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Drama Director Cast Produced by Support Length Language Year
Hotel Meina
Demons of St.Petersburg
I demoni di San Pietroburgo
Ms. "F"
Signorina Effe
Code: 016749
Code: 016798
Code: 016794
Code: 015316
St. Petersburg, 1860. A member
of the imperial family is
A few days later, the writer Fëdor
Michajlovic Dostoevskij meets
with Gusiev, a young man
committed to a psychiatric
hospital. Gusiev confesses that he
took part in the terrorist plot and
reveals that his fellow
conspirators are planning to kill
another of the Tsar’s relatives.
The young man also gives
Dostoevsky the address of
Alexandra, their leader. The writer
must find her and convince her to
call off the new assassination
The Martanos, a Southern
working-class family who live in
Turin, have the fortune to have
their daughter Emma. Emma
works for Fiat in a new sector, the
IT sector. She has worked hard
since she was a child to cancel all
trace of her origins and to make
her way to the top. She is about
to finish her Mathematics degree
and is planning to marry Silvio, a
manager in the company, who is
a widower and has a daughter. In
September 1980, Fiat announces
that it will be sacking fifteen
thousand employees. A long
strike takes place which lasts 35
days. During the conflicts
between employees and
managers, Emma finds herself
attracted to a young militant man
called Sergio.
This film was shot using one long
sequence shot. Even the
flashbacks do not interrupt the
continuous flow of the main
narrative. A hotel is the
background to the stories
reflected through the camera
lens. The lives of two people are
drastically changed in the space
of one and a half hours. In the
lower floors of a big hotel, a
young waitress meets a man in a
situation which threatens their
identities and certainties. It is the
story of Assunta, Lucia and her
father. He is a man expecting to
meet his daughter after twenty
years but finds a stranger who
has taken over her identity.
Italy’s separate peace with the
Allies in September of 1943 brings
an SS unit to the Hotel Meina, a
Jewish owned establishment on
Italy’s Lake Maggiore, where 16
Italian-Greek Jews have taken
refuge. Cora, a seemingly frivolous
German woman who is actually on
a mission to help a political
refugee flee to Switzerland,
catches the eye of Captain Krassler,
the SS unit’s diehard Nazi leader.
Having completed her mission,
Cora returns from Switzerland to
try and help the Jews escape. But
Krassler receives orders from Milan
to eliminate them immediately. A
young woman by the name of Noa
is the only survivor of the first Nazi
massacre of Jews in Italy, while her
fiancé Julien perishes with the rest
of the group.
Giuliano Montaldo
Miki Manojlovic
Carolina Crescentini
Jean Vigo Italia, Rai Cinema
Wilma Labate
Filippo Timi
Valeria Solarino
Rai Cinema, Bianca Film
Salvatore Maira
Valeria Solarino
Maurizio Micheli
Home Production
35 mm/Dolby Digital 5.1/1.85
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby Digital /1.85
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby Digital/1.66
Italian, English subtitles
Carlo Lizzani
Benjamin Sadler
Ursula Burshorn
Titania Produzioni, Film '87,
Plaza Film, Rai Cinema
35 mm/Dolby Digital/1.66
Italian, English subtitles
“From an original idea by Andrei
Produced by
Lark farm (the)
Water mask (the)
One out of two
Tell me a story
La masseria delle allodole
La maschera d'acqua
Uno su due
Raccontami una storia
Code: 015767
Code: 015390
Code: 014951
Code: 014004
1915. In a small Turkish town the
war seems far off, as do the
persecutions against the
Armenian minority. The Avakian
family is Armenian, and it opens
its beautiful house for the funeral
of the patriarch. Colonel Arkan
too, representing the Turkish
authorities, comes to pay his
respects. His eldest son Assadour
returns after many years from
Padua in Italy, where he is a
doctor: Aram and his wife
Armineh, with her liveliness and
exuberance, aunt Hasmig, young
Avetis and his sisters impatiently
make preparations to welcome
him, while Nunik, young, thirsty
for life and love, suffers the
anguish of her secret relationship
with Egon, a young Turkish
The seven short films by various
directors of theatrical works with
a challenge to transpose into the
current day and age the themes
and characters of the best known
comedies of Goldoni.
Lorenzo is an ambitious lawyer,
he has a girlfriend whom he is
not sure he loves, an apartment
downtown, a career that he is in
the process of building up and finally - an important business
activity that is expected enable
him and his friend Paolo, to boost
their waning profession.
Everything seems to be going
well but suddenly something
breaks down inside. One day he
faints while he is out for a walk.
He finds himself in hospital room
with another patient, Giovanni, a
jolly working class Roman truck
driver who is to lead him to his
personal rebirth. Discharged from
hospital, he doesn't recognize his
life. All the things around him
seem to be fake, and only
Giovanni can help him.
Christmas is approaching, but
ten-year-old Ricky’s parents are
drifting apart. Using a computer
at school, Ricky asks the angels in
heaven for help. Gabriel, a
university student assigned to
assist the children with their
shady Emissary to gain
possession of a valuable
altarpiece belonging to the
school. And brings Ricky’s parents
back together in the process.
Rai Cinema, Bianca Film
Eugenio Cappuccio
Fabio Volo
Anita Caprioli
Rai Cinema, ITC Movie
Francesca D’ Elia
Elenoire Casalegno
Simone Faucci
San Patrizio Cinematografica
Digital Beta
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby Digital 5.1/2.35
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby 5.1
Italian, English subtitles
Director Paolo and Vittorio Taviani
Cast Paz Vega, Angela Molina
Alessandro Preziosi
Produced by Ager 3, Rai Cinema, Nimar,
Sagrera, Ard, France2
Support 35 mm/Dolby Digital 5.1/1.85
Length 100’
Language Italian, English subtitles
Year 2007
Barbara Cupisti, Maurizio Panici,
Leonardo Ferrantini, Giancarlo
Marinelli, Lucrezia Le Moli,
Salvatore Ciulla, Emanuela
Various Directors
Kreutzer Sonata (the)
Second wedding night (the)
Dancing to success
When do the girls show up?
Quale amore
La seconda notte di nozze
Passo a due
Ma quando arrivano le ragazze?
