The best things to do in St Martin


The best things to do in St Martin
The best things to do in St Martin
Have you ever wondered about some of the best things to do in St Martin?
Often, it’s not easy to nd the ideal opportunities for your time in St Martin,
but this shouldn’t ever hold you back from enjoying an amazing break away.
Fortunately, the following ten options are undeniably among the best things to
consider to help ensure your time in St Martin is memorable for all the right
Haute Retreats selected the Best 10 Things to do in St Martin
#1 Fort Louis
Undoubtedly, no trip to St Martin would be complete without taking in the
breathtaking sights from the majestic Fort Louis, which looks out directly over
the Marigot Harbour.
#2 Pic Paradis
If you’re the sort of person who loves breathtaking views, the sight from Pic
Paradis is almost unbeatable. The only reason we’ve listed it in second is that
it’s quite the hike to reach the pinnacle, which may not be for everyone – but
it’s well worth it if you can make it to the top!
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#3 Orient Bay Beach
Few beaches can offer quite the same magical charm as Orient Bay Beach.
This beautiful, well-developed, and expansive beach is genuinely one of the
most amazing places to visit for a luxury Caribbean trip.
#4 Fort Amsterdam
For a historic trip, visiting the amazing Fort Amsterdam is well worthwhile.
This historic location has a history dating to the 1600s, so there’s a lot to see
and do while visiting the fort.
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#5 The Butter y Farm
Discover the true beauty of nature at the incredible Butter y Farm. The
Butter y Farm showcases some of the most breathtaking butter y species,
making it a great place for photos.
#6 St Maarten Zoo
During your time in St Martin, be sure to stop by the St Marteen Zoological
gardens to discover some of the amazing creatures kept there. Indeed, while
it’s not the biggest zoo, it’s easy to see how much care goes into the zoo’s
collection of unique animals, and this is certainly worth a visit during your time
on the island.
#7 Mullet Bay
Without a doubt, Mullet Bay is a genuinely breathtaking bay with picturesque
golden sands and perfectly blue waters. The bay is also surprisingly quiet
compared to many others, so it’s a great place to stop for a slightly quieter
few hours.
#8 Look Out for Seals
Did you know that St Martin is well known for its population of local seals?
With this thought in mind, looking out for seals – or even going snorkeling to
spend some time with them in person – could be an excellent option to
#9 Old Street
If you’d like a memorable shopping experience, the shops of Old Street are
genuinely some of the most amazing places to visit. Many of the properties
date to the 19th century, so there’s a certain charm and beauty to the street
that makes is popular among locals and tourists alike.
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#10 Watch the KLM Aircraft Come In
You’ll rarely ever have the chance again to get quite as up-close-andpersonal with an in- ight commercial aircraft than with a visit to the Maho
beach, where the KLM planes come in to land. With planes almost brushing
the tops of beach umbrellas, it’s a sight that’s a must-see option while visiting
St Martin.
Final Thoughts
If you have been looking to visit St Martin, it’s worthwhile to give some of
today’s amazing ten activities to try. Indeed, St Martin is truly a breathtaking
island, but if you want to make the most of your trip, you’ll want to add some
of the region’s most stunning destinations to your plans.

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