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image info and details
Musical Iconography Details: * What details I know (artist, title, date, location, etc) about the images on this website are listed, below. I regret that I do not have complete information for many of the pictures, but I will endeavour to update this file any time I obtain additional particulars. If you are able to contribute any details that you would like me to add (or correct) please send me an email, at [email protected] * Most of the images that are uploaded on this website are small files at low resolution (usually 72 dpi). I regret, NO, I do not have higher resolution versions of these files. If you want them, please contact the owner of the original work, or look for alternate versions elsewhere. * The images compiled on this website are intended as a reference resource. If you wish to use any of these images in print form, legally you are supposed to contact the owner of the original work, to request/obtain permission. You should also be able to get a higher resolution file from them, suitable for your purposes. anon. Bergamo School, 17th c -­‐ Still Life anon. Bergamo School -­‐ Still Life anon. English, Bodleian Library anon: Chapel of the Ursulines in Lucon, France anon. French, 16th c -­‐ La Volta anon. Flemish -­‐ Mercury and Erato anon. Venetian, 16th c -­‐ Apollo and the Muses anon. Italian, 17th c -­‐ Viola Bastarda anon. Allegoy of Hearing. Budejovice c.1590 anon. Allegory of Music -­‐ Lower Rožmberk Castle (Czech Republic) c.1620 anon. Orfeo. Tapestry in Schloss Glücksburg anon: Musicians, from the church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Trent anon: 15th century: Angel musicians, Casacalenda (Molise), Convent of Sant'Onofrio anon: Musicians at the court of Henry III, c.159. Le Mans, Musée de Tessé anon: Mexican c.1650 no other details known anon: Angel musician, private collection, Trent anon: 1650 for the marriage of Princess Adelaide and Prince Ferdinand, Torino, 1650 anon: details unknown, Napoli anon: Church of the Madonna della Campana, Casarano (Lecce) anon: Cappella Madonna di Loreto, eastern door, Varallo (VC) (2 images) anon: Claudio Monteverdi at about age 30 at the Gonzaga Court in Mantua, holding a viola da gamba, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 1597 anon: Flemish, Love (detail), c.1600 anon: Fresco from the Schloss Goldegg, Ausria, 1536 anon: Allegory of hearing, fresco, Palazzo Orimbelli, Verona anon: Santa Maria in Trastevere, Rome anon. Amsterdam School, 17th c. Lady and a Gentleman anon. Sächsische Landesbibliothek -­‐ Staats-­‐ und Universitätsbibliothek Dresden, (SLUB), Inv.-­‐Nr.: Mscr.Dresd.J.9, Blatt 45 (bears) anon. French psalter, 9th century, ms, Stuttgart Psalter c.830 anon. Italian, 1600s – Musical Ensemble anon. Tilework from Lisbon – Il Museo delle Piastrelle. anon. Vièle. Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan anon. Enigme joyeuse pour les bons esprits, Paris, c. 1610 anon. Veronese School. Musicians angels. Lovere (BG), Galleria Tadini, 17th century anon. Santiago Compostela Cathedral: Medieval vièle as it appears on the Gate of Glory in Santiago de Compostela (1188), front and back. Pear shaped vièle on the West Door of Moissac (c. 1100) Eight shaped fiddle" or giga on the gate of the glory. (4 images) Unknown -­‐ Gamba Schlepper Unknown artist -­‐ Sir Henry Unton's Funeral, National Portrait Gallery unknown: Musician nuns, Carpensis Family, no other info known unknown: putti unknown: