To Advertise M÷‹ðóƒèÀ‚°


To Advertise M÷‹ðóƒèÀ‚°
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Vol: 10 No. 40
Sep, 20 - 26, 2015
509th Issue 4 Pages
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To Advertise M÷‹ðóƒèÀ‚°
Problems aplenty at Perambur Railway Station
erambur Railway Station is one of the busiest
and important transit point.
Though there has been improvement in passenger amenities, still more is needed to
be done. Damaged and broken dilapidated compound
walls along the station at
Perambur High Road in need
People continue to take
the short cut to the station
platforms through the open
gaps near the train tracks
ignoring the foot over bridges. More over the broken
compound wall encourages
easy access to the station
platforms at Perambur Railway Station for a long time.
-By Elwyn
“Sri Ranjani Nagar”
- Near Tiruninravur
Ready to Occupy Individual Houses
Proposed Individual
2 BHK Houses
1 BHK Houses
Land : 750 Sq.ft.
House : 400 Sq.ft.
Land : 1500 Sq.ft.
House : 650 Sq.ft.
Land : 1740 Sq.ft.
House : 650 Sq.ft.
Lakh onwards
Lakh onwards
Lakh onwards
2 BHK Houses
DTCP Approved
Villa Plots
ê¶ó Ü®
F¼G¡øט óJ™ G¬ôò‹ & 8 A.e. | Ýõ® & ªðKòð£¬÷ò‹ ªï´…꣬ô & 0.5 A.e.
î£ñ¬óŠð£‚è‹ Cõ¡ «è£J™ 6 A.e. | ̉îñ™L, Ýõ®, Ü‹ðˆÉKL¼‰¶ «ð¼‰¶ õêF.
è£ô 꽬è
Location Advantage:
Twin Houses
(P) Ltd.
& Builders
37, 1st Floor, Anna Nagar Plaza,
II Avenue, Anna Nagar, Chennai - 40.
98400 74120
Sep, 20 - 26, 2015
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aruna Sagar (a charitable organization for palliative care and
chronic ill patients, run by RMD Pain
and Palliative Care Trust, 13, Ragaviah Road, T. Nagar) invites students,
teachers and parents to interact with
their inmates who are retired teachers and headmistress in a program
organized in their premises as part of
Teachers day celebration.Dr. Republica Sridhar (Founder, RMD Pain and
Palliative Care Trust) said that Trust
take care more than 30 inmates in
the Karuna Sagar among that few
were from teaching professions. She
said that they are very much inter-
ested to interact with students and
teachers to share their memories
on the occasion. The Trust is run by
the contribution of philanthropist
and service oriented organization.
Those who are interested to support
the trust activities may contact 2815
7212 and 93810 16588.
Astro Master
Everyone knows that nothing can stop you when
you’re determined to get something done. As
long as other people are on your side today, you
will be amazed at all the things you can accomplish. But don’t get too excited, Gemini, because
it’s time to take care of those thankless tasks that
no one wants to deal with. You may need other
people’s help to get them done.
You may be considering taking a trip or
planning a party with some friends, Cancer. You may find out today that it’s up to
you to do all the organizing. This won’t
bother you too much because you know
you’ll do it right. Why don’t you think
about really trying to outdo yourself and
plan something special that your friends
will never forget?
You couldn’t dream of a better day to deal with
all the little problems in your daily life - broken
washing machine, money problems, minor health
issues. If your doctor has given you a prescription,
you can expect it would work like a miracle drug.
Libra, take care of the little things. It will take less
time than you think!
Perhaps you can’t believe it, but it’s time to
say goodbye to your rigid attitude. A little
pleasure among all that seriousness and responsibility won’t do you any harm. This
day could help you change your point of
view on life. This will feel great!
This could be the luckiest day of the month,
Leo. But astrology also takes your role into
account. In other words, luck is something
you have to work for. If you seem to have
an incredible streak of luck today, it’s
probably because you did something earlier to make it happen!
If you get asked to lead a team in your
personal or professional life, jump at the
chance. Today you will get all the support you need, Virgo. Don’t be afraid that
you’re not good enough. Things will come
together without your having to do much
at all. Besides, you already know that people are on your side!
You may have received some bad news
concerning your finances, Aries. This is
probably the best day you could ask for
out of the whole month to deal with these
problems. If you want to come out of this
situation a winner, it may be necessary
to approach things from a different angle
than usual. Rest assured that things will
probably work out just fine.
Today is a relatively calm day that’s sure to
please you, Taurus. You may even receive
gifts from family and friends as marks of their
esteem or love for you. This is just the kind
of reassurance you need. Though you have a
fairly subtle influence in your relationships
with others, it’s nevertheless essential to you
to be a good friend.
Life is helping you out at the moment, Sagittarius. You might chalk it up to some divine power. Whatever it is, your guardian
angel is always by your side. Perhaps you’d
like to begin something new in your life,
like moving or changing lifestyles. At the
moment you can do anything you want to
do. It will all work out just fine!
Have you ever thought about writing or working
for a company in which you can use your excellent communication skills, Capricorn? The planetary alignment emphasizes writing and communication. It’s time to show the world that you
have a gift and that people can count on you to do
a great job. Think about the publishing business.
If you’ve been thinking of living somewhere else, Aquarius, today will push you
to really want to move far away from the
place you’re living now. Such a move
could have consequences for your work
situation or family life. It may be time to
think seriously about what’s holding you
back. Wouldn’t the people closest to you
be happy to go along?
You have a great day ahead of you, Pisces.
Everything will work out like clockwork. By
the end of the day, you’ll still have the energy
to do something fun with your evening. It’s
a wonderful day for group activities. If you
aren’t involved in any, why not try a sport,
hobby, music, or art?
ªê¡¬ù H÷v
Vol: 07 No.10
Sep - 24, 2015
4 Pages
Re. 5/-
Annual Sub: Rs. 260/-
A Country Evening with Vanny Bourne
The live country music concert by Vanny Bourne, the sensational country singer from Melbourne, Australia rocked Chennai City on 18th September 2015. The wonderful
concert which took place at the Museum Theatre was a treat for those who loved singing and listening to country music. The concert was organised by Anglos In The Wind
attracted a huge audience and was successful.
- By Elwyn
Students Volunteer to
create better awareness
n account of World Alzheimer’s Day, a function
was organised by SCARF on
19th September 2015 at the Dementia Recourse and Training
centre,Greams Road,Chennai.