Code: 014719
Code: 013070
Code: 013322
Code: 012303
A young man with the burning
glance tells an older traveller on
the same plane flight the story of
how he killed his beloved wife,
Antonia. The son of an affluent
family, he yearned for a woman
with whom he could fall
passionately in love, have children
and make up for his own arid
childhood. But after three
children, their love gradually goes
stale. Until, after a dramatic
miscarriage, she again wants
to have fun. The husband
indulges her, hiring a famed
violinist for a surprise birthday
party. But his wife and the
violinist become very close,
provoking his mad jealousy.
Set in Southern Italy, immediately
after the Second World War. All
revolves around the strange
character of Giordano.
Considered by everyone to be
rather unbalanced and
melancholic, he is left to the
dangerous occupation of demining the local fields of Torre
Canne. His two old aunts are the
only ones to keep an eye on him.
The rhythm of their lives changes
when his widowed sister-in-law
Liliana arrives with her son Nino.
Inspired to the true experience of
an Albanian guy, successfully
working in Italy today, Beni’s
dream is to become a great
dancer in Europe, but when he
arrives in Italy he is caught in a
trap. Although promised that he
will have his permit and working
papers, he is not given them, and
so is forced to dance in squalid
clubs. Things get worse when he
falls in love, and it looks as
though his dream for dancing will
never come true…
Gianca and Nick are two young
men from Bologna who meet in
the city of Perugia. They are both
in their twenties and have
dreams for their professional
futures: Gianca plays the sax and
is trying to live up to the
expectations of a father who
abandoned his own artistic
aspirations to become a
successful accountant, while
Nick dedicates himself to his
trumpet as a way of putting
behind him an unhealthy,
emotionally arid family situation.
Maurizio Sciarra
Giorgio Pasotti
Vanessa Incontrada
Rai Cinema - Lumière & Co
Pupi Avati
Antonio Albanese
Neri Marcorè
Duea Film, Rai Cinema
Andrea Barzini
Kledi Kadiu
Laura Chiatti
Rai Cinema, Magic Moments
Pupi Avati
Vittoria Puccini
Paolo Briguglia
Duea Film, Rai Cinema
35 mm/Dolby SRD
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby Digital
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby Digital
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby Stereo
Italian, English subtitles
Produced by
Fever (the)
Now and forever
Mine anyway
Come into the light
La febbre
Ora e per sempre
Comunque mia
Alla luce del sole
Code: 012402
Code: 012452
Code: 012358
Code: 016247
A film which captures the heart of
Italian life - Mario is thirty, jobless
and lives with his mother. Life’s
not great but suddenly he is
offered a position with the local
city council. Even if his real dream
is to open a club. Nevertheless he
puts everything into the job and
is successful. Then he becomes a
victim of office jealousy and it
seems that his life is going
downhill again, but his meeting
with beautiful Linda gives him
the courage to rebel and changes
4th May 1949: the Turin football
team, winner of four consecutive
Italian championships and close
to winning a fifth, were on their
way back from Portugal when
their plane crashed into the
Superga hill overlooking the city
of Turin, killing all the players
along with four journalists: such
was the beginning of what
became known to history as the
legend of the "Grande Torino".
Sandra, aged 30, is about to
marry Marco, a rational 40 yearold doctor. When she meets
Marco's younger brother Alex, a
handsome, highly charismatic 19
year-old, it is love at first sight.
That very night, Sandra and Alex
have an automobile accident.
Marco and Sandra's wedding is
postponed, and the three are
forced to spend the entire
summer holed up in an
apartment, where they are
transformed by the pain and the
tension of the love between
them. A subtle erotic
undercurrent flows throughout
the film, finding release only at its
Father Giuseppe Puglisi, or Pino,
was born in the same crimeridden neighbourhood of
Palermo where the Church sends
him to work as a parish priest. He
founds a centre to take young
people off the street and keep
them from joining the Mafia. He
challenges the criminals from his
pulpit. When they decide to do
away with him, he greets his
killers with a smile, saying, “I’ve
been waiting for you”. The
hardened outlaw who kills him,
shaken by the experience,
eventually turns against the Mafia
and becomes a states witness.
Vincenzo Verdecchi
Gioele Dix
Veradia Film, Misami Film
Sabrina Paravicini
Sabrina Paravicini
Cesare Bocci
Ravic Film
Roberto Faenza
Luca Zingaretti
Corrado Fortuna
Jean Vigo Italia, Rai Cinema
35 mm/Dolby Digital
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby Stereo
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby Digital/Cinem.
Italian, English subtitles
Director Alessandro D'Alatri
Cast Fabio Volo
Valeria Solarino
Produced by Rai Cinema, Rodeo Drive
35 mm/Dolby SRD
Italian, English subtitles
Spectator (the)
Another life
Heaven and Earth
Munchies (the)
La spettatrice
Ovunque sei
Cielo e terra
Fame chimica
Code: 011755
Code: 011942
Code: 011842
Code: 011940
Valeria has fallen in love with
Massimo, the man in the
apartment across the road,
simply by observing him. Then,
work brings them together, and
something starts to grow, until
suddenly Massimo moves to
another city. A desperate Valeria
also moves, only to discover that
Massimo has another woman. In
the end, he chooses Valeria over
her rival, but a real relationship
proves to be too much for
Valeria, who flees.
Emma and Matteo, two doctors
who work in the same hospital,
have been a couple for years.
One night, Emma gives in to the
advances of Leonardo, the head
surgeon, while Matteo on
ambulance duty, finds solace in
the company of Elena, a young
volunteer. Leonardo is returning
home by car when he crashes
into Matteo’s ambulance,
sending it into the river.