drawing of treble player unknown: Diligence, from "The Late King's Goods; Collections, Possessions, and Patronage of Charles I in the Light of the Commonwealth Sale Inventories" unknown: CIMA da Conegliano, San Pietro Martire with San Nicola di Bari, San Benedetto and an Angel Musician, 1504, Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan unknown – detail from Portrait of Pietro Nardini (1722–1793) unknown – Portrait of le Sieur de Sainte-­‐Colombe (?) unknown – Caricature of the cellist Antonio Vandini (1690-­‐1773) unknown – Portrait of a musician, 16th c. School of Moroni lent by the violin dealers Hill & Sons -­‐ from what is known as " The Fishmonger Hall Catalogue" The Music Loan Exhibition 1904 -­‐ catalogue printed in 1909 Dell’Abate, Niccolo dell’ -­‐ Parnassus Dell'Abate, Niccolo – Concerto Dell'Abate, Niccolò: Design for a fresco Beccherie di Modena, c.1537 Allori, Alessandro (1535-­‐1607) -­‐ decorative details from the Uffizzi Gallery, Florence, c. 1580 (2 images) Amman, Jost and Hans Sachs. from Eygentliche Beschreibung Aller Stände auff Erden... Frankfurt am Main, 1568 Amman, Jobst: no other details known Amalteo, Pomponio (1505-­‐1588), Angel musicians, fresco, San Vito al Tagliamento, chiesa dei Battuti Arnold, George Adam -­‐ Still Life Auger, Lucas (1685-­‐1765): Musician lovers Baldung, Grien Hans: Viol. German, 1513 Baldung, Hans: naked musician with viol and cat(?) Jan van Balen -­‐ Allegory of Music Balen, Hendrik van: Apollo and the nine muses, c.1610 Balen, Hendrik van: Allegory of Hearing Bandiera, Benedetto (c.1560-­‐1634) – Coronation of the Virgin Baroni, Leonora: details not known Bellini, Giovanni. Pala di S. Giobbe, Galleria della Academia, Venezia, 1487 Bartholomäus, Bruyn d. Ä. (1493-­‐1555): Birth of Christ, 1516, Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main Bartholomäus, Bruyn d. Ä. (1493-­‐1555): Altarpiece. Church of St. Johann Baptist, Essen Evaristo Baschenis -­‐ Musical Instruments Evaristo Baschenis -­‐ Musical Instruments Evaristo Baschenis -­‐ Musical Performance Evaristo Baschenis -­‐ Still Life Evaristo Baschenis -­‐ Still Life Bedoli, Girolamo Mazzola: Parma Cathedral, 1562 Cornelis Bega -­‐ The Duet Benaglio, Francesco (1432 -­‐ 1482/1492): "Enthroned Madonna and Child." Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice. Benso, Giulio (Pieve di Teco, 1592-­‐1668) Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Genova, c.1645-­‐
1655 Bercht, Friedrich. 9 Instrumentalists. Dresden, 1581 Bercht, Friedrich. 4 Women musicians. Dresden, 1581 Bercht, Friedrich. Celebration of the Visit of the Archduke of Austria. Dresden, 1581 Bergerat, Etienne: Motet par ses enfants de choeur en présence de Louis XIII, de passage à Troyes en 1630, Musée des Beaux Arts, Troyes Bitti, Bernardo – Coronation of the Virgin. Lima, Peru, Church of San Pedro, late 16thc Boesset, Anthoyne. Airs de cour avec la tablature de luth, 1624 Bonaventura Bettera -­‐ Still Life Bonaventura Bettera -­‐ Still Life Bonaventura Bettera -­‐ Still Life Bonaventura Bettera -­‐ Strumenti musicali Bonaventura Bettera -­‐ Still Life Bettera, Bartolomeo: Still Life. (c1680-­‐1685). Accademia Carrara, Bergamo. Abraham van Beyeren -­‐ Still Life Jan van Bijlert -­‐ The Concert Jan van Bijlert -­‐ A Merry Company Bissoni, Giambattista: Glory of the angels. Church of Santa Maria dei Servi, Padova Maximilian Blommaerdt -­‐ Interior Maximilian Blommaerdt -­‐ The Concert Boccaccini, Cammillo: The prophet David, 1530 Bonmartini, Dionisio (1537-­‐?): Musical group (detail), Palazzo Marchetti Arco, Trent (2 images) Bonnart -­‐ Euterpe Bonnart, Henri: J. B. Lully, from "Figures du règne de Louis XIV" Paris, 1695 Gerard Ter Borch -­‐ The Concert Gerard Ter Borch -­‐ The Music Lesson Bordone, Paris (1500–1571). Standing Man Playing a Viola da Gamba (Violoncello), late 1530s Black and white chalk 7 3/8 x 3 1/8 inches (188 x 83 mm.) Morgan Library, NYC. Purchased by Pierpont Morgan, 1909; I, 75 Bosschaert, Thomas Willeboirts (1613-­‐1654): no info Bosse, Abraham (1602-­‐1676) – The Ball, 1634 Abraham Bosse -­‐ Musical Society Bosse, Abraham: The five senses – Hearing, c.1635 Valentin de Boulogne Andre Bouys -­‐ Portrait of Marin Marais, Cite de la Musique, Paris Bracelli, Giovanni Battista. c.1630, Rome Leonart Bramer -­‐ Vanitas Bramer, Leonart (1596-­‐1674) – Musicians on a Terrace Brassauw, Melchior (1709-­‐1757) – Musical Company, 1730 Bretschneider, Daniel. Musicians (the Nine Muses?), 1584 Jan Breugel (Elder) -­‐ Allegory of Hearing Jan Breugel (Elder) -­‐ Interior with Lutenist Brusasorci, Domenico : Bottega di Felice: Angel musicians. Convent of the Frati Cappuccini, Trent Brusasorci, Domenico : Rehearsal of the musicians, Museo Civico di Castelvecchio, inv 329, restored in 1979, Verona, 1547 (2 images) Burch, Hendrik van der (1627-­‐1699) – The Terrace, c. 1600 Buroner, Hieremias – from his Album (no other details known to me) Caliari, Carlo (1570-­‐1596). Staatliche Graphische Sammlung, Munich. Cambiaso, Luca (1527 -­‐ 1585): The nine muses, pen and brown ink, Per gentile Sig.ra Eva Karlsson, National Museum, Stockholm Campi, Giulio: The prophet David, San Sigismondo, Cremona Cantigas de Santa Maria, Arabo-­‐Andalucian rabāb. Seville 1280–83, Cantiga 110 Michelangelo Caravaggio -­‐ Orpheus Michelangelo Caravaggio -­‐ Concerto Michelangelo Caravaggio -­‐ Lute Player Carducho, Vicente (1576-­‐1638) – The Vision of St. Anthony of Padua, 1631 Carpaccio, Vittore (c.1465 – 1525/1526): Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, c.1510. Gallerie dell'Accademia, Venice. Carrogis, Louis (1717-­‐1806): 1760 Catalano, Gian Domenico. The Annunciation. Chiesa Matrice, Specchia (Lecce), Italy c.1600 Catalano, Gian Domenico. The Ascension. Museo Diocesano, Lecce, Italy c. 1611 Catalano, Gian Domenico. Madonna and Child with Peter, Francis, Paolo. Chiesa di Santa Chiara (Clarisse), Gallipoli (Lecce), Italy, c. 1590 Catalano, Gian Domenico. The Annunciation and Adoration of the Magi, Chiesa di Santa Chiara (Clarisse), Gallipoli (Lecce), Italy, c. 1605-­‐1610 Catalano, Gian Domenico. The Ascension of the Virgin. Chiesa di San Francesco Gallipoli (Lecce), Italy, c. 1600 Cerasi, Agostino -­‐ Gamba Player, 1591 Cerva, Giovan Battista della (c.1515 – 1580): Angel Musicians, Santuario di Santa Maria di Piazza, Busto Arsizio (VA) Cesi, Bartolomeo (1556-­‐1629):"Adoration of the Magi"-­‐ Basilica of San Domenico, Bologna, c.1595 Cesi, Bartolomeo (1556–1629): Trinita, Certosa di Maggiano, Siena (3 images) Champaigne, Jean-­‐Baptiste de (1631-­‐1681) and Nicolas de Plattemontagne, double portrait, 1654, Rotterdam, Musée Boymans-­‐Van Beuningen (2 images) Giaccomo Cipper -­‐ La Serenata Pieter Claesz -­‐ Still Life Hendrik de Clerck -­‐ Auf dem Parnass Hendrik de Clerck -­‐ Minerva and the Muses Hendrik de Clerck -­‐ Apollo and the Muses Cock, Hieronymous (1510-­‐1570) – Allegory of Hearing. Nuremburg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, c. 1560 Pieter Jacobsz Codde -­‐ Musical Scene Codde, Pieter: Lady