During the function a student
launched. A resource Directory for persons with dementia
care and their care givers was
released by Leela Samson, Former Chairperson Central Board
of Film Certification, Former
Kalakshetra Director and actor
in the presence of Dr.R.Thara,
Director of SCARF. In efforts
towards achieving an ambitious
goal of a dementia friendly community, SCARF has launched s
student volunteer programme
through DEMCARES with the
objectives of creating better
awareness about
reduce stigma and provision of
c companionship and support
to those affected. Presently
students from WCC have signed
up for the programme and are
focused towards making Chennai a Dementia Friendly city in
the future.
ªê¡¬ù H÷v
܇í£ïè˜ ñŸÁ‹
Üî¡ ²ŸÁŠ¹ø
ð°F ªêŒFè¬÷
First Weekly Tabloid Circulated All Over Chennai
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Chennai - 600 040.
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email: [email protected]
Sep - 24 , 2015
õ‡ìÖK™ 4 «è£® Ï𣌠ªêôM™ õ‡íˆ¶ŠÌ„C ̃è£:
ºîô¬ñ„ê˜ Fø‰¶ ¬õˆî£˜
Contact: 7401008756
Owner, Publisher & Editor
S. Narayanan
àôè ªð£¶ñ¬ø F¼‚°øœ
(ÜFè£ó‹ 96)
õöƒ°õ¶ àœi›‰î‚ 臵‹ ðöƒ°®
ð‡H™ î¬ôŠHKî™ Þ¡Á. (°øœ 955)
ñŸøõ˜èÀ‚°‚ ªè£´ˆ¶ àîMìŠ
ªð£¼œ õ÷‹ ÜŸø‚ 臵‹ õN
õNò£è õ¼‹ ªð¼¬ñ I‚è °®J™
Hø‰î ñQî˜èœ îƒè÷¶ Íîò˜è÷¶
àò˜‰î ð‡¹èO™ Þ¼‰¶ «ðÁ ð†´
õ£›î™ Þ™¬ô.
F¼‚°øœ & Y.ðöQ B.A
õ‡íˆ¶ŠÌ„C ̃裬õ ºîô¬ñ„ê˜
²ŸÁô£ ñŸÁ‹ è¬ô ð‡ð£†´ˆ
¶õ£‚°®J™ Ýìõ˜ M´F‚è†ìì‹,
è™ô¬í¬ò 𣘬õJì õ¼¬è 
²ŸÁô£ŠðòEèÀ‚° è£MK M÷‚è‚
Ãì‹ «ð£¡øõŸ¬ø»‹ ºîô¬ñ„ê˜
ªî£ìƒA ¬õˆî£˜. ªñ£ˆî‹ 18 «è£®
95 ô†ê‹ Ï𣌠ñFŠHô£ù è†ììƒèœ
ñŸÁ‹ ð‡ð£†´ ¬ñòƒèœ Fø‰¶
¶¬ø ꣘H™ æ¬ô„ ²õ®èO™ Þ¼‰¶
ðFŠH‚èŠð†´ ñÁ Ü„CìŠð†ì 6
Ë™è¬÷»‹ ºîô¬ñ„ê˜ ªüòôLî£
ªê¡¬ù Ãõ‹ ïFŠ ð°Fè¬÷ Yó¬ñ‚°‹ F†ì‹: ºîô¬ñ„ê˜ Ü®‚è™ ï£†®ù£˜
ï™õN‚è£ù å÷¬õò£K¡ ݈F„Å®
14. 致 å¡Á ªê£™«ô™
ï‹ è‡è÷£™ 𣘈î¬îˆ îMó «õÁ â¬î»‹
ªê£™ô‚ Ã죶. â‰î å¼ Mûòº‹ 
ñŸøõ˜èOì‹ ªê£™Lò¬î, Üõ˜èœ «õÁ å¼õKì‹
ªê£™½‹«ð£¶ Ü è‡, 裶, Í‚° ¬õˆ¶
å¼ à¼õñ£‚A, 塬ø ðˆî£‚A‚ ÃP M´õ˜èœ.
Üîù£™ ðôŠðô Hó„C¬ùèœ à¼õ£èô£‹. Ý è « õ î £ ¡
 ãî£õ¶ ªê£™ô G¬ùˆî£½‹ ܬî I¬èŠð´ˆî£ñ™ ªê£™ô
Fù‹ å¼ ðöªñ£N
‘Ü‘ - õK¬êJ™ ðöªñ£Nèœ
ÜèˆF ÝJó‹ 裌ˆî£½‹ ¹øˆF ¹øˆF«ò!
¡¬ù Ãõ‹ ïFŠ ð°Fè¬÷ Yó¬ñ‚°‹ F†ìˆFŸ°
ºîô¬ñ„ê˜ ªüòôLî£ Ü®‚è™ ï£†®ù£˜. îIöè
Üó꣙ ܬñ‚èŠð†ì ªê¡¬ù ïFèœ Yó¬ñŠ¹ Üø‚è†ì¬÷
Íô‹ Ýõ® ܼ«è ð¼ˆFŠð†´ ܬíJ™ Þ¼‰¶ Ãõ‹
ºèˆ¶õ£ó‹ õ¬óJô£ù Ãõ‹ ïFŠð°Fè¬÷ Yó¬ñ‚è
弃A¬í‰î Ãõ‹ ïF ²ŸÁ„Åö™ Yó¬ñŠ¹ F†ìˆFŸ°
Üõ˜ Ü®‚è™ ï£†®ù£˜. ÞîŸè£è 604 «è£®«ò 7 ô†ê‹ Ïð£Œ
嶂èŠð´Aø¶. «ñ½‹ ªê¡¬ù ªð¼ïè˜ °®c˜ õöƒè™
ñŸÁ‹ èN¾cóèŸÁ õ£KòˆF¡ ꣘H™ 110 «è£®«ò 19 ô†êˆ¶
98 ÝJó‹ Ï𣌠ñFŠHô£ù è†ììƒè¬÷»‹ Üõ˜ Fø‰¶
¬õˆî£˜. 4 «è£®«ò 7 ô†êˆ¶ 27 ÝJó‹ Ï𣌠ñFŠd†®ô£ù
F†ìƒè¬÷»‹ ºîô¬ñ„ê˜ ªüòôLî£ ¶õ‚A ¬õˆî£˜èœ.