Matteo and Elena are unscathed,
he knows he has to get back
home but he cannot leave Elena
This film is a condemnation of the
racism and violence that exist in
all wars; it is also a tale of love
and friendship, with all the
intensity of such feelings in times
of war. It attempts to update the
neo-realist teachings of Rossellini,
De Santis and De Sica by
highlighting the setting against
which the characters act out their
story, so as to involve the
audience as completely as
Two friends keep meeting up in
the square where they had first
met as kids, and where they had
grown up together with the socalled “Zarri,” the boys of the
suburbs. By now they are leading
two very different lives - one
makes a living by dealing drugs,
the other has a regular job,
very tiring and poorly paid. But
they continue meeting up and
respecting each other. Until a
beautiful girl, whom they both
fall in love with, comes between
Paolo Franchi
Barbora Bobulova
Andrea Renzi
Emme Produzioni
and Ubu Film Production
35 mm/SRD 1.85
Italian, English subtitles
Michele Placido
Barbora Bobulova
Stefano Accorsi
Cattleya, Rai Cinema
Luca Mazzieri
Gianmarco Tognazzi
Anita Caprioli
Sollo Produzione
35 mm/Dolby Digital/1.85
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby SR
Italian, English subtitles
Paolo Vari, Antonio Bocola
Marco Foschi , Matteo Gianoli
Valeria Solarino
A Coop. Gagarin,Ubu Film
and CISA Service Production
Digital/35 mm
Italian, English subtitles
Produced by
Christmas rematch (The)
La destinazione
Code: 011136
Code: 011228
Code: 011517
Code: 010256
Emilio is unable to find work and
so joins the Carabinieri. At the
end of his basic training he is
posted on the island of Sardinia
and has the impression that he is
off on a holiday. However, on
arriving in Sardinia, he discovers a
world apart with archaic values
and traditions.
Fifteen years after a fierce and
eventful poker game with three
old friends and a mysterious
outsider that left him on the
verge of bankruptcy, betrayed by
one of his closest friends, Franco
is ready for revenge. He has spent
fifteen years preparing for a
repeat game and is forced into
action when he discovers that
one of the original players, Lele, is
terminally ill. For his plan to
succeed and to put an end to the
nightmare that has haunted him
for the last fifteen years, he needs
to bring all five players back
together around the gambling
table to get his revenge, his
Christmas revenge.
Three Italian soldiers who have
decided, for different reasons, to
wear their country's uniform and
to volunteer for duty in the
Kosovo, find themselves in direct
contact with the suffering and
pain of a fratricidal war whose
underlying significance they, as
westerners, are unable to grasp.
Following an unexpected event
during a routine mission, in the
space of a day and a night the
three soldiers become deeply
involved, being forced to fight for
their own survival.
On 20 March 1994, RAI news
reporter Ilaria Alpi and her
cameraman Miran Hrovatin were
killed in an ambush in
Mogadishu. The film traces what
happened to the two through a
maze of plot twists that contain
all the rhythm and gripping
tension of the best spy stories.
But there is one thing the viewer
should keep in mind: no part of
this story was made up.
Pupi Avati
Diego Abatantuono
Carlo Delle Piane
Enea Film in
collaboration with Medusa
35 mm/Dolby Stereo
Italian, English subtitles
Alessandro Valori
Piergiorgio Bellocchio
Pietro Taricone
F. Vicentini Orgnani
Giovanna Mezzogiorno
Director Piero Sanna
Cast Roberto Magnani
Elisabetta Balia
Produced by Ipotesi Cinema, S.I.R.E.
Radio West
Destination (the)
35 mm/Dolby Stereo
Italian, English subtitles
Ilaria Alpi, the cruellest day
Ilaria Alpi
35 mm/Dolby SRD/1.85
Italian, English subtitles
Lares Video - GAM
35 mm/Dolby Stereo
Italian, English subtitles
Heart elsewhere (the)
Everyday man (an)
Second chance (a)
Miracle (the)
Il cuore altrove
Un Aldo qualunque
L'avvocato De Gregorio
Il miracolo
Code: 009712
Code: 009710
Code: 010013
Code: 010467
A dazzling comedy with a
poignant streak set in the Rome
and Bologna of the 1920s. It tells
the story of Nello, 35, a shy and
dumpy man devoted to the
academic world, sent by his
father to teach at a high school in
Bologna in the hope that living in
such an emancipated city will
allow him to find a wife at last,
thus giving the family its eagerly
awaited heir.
1978. The year there were three
Popes and a Socialist president in
Italy. Aldo Chimenti and his wife
Marisa move to Turin from a
small southern village. Marisa
devotes herself body and soul to
her police work, while Aldo, a
staunch Catholic and an
accountant, meets Biagio, a
hardened sinner, and Caimano,
Biagio's only friend, who seems
to live on another planet. The
three become involved in an
inquiry into a soccer gambling
ring that could cost them their
freedom but, at the same time,
win Marisa the promotion she
longs for...
Late one night, in his sad oneroom apartment, Mr. De Gregorio
hears desperate cries from the
entryway below. A prostitute has
split open the head of a abusive
client, and she asks the
bedraggled attorney to hide her.
He does so, discovering that the
woman's husband was killed on
the job, but the accident was
covered up, and so she received
nothing from the insurance. Mr.
De Gregorio files suit, at first
hoping to earn a small fee, but
later - after his faith in both the
law and himself is restored - in
order to wrong a right.
Tonio is a 12-year-old boy. One
day, he is knocked down by a
driver (Cinzia) who flees in panic
without helping him. Before
losing consciousness, Tonio sees
something that will change his
life. In hospital, he emerges from
his coma. There, wandering
through the corridors and rooms
during the night, he happens to
come across a dying man: the
line on the heartbeat monitor is
flat. But when Tonio steps over
and touches him, his heart starts
beating again normally. Has a
miracle occurred?
Pupi Avati
Neri Marcorè
Vanessa Incontrada
Duea Film in collaboration
with Rai Cinema
35 mm/Dolby SRD
It., Eng. subt. - French
Dario Migliardi
Fabio De Luigi
Pasquale Squitieri
Giorgio Albertazzi
Edoardo Winspeare
Claudio D'Agostino
Kubla Khan, Rai Cinema
Cosmopoli Corp. in
collaboration with Rai Cinema
35 mm/Dolby SR
Italian, English subtitles
Sidecar Film & TV,
Rai Cinema
35 mm/Dolby Digital
Italian, English subtitles
Produced by
35 mm/Dolby SRD
Italian, English subtitles
My brother-in-law
Rehearsal of war
Three step dancing
Best of youth (the)
Mio cognato
Teatro di guerra
Ballo a tre passi
La meglio gioventu'
Code: 009220
Code: 010056
Code: 010655
Code: 010607
Today’s Bari. Toni and Vito are
two very different brothers-inlaw. Tony is a wheeler-dealer,
constantly on the run, while Vito,
married to Toni's sister, has an
ordinary job and life. At the
christening of Toni's son, Vito's
new car is stolen. A reluctant Toni
offers to help him find it.
