7 Villas in St Martin with Private Chef


7 Villas in St Martin with Private Chef
7 Villas in St Martin
with Private Chef
Imagine waking up to the soothing sound of waves caressing the shore, surrounded
by lush tropical landscapes, and knowing that the only thing you have to worry
about is which villa to choose for your ultimate luxury experience. St. Martin is like
Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of the Caribbean, but instead of chocolate, you
get to indulge in private villas and personalized chef services. In this blog, we’ll
explore seven exquisite St Martin Luxury Villas that come with a private chef, so
you can live like royalty and eat like a king.
L’Oasis (6 Bedrooms)
The opulent 6-bedroom villa, L’Oasis in St Martin, is the very embodiment of luxury.
Boasting breathtaking sea vistas, a private in nity pool, and direct beach access,
this St Martin villa offers a truly exceptional retreat. Not to mention the personal
chef who crafts such delectable dishes, you may nd yourself clearing your plate
with relish. Just remember, we’re in a judgment-free zone here.
Chef Service: 3 meals per day
Food and Beverage Deposit: USD 4000 due 30 days prior to arrival
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Villa Sandyline (7 Bedrooms)
Sandyline at St Martin is essentially what dreams are knitted from. This
7-bedroom villa is an architectural wonder, showcasing modern design
coupled with cutting-edge amenities. In this St Martin villa, you’ll
experience the glamour of celebrity life as you relax by the poolside.
Chef service is always included in any season.
Chef service: 2 meals per day Breakfast and Lunch or Breakfast and
Food & Beverage Deposit: USD 5000 due 30 days prior to arrival
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Immersed in the serene ambiance, Amandara presents a picturesque retreat,
encircled by verdant ora and offering breathtaking views of the azure
Caribbean waters. It’s akin to residing within the awless scenery of a
postcard. What tops it off? An exclusive chef at your service, who masterfully
curates culinary wonders using fresh and locally sourced ingredients,
promising to captivate your palate. Just be prepared for an unexpected
linguistic awakening.
Chef service is only included with 5 bedroom option during High and Holiday
Chef Service: 3 meals per day
Food & Beverage Deposit: USD 4000 due 30 days prior arrival
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Villa Avanti:
Villa Avanti is like a modern-day palace, perched atop a hill with sweeping views of
the island’s beauty. And with luxurious furnishings and open spaces, you’ll feel like
royalty. Your private chef will take you on a culinary journey, showcasing the
island’s diverse culinary heritage with a contemporary twist. It’s like a party in your
mouth, and everyone’s invited.
Chef Service is only included in Holiday Season
Chef service: 2 meals per day – Breakfast & Lunch or Breakfast & Dinner
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C’est La Vie:
Villa C’est La Vie is the ultimate beachfront hideaway that captures the laidback Caribbean vibe. With its plush interiors, exclusive pool, and direct
access to the sandy shores, you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. And
the best part? You won’t have to lift a nger in the kitchen because your own
personal chef will whip up delicious meals for you. This villa is the perfect
place to unwind and indulge in some serious relaxation. Just don’t forget the
sunscreen – we wouldn’t want you to turn into a lobster!
Chef Service is always included , in any season
Chef Service: 2 meals per day
Breakfast & Lunch or Breakfast & Dinner
Food & Beverage deposit: USD 4000 due 30 days prior arrival
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Villa C’est La Vie | 6 BR | St Martin Villas | Haute Retreats
Casa De La Playa:
Looking for a beach vacation that’s both romantic and family-friendly? Look no
further than Casa De La Playa! This stunning beach house even comes with its own
private beach, so you can enjoy the sand and surf all to yourselves. Plus, with a
talented chef on hand to whip up delicious meals, you’ll feel like royalty – without
the royal price tag.
Chef Service is always included, in any season.
Chef service: 3 meals per day
Food & Beverage Deposit: USD 4000 due 30 days prior to arrival
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Le Chateau des Palmiers:
What do you call a fancy villa with all the amenities you could want? Le Chateau
des Palmiers! It’s like having your own private paradise, complete with a heated
pool, gym, tennis court, and ocean view. You’ll feel like royalty in one of the six
spacious bedrooms, especially the two-story master suite with its own Jacuzzi tub.
And let’s not forget about the outdoor bar and billiards area – it’s the perfect spot for
a friendly game or two. So why not live like a king (or queen) for a while and book
your stay at Le Chateau des Palmiers?
Highlighted Amenities include: Housekeeping 7 days a week, Turn down service,
Chef service 3 meals per day, Onsite property manager and assistance, Daily
concierge service.
Chef Service: 3 meals per day
Food & Beverage Deposit: USD 10,000 due 30 days prior arrival
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The Caribbean island of St. Martin is not only gorgeous, but it’s also an
epicurean delight. Seven remarkable villas with their chefs will make your
stay there truly magical. Have your own chef and savor the amazing cuisine
of the Caribbean. It’s a fantasy, just without the unicorns – but with an extra
helping of delicious food!

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