Sliding doors complimenting your homes



Sliding doors complimenting your homes
How Sliding screen doors complement your villa in Dubai
Sliding doors are one of the most common door types for the rear entry for villas in Dubai and
across the UAE. Apartments also have sliding doors to access their balconies. To stop flies,
mosquitoes and bugs from entering through this sliding door, home owners need to add a
matching sliding flyscreen door to this opening. When selecting a screen door it is important to
ensure it complements the design and looks of the structure. Sliding screen doors come in
different designs, sizes, colors and make.
The advantages of installing sliding screen doors in your villa or apartment
Installing sliding screen doors to your villa or apartment have a number of advantages including:
 Allowing fresh air to flow through your home. Sliding screen doors allow air to flow as
the fine mesh allows the breeze to pass through the mesh. However it still offers
protection from those pesky bugs and keeps them on the outside (until someone leaves
the door open!). It also protects the home from direct sun light and damaging UV light.
 Keeps your DEWA bill low. Since you can open your glass doors and windows, the
fresh air will keep the temperature down along with your DEWA bill. We also
recommend that you have two doors or windows open to allow for a cross breeze to flow
through the room.
 Protects the door. Sliding screen doors will protect your timber and metal doors from
being hit by external objects, such as stones, particles or kids!
 Provides safety and protection to the occupants. If the screens are lockable security
screens then they offer security rated protection from forceful entry.
 It saves space. Sliding screen doors can easily be installed next to the existing glass door
and only require about 4cm of space. It is easy to maintain with the security screen never
requiring repair. Pleated screens are designed for easy and cost effective replacement of
the mesh.
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Factors to consider in choosing your sliding screen doors:
a. Style. Style is one factor to be considered in choosing the best sliding screen doors. It
should follow the characteristics of the premise and match the colour of the existing
b. The brand. By selecting a quality and reputable brand, you know the screen is designed
to last. A strong warranty is also a mark of a brand that stands behind its product.
c. The design. The design must be match with the design of the existing door or window.
d. The frame. There many types of frame material. In Dubai and the UAE we find
aluminium and uPVC are the most common. We recommend aluminium flyscreen frames
in most circumstances.
e. The price. Often one of the main factors when selecting a screen although one that often
sends people looking for a cheap solution that may not last or meet their needs.
f. Warranty. The product must come with a complete warranty.
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Where can you buy a sliding screen door?
Sliding screen doors are available from a few different providers across the UAE. Screens such
as a stainless steel mesh security screen are only available from one manufacturer in the UAE,
Safety Screens Metal Doors LLC. You can find further product related information on their
website: They also assist clients in designing their insect protection
solution and offer an obligation free measure and quote.

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