ïôº‹ Üö°‹
ªï™L ê£î‹
àFKò£è õ®ˆî ê£î‹ - 1 èŠ
ªðKò ªï™L‚裌 - 5
õˆî™ I÷裌 - 5
èP«õŠH¬ô - CP¶
è´°, àÀˆî‹ð¼Š¹, èì¬ôŠð¼Š¹, ªð¼ƒè£ò‹ î£O‚è
ñ…êœ Éœ - 2 C†®¬è
ô‡ªíŒ - 2 «î‚èó‡®
àŠ¹ - «î¬õò£ù Ü÷¾
«õè ¬õˆî ê£îˆ¬î å¼ î†®™ ªè£†® Ýø M쾋.
ªï™L‚è£J¡ ªè£†¬ì¬ò â´ˆ¶M†´ ªð£®ò£èˆ ¶¼M‚
Ü´ŠH™ õ£íL¬ò ¬õˆ¶ â‡ªíŒ áŸP 裌‰î¶‹
è´° «ð£†´ ªõ®ˆî¶‹, àÀˆî‹ð¼Š¹, èì¬ôŠð¼Š¹
«ð£†´ Cõ‚è M쾋. Hø° èP«õŠH¬ô, õˆî™ I÷裌,
ªð¼ƒè£ò‹, ñ…êœ Éœ «ð£†´ A÷ø¾‹.
ÜîÂì¡ ¶¼Mò ªï™L‚裬òŠ «ð£†´ ï¡° A÷P, 3
GIì «ïó‹ õî‚Aò¶‹, ªï™L‚裌 õ£ê‹ õ¼‹ «ð£¶
Ü´ŠHL¼‰¶ Þø‚辋.
ªï™L‚裌 èô¬õ¬ò ê£îˆ¶ì¡ A÷ø¾‹. ²¬õò£ù
ªï™L‚裌 ê£î‹ îò£˜.
º®¬òŠ ð£¶è£‚è
ñ£¾ ÞQ eîñ£è«õ Ý裶
°Oˆî¾ì¡ ßóˆ¶ì¡ º®¬ò Yõ «õ‡ì£‹.
ªõOJ™ ªê™½‹«ð£¶ ªî£ŠH¬ò
àð«ò£A‚èô£‹. ÅKò åOJL¼‰¶
º®¬òŠ ð£¶è£‚辋.
àƒèœ i†®™ ܬóˆªî´‚°‹ Þ†L ñ£¾
eîñ£Aøî£? ÞŠð® ÞQ cƒèœ ªê£™ô«õ
î¬ô °Oˆî£™ º®¬ò YŠ¹ ªè£‡´
C‚° â´Šð¬î Mì, ¬èè÷£™ ºîL™
C‚° c‚AM†´ H¡ù˜ YŠHù£™ C‚°
à¬ìŠð¶ ï™ô¶.
ºî™  ܬóˆî Þ†L ñ£¬õ ñÁ
Þ†L áŸP «õè¬õ‚A«ø£‹. Ü™ô¶ «î£¬ê
àô˜‰î Ã‰î™ ªè£‡ìõ˜èœ Ü®‚è®
î¬ô‚° °OŠð¬îˆ îM˜‚èô£‹.
Þî¬ù HK†T™ ¬õˆî£½‹ ñÁ  «ôê£è
¹OˆF¼‚°‹. ÜŠ«ð£¶ ÜF™ ªõƒè£ò‹,
ð„¬ê I÷裌 ïÁ‚AŠ «ð£†´ áˆî£Šð‹
Éî¬ô ðó£ñKŠðè¡ø Üö°
G¬ôòƒèœ àœ÷ù. º®‰î£™,
ÜšõŠ«ð£¶ Üö° G¬ôòƒèÀ‚°„ ªê¡Á
Ã‰î™ ðó£ñKŠ¬ð‚ èŸÁ‚ ªè£‡´, H¡
cƒè÷£è«õ i†®™ ðó£ñK‚èô£‹.
ê K Ü Šð¾ ‹ eî I¼ ‰î£ ™ â ¡ù ªê Œõ¶
â¡Á «ò£C‚è£b˜èœ. ÜF™ èì¬ôŠ 𼊹,
àÀˆî‹ 𼊹, «îƒè£Œ, 裌‰î I÷裌,
Þ¼‰î£™ «õ˜‚èì¬ô â™ô£‹ ⇪íJ™
õÁˆ¶ ªè£óªè£óŠð£è Ü¬óˆ¶ ñ£M™ «ê˜ˆ¶
«î£¬ê ²†´‚ ªè£´ƒèœ.
Yò‚裌 ܬ󂰋«ð£¶ ªõ‰îò‹ «ð£†´
ܬóŠð¶ õö‚è‹. û£‹¹ àð«ò£A‚°‹
Þ‰î è£ôˆF™, Þ¬îˆ î‡aK™ áó
¬õˆ¶ °OŠð º¡ º®J™ îìMù£™
º® ð÷ð÷Šð£è Þ¼‚°‹.
ÜŠð®»‹ ñ£¾ e‰¶M†ì£™, Þ«î M¿¬î
Ü¬óˆ¶ ÜF™ ªïŒJ™ õî‚Aò º¼ƒ¬è‚
W¬ó¬ò «ê˜ˆ¶ Ü¬ì ªêŒ¶ ªè£´‚èô£‹.
â¡ù î¬ô «ôê£è ²ŸÁAøî£? ÞQ àƒèœ
i†®™ ñ£¾ ií£è£¶ Ü™ôõ£?
ªê¡¬ù H÷v
Sep - 24 , 2015
Promoting Peace through Art
he 6th one man show art exhibition titled Art for
Peace by V.Logaguru, artist and art teacher was inaugurated by Mrs.Prema Kumar, Correspondent of Lady
Andal Venkatasubba Rao Matriculation School, Honorary
General Secretary of Madras Seva Sadan on 16th September 2015 at La Galerie D'Expression, Hotel Ambassador
Pallava. Egmore. V.Logaguru had completed his BFA,
PG Fine Arts Painting from Government College of Arts
and Crafts,Chennai. He has experience working as an art
teacher in PS School Mylapore and Chinmaya Vidyalaya,
Taylors Road. He was awarded the Madras Stanley Medical College Award, IIT Gymkana Club Camp Award and
VTI Award. His collections are with SPIC House, Lalith
Kala Academy, State Bank of India, TI Cycles and cine
actors Shoban Babu and Shrikanth.He had participated in
many art camps including the Grand Palm International
Hotel, Gaborone, Botswana, 200t paintings demonstration, Southern Africa and Mother Teresa All India art
camp held in 2011 at Calcutta. He did one man shows
at Museum Centenary Hall, Chola Sheraton, Ambassador Pallava and in Hues of Heart Studio and Gallery.
