SUBJECT: New Argentinean laws about motorcycle helmets


SUBJECT: New Argentinean laws about motorcycle helmets
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Rivalta Scrivia, November the 17th 2010
New Argentinean laws about motorcycle helmets
AGV was informed about new Argentinean laws which are asking users to apply big stickers on
helmet surface.
AGV always recommends its customers by proper instructions that:
1) No attachments should be made to the helmet except those recommended by the helmet
2) To maintain the full efficiency of the helmet there must be no alteration to the structure of the
helmet or its component parts.
3) The protection given by the helmet may be severely reduced by the application of any
adhesive, stickers and transfers (in the case where some foreign substance are likely to
deteriorate the quality of the materials for the protective helmet).
Then AGV is worrying that some not proper sticker application both from a material and
dimensional point of view could vary helmet safety properties.
That fact could not be managed and controlled by AGV itself. In this case AGV would be forced to
not be able to have complete control on safety of helmets used on the market
Moreno Businaro

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