seated at a virginal, 1630s Pieter Jacobsz Codde -­‐ The Concert Codde, Pieter: Gallant Company, 1633 Collaert, Adriaen (1560-­‐1618) – Enconium Musices, 1569 Edwaert Collier -­‐ Vanitas Colombel -­‐ St. Cecilia Conca, Sebastiano (1680-­‐1764) – Allegory of Music and Poetry (2 images) Coques, Gonzales – Charles II Dancing at The Hague, May 1660. Greenwich, National Maritime Museum Cornelis van Harlem -­‐ Still Life Correa, Juan – The Baby Jesus with musical angels. Mexico City, Museo Nacional de Arte, 17th c Cort, Cornelius: Auditus, Frans Floris, 1561 Costa, Lorenzo (1460 – 1535). Madonna with Child and Saints, Church of San Giovanni in Monte, Bologna, 1497 Coques, Gonzales: Family gathering, Museo delle belle arti, Budapest, c.1650-­‐60 Credi, Lorenzo de (Florence, 1456-­‐1536), attr. Portrait of a young man holding a lira da braccio. Private collection. Creti, Donato (Cremona 1671-­‐1749) Cuyp, Jacob Gerritszoon (1594 -­‐ 1652): Vanitas, still life with an angel blowing bubbles Delaporte -­‐ Still Life Alexandre-­‐François Desportes -­‐ Still Life Jean Dieu -­‐ 'Un homme de qualité' Dieu, Jean (1654–1695): Castello de Blois Domenichino -­‐ St. Cecilia Gerrit Dou -­‐ Artist in His Studio Gerrit Dou Dou, Gerrit (1613-­‐1675): Playing cards by candlelight Jacob Duck -­‐ Merry Company Jacob Duck -­‐ Elegant Company Jacob Duck -­‐ Soldiers Playing Cards Jacob Duck -­‐ Merry Company Jacob Duck -­‐ Lady at Her Toilette Jacob Duck -­‐ Making Music Jacob Duck -­‐ Brothel Scene Dürer, Albrecht: The Madonna and Child with a Music-­‐making Angel, 1519 Duyster, Willem (1599-­‐1635): Music Making Couple Duyster, Willem Cornelisz (1599-­‐1635) – Wedding Party, 1625 Duyster, Willem Cornelisz (1599-­‐1635) – The Music Party. Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Anthony van Dyck -­‐ The Gamba Player Dyck, Sir Anthony van: Portrait of Mary Ruthven, c.1635-­‐1640 Eglantine Table, Hardwick Hall, England, 1567 Elsheimer, Adam – The Exaltation of the Cross. Frankfurt, c.1605 Etgens, Jan Jiri (1693-­‐1759): Benedictine Abbey, Raigern. Eustache Le Seuer -­‐ The Muse Erato Eustache Le Seuer -­‐ The Muses Caesar van Everdingen -­‐ Muses with Pegasus Carel Fabritius -­‐ View of the City of Delft Aniello Falcone -­‐ The Concert Fasolo, Giovanni Antonio (1530-­‐1572). Vicenza, 1569 Fehling, Heinrich Christoph. Detail from the Apotheosis of August the Strong and the Elector Eberhardine. The Zwinger Palace, Dresden, c.1717 (destroyed in 1945) Ferrari, Gaudenzio. Madonna of the Orange Trees, Church of San Cristoforo, Vercelli, 1529–1530 Ferrari, Gaudenzio. Others details unknown Ferrari, Gaudenzio : Cupola of the Duomo di Saronno, 1535. Ferrari, Eusebio: Palazzo Verga Vercelli (VC) (2 images) Fiumicelli, Ludovico (c.1500 -­‐1582): Madonna and child, Musei civici di Padova, 1537 Floriani, Benedetto: Musical company, Galleria dell’Accademia, Venezia, 1568 Fontana, Lavinia – Apollo and the Muses, c. 1598, private collection (2 images) Baldassare Franceschini – Cellist, with cornetto and flute, fresco from Florence, Cappella Grazzi in Santissima Annuziata, 1644 Baldassare Franceschini -­‐ Angel musicians – sketch for Franceschini’s fresco in Florence, Bayonne, Museo Bonnat Franchi, Antonio. Personification of Music (St. Cecilia). private collection. c.1650 Francia, Francesco (1448-­‐1517). Madonna and Child. The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. c. 1500 Francke, Franz (1581-­‐1643) – Painting on a harpsichord lid depicting Belshazzar’s