Brochure 2015 - SEGOVIA



Brochure 2015 - SEGOVIA
“Musical interpretation involves an individual’s integral development: his emotional, intellectual and cultural attributes, his creativity
and the possibility to vibrate physically.Thanks to music we can grow our imaginative life, we become capable of new ideas, subtle
insights and original solutions.”
Dominique Hoppenot
Our philosophy
It is said that there is no greater joy for a man than doing what he
was born to do. And we are glad to know what is our mission.
Every student that comes to our school is important to us.
With determination and conviction we strive to give our
best to contribute to a happy and conscious development of
self- discovery through music. Embracing a pedagogical
responsibility requires the willingness to open up to others and
to be truly interested in each student, implementing a constantly
refreshed and creative design.
We believe that a student-teacher relationship should always be
based upon cooperation, respect and mutual esteem. We also
consider very important that the personality of a young artist
can easily mature being in contact with several teachers. Multiple
perceptions, different ways of experiencing music, various kinds of
personal approaches, personal life experiences and diverse cultural
backgrounds will enrich the student to a greater extent, not only
as a musician, but as a person.
Our school works on multiple levels: from the first lessons to the
perfection courses. Naturally not all the school’s students will
become professional musicians, but we are convinced that through
music they will grow as better individuals. Young people who
discover the joy of making music, both individually and as a group,
facing the challenge and efforts that entail playing an instrument,
will more easily become valuable human beings, individuals of
great character.
The relationship with the instrument, through an inner journey,
should eventually lead to the expression of oneself, of the music we
feel inside and of what we can communicate.
Therefore we will be happy to assist every young guitarist in his
voyage through music, with renewed enthusiasm and
sincere friendship.
Perfection Courses
The guitar perfection courses held at Pordenone have represented for twenty years a spotlight for guitarists on an
international scale. This is demonstrated by countless prestigious achievements and acknowledgements obtained
by the school’s students throughout the years.
Our didactic principle is founded upon the search for maximal spontaneity within every musical and expressive event.
Therefore, to us technique consists in the ability of knowing how to use the body in its most natural way, free to perform
the appropriate gestures that help the musician fulfill the ideas found in the music score.
To interpret means to feel, to desire, to understand and to realize. A large part of the interpreter’s research is consequently
carried out analyzing all the objective and subjective elements that blend into the creation of sound, therefore making
compositions live, translating sensations and emotions suggested by the notes, liberating music as it is and as it is heard.
Individual courses are held by Maestros Adriano Del Sal
and Paolo Pegoraro, chamber music courses are held by
the Trio Nahual.
Annual master
9 or 18 lessons programmed freely in agreement
between teachers and students
Biennal perfecting master
with final diploma;
18 lessons per year, complying with the biennial study
Chamber music perfection course
9 or 18 lessons programmed freely in agreement
between teachers and student.
A different number of lessons can also be defined under special request to the administration.
The courses are held from October to June with monthly meetings according to a fixed timetable at the beginning of the year.
The lessons could be in Italian, English and Spanish.
The Segovia Guitar Academy provides 5 scholarships worth € 400 each one, kindly donated by Gilda and Rosita Torres,
in memory of them brother Pierantonio, tragically died in Ustica on 27th of June 1980.
In June 2016, the best students whom distinguished during the scholastic year for them commitment, talent and results,
can take part at an audition.
