared in the late
eighties and is not even just a theoretical base to draw upon. This is a «geography of
concepts» from which to construct a play.
What Calabrese defines "new baroque" is nothing if not a map in the floating universe of the
contemporary aesthetics. From the spectacular '80s years until nowadays, the persistence of
the concept of new baroque in culture, in art and cinema, in literature, in politics, in fashion, in
design and in sport, through advertising and Internet of course, is clearly visible.
We could add the subtitle: From the postmodern to the new baroque or from Caravaggio to Kill
Bill or even RocoPulp.
Debut: Museo San Francesco _ Montefalco (PG) - 17/09/2010 Segni Barocchi Festival
-Carne (in progress)
-Nemici (in progress)
- Un treno per Auschwitz
Training Projects related to Holocaust Memorial Day with retracing fifty
umbrian students' the travel of the deported to death camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau .In collaboration with district of Perugia, Institute for Regional Education, isuc
- International Workshop Human Right Positive "Auschiwtz – Young people, Memory,
Places. In collaboration with the District of Perugia, Institute for Regional Education, Isuc,
Institute of Italian culture in Krakow.
- Eurafrica- Project for Education Development - EAS, in collaboration with TAMAT (NGO)
- Hu.Ri.Su Human Rights Sunrise - Culture Program 2007-2013 - European Community
- Non Profit Space - Non-Profit Sector as key and transversal competencies generator
under the Lifelong Learning Program - Grundtvig of the European Commission
- Emily - study of the Emily Dickinson's poetry ("Casimiri" High School - Gualdo Tadino-Pg).
- Beat – deepening on the Beat Genereation ("Casimiri" High School – Gualdo Tadino-Pg).
- Ein scrick zuluk - memory of the experience of Jewish deportation ("Casimiri" High SchoolGualdo Tadino-Pg).
- "Bamboccioni" - exercise on the theme of freedom ("Casimiri" High School – Gualdo
la società dello spettacolo associazione di cultura
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- Eu - debate on Europe - Day of Languages ("Cassata" High School - Gubbio Pg)
- Fiabe da narrare- construction of radio stories (Primary School - Assisi 2)
- Stories of memory - "Frezzi" High School - Foligno (Pg)
- Testimoni – conference-show over the three years of the project “”Auschiwtz - Youth,
Memory, Places – District of Perugia - Umbria Regional Education Office.
Spaziozero (Theatrical workshops for adults):
- Perugia
- Gubbio (Pg)
- Montefalco (Pg)
- Ah, che bella giornata! (Community of Capodarco Umbria)
- Hope – documentary on the reception center for refugees in Perugia
- Un treno per Auschwitz –documentary on the visit to concentration camps in Poland
- Gli occhi delle betulle – documentary on concentration camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau
- Il delitto perfetto – indeterminate studio- created with the students of the atelier
- Sóccantare - documentary on mental disabilities - Community Capodarco Umbria
- Nati.vita - Video installation on the theme of the Nativity, in collaboration with the Pro Loco
of Montefalco - Teatro Civico di Montefalco
- The Catalog - Video Installation Dancity - Electronic music festival
- Endgame, by S. Beckett - Library Carnevali Foligno.
- Tristano e Isotta, experimental open theater immediate widespread for Santarcangelo
Festival 09 - Santarcangelo IMMENSA
- Santonaso – 'futurist synaesthetic tasting-action‟ - degust‟azione –
Settimana Enologica Montefalco
c.l. Grugher
Performer and director, begun his career in the late '70 attending "the MTM" in Rome. He
studied among the others with the actress Anne Marie Gölde of the Fersen school.