The two set off in Toni's fast car,
passing a seemingly endless
night in a city that Vito never
knew existed. The experience
brings the two closer. But, as an
indifferent city slowly begins
waking up, a bitter surprise
awaits them.
Passionate dedication contrasts
with shocking reality when an
extraordinary theatre company
prepares to go on tour with a
Greek tragedy. The vibrant back
streets of Naples are the setting
for their rehearsals.
A mouse is standing in front of
the spot where Andrea, a young
boy, hides his swimsuit. With the
help of a bucket, Andrea can join
his friends and see the sea for the
first time. On their way to the
beach, the children meet Michele,
who is looking for new pastures
with his herd. Every night Michele
milks his flock, making cheese the
morning after. Sometimes he
brings Massimo a bit of cheese.
This friend from Tuscany runs a
café and a little airfield nearby a
beach. It is here that Michele sees
Solveig for the first time...
The story of an Italian middle
class family from the late
Seventies to the present day, an
epitome of modern Italian society
narrated through the lives of the
two brothers, Nicola and Matteo,
who despite sharing basically
everything, from books to
girlfriends, end up becoming two
very different men.
Best film at “Un certain regard”
Cannes Film Festival 2003.
Mario Martone
Andrea Renzi
Anna Bonaiuto
Lucky Red &Teatri Riuniti
in collaboration with Rai Cinema
35 mm/Dolby SR
Italian, English subtitles
Salvatore Mereu
Yael Abecassis
Caroline Ducey
Eyescreen production
Marco Tullio Giordana
Luigi Lo Cascio
Alessio Boni
Rai Fiction
35 mm/Dolby SR
Italian, English subtitles
Digital Beta/35 mm D.D.
Italian, English subtitles
Director Alessandro Piva
Cast Luigi Lo Cascio
Sergio Rubini
Produced by Rai Cinema, Dada Film
Seminal Film
Support 35 mm/Dolby Digital
Length 120’
Language Italian, English subtitles
Year 2003
Imperfect love
My mother's smile
Amore imperfetto
L'ora di religione
Code: 008379
Code: 008593
Code: 007851
Code: 008358
The scene is set in Ibiza. Amnesia,
a huge nightclub, is about to
open on the island. In this place,
at this time, the paths of our
characters meet.
Tommaso and Stefania meet, fall
in love and marry. A baby is born.
Their love is sincere, passionate
and strong. A love without
unknowns. Then frustrations at
work, a shortage of money and
an unexpected social isolation
slowly turn Stefania and
Tommaso into a couple like so
many others: they stop trying,
they no longer communicate,
they become up-tight without
knowing why. But maybe their
love is not dead: maybe it is only
stifled, buried under a thousand
problems that have nothing to
do with love.
Sergio and Angela’s child is going
to be born without a brain, but
they reject the idea of an
abortion. Believing in the
possibility of a miracle, they
name their baby Juan Miguel,
after a boy whose amputated leg
was miraculously restored by the
Virgin of Pilar in the 17th century.
On the day of the birth, a young
woman whom Sergio befriended
at the department store where he
works commits suicide. Detective
Sironi has to investigate. Juan
Miguel lives longer than
expected, while Detective Sironi's
case takes an unexpected turn...
Ernesto, a successful illustrator of
children’s fables, learns from
mysterious Father Pugni that his
mother is a candidate for
canonization. The news, so in
contrast with Ernesto’s life as an
atheist artist, makes him realize
how much he has been kept in
the dark with regard to his family.
In just few hours’ time, the
pressure and the scheming to
involve him in the beatification
process grow intense. His
memory of his mother (and her
smile) forces him to reconsider
the past and take a different
approach to the present.
Gabriele Salvatores
Diego Abatantuono
Sergio Rubini
Colorado Film, Alquimia
Cinema, Medusa Film
35 mm/Dolby SR/1.85
Italian, English subtitles
Alessandro D'Alatri
Stefania Rocca
Fabio Volo
Rai Cinema
Giovanni Davide Maderna
Enrico Lo Verso
Marco Bellocchio
Sergio Castellitto
Rai Cinema, Eyescreen,
Kubla Khan, Tornasol Films
35 mm/Dolby Digital
Italian, English subtitles
Film Albatros, Rai Cinema
Produced by
35 mm/Dolby SRD/1.66
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby Digital/1.85
Italian, English subtitles
Winter (the)
Nobody's heart
Dervish (the)
Nella terra di nessuno
Il derviscio
Code: 008005
Code: 009070
Code: 006529
Code: 006405
Leo and Marta. Gustavo and
Anna. Two couples meet in a
northern Italian city. Leo is a
young writer, Marta a beautiful
woman trying to set up an art
gallery, and their indecisive
relationship refuses to look into
the future. Gustavo, a 50-year-old
industrialist, is married to Anna, a
neurotic translator. Things are
occasionally tense between the
four, but Anna charms Leo,
highlighting the problems of the
seemingly more stable couple. In
a final misunderstanding, Leo
and Marta are unable to "hang
on", though they love each other.
After 20 years, Rosa Funzeca
decides to give up street-walking
to be reunited with her teenage
son, Fernando. Rosa intends to
redeem herself by leading a
decent life, opening a candy and
flower stall, buying a home and
dreaming of a respectable future
for her son. But economic
problems arise, forcing her back
onto the streets, while her
relationship with Fernando is
fraught with moments of mistrust
and complicity. Though the tie
between mother and son is
powerful and close, it is not
enough to overcome Rosa's
inevitable destiny.
Attorney Scalzi meets with
political extremist Federico
Giordani on the prison island of
Cancelli. Giordani's cellmate,
Talieri, knows where to find a
tape with confessions on
government corruption made by
a kidnapped politician. Giordani
gives Scalzi the key to the safe
deposit box where the tape is
hidden, but then a prison revolt,
orchestrated to murder Talieri,
breaks out. Back on the mainland,
Scalzi finds nothing but a
videotape with children's
cartoons in the safe deposit box,
leaving another of Italy’s
mysteries unsolved.
