Mosquito net for window


Mosquito net for window
So you have decided to update, fit-out and renovate your existing outdated
home. Or perhaps you are buying a new home which requires an entire
restoration. Either way, there are some important elements you might
consider before you get started in the mad dash to the finish line of your
dream home.
Before you begin, whether you plan to hire an architect and stay out of the
picture or if you are taking a more hands on approach; it is helpful to know
the scope of the process and what you want. A well laid plan will give you
a smooth start and help any professionals involved to understand your
wants and needs.
Plan. Take that dream, the big picture and break it down into small parts.
Go room by room, space by space with your end goal in mind and
determine what steps are needed to get there. It can be as general or
detailed as you want it to be, depending on the level of input you want to
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Decide. Get an idea of the elements and styles you want. Look online, in
magazines, in stores. Again, you can be as rough or as thorough as you
want. Some things to think about are how lighting can be improved, such
as larger windows; also how paint colours will affect the lighting and how
layout, storage options and mirrors can help in small rooms.
Budget. Once you have your plan, aesthetic choices and research
conducted, calculate your costs and build your budget. When considering
the budget, it is recommended to underestimate, so you will have less
chance of going way over budget.
Now that you have a good idea of the scope and scale of the project, you
can involve the professionals, architects, designers and contractors or subcontractors. There are some additional and important elements you should
consider before renovation which you can discuss with any professionals you
hire on the best way to implement.
Energy. Renovations are a great opportunity to improve the energy
efficiency of your home, such as improving water usage and making better
use of natural lighting and natural energy sources.
Climate. Think about how you can further incorporate energy efficiency
depending on the climate. Such as good insulation and efficient heating. Or
air conditioning units versus natural cooling air flow which can be
achieved with quality screen doors and windows.
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Location. Take into account the area around you. Are there local pests,
water sources that will bring insects? Consider precautions required like
insect screens.
Living Situation. If you are doing a whole house renovation, consider
where you will be staying during the process. Is it feasible to stay on site
or will you need to stay somewhere else?
Now that you have planned and taken important aspects into consideration,
all that is left is figuring out what to do first and so on. Your build team
may take charge of this, but it is good to know the schedule and how
things will progress. Otherwise, make your own schedule and implement
the process, step by step.
There is a natural order to renovation. Large projects are first, such as roof
and foundation, knocking walls or enlarging window openings. Then
electrical, plumbing and insulation. And finally the smaller steps like
drywall and windows, moulding and trims, and also painting and floors.
These will be impacted by the large project stages.
And remember, things may change as you go, so keep open-minded and
flexible. This is not a quick sprint; it is an endurance run. Pace yourself
and you will be on your way to making your dream home vision come

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