The latest exhibition by V.Logaguru is on at La Galerie
D'Expression, Ambassador Pallava Hotel, Egmore till 30th
September 2015. For details contact 9884013506.
Replica of Gandhi Ashram wins praises Education scholarships distributed
rof. Sankar Kumar Sanyal, President,
Harijan Sevak Sangh, and five other
Gandhi Ashram Delegates have been invited from India to participate in the 2015.
Parliament of World Religions to be held
at Salt Lake City, Utah, USA from Oct.
15th to 19th, 2015.
They will be displaying an exhibit on
the life and work of Mahatma Gandhiji. India particularly to Tamil Nadu.
Thiru.P.Maruthi, State President, Harijan
Sevak Sangh,Tamil Nadu State Branch has
been selected to participate in the 2015
Parliament of the World Religions. His Excellency Dr K.Rosaiah, Governor of Tamil
Nadu looked at the replica structures of
Gandhi Ashram (Harijan Sevak Sangh) New
Delhi, which were displayed in the programme organized at Raj Bhavan, Chenducation Scholarships
nai.The Governor congratulated Thiru
were distributed to
P.Maruthi, State President, Harijan Sevak needy deserving children
Sangh, Tamil Nadu State Branch for being on19th September 2015 at
selected to participate in the 2015 ParliaIndian Community welfare
ment of the World Religions.
Organisation – I.C.W.O,
Anna Nagar West, Chennai.
The event was supported
by Enfants du Monde, Belgium & Mercy Home, Belgium. The Scholarship was
awarded for 350 marginalhe traffic center median ized children.
situated at the intersection Dr.M.Baskaran, The Presiof TTK Road and Chamiers Road dent of ICWO, said that
spots a fresh look with green education is very imporplants, railings and tiles pasted tant for any child. He also
on the side walls.
added saying the teachers
are the one who bless the
Well maintained
traffic median
children to come up well
in their life. Finally, he
wished the children all the
best for their future.
Mr.A.J.Hariharan, Founder
Secretary, ICWO quoted
that the children who received the support will
continue their education
and avoids school drop
outs. Ms.Jade, Ms.Jenny,
Volunteers from Flinders
University and University of South Australia
undertaking a placement
at ICWO state that it’s
good to know that 75%
of the scholarship ben-
eficiary are girl children.
T.Jansi, 9th STD, said “I
feel thankful by the kind
of support rendered by
ICWO, Enfants du Monde &
Mercy Home, Belgium provided to us”.A.Asha, 7th
STD,stated that with the
scholarship, she will be
able go to school like any
other child”.
T.Manikandan, 12th STD,
said “I am extremely happy to see educational kit
filled with lot of resource
materials.Vote of thanks
was rendered by Ms.Devika
Thilak, Deputy Director-TI
project, ICWO.
ªê¡¬ù H÷v
ªî£Š¬ð¬ò °¬øˆ¶ º¶° õL, CÁcóè
Hó„¬ùè¬÷ c‚°‹ «ò£è ºˆó£ Ýêù‹
õ¼‹ 27-‹ «îF ܪñK‚è -Þ‰Fò ªî£NôFð˜èœ
Þ¬ì«ò Hóîñ˜ «ñ£® à¬óò£ŸÁAø£˜
ª ñ K ‚ è - Þ ‰ F ò
ªî£NôFð˜èœ Þ¬ì«ò
Hóîñ˜ ï«ó‰Fó «ñ£®
à¬óò£ŸÁ‹ G蛄C õ¼‹
27-‹ «îF ï¬ìªðÁAø¶.
ªî£N™¸†ð GÁõùŠ ð°F âù‚
è¼îŠð´‹ CL裡 «õLJ™
ï¬ìªðÁ‹ Þ‰î G蛄CJ¡
«ð£¶, ªî£ìƒ° Þ‰Fò£ - â¿
Þ‰Fò£ â¡ø î¬ôŠHô£ù
îù¶ èù¾ˆ F†ì‹ °Pˆ¶
ªî£NôFð˜èÀ‚° «ñ£®
M÷‚è‹ ÜO‚Aø£˜. îèõ™
ªî£N™¸†ð GÁõùƒè÷£ù
ï£v裋, ®äÞ CL裡 «õL,
ääâ‹ Ýñî£ð£ˆ, CääÞ
àœO†ì GÁõùƒèœ Þ‰î
G蛄C¬ò ï숶A¡øù.
ÞF™ Mõê£ò‹, ñ¼ˆ¶õ‹,
âKê‚F, àJK ªî£N™¸†ð‹
àœO†ì 30 ¶¬øèO™ Þ‰Fò£
«ñŸªè£‡´œ÷ ºòŸCèÀ‹,
Ü‰îˆ ¶¬øèO¡ àŸðˆFŠ
ªð£¼†èÀ‹ 裆C‚°
ªê¡¬ù ñ£ïèó£†C ꣘H™
ð™«õÁ è†ììƒèœ: ºîô¬ñ„ê˜
ªüòôLî£ Fø‰¶ ¬õˆî£˜
꣘H™, 41 «è£®«ò
64 ô†ê‹ Ï𣌠ñFŠH™
è†ìŠð†ì ð™«õÁ è†ììƒè¬÷
Fø‰¶ ¬õˆî£˜. Þ¶ªî£ì˜ð£è
ªêŒF‚°PŠH™, êÍô ïô
¬ñò‚ è†ììƒèœ, Ýó‹ð
²è£î£ó ¬ñò‚ è†ììƒèœ,
ðœO‚ è†ììƒèœ, I¡ê£ó‹
Þ«î«ð£™, F¼õ‡í£ñ¬ô
ñ£õ†ì‹ W› ªð¡ù£ˆÉK™
13 ô†êˆ¶ 50 ÝJó‹ Ïð£Œ
7 ªê™ôŠ Hó£EèÀì¡ Éƒ°õîŸè£è
75 ê¶ó Ü®J™ Hóñ£‡ì 𴂬è
îò£˜ ªêŒî õ£Lð˜
™ôŠ Hó£EèÀ‚è£è
cƒèœ, è¬ìCò£è
â¡ù ªêŒb˜èœ? â¡ù
ªêŒF¼‰î£½‹, ܶ Þ‰î
Hó£EèO¡ HKò¼‚°
ßì£è£¶. 䉶 ̬ùèœ,
Þó‡´ ï£Œèœ âù ã¿
ªê™ôŠ Hó£EèÀì¡
ê¶ó Ü®J™ Hó‹ñ£‡ì
𴂬è¬ò Hóˆ«òèñ£è
îò£˜ ªêŒ¶œ÷ ïð˜
ðôK¡ ð£ó£†´‚°‹, CôK¡
A‡ì½‚°‹ Ý÷£A»œ÷£˜.
