Perfume Storage Bottle


Perfume Storage Bottle
Perfume Storage Bottle – A Beautiful
Vessel for All Scents
Carrying large-sized or glass perfume bottles is a hassle no one wants to go
through. This innovative Perfume Storage Bottle is compact, portable and packed
with features you can’t even fathom!
Smell Good All Day
The Perfume Storage Bottle allows sufficient capacity for 0.17 oz liquid of your
preferred fragrance. This amount is plentiful for freshening up your favourite
scent throughout the day. To match everyone’s personality, its packaging comes
in four stunning colours: pink, black, purple and silver.
How Many Spritz?
You must think that a small bottle cannot allow room for many sprays. The
opposite is true. This perfume bottle provides 70 sprays of your signature
fragrance, enough to last for weeks! Furthermore, its top-quality pressure nozzle
delivers a liberal amount of your perfumes, leaving you feeling lovely for longer.
Refill in Three Easy Steps
Whether you have a long work day, date night, girls' night out or a trip to a
foreign country, this convenient Perfume Storage Bottle is perfect for feeling
pleasant and fresh all the time. Slip it in your purse while on the go and refill it as
you need.
Step 1
Detach the nozzle from the atomizer spray vessel.
Step 2
Put the atomizer bottle's bottom onto the fragrance pump.
Step 3
Push and hold down till the container is loaded with the perfume. It’s advised not
to fill it up 100%.
Excellent Size and Weight
A compact size of length 3 x width of 0.4 inches and negligible weight will make it
your favourite travel buddy. Pack this lipstick-sized fragrance container in a
makeup bag, suitcase or clutch without utilizing much space.

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