Most important first prizes of our students in international competitions:
Certament “J. Arcas” - Almeria (Spain - Adriano Del Sal)
Selezione “Giovani Concertisti” - Parma (Italy - Trio Nahual)
Certament “Comarca el Condado” - Jaen (Spain - Adriano Del Sal)
Concorso “E. Mercatali” - Gorizia, conc. (Italy - Mauro Zanatta)
Concorso. “F. Sor” - Roma (Italy - Mauro Zanatta)
Concorso “Kitarika” - Koper (Slovenia - Marco De Biasi)
Concorso “E. Mercatali” - Gorizia, chamber m. (Italy - Trio Nahual)
Concorso “E. Mercatali” - Gorizia, conc.s (Italy - Marco De Biasi)
Concorso Gargnano (Italy - Emanuele Buono)
Concorso “R. Chiesa” - Camogli (Italy - Emanuele Buono)
Concorso “E. Mercatali” - Gorizia, con. (Italy - Andrzej Heimowski)
Certament “J. Arcas” - Almeria (Spain - Mauro Zanatta)
Certament “F. Tárrega” - Benicassim (Spain - Adriano Del Sal)
Certament “J. Arcas” - Almeria (Spain - Alejandro Cordova)
Certament Sernancelhe (Portugal - Andrzej Heimowski)
Parkening Competition - Malibu (USA - Emanuele Buono)
Split Competition (Croatia - Emanuele Buono)
Certament Coria (Spain - Alejandro Cordova)
Concorso “Cremona Mondo Musica” (Italy - HexacordEnsemble)
Gargnano Competition (Italy - Petra Polackova)
London Competition (U.K. - Francisco Morais Franco)
Belgrade Competition (Serbia - Francisco Morais Franco)
Conc. “Gredos S. Diego” - Madrid (Spain - Alejandro Cordova)
Concurso Sevilla (Spain - Alejandro Cordova)
Barrios Competition - Nuoro (Italy - Emanuele Buono)
M. Biasini Competition - Basel (Switzerland - Emanuele Buono)
Gargnano Competition (Italy - Andrea de Vitis)
Belgrade Competition (Serbia - Jelica Mijanovic)
Conc. “Gredos S. Diego” - Madrid, stud (Spain - Jelica Mijanovic)
Conc. “Gredos S. Diego” - Madrid, conc. (Spain - Emanuele Buono)
Concorso “M. Pittaluga” - Alessandria (Italy - Emanuele Buono)
Certamen Barcelona “M. Llobet” (Spain - Alejandro Cordova)
Concorso “E. Pujol” - Sassari (Italy - Davide Tomasi)
Concorso “Città di Mottola” (Italy - Andrea de Vitis)
Concorso “Città di Fiuggi” (Italy - Emiliano Gentili)
Concurso Villa de Aranda (Spain - Nicola Montella)
Forum Wien (Austria - Andrea de Vitis)
Selezione Giovani Concertisti di Domodossola (Italy - Marco Piperno)
Kutna Hora Guitar Competition (Czech Rep. - Andrea De Vitis)
Concorso “E. Mercatali” - Gorizia, conc. (Italy - Alejandro Cordova)
Concorso “F.Sor” - Roma (Italy - Emanuele Buono)
Concorso “S. Strata” - Pisa (Italy - Alejandro Cordova)
“Chitarre d’oro” at the “Città di Alessandria” guitar convention:
“Young promising of the year 2003” (Adriano Del Sal)
“Young promising of the year 2008” (Emanuele Buono)
“Best CD of the year 2010” (Paolo Pegoraro)
“Young promising of the year 2013” (Andrea de Vitis)
Paolo Pegoraro
Elected in 2003 best Italian guitarist of the year by the readers of the magazine Guitart, both the
critics as recognized figures of the music world appreciate in Paolo Pegoraro an uncommon depth
and artistic sensibility.Winner of prestigious competitions, he performs regularly at major festivals
throughout Europe, USA, South America, Africa and Asia.
Paolo also loves to teach and so much founded with his wife Angela Tagliariol, and six collegues that
studied with him, the Segovia Guitar Academy, a school established and recognized internationally,
which has students from various countries around the world. Many students develop themselves at
his school, play assiduous concerts, winning over the years more than 150 awards at major national
and international competitions (Pittaluga of Alessandria,Tárrega of Benicassim, Arcas of Almeria,
Segovia of La Herradura, Parkening of Malibù, Sor of Rome, Gargnano). He was the creator
and artistic director of the Pordenone Guitar Festival held in Pordenone for 18 years. He is often
invited to be part of juries for musical and guitar competitions, both in Italy and abroad. He also
gives regular masterclasses all around the world. From 2010 he his teacher at the “Universitat für
Musik und darstelende Kunst” in Graz (Austria).