É‚è‹, ܶ¾‹ H®ˆîõ¼ì¡
ݬêò£è ªè£…C‚ ªè£‡«ì
Ƀè, ò£¼‚°ˆ  ݬê
Þ¼‚裶? ó£Š â¡Aø ïð˜
Sep - 24 , 2015
îù¶ ¶¬íM ñŸÁ‹ ªê™ôŠ
Hó£EèÀì¡ å¡ø£è Þ¼‚è
Þ‰î ñ£ªð¼‹ º®¬õ
â´ˆ¶œ÷£˜. Üõó¶ ªñ£ˆî
°®J¼ŠH¡ ÜFèð†êñ£ù
Þ숬î Þ‰î 𴂬è
Ý‚AóIˆF¼‚A¡ø¶. å¼
ªð£«ñKò¡ ‚ °†®»ì¡
«ê˜ˆ¶ àìL¡ e¶ G¬øò
«ó£ñ‹ ªè£‡ì, Þ‰î
ªê™ôŠHó£Eèœ ð´‚°‹
𴂬èè¬÷ «î£Á‹
¶¬õ‚è «õ‡´‹! âQ‹,
ܶ å¡Á‹ è®ùI™¬ô!
Þ ðKê£èˆî£¡..
ªê™ôŠ Hó£EèO¡ ªè£…
ê™ A¬ìˆ¶œ÷¶ â¡Aø£˜
Fùº‹ ªî£ì˜‰¶ ªêŒ¶
õ‰î£™ àƒèœ ªî£Š¬ð¬ò M¬óM™
°¬øˆ¶Mìô£‹. «ñ½‹ º¶° õL,
CÁcóè Hó„¬ù, õì Hó„ê¬ù
âù ðô Hó„ê¬ùè¬÷ Þ‰î «ò£è
ºˆó£ Ýêù‹ êK ªêŒA¡ø¶. 裬ôJ™
⿉¶ õ£‚Aƒ, ü£‚Aƒ, ó¡Qƒ «ð£¡ø
àìŸðJŸCè¬÷ ªêŒò Cô¼‚° «ïó‹
Þ¼‚裶. Þ‰î «ïóI™ô£ «ïóˆF™
cƒèœ 裬ôJ™ ⿉¶ i†®Ÿ°œ«÷«ò
å¼ ðˆ¶ GIì‹ Þ‰î «ò£è ºˆó£
Ýêùˆ¬î ªêŒòô£‹. «ò£è ºˆó£
Ýêù‹ ªêŒõ ñù Ü¿ˆî‹ Ãì
cƒ°‹. c‡ì «ïó‹ èEQ º¡ à†è£˜‰¶
«õ¬ô ªêŒðõ˜èœ Þ‰î Ýêùˆ¬î
ªêŒõ º¶°ˆî‡´õìˆF™ ï™ô
õ¬÷¾ ãŸð´õ«î£´, º¶° õL
õ¼õ¶‹ î´‚èŠð´‹.
«ò£è ºˆó£ Ýêùˆ¬î ªêŒõ 
ܬ컋 ðò¡èœ: Þ‰î «ò£è ºˆó£
Ýêù‹ ªêŒ»‹ «ð£¶ õJŸÁŠ ð°F
ÜFè‹ Ü¿ˆîŠð´õ, õJŸ¬ø„
²ŸP «îƒA»œ÷ ªè£¿Š¹‚èœ è¬ó‰¶,
ªî£Š¬ð M¬óM™ °¬ø»‹. ÞÁ‚èñ£ù
î¬ê¬ò î÷˜ˆF, àì¬ô Kô£‚v ªêŒ»‹.
Yó£è ªêò™ðì£ñ™ Þ¼‰î °ì™èœ ï¡°
ªêò™ð†´, Üîù£™ ªêKñ£ù‹ ï¡°
ï¬ìªðŸÁ, èN¾èœ °ìL¡ õN«ò
ªõO«òÁ‹. CÁcóè ñ‡ìô‹ âšMî
î¬ìJ¡P»‹ ï¬ìªðø «ò£è ºˆó£
à. CÁcóèˆF™ ã«î‹ Hó„¬ùèœ
Þ¼‰î£½‹ °íñ£°‹. ð†ì
ñô„C‚è™ cƒ°‹. àìL¡ õìˆF™
Þ¼‰¶ ªê™½‹ ïó‹¹èœ ܬùˆ¶‹
õL¬ñ ªðŸÁ àì™ Ý«ó£‚Aò‹
«ñ‹ð†´,  º¿õ¶‹ ²Á²ÁŠ¹ì¡
ªêò™ðì à. cKN¬õ 膴Šð£†´ì¡
¬õŠð«î£´, Üîù£™ ãŸð´‹ «õÁ ðô
Hó„¬ùè¬÷»‹ îM˜‚èô£‹. º¶°
õLò£™ Üõv¬îŠð´ðõ˜èœ, Þ‰î
«ò£è£ ºˆó£ Ýêùˆ¬î ªêŒ¶ õ‰î£™,
º¶° õL cƒAM´‹. «ò£è ºˆó£
Ýêù‹ ªêŒ»‹ º¬ø:
* ºîL™ ðˆñ£êù‹ G¬ôJ™ Üñó¾‹
* H¡ù˜ ¬èè¬÷ H¡«ù ñ®ˆ¶,
õô¶ ¬è Þì¶ è£L¡ ªð¼Mó¬ô»‹,
Þì¶ ¬è õô¶ è£L¡ ªð¼Mó¬ô»‹
ªî£´ñ£Á 𣘈¶‚ ªè£œ÷¾‹.
* ÞŠªð£¿¶ Í„¬ê ªõO«ò M†ìõ£Á
°Q‰¶, Í‚° Ü™ô¶ õ£ò£™
î¬ó¬òˆ ªî£ì¾‹ ÞŠð® 30 Mù£®èœ
* H¡ù˜ Í„¬ê àœ«÷ Þ¿ˆîõ£Á
âö¾‹. ÞŠð® Fùº‹ 3 º¬ø ªêŒ¶
õó «õ‡´‹.
