Blue Leather-Surface 6000mAh Power Bank


Blue Leather-Surface 6000mAh Power Bank
Plug Your Smartphone into Blue
Leather-Surface 6000mAh Power Bank
to Never Run out of Juice Again
There's nothing worse than losing contact with your partner while hiking or
backpacking because your phone has run out of battery. The blue leather-surface
6000mAh power bank offers exceptional charging power, ensuring you never run
out of your juice on your smartphone.
Sleek and Contemporary Design
The sleek and modern device is covered with a soft, blue-colored textured fabric
which makes it easier to grip. It's as slim as a card and slips into your pocket
Exceptional Charging Power
The power bank is packed with a battery capacity of 6000mAh, which allows you
to charge your smartphone about two times. This sturdy and cool gadget doesn't
overheat and provides fast and consistent charging.
It’s Handy and Convenient
This blue leather-surface power bank is user-friendly and convenient to use. It is
compact enough to carry in your travel bag during a road trip and weighs a little
more than a baseball.
The power bank ensures a seamless charging process with a dual-port that allows
you to charge the power bank and your phone simultaneously. On top of that, the
four dots on the power bank lights up to signal the battery status of your charger
for added convenience.
The Blue Leather-Surface 6000mAh Power Bank makes charging your phone
seamless and convenient. It's lightweight and portable enough to fit in your purse.
The captivating design coupled with a comfortable soft-fabric grip makes it fun to

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