L`Ambasciata della Repubblica d`Armenia in Italia in occasione della


L`Ambasciata della Repubblica d`Armenia in Italia in occasione della
L’Ambasciata della Repubblica d’Armenia in Italia
in occasione della Festa Nazionale della Repubblica
con piacere invita
Tutti i Membri della Comunità Armena d’Italia
al concerto del coro del Monastero di San Gheghard
che avrà luogo martedì 21 settembre 2010 alle ore 18.30
nella Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri
di Piazza della Repubblica di Roma
The Armenian Spiritual Song Art was formed in the fifth century yet continued
developing until the fifteenth century. The invention of the Armenian Alphabet and
the translation of the Bible in the fifth century contributed to the formation of sacred
songs, while the development of the ritual and liturgy of the church enriched and
distilled the Armenian Spiritual Music which has become a real treasure in the world
cultural and religious heritage.
St.Geghard Monastery Choir
Artistic supervisor
Mher Navoyan
Anahit Papayan
The female ensemble of St.Geghard Monastery was founded in 2001. The repertoire of the
ensemble embraces the Armenian medieval sacred monodies, classical arrangements of
Armenian sacred music and folk songs.
Every Sunday the ensemble serves Divine Liturgies in St.Geghard Monastery (IV-XIII c.).
The Ensemble has been actively performed on Armenian concert stages as well as has
successfully toured with concerts all over Europe.
In 2005 the ensemble participated in the 10th international festival “Kirkko Soikoon”,
Finland, which was dedicated to the Armenian culture.
2007 - in the concerts series “Music in St.Leonard” of St.Leonard Church in Frankfurt-onMaine
2008 - in the international sacred music festival “Voix et Route Romane” in Strasbourg
2009 - in the international festival “Musicfest” of Bachakademie in Stuttgart (Germany).
February 2010 - St.Geghard Monastery Ensemble won the “Grand Prix” in the festivalcompetition of the Orthodox Church Music “Kolozhski Blagovest” in Belarus
May 2010 - the first prize in the international festival-competition “Hajnowka’s Days of
Orthodox Music” in Poland.
The Program
Welcoming address of H.E. Mr. Rouben Karapetian, Ambassador of Armenia
Concert (duration 45 min.)
1. “This Day Rejoice”, Sharakan (Spirituals) on the Birth of Holy Virgin, Hakob Klayetsi
2. Two Sharakans from the canon of the Great Lent. St.Mesrop Mashtots (IV-V c.).
3. Three fragments from eight great hymns of Easter. Stepanos Syunetsi (VIII c.).
4. “Morning of Light”, Night service song (Good Friday), St.Nerses Shnorhali (XIIc.)
5. “Lord, Have Mercy”, fragment from Divine Liturgy, text by Simeon Erevantsi (XVIIIc.)
6. Songs, arr. by Komitas (1869-1935), soloist Nadima Kombajian.
a) “The Baptismal Pool was Founded This Day”, St.Sahak Parthev (IV-V c.).
b) “This Mystery Was Fulfilled”, Mekhitar Ayrivanetsi (XIII c.).
c) “Lord, With Thy Grace”, Mekhitar Ayrivanetsi (XIII c.).
d) “Behold, Save of Sins”, Mekhitar Ayrivanetsi (XIII c.).
e) “My Heart Trembles”, Mekhitar Ayrivanetsi (XIII c.).
7. “Havun, Havun”, Tagh (solemn hymn) of Resurrection, St. Grigor Narekatsi
(X c.), performing by Seda Amirkarayan.
8. “The Wonderful Rising”, Sharakan from the canon of Theophany, St.Movses Khorenatsi.
9. “O Mystery Deep”, Fragment from the Divine Liturgy, Khachatur Taronetsi (XII-XIII c.),
arr. by Komitas, soloist Luiza Yeremian.
10. “From the Eternal Father”, Sharakan from the canon of Deceased, Hakob Sanahnetsi
(XI c.)
11. “Mariam Magdalena”, Tagh of Resurrection, performing by Anahit Papayan.
12. “Chosen of God”, Fragment from the Divine Liturgy, arr. by Komitas, soloist Seda
13. “With Extended Arms”, Song of Good Friday, St.Nerses Shnorhali (XII c.).
14. “Lord, Have Mercy”, Fragment from Divine Liturgy, St.Nerses Shnorhali
(XII c.), arr. by Komitas, soloist Anahit Papayan.
14. “Christ is Sacrificed”.Fragment from the Divine Liturgy, arr. by Komitas.
15. “O Mystery Deep”, Fragment from the Divine Liturgy, arr. by Komitas.

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