How to Teach Kids English


How to Teach Kids English
How to
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Tips of Teaching Your Child(ren) English
3. Strategies of Teaching Your Child(ren) English
4. Conclusion
Learning a new language—English for
example—can be a bit difficult. You will have to
learn new words that may be difficult for you to
pronounce, especially if they did not grow up
speaking it. Now, imagine now you have to teach
a child in handling such challenge. Teaching kids
English can be a both difficult and easy at the
same time. They can be taught easily because
they generally tend to absorb everything that
they hear or see. The challenge is that you really
have to teach them everything, which can take a
lot of time.
In this book, we will be looking into some
strategies that can help you out when you are
teaching your kids English. There are also some
tips that can make your job a lot easier.
Tips of Teaching Your Child(ren) English
1. Simplicity
Teaching English—which is an extremely
complicated language—is not simple. There are
so many rules on spelling, pronunciation, and
grammar that you have to take into account. But
remember, you’re teaching a child. So the first
thing you have to do is to keep things simple.
You will have to first use much simple language
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when speaking to your child. Try to avoid using
flash cards for your kids here.
long complicated words when you are teaching
your child.
Visual aids are going to help you out a lot. Kids
tend to identify pictures first. Flash cards with
pictures are great visual aids that can help you
out. Using these flash cards will also entertain
your child while he or she is learning. You can
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2. Practice
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There is a saying that says, “Practice makes
perfect.” One good way to practice English is
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converse with your child in the language.
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Talk to them, at least for a certain amount of
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time, purely in English.
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Another method you can use to teach English is
Pre-Readers and Early Readers by playing games. This is a good way to
practice English and test what your child has
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learned while still keeping it fun. There are
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multiple games that you can play that can be
tweaked so that you only speak in English while
playing it. You can also let him or her have some
study time alone. This is helpful for them to
practice on their own and can make them more
confident and comfortable with the language.
3. Encourage
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Mistakes are going to happen. That is something
that you can never avoid. Your child will make
some mistakes while you are teaching him or
her. It is normal to feel frustrated, especially if
the mistake is on something you have already
taught before. But remember that you are
teaching a child. So try to rein in your
frustrations and calmly correct him or her.
Correct your child gently by encouraging them
and showing where they went wrong.
If it is a pronunciation error, pronounce the word
correctly so that they will know how it sounds
like. If it’s a spelling or grammatical error, show
them the correction. Encourage them to learn
and do not focus on just their mistakes,
because no matter how old your kid may be, he
or she is still learning the language.
Strategies of Teaching Your Child(ren) English
Game - Simon Says
Another great game that you can play is Simon
Says. This game is great for smaller kids. They
have to follow your instructions for actions, as
long as the instruction comes after the phrase
“Simon says.” You can even make this more
challenging by adding more difficult actions. The
great thing about this is that it does not require
any materials!
Game - Charades
You can use charades to teach English to
children. Kids can identify visual cues better that
most adults. You can play this with the whole
family. The point of the game is for the team to
guess the word or phrase without speaking. To
reinforce the past lessons, make the words that
they have to act out the lessons you tackled
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Working with your own kids is both fun and
daunting at the same time. They have lots of
energy and they each have their own needs. So
to teach kids the English language, you will have
to change the way you teach after going through
the tips and strategies shared in the previous
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children to read. This proven formula created by
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Happy Teaching!

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