Ahmed Nerudin is an official of
the Ottoman Empire who
governs other men according
to the absolute certainties of the
Koran. Then his brother is
arbitrarily arrested. He pleads his
brother’s case with those in
power, whom he considered to
be fellow guardians of the law,
but his brother is executed. And
so Ahmed sparks an uprising
that leads to the death of his
enemies, but also forces him to
commit an act just as arbitrary as
the killing of his brother, and
with the same dire consequences
suffered by those who murdered
his brother.
Aurelio Grimaldi
Ida Di Benedetto
Alberto Rondalli
Antonio Buil Puejo
Titania Produzioni
Gianfranco Giagni
Ben Gazzara
Maya Sansa
Cavina Film
35 mm
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm
It., Eng. subt. - Spanish
Director Nina Di Majo
Cast Valeria Golino
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi
Produced by Rai Cinema, Dodici Dicembre
Rosa Funzeca
35 mm/Dolby Digital
Italian, English subtitles
Cinemaundici, Ipotesi Cinema,
Rai Cinema, A.F.S. co-production
35 mm/Dolby
Turkish., Eng. subt. - Spanish
Love, life, lies…
Not Fair
Amarsi può darsi
Non è giusto
Code: 006389
Code: 007412
Code: 004979
Code: 007421
Police Inspector Sciarra, on his
last day on the job, is assigned to
accompany Domenica, a girl
brutally attacked roughly a
year earlier, to identify the body
of the man thought to have
raped her. The child leads the
gruff, uncommunicative
Inspector on a pilgrimage
through the narrow streets and
alleyways of Naples, a "childlike"
city which, in much the same way
as Domenica, embodies the will
to go on living despite all the
pain. A strong emotional tie
arises between the two, giving
both a chance to pronounce a
last-ditch "yes" to life.
Jurij, a sight-impaired Hungarian
boy of 10 and a child prodigy, is
forced by his father to live cut off
from the outside world, the
better to hone his skills. But Jurij
refuses to perform. His enraged
father abandons him, and Jurij
ends up with Isabella, an Italian
psychotherapist who cares for
him. Then the father takes Jurij
back to Hungary to prepare for a
concert. At the performance,
however, Isabella’s arrival
stimulates him to play his own
music. Professor K. is horrified,
but the orchestra follows the lead
of the young virtuoso.
To forget about his upcoming
divorce from Giulia, Davide drinks
himself unconscious. But in a
nightmare, he and Giulia are put
on trial for the failure of their
marriage. The imaginary
prosecutors and the couple's
acquaintances, called to the
stand as witnesses, stress the fact
that their "true love" was nothing
a string of pointless attempts to
overcome the immaturity and
neuroses of the two. But then
Davide wakes up, at which point,
who can say whether the intense,
troubled love story between
Davide and Giulia is really over?
Naples, August. Eleven-year-old
Sofia and twelve-year-old Valerio
meet by chance. Both have been
placed in the custody of their
fathers, two men in their forties
who pretend that nothing is
wrong, often lying in an attempt
to give their children some kind
of security. But, with sentimental
and existential problems of their
own, they don't succeed. The
mothers are absent, apart from
brief, aggressive appearances
and phone calls. All of which
leaves Sofia and Valerio feeling
constantly threatened by the
instability of their family lives.
Wilma Labate
Claudio Amendola
Stefano Gabrini
Sarah Miles
Rajmond Onodj
The Bottom line
Alberto Taraglio
Claudia Gerini
Claudio Santamaria
Antonietta De Lillo
Maddalena Polistina
Daniel Prodomo
Mikado, Megaris
35 mm
35 mm/Dolby
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm
Italian, English subtitles
Sidecar Films & TV,
Rai Cinema
35 mm/Dolby Digital
It., Eng. subt. - Spanish
Produced by
Sky is falling (the)
Live blood
Rosa and Cornelia
Watch the sky
Il cielo cade
Sangue vivo
Rosa e Cornelia
Guarda il cielo
Code: 006397
Code: 010752
Code: 006116
Code: 005860
Summer 1944: Penny and her
sister Baby, whose parents have
died in a car accident, live with
their aunt and uncle in the
Tuscan countryside. The aunt is
married to a striking, GermanJewish man. Through the eyes of
Penny, we explore the fascinating
world which revolves around this
island of happiness: friendships
established with children of local
peasants, the first secretive love
interests, the growing awareness
of a cruel, inescapable reality, up
to the pointless extinction of the
entire Einstein family in the
summer of ’44.
A violent, lacerating clash
between two brothers ends
tragically. Live blood pumps
through the veins with an
obsessive rhythm, mimicking the
drums of Salento (way down
south in Italy's hellhole) which
beat incessantly since the
beginning of time. The drums
beat to calm the obscure force
running through the veins of the
inhabitants, it allows them to
cope with what life throws at
“Rosa and Cornelia" is a story about
two young women, one an
aristocrat and the other a servant,
whose close contact creates a tie
that surpasses friendship. Through
each other, they discover their need
and capacity for love, plus their
weaknesses and courage, while also
becoming aware of the violence
they submit to under social
strictures. A bond is born that will
make them capable of extreme
actions. Despite the Eighteenth
Century setting, the theme of the
film is contemporary, involving
unconditional, primitive feelings.
Three women living in different
periods of Italian history struggle
to reconcile work and family.
Stella, in the 1940’s, is always
pregnant, making it hard to
achieve her dream of buying
some land. In the 1970’s
Sonia has to postpone her
wedding to go study in Rome.
And, in the 1990’s, Silvia finds
herself at odds with her husband,
who works in the same firm, over
labour relations.
Edoardo Winspeare
Pino Zimba
Edoardo Probo
Sidecar Film & TV,
35 mm
Italian, English subtitles
Giorgio Treves
Chiara Muti
Stefania Rocca
A P. Notarianni and C. Grassetti
prod. for Gierre Film and Filmtre
35 mm/Dolby SR
It., Eng. subt. - Spanish
Piergiorgio Gay
Sandra Ceccarelli
Paolo Pierobon
Ipotesi Cinema with the
partecip. of Haibun Films
35 mm/Mono/1.66
Italian, English subtitles
Director Andrea and Antonio Frazzi
Cast Isabella Rossellini
Jeroen Krabbé
Produced by C. Cucchi, V. Noia for
Parus Film, Viva Cinematografica
Support 35 mm/Dolby Stereo
Length 90’
Language Italian, English subtitles
Year 2001
See you
Three stories
Tierra del fuego
La balia
A domani
Tre storie
Code: 004364
Code: 004923
Code: 004307
Code: 004603
A doctor, Mori, chooses Annetta
as the nanny for his first child.