ªõO´ «õ¬ô¬ò É‚AªòP‰¶ M†´ Mõê£òˆF™ èô‚°‹ â¡TQòKƒ ð†ìî£K
¼ì‹ Ï.60 ô†ê‹ õ¼ñ£ù‹ õ¼‹ «õ¬ô¬ò àîPM†´, Mõê£ò‹
ªêŒ¶ ܬùõK¡ ð£ó£†´‚è¬÷»‹ ªðŸÁ õ¼Aø£˜ ªî¡Û¬ó„
«ê˜‰î â¡TQòKƒ ð†ìî£K ªê‰F™. ²ˆîñ£ù 裟Áì¡ à‡¬ñò£ù
ð£ê‹ 裆´‹ ñQî˜èO¡ õ£›Mì‹. Þ‰î ἂ° «ñ½‹ CøŠ¹ «ê˜ˆ¶
õ¼Aø£˜ ªê‰F™. ܪñK‚è£ ñŸÁ‹ ä«ó£ŠHò èO¡ ªê™õ ªêNŠH™
ñòƒA, ܉î èO™ «õ¬ô ªêŒ¶ ªê™õ‹ «ê˜‚è ݬêŠðì£îõ˜èœ
Þ‰Fò£M™ ÜK¶. Þ‰î G¬ôJ™, ªñ‚è£Q‚è™ â¡TQòKƒ 𮈶,
ܪñK‚è£M™ õ¼ì‹ 60 ô†ê‹ Ï𣌠ê‹ð£F‚°‹ «õ¬ô¬ò M†´M†´,
ªê£‰î ἂ° õ‰¶ î¡ ñ‚èO¡ õ£›¬õ ñ£ŸP Ý„êKò‹ ÜOˆ¶œ÷£˜
ªê‰F™. Þ‰Fò£M¡ º¶ªè½‹ð£ù Mõê£òˆ¬î ï‹H«ò õ£›¬è¬ò
ï숶ðõ˜èœ ªî¡Û˜ ñ‚èœ. Ýù£™ ïèó ñ‚èO¡ «ðó£¬êò£™ ïóèñ£è
ñ£Pò¶ ªî¡Û˜ Aó£ñ‹. ðŸø£‚°¬øò£ù ð¼õñ¬öò£™ õø‡´ M†ì
Mõê£ò Gô‹, Þ¼‚°‹ ªè£…ê Gôˆî® c¼‹ àP…êŠð´õ¶ ÝAò
è£óíˆî£™ ñù‹ 安î ð£ó‹ðKò Mõê£Jèœ, 裬ô ªêŒ»‹
G¬ô‚°ˆ îœ÷Šð†ìù˜. Þ‰î G¬ôJ™î£¡ ‘ðJ˜’ â‹ î¡ù£˜õ
ªî£‡´ GÁõùˆ¬î à¼õ£‚A, ªê‰F½‹ ÜõK¡ ñ¬ùM HgˆF»‹ ïìˆF
õ¼Aø£˜èœ. HgˆF «ý£I«ò£ðF ñ¼ˆ¶õ˜. ªî¡Û˜ Aó£ñˆFŸ° ‘ðJ˜’ Íô‹ ªêŒî àîMèœ ãó£÷‹. ܚט ñ‚èO¡ è™M,
Ý«ó£‚Aòˆ¬î«ò ºî¡¬ñò£è‚ ªè£‡´ ªêò™ð´‹ î¡ù£˜õ GÁõù‹î£¡ ‘ðJ˜’. Þ‰î ܬñŠ¹ Íô‹ ªî¡Û˜ ñ‚èÀ‚°
â‹Cã ð†ìî£Kè¬÷‚ ªè£‡´ èEQŠ ðJŸC ÜO‚èŠð´Aø¶ â¡ð¶ Ã´î™ M«ûê‹. «ð£Fò àí¾ Þ™ô£î è£óíˆî£™
ã¬ö‚ °ö‰¬îèœ ðô˜ «ï£Œõ£ŒŠð†ìù˜. Üîù£™ Üõ˜èÀ‚° ꈶ G¬ø‰î Gô‚èì¬ô»‹, F¬ù»‹ õöƒ°Aø¶ ‘ðJ˜’.
êeðˆFò ÝŒ¾ º®¾èO¡ Ü®Šð¬ìJ™, 40 êîMAî °ö‰¬îèÀ‚° «ð£Fò àí¾ A¬ìŠðF™¬ô âù è‡ìPòŠð†´œ÷¶.
Üî¡ Íô‹, îI›ï£´ Üó² Fù‹ 500 è«ô£K ꈶ¬ìò Gô‚èì¬ô»‹ F¬ù»‹ õöƒè º®¾ ªêŒ¶œ÷¶. Þî¡ ªî£ì˜„Cò£è
èì‰î Þó‡ì¬ó ݇´è÷£è, ã¬ö‚ °´‹ð °ö‰¬îèÀ‚° Iè‚°¬ø‰î M¬ôJ™ 𣙠õöƒA õ¼Aø¶ ðJ˜. ÞòŸ¬è
Mõê£òˆF¡ º‚Aòˆ¶õˆ¬î ð󊹋 õ¬èJ™ ‘ðJ˜’ ܬñŠ¹ à‡ì£‚Aò MNŠ¹í˜õ£™, ªî¡ÛK™ 6.77 ã‚è˜ ðóŠ¹ Ü÷¾
ªè£‡ì GôˆF™ Gô‚èì¬ô, àÀ‰¶, ªï™ ñŸÁ‹ ✠ðJKìŠð´Aø¶. «ñ½‹ «õŠðƒè£¬ò àóñ£è ñ£ŸÁ‹ ªî£N™ Íô‹
õ¼õ£Œ ߆´Aø£˜èœ ªî¡Û˜ õ£Cèœ. Mõê£òˆFŸ° àJ˜ ªè£´ˆ¶ Þ¼‚Aø¶ ‘ðJ˜’ â¡ø£™ I¬èJ™¬ô!
ÅKò åO ð´‹ð®
ÌIJ™ õ£¿‹ ñQî˜èÀì¡
²ŸPˆFKõ¶, è‡í£®
ªî£ì˜¹ ªè£œ÷ «õŸÁ Aóèõ£Cèœ
ºòŸC: Ý󣌄Cò£÷˜èœ îèõ™ ÜEõFL¼‰¶ 裊ð£ŸÁ‹!