He has several recordings and the CD “Solo” has received enthusiastic reviews; in particular, the
German magazine “Gitarre & Laute” declared “... the discovery of the year”. For his last CD, he was
awarded with “La chitarra d’oro” at the Alessandria Guitar Convention, as the best CD of the year
Born in Bassano del Grappa August 9, 1968, he began to study music at a very early age, quickly
demonstrating a distinct talent and receiving from his family an environment rich in musical
stimuli. He graduated with highest honors from the Conservatory “B. Marcello” in Venice in the
class of T. de Nardis. He consecutively frequented masterclasses of Manuel Barrueco and David
Russell, as well as receiving the “Diploma di Merito” at the Chigiana Academy of Siena in Oscar
Ghiglia’s Class. In 2010 he became of part of “D’Addario family”.
”Paolo plays the notes as a series of pearls, clear one after another and now is the extraordinary thing: he has
pearls of all sizes and all shades of color, he puts together in a way that will produce a effect of strong compactness and harmony. Paolo follows his musical ideas without compromise: accelerating, and evaporates the sentence
where it is necessary for reasons of musical logic and not because of technical problems.This is an extraordinary
thing in the guitar world. Paolo Pegoraro is, I can only repeat once more, the discovery of the year!”
Peter Päffgen - Gitarre und Laute
Adriano Del Sal
Exceptional musical talent, deep artistic sensitivity, and complete technical
mastery of his instrument make Adriano Del Sal’s playing unique and
He studied with Stefano Viola and Paolo Pegoraro at the Francisco Tàrrega
Academy of Pordenone and at the J. Tomadini Conservatory in Udine, and
attended several master-classes with important concert players, including David
Russell, Manuel Barrueco, Stefano Grondona, Angelo Giardino, Alberto Ponce
and Carlo Marchione.
Adriano Del Sal has won twelve important international competitions,
including the Julian Arcas in Almeria (Spain, 2001), the Michele Pittaluga
-Città di Alessandria- (Italy, 2004) and the Certamen Francisco Tárrega in
Benicassim, (Spain, 2009). He was also awarded La chitarra d’oro (The Gold
Guitar Prize), as the best international young concert player of the year.
He enjoys a busy career with concerts in the most important international
festivals in Italy, Germany, Mexico, Russia, the United States, Ukraine and
Slovenia. He plays a guitar by the German guitar maker Matthias Dammann,
with D’Addario strings.
From 2015 he his teacher at the “Universitat für Musik und darstellende
Kunst” in Vienna (Austria). He plays a guitar by the German maker Matthias
Dammann, with D’Addario strings.
Trio Nahual
The Trio was formed in 2001 by three young Mexican guitarists, Mauricio González, Rodrigo Herrera and Josué Gutiérrez. Since their arrival in
Italy they have followed specialized courses under the guidance of Maestros Paolo Pegoraro and Stefano Viola that have allowed them to master
technique and gain a thorough knowledge of stylistic interpretation. This preparation has allowed them to obtain their diplomas and specialist
degrees with maximum marks at the Conservatoire in Castelfranco Veneto and the Conservatoire in Udine, as well as the Diploma of Merit
awarded by the “Francisco Tárrega” Academy in Pordenone.
Among the various music courses, seminars and masterclasses the Trio have attended, most noteworthy are those held by Maestros Stefano
Grondona, Pavel Steidl and Oscar Ghiglia. With the latter they took part in the guitar and chamber music courses at the Chigiana Academy in Siena,
obtaining the Diploma of Merit and the “C. Corsini & F. Basacca” Special Prize awarded to the course’s best student.
