Sounds - Landscapes - Architectures


Sounds - Landscapes - Architectures
22-31 Agosto 2016
Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia, Italy
Sounds - Landscapes - Architectures
Multidisciplinary research and creative meetings in Santa Teresa Gallura
in partnership with International Jazz Festival Musica sulle Bocche
We promote research and creativity concerning the relationship between territory, architecture and music events.
We experiment the design of sustainable set-ups as a precondition for encouraging innovative and multidisciplinary research methods
through mutual exchange between artists, students, researchers and inhabitants. We interpret the relationship between the dynamics of the
landscape and the needs of urban transformation in coastal territories. We explore the relationship between physical space and musical
creativity as a prerequisite for the construction of an open and multicultural society.
The summer school, the second edition of Coastal Landscape Architecture, is part of the activities promoted by the inter-instutional network
“A cultural integration project for Sardinia”.
Teachers - Guest Teachers - Tutors
Tim Berne, Lidia Decandia, Marc Ducret, Enzo Favata, Giovanni Maria Filindeu, Aldo Lino, Giovanni Maciocco, Antonello Marotta,
Mauro Quidacciolu, Saffronkeira, Gianfranco Sanna, Silvia Serreli, Michele Valentino
Students and Participation fee
The lab welcomes students of architecture and urban planning, phd students and young architects, urban planners and engineers.
A maximum of 25 students will be accepted. The participation at the workshop and the final seminar corresponds to 3 credits. The
participation fee is 100 € and covers the participation in all activities of the Summer School, the concerts of the Festival and the teaching
materials. Costs for lodging and meals are not included.
Directed by
Gianfranco Sanna, Silvia Serreli_Dipartimento di Architettura Design e Urbanistica dell’Università di Sassari
Enzo Favata ed Enedina Sanna_ Associazione concertistica Jana Project
Applications are due 25th of July 2016
[email protected]
Architettura Ad Alghero
Dipartimento di Architettura, Design e Urbanistica
Università degli Studi di Sassari