Annetta is a young woman he
spots in a railway station
amongst handcuffed subversives.
Not just a “wet nurse”, Annetta is
a woman with an inner life and
her own story. Her relationship
with the child will compromise
the family’s stability, especially
with the child’s natural mother,
who in desperation will leave the
Andrea is 15 and lives a
humdrum existence in a small
Italian town, alternating between
fantasies of omnipotence, in
which he is shot after being
elected mayor, and daily reality.
Then he discovers that his sister
Stefania, only a little older than
himself, has been preparing a
romantic lovers' weekend in
Bologna. Andrea can't believe it.
She has secretly organized her
private life without consulting
him. Now he knows he has no
time left. He must find a girlfriend
and convince her to run away
with him on an earlier bus than
his sister's.
Paolo decides to join a
community for drug addicts. His
friend, Wolf, has joined the
community to escape prison.
When they leave, lacking
enthusiasm, they have difficulty
finding work. Giovanni and
Martina, who also lived in the
community, get married and find
jobs. But Giovanni’s health
deteriorates and tragedy ensues.
The story of Julius Popper (Jorge
Perugorría), a former Romanian
engineer who, in 1860 took
possession of Tierra del Fuego,
the southernmost tip of South
America, on behalf of Queen
Carmen Sybla. Forty years later, at
the very end of the 19th century,
he stands in front of the
Cathedral of Santiago, recounting
how he ended up in ruination,
poor and elderly, having arrived
in search of wealth, together with
other adventurers from
throughout the world, only to
destroy the lives of the local
people, as well as his own.
Marco Bellocchio
Fabrizio Bentivoglio
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi
Film Albatros with
collaboration of Rai
35 mm/Dolby Digital/1.66
It., Eng. subt. - Spanish
Gianni Zanasi
Andrea Corneti
Stefania Rivi
Tangram Film,
Istituto Luce, Rai
35 mm/Dolby SR/1.66
Italian, English subtitles
Piergiorgio Gay
Sandra Ceccarelli
Fabio Nova
Ipotesi Cinema Sire
in collaboration with Rai
Super 35 mm
Italian, English subtitles
Miguel Littin
Josè Perugorrìa
Ornella Muti
Surf Film, Castelao Productions,
Buenaventura Films
35 mm/Dolby SR/2.35
It., Eng. subt. - Spanish
Produced by
Open sea
Shooting the moon
Mare largo
L'albero delle pere
Code: 004221
Code: 004229
Code: 003433
Code: 003776
Edoardo, a restless merchant
navy captain, returns home from
sea to guilt over his brother's
death and a hopeless love affair.
A shady ship owner offers him a
job transporting arms to war-torn
Bosnia and, after initial
reluctance, he accepts. But when
the crew finds out what they're
carrying, they threaten mutiny.
Edoardo saves the situation by
promising extra pay once they
deliver the arms. But when the
ship reaches the war zone, there
is no money at all. With the
enemy advancing, Edoardo's only
option is to get out of there fast...
Siddharta is 14 and his mother
lives in a world of her own,
without a job, getting by on
favours and delegating most of
the chores to the boy. Siddharta
also adores his stepsister,
Domitilla, who comes to
stay with them. Yet when
Domitilla accidentally scratches
herself on a hypodermic needle
that she finds in her mother’s
make-up bag, Siddharta realises
the little girl may have contracted
The summer 1969 was a special
time for Andrea. He is 13 and like
other summers, he leaves Milan
with his family for a small
lakeside village in Northern Italy.
A kind of “never-never land” to
Andrea - this will be a summer of
discoveries, delusions, a first
kiss and first sorrow. Andrea is
forced to grow up and to leave
his sheltered childhood, with all
its illusions and all its magic.
Pietro, a travelling salesman, is
driving along the rugged Sicilian
countryside when he witnesses a
mafia killing. He immediately
reports what he’s seen but,
ironically, his sense of duty
backfires on him as he and his
family are forced to enter a
special protection program.
Pietro’s peaceful, ordinary life is
completely disrupted.
Francesca Archibugi
Valeria Golino
Stefano Dionisi
3 Emme Cinematografica,
Istituto Luce, Rai Cinemafiction
35 mm/Dolby Digital
Italian, English subtitles
Luca Barbareschi
Luca Barbareschi
L. Lante Della Rovere
Casanova Entertainment in
collab. with Medusa Film
35 mm/Dolby Stereo
Italian, English and French sub.
Pasquale Pozzessere
Fabrizio Bentivoglio
Margherita Buy
Taodue Film in
collaboration with Mediaset
35 mm/Dolby SR/1.66
Italian, English subtitles
Director F. Vicentini Orgnani
Cast Claudio Amendola
Isabella Ferrari
Produced by Filmtre in collaboration
with Rai, Tele +
Support 35 mm/Dolby SR/1.85
Length 93’
Language Italian, English subtitles
Year 1998
Eye witness
Testimone a rischio
Five days of storm
Vesuvians (the)
Alison's colour
Cinque giorni di tempesta
Nel profondo paese straniero
I Vesuviani
Spaghetti slow
Code: 003934
Code: 003618
Code: 003971
Code: 002555
Giovanni is on his way to Bolzano
for military service, but when he
arrives early he is refused access.
He decides to stay at a hotel
nearby, where he meets
Loredana. After drinking too
much, they find themselves alone
in his room, where they have an
innocent kiss. When she is gone
in the morning, Giovanni goes on
search for her that leads him to
many wild and unexpected
An old blind writer, Renè, travels
around with his beautiful, young
wife for a series of lectures. She is
his eyes and often takes over, but
she has many lovers. In Seville
she meets a young bullfighter
and is instantly charmed. An
unusual relationship is
established that gives the old
poet the consolatory illusion of
fathering a child, and the woman,
the experience of passion.
Five motorcyclists, modern
followers of Greek goddess
Artemis, wreak havoc in the
Naples area and magically turn
themselves into flying warriors to
demonstrate mankind’s
inadequacy and inferiority.
