Black Micro/Mini ATX PC Computer Case StarTech ID



Black Micro/Mini ATX PC Computer Case StarTech ID
Black Micro/Mini ATX PC Computer Case
StarTech ID: ATX5250PROBK
Don`t let the small size fool you; this hard-working Micro ATX mini tower case is packed with enough features to
appeal to even the biggest hardware enthusiast. Front mounted USB, FireWire, and audio ports, front and side
panel vents for maximum cooling, five drive bays, four expansion slots, tool-less entry… all surrounded by an
attractive steel enclosure. Best of all, it comes with a reliable 250W power supply, giving you
enough power to feed even the hungriest system components and CPUs. With plenty of configuration and
expandability options, this professional mini case proves you don’t have to sacrifice quality to save space.
For PC users who need to connect portable peripherals like PDAs, Digital Cameras, DV Camcorders, or
external storage products
For power-users who require plenty of cooling capacity and want a case that is easy to work in when reconfiguring their PC
Ideal when upgrading your existing PC Case or building a new computer which requires plenty of room
for expansion
1 800 265 1844
Front USB, FireWire® (iLink®), and Audio ports lets PC users easily connect portable peripherals to the
computer case
Case includes two 5.25 inch drive bays, two 3.5 inch drive bays, one internal 3.5 inch hard drive bays and
4 expansion slots which gives PC users plenty of room for expansion
Powerful 250W Pentium 4® compatible, AMD® recommended power supply
Front case is constructed with an attractive metallic silver trim
Hard Drive caddy can be removed from the case without tools allowing drives to be conveniently installed
Expansion cards are held in place with an easy to use screw-less retainer eliminating the chance of
dropping a screw inside the case
Also available in LGA775 Ready /TAC 1.1 Compliant version
Technical Specifications
2 Years
Numero alloggiamenti esterni da 3,5" 2
Numero alloggiamenti esterni da 5,25" 2
Numero alloggiamenti interni da 3,5" 1
Specifiche generali
Power and Reset
Tipo/i connettori
1 - Firewire 400 (6 pin, IEEE 1394a) Femmina
Tipo/i connettori
1 - Mini-jack da 3,5 mm (3 posizioni) Femmina
Tipo/i connettori
2 - USB A (4 pin) Femmina
Indicatori LED
1 - Hard Drive
Indicatori LED
1 - Power
Potenza di uscita
Altezza prodotto
13.7 in [349 mm]
Larghezza prodotto
7.5 in [190 mm]
Lunghezza prodotto
14.7 in [374 mm]
Tipo enclosure
Variante colore
Peso spedizione (confezione)
19.1 lb [8.6 kg]
1 800 265 1844
Certifications, Reports and Compatibility
1 800 265 1844

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