Subsequently he founded with the director Paolo Baiocco the company "Sole a scacchi." In
the '80s he was involved in several workshops, meeting Jerzy Grotowoski, Eugenio Barba
and Lindsay Kemp. All masters who will influence his work ethic. He also collaborated with
companies like Teatro settimo torinese, Teatro Nucleo of Ferrara, the Teatro Tascabile of
Bergamo and the Teatro di Sacco in Perugia. In the same years concucts different kind of
workshops, inside prisons, for schools and for disadvantaged neighborhoods of Naples (district
Sanità), Palermo (district Zen), Milan (Leoncavallo).
In the '90s he devoted his work to an experiment specially on the body considered as a
"machine" and creating unusual performances in unique spaces , such as subways, buses,
underground places and quarries, and collaborating with the musician B.K. Bostik. He teamed
up also with the sculptress Martine Maffetti for the art exhibition “Embraces between the man
and the rabbit” in Paris and in Berlin. He cooperated with the photographer Antonello Turchetti
la società dello spettacolo associazione di cultura
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to a video installation for the Museo degli Angeli of Lucia Bosè in Spain. He is one of the
founders of “La Società dello Spettacolo” , Association of culture.
Michelangelo Bellani
All his artistic life has been influenced by the contact since the childhood with the director
Michelangelo Antonioni, of which his father Enrico was assistant director. He devotes to the
theatrical education and training following workshops and seminars with the “Machine de
theatre” company, directed by Galatea Ranzi, Marco and Mira Andriolo and attending stages
with Raffaella Giordano, Giorgio Rossi and Bruno De Franceschi and by Teatro Stabile of
Umbria with the director Ninni Bruschetta.
In '97 he founded with Marianna Masciolini and the artist Nilo Negroni the company of the
"Teatranti dell‟Olt", working as actor, author and director. In 2000 he collaborates with the
Academy Award winner Carlo Rambaldi for the staging of the mystery play “La scala della
buona novella”. He graduated in Philosophy at the Perugia University with a thesis on Pasolini
and Debord. Parallel with the theatrical activity he worked as assistant director and actor in
documentaries, short films and movies and for the direction with, among the others, Tonino
De Bernardi, Enrico Bellani, Giorgio Ferrara. He published two essays for the philosophical
yearbook Davar (ed. Diabasis, rewarded as best philosophical publication to the Syracuse
festival) "The aesthetics of the presence" and "The meat of the ego or the writing of the
invisible one”. He is also author of two screenplays for film, one based on the story of the
Sardinian bandit Peppino Pes and the other about Iacopone da Todi‟s life (admitted to the
development funds for the office of the cultural activities). He is one of the founders of “ La
Società dello Spettacolo” , Association of culture.
Marianna Masciolini
She began her training at the University Theater Center in Perugia, working with Masters like
Ludwic Flaschen and Tage Larsen (Odin Teatret). Subsequently she took part in workshops and
performances with the company „„Machine de Theatre‟‟ directed by Galatea Ranzi, Marco and
Mira Andriolo, and working, among others, with Giorgio Rossi, Raffaella Giordano Bruno and De
Franceschi (Sosta Palmizi). She worked also with the director Ninni Bruschetta on Medea by
Franz Grillparzer inside the workshop of the Teatro Stabile in Umbria. In '97 she founded with
Michelangelo Bellani and the director Nilo Negroni the Company of the "Teatranti dell‟Olt",
working as actress and author and collaborating with Carlo Rambaldi and Piero Dorazio.
Chosen by the director Luca Ronconi at the School for directors and actors, she refins her
training with Ronconi (I beati anni del castigo - Fleur Jaeggy), Maria Consagra, and Massimo
De Francovich. She worked also with the director Samuel Samore on the project „Shekespeare
– Caravaggio‟ at the Leopolda Station in Florence, with Giancarlo Cobelli on „Bassifondi‟ by
M.Gorki - Teatro Stabile of Tuscany, on the radio for „In Europa‟ with Umberto Broccoli and in
some films by Tonino De Bernardi.
She is one of the founders of “ La Società dello Spettacolo” , Association of culture.
la società dello spettacolo associazione di cultura
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