A ó è ˆ ¬ î
« ê ˜ ‰ î õ ˜ è œ
ðø‚°‹  «ð£¡ø
èôƒèœ Íô‹ ÌI‚° õ‰¶
ªê™õî£è ÜšõŠ«ð£¶
îèõ™èœ ªõOò£A¡øù.
Ýù£™ Üõ˜è¬÷ Þ¶õ¬ó
«ïK™ ð£˜ˆî¶ Þ™¬ô.
âù«õ, Üõ˜èœ °Pˆî
Ý󣌄CJ™ ðô G¹í˜èœ
ß´ð†´œ÷ù˜. Þ‰î G¬ôJ™
«õŸÁ Aóèõ£Cèœ °Pˆ¶
ܪñK‚è£M¡ âv.Þ.ä.®.
Þ¡v®®Î† M…ë£Q 죂ì˜
ïî£L «èŠ«ó£™ «õŸÁ
Aóèõ£Cèœ °Pˆ¶ ÝŒ¾
«ñŸªè£‡´œ÷£˜. Üõ˜èœ
°Pˆ¶ Üõ˜ ÃÁ‹«ð£¶,
«õŸÁ AóèƒèO™ õ£›ðõ˜èœ
ÌIJ™ õ£¿‹ ñQî˜èÀì¡
ªî£ì˜¹ ªè£œ÷ ºòŸC ªêŒ¶
õ¼õî£è ªîKMˆ¶œ÷£˜.
«ñ½‹ Üõ˜ ÃÁ‹«ð£¶,
‘‘«õŸÁ Aóèõ£CèOì‹
Þ¼‰¶ C‚ù™è¬÷ ªðø
âF˜è£ôˆF™ õó‚îò
ïiù ªî£N™ ¸†ðƒèœ
ï‹Iì‹ Þ™¬ô. Üõ˜èœ
ñŸøõ˜èÀì¡ ªî£ì˜¹ ªè£œ÷
âˆî¬èò ªî£N™ ¸†ðƒèœ
Ü™ô¶ ªêò™º¬øè¬÷
ðò¡ð´ˆ¶Aø£˜èœ â¡Á ïñ‚°
ªîKò£¶. ÞòŸ¬è G蛾è¬÷
ÜPò M…ë£QèO¡ «ó®«ò£
C‚ù™è¬÷ ðF¾ ªêŒ¶œ÷ù˜.
M¬ó¾ «ó®«ò£ ªõ®Š¹èœ âù
ܬö‚èŠð´‹ Þ‰î C‚ù™èœ
ÅKò °´‹ðˆ¶‚° ªõO«ò
Þ¼‰¶ õ¼Aø¶. Þ¬õ
ô†ê‚èí‚è£ù åO ݇´èœ
ÉóˆF™ Þ¼‰¶ ªî£ì˜‰¶
ÌI‚° õ¼A¡øù. Þˆî¬èò
C‚ù™èœ ÜPòŠðì£î
ï†êˆFóƒèœ ñŸÁ‹ «õŸÁ
Aóèõ£CèOì‹ Þ¼‰¶ õóô£‹.
ޡ‹ 20 ºî™ 30 ݇´èO™
õ£›‚¬è Ýî£óƒè¬÷ 
è‡ìPò º®»‹’’ â¡Á‹
‡ 𣘬õ °¬ø𣴠ñŸÁ‹ î¬ôõL‚è£è è‡í£®
ÜEõFL¼‰¶ îŠH‚è CÁõ˜, CÁIò˜ Fù‰«î£Á‹ 40
GIì‹ ÅKò åO ð´‹ð® M¬÷ò£®ù£™ «ð£¶‹, â¡A¡øù˜ Yù
Ý󣌄Cò£÷˜èœ. i´ ñŸÁ‹ ܬøèÀ‚°œ«÷«ò ªð£¿¬î‚
èN‚°‹«ð£¶, ÅKò åOJ¡ å¼ åO‚蟬ø‚Ãì ï‹ àì™
e¶ ð´õF™¬ô. Ýù£™, ð¶ GIìñ£õ¶ ÅKòQ¡ ¹ø
á èF˜èœ ï‹e¶ ðì«õ‡´ñ£‹. Þ™¬ôªò¡ø£™, ï‹
è‡èÀ‚° ¬ñ«ò£Hò£ â¡ø ð£FŠ¹ à‡ì£°‹. Þîù£™,
ÜÁ¬õ CA„¬ê«ò£, è‡í£®«ò£ Þ¡P ªî£¬ôM™
Þ¼‚°‹ ªð£¼†è¬÷ ªîOõ£è ð£˜‚è º®ò£ñ™ «ð£èô£‹.
«ñ½‹, A†ìŠð£˜¬õ Hó„ê¬ù»‹ ãŸð´‹! Yù£M¡ ê¡ ò£†
ªê¡ ð™è¬ô‚èöèˆF¡ ñ¼ˆ¶õ˜ I¡ƒ°õ£ƒ U â¡ðõ˜
î¬ô¬ñJ™, °ö‰¬îèœ ªõOJ™ M¬÷ò£ì£ñ™ Þ¼Šð
à‡ì£°‹ ð£FŠ¹èœ ªî£ì˜ð£ù Þ‰î ÝŒ¬õ, 裃꣚ ïèK™
àœ÷ ð¡Qó‡´ ðœOèO™ 𮂰‹, ÝÁ õò¶ °ö‰¬îèOì‹
«ñŸªè£‡ìù˜. ²ñ£˜, ÝJóˆ¶ ªî£œ÷£Jó‹ «ð¬ó èì‰î
2010-‹ ݇´ ºî™ 2013-‹ ݇´ õ¬ó Þ‰î‚ °¿Mù˜
ªî£ì˜‰¶ è‡è£Eˆîù˜. Þ‰î è£ôè†ìˆF™ Þõ˜èO™ ð£F
°ö‰¬îèœ ªõJL™ Fù‰«î£Á‹ 40 GI숶‚° M¬÷ò£ì«õ£,
Fø‰îªõO õ°Š¹èO™ èô‰¶ªè£œ÷«õ£ ÜP¾PˆîŠð†ìù˜.
