Nicola Meschino



Nicola Meschino
Nicola Meschino
Name: Nicola Meschino
Address: Strada di Castellina in
Chianti, 28, Siena, 53100
Telephone: (Home)
Date of Birth: 06.10.1963
2015 - Present: Dermatologist at RTW Skin and Laser Clinic at Tunbridge Wells UK.
2008 - Present: Established SKINFARM Srl in Siena, managing a team of six dermatologists, a
plastic surgeon, a phlebologist and a dietician.
1998 – Present Self-employed, running own private practice in Siena, and a
free-lancer for «Casa di Cura Rugani» in Siena and «Casa di
Cura Liotti» in Perugia.
1999 - 2000
Internal Medicine Doctor in the Department of Plastic Surgery at
«Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria di Siena»
1996 - 1998
Internal Medicine Doctor in the Dermatology Department at «Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria di
July 2013 Certificate of full registration as a Medical Practioner at General Medical Council,
reference number 7400093,
Oct 1996 Postgraduate degree in Cosmetic Dermatology (Distinction) at the
University of Siena
Oct 1995 Postgraduate degree in Dermatology and Venereology (Distinction) at
the University of Siena
April 1991 Degree in Medicine and Surgery (Distinction) at the University of Siena
1995 -- Updates in cosmetic surgery -Rejuvenation techniques, collagen face and peeling.
Florence October
1997 -- Symposium sclerotherapy, Italian society of Phlebolymphology, Rome April.
– Workshop of face dermosurgery, Cesena April
1998 – The upper reaches of suture and fixation of the skin, Catania March
1999 – Dermatoscopic diagnosis theoretical and practical course, Siena December
– XX National Congress of Italian society of aesthetic medecin, Rome March
2000 -- Allergan Bont Academy – Vistabex training Parma February,
2000 – Italian society of tricology – Updates terapy tricologica Florence November
2001-- I National Congress dermatology and Venereology, ADOI-SIDEV, Rome June
2001 – Italian Academy of aesthetic Pathologies and beauty surgery- pratical refresher course in
diseases and surgery of the aesthetic beauty , Arezzo, June
2002 -- Course guide for the dermatologist -Montecatini Terme (Pt) – March
– Training in plastic and cosmetic surgery , Siena University, June-September.
2003-2004 -- Workshop: «the Laser Systems in the Palstic and Aesthetic Surgery and
Medicine» Padua
--Partecipation in the SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM «Challenges in Cosmetic
Dermatology» - Florence
--Training Seminar on the use of Restylane SubQ - Pisa
--Training course: «New Fronteers in Cosmetic Dermatology» - Florence
--Dr. Nicola Meschino became a member of the International Society of
Plastic and Aesthetic Dermatology – Milan
--Training course denominated: «Laser Surgery and selective Photothermolysis
through laser and Pulsed Light on Face and Neck
2006 -- Best Practices in Dermatology Imaging - From the Shot to the Spot2010 «XIX Congress
AIDA - Italian Association of Outpatients Dermatologists - Turin
-- Certificate of Partecipation in the University Forum, Nantes, France
2010 -- --«Berlin Dermatology Day» - Berlin, 8th May
-- Dr. Nicola Meschino became a member of AIDA –Italian Society of Outpatient
2011 – From new European guidelines to acneic patient management. Verona 16th and17th
2013 – Dermatologist and Pediatrician: to share the experience. Florence 14th June
2014 -- Theoretical-practical course: from anatomy to practice-Euromediterranean research centre
for injectable safety. Malta 29th-30th March
--Masterclass:how to achieve facial harmony- Galderma Aesthetic Academy- Zurich 20th June
--5 th Dermoscopy workshop and management of patients with skin cancers- Rome 28 th-29th
-- Role of medicinal plants in benign prostatic hypertrophy and in urinary tract infectionsFlorence 23th December FAD on line course
-- Patient with melanoma management: from diagnosis to treathment-Rome 31 st
FAD-on line course
2015 -- Laser in Dermatology. Interactive course. Florence 10th January
- Interactive case studies in Dermoscopy. Aprilia (LT) 11th April
--Androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium: epidemiology,causes,clinical
aspects,diagnosis and therapy. FAD-on line course 5th October
--Pain: recognition,evaluation and management. FAD-on line course 20th December
--Communication and professional performance. FAD-on line course 23th December
--Health and enviroment: pesticides,carcinogenesis,ionizing radiation,electromagnetic
field and antibiotic resistance. FAD-on line course 30th December
I hereby give permission for my personal data to be used in accordance
with the law.
I am a self-emploied dermatologist and I run my own clinic SKINFARM..
I see about 25 patients a day. The problems of these patients range from : aesthetic problems,
oncologic skin problems and dermatologic illnesses.
My role consists of dealing with aesthetic medicine and skin oncology and surgery. Other areas
such as clinic dermatology and pediatric dermatology are dealt with other six dermatologist
employed in my clinic who I supervise. They see about 50 -60 patients every day.
Every day I carry out laser therapy to remove moles,marks, tattoos,cherry angiomas,couperose,
skin spots,stretch marks and I do small dermatologic surgery. I usually see many cases of acne
and scars problems. I make also many fillers and botox treatments. Once or twice a month I work
in a private clinic in Perugia where I operate on approximately 15 patients affected by skin cancers,
dysplastic naevus ,lipomas and sebaceous cistis.
At my private clinic, the equipe carry out the following treatments:
dermatologic consultations,
pediatric dermatology consultations,
trichological consultations,
dermatoscopy for melanoma prevention,
cryotherapy for the treatment of verrucas,
Center of excellence for Allergan treatments with botulinium toxin.
hyaluronic acid treatments for wrinkles
facials biostimulation with vitamins,
PRP skin rejuvenation and trichology,
needling for skin blemishes, enlarged pores, scars and small wrinkles,
CO2 laser for dermatosurgery,
laser treatment for the removal of skin spots, tattoos, scars, unwanted
hair, thread veins, cherry angiomas and stretch marks,
laser skin tightening using infrared and radiofrequency,
IPL with Palomar technology,
suspension threadlifting for facelifts,
photodynamic therapy (PDT) for the treatment of acne and skin cancer,
mesotherapy and laser treatment (using infrared and radiofrequency)for cellulite,
dermosurgery for the removal of moles, cysts, sebaceous cysts,
ingrowing toenails, lipomas and skin tumors.

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