A deep understanding and a great team spirit characterise the Trio Nahual in the many concerts given in Italy, Slovenia, Austria, the Czech Republic,
Switzerland and Mexico, obtaining widespread approval from the audience and specialized critics. They have also won numerous awards, among
which twelve first prizes, in various national and international guitar and chamber music competitions.
In 2008, for the occasion of the final concert at the Mikulov Guitar Festival (Czech Republic), they performed as a quartet with Maestro Paolo
Pegoraro in the presence of the renowned composer Leo Brouwer, to whom the festival paid homage. The same year, the Trio Nahual gave
the first world performance of the Concerto for three guitars and orchestra by Marco De Biasi. The members of the Trio perform with
guitars made by the Austrian luthier Bernd Holzgruber and the Italian liuther Marco Bortolozzo.
Luigi Attademo
Giampaolo Bandini
Eduardo Baranzano
Manuel Barrueco
Francesco Biraghi
Vladislav Blaha
Rèmi Boucher
Emanuele Buono
Elena Casoli
Cesare Chiacchiaretta
Alejandro Córdova
Betho Davezac
Marco De Biasi
Adriano Del Sal
Aniello Desiderio
Marcos Díaz
Marcin Dylla
Zoran Dukic
Duo Artis Gitarrenduo:
Julia Hechler e Christian Zielinski
Duo Marco e Stefano Bonfanti
Duo Christian Gruber - Peter Maklar
Duo Claudio Maccari - Paolo Pugliese
Duo Melis:
Alexis Muzurakis - Susana Prieto
Duo Sinergie
Massimo Felici
Marko Feri
Guido Fichtner
Paul Galbraith
Margarita García Escarpa
Pablo Garibay
Alex Garrobé
Oscar Ghiglia
Angelo Gilardino
Mauricio González
Stefano Grondona
Lupita Guillén Utrilla
Josué Gutiérrez
Andrej Heimowski
Rodrigo Herrera
Tilman Hoppstock
Ivo e Sofia Kaltchev
Goran Krivokapic
Dimitri Illarionov
Eduardo Isaac
Italian Guitar Consort
Caterina Lichtemberg
Jakob Lindberg
Goran Listes
Pietro Locatto
Gabriele Lodi
Evangelina Mascardi
Carlo Marchione
Claudio Marcotulli
Pablo Márquez
Lucio Matarazzo
Matteo Mela
Lorenzo Micheli
Alberto Milani Trio
Aldo Minella
Fabio Montomoli
Francisco Morais Franco
Filomena Moretti
Thomas Müller Pering
Michal Nagy
Thomas Offermann
Raul Olmos
Orchestra Accademia Musicale Naonis
Orchestra Regionale del “FVG”
Juan Francisco Padilla
Stefano Palamidessi
Vito Nicola Paradiso
Paolo Pegoraro
Giuseppe Pepicelli
Cecilio Perera
Darko Petrinjak
Alvaro Pierri
Petra Polackova
Alberto Pollesel
Alberto Ponce
Quartetto Strehler
Gerhard Reichenbach
István Römer
David Russell
Petr Saidl
Flavio Sala
Amanda Sandrelli
Mirko Schrader
Martin Schwarz
Sean Shibe
Marco Socías
Pavel Steidl
Alexander Swete
Trio de Cologne
Trio Nahual
Roman Viazovskiy
Marcos Victora-Wagner
Alberto Vingiano
Stefano Viola
Sabrina Vlaskalic
Martin Wesely
Walter Wuerdinger
Zagreb Guitar Trio
Mauro Zanatta
Walter Zanetti
Rainer Zipperling
David e Maria Russell
Giampaolo Bandini
Elena Casoli
Zoran Dukic
Marcin Dylla
Paul Galbraith
Ricardo Gallén
Margarita Garcia Escarpa
Oscar Ghiglia
Tilman Hoppstock
Carlo Marchione
Pablo Marquez
Matteo Mela
Lorenzo Micheli
Thomas Muller-Pering
Marco Socias
Pavel Steidl
Javier Somoza
Carles Trepat
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