Þ‰î ÝŒM¡ º®M™ ªõJL™ M¬÷ò£®ò °ö‰¬îèO™ å¡ð¶
êîMAî‹ «ð˜, A†ìŠð£˜¬õ Hó„ê¬ù ãŸðì£ñ™ îŠHˆîî£è
ªîKòõ‰¶œ÷¶. Ýè«õ, ¬ñ«ò£Hò£ML¼‰¶ îŠH‚è, °PŠH†ì
Ü÷¾ ¹ø á èF˜èœ °ö‰¬îèœ e¶ ð´‹ð® ²ñ£˜ 40
GIìñ£õ¶ Üõ˜è¬÷ ªõOJ™ ²ŸPˆ FKò ÜÂñF‚è «õ‡´‹
âù Þ‰î ÝŒ¾‚ °¿ «õ‡´«è£œ M´ˆ¶œ÷¶.
Owned and Published by S.Narayanan, from No.2108, 13th Main Road, Anna Nagar , Chennai - 600 040. Printed by him at M/s. Ashwin Printing Agency, 40, Peters Road, Royapettah, Chennai - 600 014. Edtitor. S.Narayanan
Sep, 20 - 26, 2015
SATURDAY, 12th September
TUESDAY, 15th September
 Mini Teater, a theatre group in Slovenia has found a new audience for the play.
The groups Trunk Theatre stages plays
for motorists caught in long crawling traffic
Daredevil Chris Walker has taken skydiving adventure sport to a whole new meaning. He solves Rubiks cube while jumping
off a plane in mid air.
THURSDAY, 17th September
 Super Mario, one of best known character video game in history had a wonderful
30th anniversary celebration in Japan with
cake and candles.
 Scientists from California Institute of
Technology have identified an antibody
that could be more effective in detecting
the HIV virus in a infected person.
 An Italian and Chinese medical team
plans to perform the worlds first head transplant of a 30 year old man by December
2017, said a Chinese surgeon of Harbin
Medical University.
 The Neon Museum situated at Las Vegas Boulevard, USA is another strange yet  Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell has won
fantastic spot to visit in the world.It was the Miss America 2016 title during the Miss
started in 1920.
America Beauty Pageant held in Atlantic
City. 51 contestants took part.
MONDAY, 14th September
 Graphic designer cum portrait artist Jessica has done a series of portraits on her
sons which portray the season of autumn
as well as her sons curiosity and love for
Self proclaimed artist Kristy has revealed
new images from her Wonderland painting
series. The pictures mark the conclusion  Loki, a wolf dog is truly living life to the
of an enchanting photo project of Alice in fullest. All thanks goes to the dog owner
Kelly Lund who took his giant dog with him
for a vacation.
 Artist Ali has brought out the innocence,
happiness of childhood in his latest series
of paintings called Immerse. He got his inspiration from his small daughter.
Berlin based tattoo artist Sanne likes
inking animals because of her fascination
of nature. She designs tattoos of animals
along the veins that run in the body.
More than 800 items ownrd by Ringo
Starr and his wife Barbara including a drum  Rail Yard Studio collected rails and lumkit used during the music performance is ber from an unused train track and made
 People of Sankuyo, African Village are at
the mercy of dangerous attacks by Lions,  Meadow, daughter of Hollywood actor expected to sell for over 500,000 dollars the scrap in to good use by making a pingpong table.
Elephants and other wild animals espe- Paul Walker has launched a foundation in during a auction.
cially at night.
FRIDAY, 18th September
her fathers name during the 42nd birth anWEDNESDAY, 16th September
niversary to protect oceans and wild life.
 A five
SUNDAY, 13th September
 Eating diet rich cocoa flavours could immile long
prove cardiovascular functions and reduce
two way
stiffening of arteries. says a new health
study in America.
which can
 Space researchers have recently distransform
covered an enormous slab of water ice beinto a tunneath the surface of the Planet Mars which
nel conmeasures 130 feet and the size of Californects cities of Copenhagen in Denmark to
nia and Texas combined.
Malmo in Sweden.
 A canine competition was held in Mos A 3D orinted tadpole like medical devise
cow. Dogs and their owners took part in
can now improve the diagnosis of various
various skill competitions and events becancers just by moving around inside the
sides performing Frisbee tricks.
blood circulation system of the person.
 A native American artist George Red Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton  A 28 year old paralysed man in America
hawk who is blind used computer software
was spotted having a new hair style when has become the first person to feel physical
to create amazing images for his art theme
she visited Kirk Church with Prince Wil- sensations with the help of a prosthetic hand
titled World Through My Eyes.
which is directly controlled by his brain.
 Taylor Swift got a surprise by winning an
 Youtube animator CPG Grey had recent-  A bomb shelter built during the time of
Emmy award for the best original interacly
released a video that humorously nar- the World War in England has been put
tive program.She celebrated the event with  As part of the Osaka Canvas Project in
the British Royal Family starting from to an environmental friendly use by entrea huge party and photo shoot with her crew Japan, the Osaka river will be turned into a
1066 giving details with images.
preneurs Richard and Steven for growing
huge conveyor belt that would carry a giant
sushi train.
Publication Every Sunday
Sep, 20 - 26, 2015
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RNI No. TNENG/2005/20239
Postal Registration No. TN/CCN/501/13-15
Lady Junction
Good show at
Asian Boxing Championship
Style and Photography
SW-supported boxer, Vikas Krishan Yadav, won silver in the
middleweight category after losing
to Uzbekistan's Bektemir Melikuziev in the final at the Asian Boxing
Championship in Bangkok. Vikas put
up a spirited show but his Uzbek
opponent's aggression in the first
round combined with a strong finish ensured that the 23-year-old Vikas finished with the silver medal.
Vikas, who took his time to find his
feet, replied but Melikuziev's early
burst allowed him to pull ahead,
taking the round 30-27. I found my
rhythm and I attacked him well at
the end of the round but I guess
that wasn't enough," said Vikas. In
the second round, a determined Vikas unleashed a volley of concerted
attacks on Melikuziev, pushing the
Uzbek on to the back foot. In the
decider, both boxers looked like
they had thrown caution to the
winds, rolling out aggressive combinations. Vikas managed to land two
heetal Mallar is a well known model. She is now also a contemporary photographer.
big right-hooks but a great recovery
She won the Femina Look of the Year and the Elite Look of the Year in 1994. She is
from Melikuziev in the final 25 seconds saw the Uzbek pick up some interested in o photography and more specifically, photographing people. She enjoys
important points which ultimately documenting urban subcultures. Focusing on relationships people have with themselves
and with others and their surrounding.
proved to be crucial.

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