Alison, a rebellious girl, returns to
her home in Ireland to find her
room has been rented to a shy
and nerdy Italian teenager
named Simone. After numerous
quarrels with her dad, Alison
decides to run away from home
and Simone joins her. The two set
off on an exciting journey, where
Simone is introduced to the
"colours" of the eccentric
underground culture and the
dramatic beauty of Ireland.
Francesco Calogero
Roberto De Francesco
Amanda Sandrelli
Fabio Carpi
Claude Rich
Valeria Cavalli
Gam Film, Blue Films/Sunshine,
Amka Films coproduction
35 mm/Dolby SR/1.66
French, English subtitles
Pappi Corsicato
Anna Bonaiuto
Iaia Forte
Megaris, Mikado in
collaboration with Rai
35 mm/Dolby Stereo SR/1.85
Italian, English subtitles
Valerio Jalongo
Brendan Gleeson
Niamh O’Byrne
35 mm/Digital Beta
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby Stereo/1.85
Italian, English subtitles
Produced by
Last target
Mayor (the)
Third millennium stories
My generation
L'ultimo bersaglio
Il sindaco
Cronache del terzo millennio
La mia generazione
Code: 002882
Code: 002940
Code: 002864
Code: 003499
An old Jewish man, haunted by
painful memories of
concentration camps, appears to
have committed suicide. But his
daughter Micol suspects he was
murdered. She finds out that 25
years earlier, Micol’s father and
his friends recognized a German
tourist as one of their camp’s
cruel Komandants, so they
killed him. Now this is the third
member of their group to die
under strange circumstances.
Don Antonio Barracano is the old
"godfather" of the residential area
of East Chicago. He is a living
institution, a man of honour and
justice. His family lives in a big
house outside the city and their
existence seems tranquil enough.
They have a restaurant in East
Chicago and it is here that many
people in desperate need gather
to ask for help.
In the suburbs of a bustling city,
there is an immense apartment
block from the 1930s standing
isolated amidst a wealth of
construction yards dotting the
landscape. It is to be torn down
to make way for a great new
residential compound, and the
youth of the neighbourhood
spontaneously rise to protest
against the demolition.
Set in 1983 Italy, in the wake of
the Red Brigades terrorist
campaign, this film tells of an
unlikely 24-hour relationship
between a jailed terrorist
ideologue, who is serving a
30-year sentence for refusing to
implicate his comrades, and a
clever Carabinieri officer assigned
to escort him to a lower security
Ugo Fabrizio Giordani
Anthony Quinn
Anna Bonaiuto
Duea Film, Istituto Luce
in collaboration with Rai
35 mm/Dolby SR/1.66
It., Eng. subt. - Spanish
Francesco Maselli
Manuela Morabito
Sara Altieri
Tre A Production,
Esse Ci Cinematografica
35 mm/Mono/1.66
Italian, English subtitles
Wilma Labate
Silvio Orlando
Francesca Neri
Compact in collaboration
with Rai and Dania Film
35 mm/Dolby SR/1.85
Italian, English subtitles
Director Andrea Frezza
Cast Silvia Cohen
Giancarlo Giannini
Produced by Eurostar 95
35 mm/Dolby SR/1.85
Italian, English subtitles
Ilona llega con la lluvia
Afraid to love
After the storm
Ilona arriva con la pioggia
Un altro giorno ancora
Dopo la tempesta
Code: 002669
Code: 002510
Code: 001760
Code: 002516
Crescenzio is an overweight man
in his mid-thirties who still lives at
his parent’s home and works for
the gas company reading meters.
Crescenzio nurtures a secret love
for Giuliana, who works as
secretary in an electronic repair
shop owned by a violent old
man. When the owner starts to
make insistent sexual advances
on Giuliana, a repressed rage
wakes up in Crescenzio and he
confronts the old man.
The characters in this story all
share similar feelings, adventures,
and experiences, and even
though they are initially scattered
around the world, they have a
common goal: buy a ship and sail
the oceans delivering goods of
their choice to any destination in
the world.
Tired of living with her brother in
Rome, Ann decides to move out.
While looking for a place, she
meets an archaeologist named
Marco. Ann finds him immensely
attractive, but Marco has to leave
for a “dig” in Southern Italy. He
soon invites Ann to join him and
she decides to drive down
despite some reservations – but
the moment she sees him, Ann
realizes she is truly in love.
An 18-year-old boy is accused of
the barbaric rape and murder of a
young girl at a New Year’s party.
Unable to believe their studious
and withdrawn boy could be
guilty of such a crime, the boy’s
lawyer father throws all his
energy into defending him, while
his mother is obsessed with
discovering the truth. But their
younger son, whose intelligence
has always been undervalued,
will reveal the truth.
Stefano Incerti
Antonino Iuorio
Roberto De Francesco
Nutrimenti Terrestri, Teatri
Uniti in collabor. with Istit. Luce
35 mm/Dolby SR/1.85
Italian, English subtitles
Sergio Cabrera
Margarita R. De Francisco
Tonino Zangardi
Valeria Cavalli
Rodolfo Corsato
New Regency Productions
Andrea and Antonio Frazzi
Senta Berger
Omero Antonutti
Rai, Taurus Film
35 mm
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Mono/1.66
It., Eng. subt. - Spanish
Man who checks the meter
Il verificatore
Emme, Fotoemme S.L.
35 mm/Dolby/1.66
Italian, English, Spanish
Produced by
Childhood enemies
In the thick of it
Seventh chamber (the)
Nemici d'infanzia
Nella mischia
La settima stanza
Vrindavan film studios
Code: 002680
Code: 002553
Code: 002465
Code: 002625
It is Spring in Rome, and Paolo is
falling in love with a girl who lives
in his apartment building. But it is
also the Spring of 1944, and a
new neighbour, a resistance
fighter, is going to kill the girl’s
father, a representative of the
Fascist regime. Paolo realizes as
much, and even witnesses the
murder of the girl’s father, but
when she begs him to come
forward and identify the killer, he
cannot make up his mind...
