“Quilichinus Spoletinus”, Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle



“Quilichinus Spoletinus”, Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle
Fulvio Delle Donne, “Quilichinus Spoletinus”,
Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle,
R.G. Dunphy ed.
(Brill, Leiden and Boston 2010), 1248
© Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2010
quilichinus spoletinus
of Frederick II), a Latin poem of 77 quatrains,
because the two works appear together in the
manuscript. The Preconia is in fact the work of
fl. ca 1236. Recanati, Italy. Author of a Histo- Terrisio of Atina, who died post-1246.
ria Alexandri Magni (History of Alexander the
Great), a Latin poem in elegiac couplets taken Bibliography
from the version I 3 Historia de preliis (History of Text: W. Kirsch, Historia Alexandri Magni, 1971.
the wars) of Pseudo-Callisthenes. This was sub- Literature: F. Delle Donne, Il potere e la sua legitsequently translated into English and German. timazione, 2005, 131–56 [Preconia Frederici II].
RepFont 9, 382.
Manuscript: Naples, BN, V B 37.
Fulvio Delle Donne
In 1935, S.H. Thomson erroneously attributed
to Qulichinus the Preconia Frederici II (Praise
Quilichinus Spoletinus

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