A group of youths live on the
outskirts of Rome. Between their
attempts to spend counterfeit
bills, their petty thefts and
various shady dealings, they
search, without success, to
conquer their own
independence. That is until
Lorenzo comes up with a
proposition to steal crates of
tomatoes and resell them to local
merchants, offering not just any
tomato they will offer, but the
The story of the philosopher
Edith Stein, one of the most
disturbing personalities of the
last century. Two worlds were
united within her: the Jew and
the Christian, in absolute
coherence in her search for truth.
She has become one of the most
beautiful symbols in a horrifying
period of history. One phrase,
“Love Conquers Fear” embodies
her philosophy of life.
The mystical tale of two friends
whose destiny is changed by an
encounter with a beautiful girl,
who later becomes the wife
of one of the two. Caught out by
the goddess Kali, the friends are
driven to cut off their heads. In an
attempt to bring them back to
life, the young wife has to place
their heads back, but she sets
them on the wrong bodies. Who
will she choose as her husband
Gianni Zanasi
Giacomo Ciarrapico
Cristina Aubry
Axelotil Film, Pupkin Film
Marta Meszaros
Maia Morgenstern
Elide Melli
Morgan Film, Eurofilms,
Budapest Film Studio
35 mm/Dolby SR/1.85
Lamberto Lambertini
Mohan Agashe
Sonali Kulkarni
Indrapur Cinematografica
Director Luigi Magni
Cast Renato Carpentieri
Luigi Diberti
Produced by A Film produced by Luciano
Perugia for Telecinestar
Support 35 mm
Length 95’
Language Italian, English subtitles
Year 1995
35 mm/Mono/1.66
Italian, English subtitles
35 mm/Dolby/1.66
Afghan breakdown
Diary of a rapist
Ordinary hero
Cronaca di un amore violato
Un eroe borghese
Code: 001738
Code: 002426
Code: 000085
Code: 002142
Luca’s hidden obsession with a
girl leads him to rape her, but
filled with remorse, he goes back
to help her as she lies senseless
on the road. Not recognizing him
as the attacker, she eventually
starts up a relationship with him.
While the girl is tormented by her
memories of this brutal
experience, Luca cannot accept
that his dream relationship has
become a reality in such a
paradoxical way.
A lawyer is nominated
superintendent of a bank, but
soon discovers the people
entrusted with the running of the
bank are involved in suspicious
activity. When he decides to do
what no one in Italy has had the
courage to do, he finds himself
isolated and branded a
communist in support of
terrorism. Nevertheless, he
presses on determined not to
make any compromise with the
forces of corruption.
This is the first film to deal with
the Soviet Army’s Afghan
campaign. The story is seen
through the eyes of a paratroop
major who experiences a deep
conflict of conscience and finds
himself unable to justify the
death and destruction around
him. The Red Army has just
received orders to leave
Afghanistan, but negotiations for
a peaceful, bloodless withdrawal
are sabotaged.
Anthony Quinn stars as Ercole, an
eccentric, and not exactly honest
old man. In spite of his gruff and
criminal ways he is likeable, and
when he meets Michele, a young
orphan, they get on well. The old
man is lonely and quickly
becomes very fond of Michele
and is very impressed by Ercole’s
tricks. Their growing bond of
friendship bring them mutual
discoveries that are both sweet
and painful.
Giacomo Battiato
Isabella Ferrari
Michele Placido
Fabrizio Bentivoglio
Michele Placido
Taodue Film, Istituto Luce,
Mact Productions
35 mm/Dolby/1.85
Italian, English subtitles
Vladimir Bortko
Michele Placido
Tatjana Dogileva
Clemi Cinematografica,
Russkoye Video
35 mm/Digital Beta
Italian, English subtitles
Enzo Pascucci
Anthony Quinn
Roberto Ruggeri
Vici World Lux and Rai Uno
35 mm
Italian, English subtitles
Piccioli Film, Bellatrix Pict., Blue
Dahlia Prod., Cartel Film S.A.
35 mm/Dolby Stereo
English - Spanish
Magician (the)
Il mago
Produced by
Vito and the others
La discesa di Acla' a Floristella
Vito e gli altri
Code: 000222
Code: 000045
Code: 002092
Code: 001764
The film is set in the thirties, in
Sicily, and tells the story of an 11year-old boy who becomes the
property of a digger, spending
his whole week living in a sulphur
mine. After experiencing the
hellish world of these mines – the
stifling, choking galleries, the
physical and sexual violence that
everybody indulges in by
unspoken agreement – he
decides to escape to the sea he
has never seen.
The brother and mother of 12
year-old Vito have been killed by
his father, now in prison. Vito
turns to crime, becoming a killer
in a violent world in which
minors are made to suffer in
silence at the hands of frustrated
adults. Vito seems to love no one
and nothing except his TV idol
Rambo, in a meaningless, tragic
world with no importance.
A young officer decides to leave
his best friend Morhange to
search for Antinea, the queen
who reigned over the legendary
lost city of Atlantis. Morhange
sets out to find his friend, but
discovers the beautiful Antinea,
who seems to be part goddess
and part magic. He also finds his
friend, but the two men are
gradually pulled into a
treacherous circle of jealousy,
hate, rivalry and revenge.
An elderly man recognizes from
an old photo the woman he fell
in love with years before, helped
by his unwaivering passion he
embarks on an inquiry to find out
what happened to the woman
after she disappeared shortly
after meeting him in his youth.
Antonio Capuano
Nando Triola
Giovanni Bruno
Soc. Coop. Dioniso
Bob Swaim
Anna Galiena
Tchéky Karyo
R.C.S. productions, Aura Film,
Rai Uno, Gaumont Television
35 mm/Dolby/1.33
Massimo Mazzucco
Michael York
Florinda Bolkan
A C.E.P., Technisonor,
France 2 co-production
35 mm
Italian, English subtitles
Director Aurelio Grimaldi
Cast Francesco Cusimano
Tony Sperandeo
Produced by Cineuropa ‘92, Nova Films in
collaboration with Pentafilms
Support 35 mm
Length 86’
Language Italian, English subtitles
Year 1992
35 mm
Italian, English subtitles
Shadow of a kiss
L'ombra abitata

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Gruppo editoriale Mauri Spagnol Rights List Frankfurt Bellano, a summer morning on 23 July 1843, two young men looking for adventure sail away from the lake shore in a small boat. Lepido, the town’s tailor, looks anxiously at them from the pier: it is...