Feast. Munich, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, c. 1630 Pauwels Francks -­‐ Allegory of Music Jean-­‐Martial Fredou -­‐ J.B. Forqueray Albert Freyse -­‐ Herzog August and His Family Antonio Domenico Gabbiani -­‐ Musicians Thomas Gainsborough -­‐ Ann Ford Gainsborough, Thomas. K.F. Abel. National Gallery, London Thomas Gainsborough -­‐ K.F. Abel, Huntingdon Gallery, CA Thomas Gainsborough -­‐ K.F. Abel, drawing Bernardino Galliari -­‐ Music Gambara, Lattanzio (1530-­‐1574): Concerto, Palazzo Maggi, Cadignano, Brescia Garnier, Jean: Still Life with portrait of King Louis XIV surrounded by musical instruments, flowers, and fruit, 1672 Garofalo (1481-­‐1559): Vision of the Trinity of S. Agostino Gennari, Benedetto (1570-­‐1610). Orpheus Playing His Lyre. Oil on canvas, BH #219 Artemisia Gentileschi -­‐ Self Portrait Orazio Gentileschi -­‐ Lute Player Gimignani, Giacinto – Rome, Gabinetto Nazionale delle Stampe, c. 1650 Grebber, Peter Franz de (1600-­‐1652) – Music Making Company (private collection) El Greco -­‐ Angelic Concert El Greco: Annunciation (detail), c1600. Museo del Prado, Madrid. Jacques Grief -­‐ Vanitas Matthias Grunewald -­‐ The Isenheim Altarpiece Gyles, Henry –Window depicting David Singing God’s Praise and St. Cecilia and the angels. Denton in Wharfdale (Yorkshire), Church of St. Helen. (2 images) Dirk Hals -­‐ Banquet Scene Dirk Hals -­‐ Musicians Dirk Hals – cellist? Hals, Dirck: Viol player Heimbach, Wolfgang: Musician (detail), Musizierende Gesellschaft, Museum für Musikinstrumente, inv 4343, Leipzig Bartolomeus van Helst -­‐ Woman with Lute William Hogarth -­‐ An Election Entertainment Gerrit van Honthorst -­‐ Musical Party Gerrit van Honthorst -­‐ Laughing Violinist Gerrit van Honthorst -­‐ Violin Player Gerrit van Honthorst -­‐ Young Woman Pieter de Hooch -­‐ Music making Family Pieter de Hooch -­‐ Company Making Music Jan Josef Horemans Pieter Jacob Horemans -­‐ The Dance Lesson Houel, Nicolas (attributed to). Procession de Louise de Lorraine, femme de Henry III, allant du Louvre au Faubourg St Marceau pour poser la première Pierre de la Nlle Maison dite Maison Chretienne Projettée, même commencée, en 1584, pl. 11 (detail). F-­‐Pn, Estampes, Rés. Pd-­‐30-­‐Fol. © Bibliothèque nationale de France. Pierre Nicolas Huilliot (1674-­‐1751) -­‐ Still Life Hyre, Laurent de la: Putti playing the bass viol, c.1649-­‐1650 Imparato, Girolamo (1549-­‐1607): Immaculate Conception (detail), Museo Diocesano Nicotera, Vibo Valentia Imparato, Girolamo (1549-­‐1607): Immaculate Conception, Museo Diocesano Sorrentino Stabiese Castellammare di Stabia (NA) (2 images) Imparato, Girolamo (1549-­‐1607): The Trinity, Abbazia di Montecassino (FR) Janssens, Hieronymus – Elegant Company Making Music Hieronymus Janssens -­‐ Lady With Musicians Hieronymus Janssens -­‐ Elegant Company Feasting Hieronymus Janssens -­‐ Elegant Company Jeaurat, Etienne (1699-­‐1789): Musical Soiree, c.1760 Judenkünig, Hans: frontespiece to "Ain schone kunstliche underweisung […] zu lernen auff der Lautten / und Geygen", Wien, 1515-­‐1523 Judenkunig knockoff – eighteenth century, other details unknown Kamper, Godaert (c. 1613-­‐1679) – Portrait of a Musician [with violone]. Dusseldorf, Museum Kunst Palast, 1646 Kassel, Ferdinand van (1648-­‐1696): Feline concert. Kerseboom, Frederick (1632-­‐1690): Sir John Langham, 1683 Jan van Kessel -­‐ Personification of Music Jan van Kessel – Allegory of Hearing Kessel, Jan van and Hendrik van Balen: Allegory of Hearing Kuijl, Gerard van (1604-­‐1673): no info Kuijl, Gerard van (1604-­‐1673) – Musical Company. Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, 1651 Johann Kupetzky -­‐ Portrait of a Woman Gerard de Lairesse Gerard de Lairesse -­‐ Elegant Company Lancret, Nicolas (1690-­‐1743): no info known Landry, Pierre (1650-­‐1701) – The Five Senses Lanino, Bernardino (1512-­‐1583): Madonna Ascending with Angel Musicians. Uffizi Gallery, Florence Lanino, Bernardino: Nativity, c.1567. John and Mable Ringling Museum, Sarasota, FL Lanino, Bernardino: Putti musicians. Museo Borgogna, Vercelli Lanino, Bernardino: Angel Musician, New York, private collection Lanino, Bernardino: Madonna and child, c1552 Largilliere, Nicolas de – Adelaide de Gueidan and her Younger Sister on Cembalo Marcellus Laroon II -­‐ Concert at Montagu House Lastman, Pieter (1583-­‐1633) Sir Peter Lely -­‐ The Concert, Courtauld Institute, London, c.1640 Lesrel, Adolphe-­‐Alexandre (1839-­‐1929) – Baptism Lesrel, Adolphe-­‐Alexandre (1839-­‐1929) – The Musical Trio, 1890 Lesrel, Adolphe-­‐Alexandre (1839-­‐1929) –The Musicians Robert Levrac -­‐ les ordinaires du roi (formerly attributed to Bouys) Judith Leyster -­‐ Young Flute Player Judith Leyster -­‐ Carousing Couple Licherie, Louis (1615-­‐1687) – L’accord des nations, 1679 Ligorio, Pirro (1500-­‐1583) – Allegory of Music Lorenzo Lippi -­‐ Personification of Music Carle van Loo -­‐ Grand Turk Giving a Concert Carle van Loo Lusitano, Vasco Pereira: Fresco, 1604, Coronation of the Virgin, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal. Christian Luykx -­‐ Still Life Nicolaes Maes -­‐ An Interior Manetti, Rutilio (c.1571 – 1639): Mass of San Cerbone (detail), Chiesa S. Maria di Provenzano, Siena (2 images) Manetti, Rutilio (c.1571 – 1639): Victorious Earthly Love Philip Mercier -­‐ Frederick, Prince of Wales Mercier, Philip – A Musical Party Micheli, Parrasio (1516-­‐1578) -­‐ Concerto Mielich, Hans: The chapel with Orlando di Lasso, 1568 Mieris, Frans va – The painter with his family Gabriel Metsu -­‐ The Letter-­‐Writer Surprised Gabriel Metsu -­‐ Woman Seated at a Table Gabriel Metsu Gabriel Metsu -­‐ Reverie Mignard, Nicolas or Pierre: Santa Cecilia, Louvre, 1691 Mola, Pier Francesco: happy musicians with viola da gamba, Palazzo Governativo, Bellinzona Mola, Pier Francesco (1635-­‐1666) – Giovane, player of the viola da gamba. Lugano, Museo Cantonale Molenaer -­‐ Young Man and Woman Making Music Jan Miense Molenaer -­‐ Family Making Music Jan Miense Molenaer – Allegory Momper, Joos de. no info known Montagna, Bartolommeo. Madonna in trono e santi, Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan, c1500 Cristoforo Munari -­‐ Still Life Musscher, Michiel – The Sinfonia, Detroit Institute of Arts (2 images) Michiel Musscher -­‐ Woman With Gamba Nattier, Jean Mar. La leçon de musique ou le Duo. Paris 1710 Jean-­‐Marc Nattier -­‐ Mme. Henriette of France Nattier, Jean-­‐Mark (1685-­‐1766): c.1710 Caspar Netscher Caspar Netscher Nixon, John: A Solo on the Viola di Gamba | mr Abel, pen and ink and wash, 1787; National Portrait Gallery, inv. 5178 (2 images) Ochtervelt, Jacob (1634-­‐1682) – The Music Lesson Jan Oils – A Musical Party
Orsi, Leli (1511-­‐1587): Saint Cecilia Ostade, Adriaen Jansz van: Village Musicians , 1645 Jean-­‐Baptiste Oudry -­‐ Basse de viole Pagano, Francesco and Paolo di San Leocadio: Angel musicians, Valencia Cathedral, c.1472 Palamedesz, Antoine -­‐ Party Scene with Music Palamedesz, Antoine – A Merry Company, 1632 Palomino, Antonio. Salamanca, Spain Giovanni Paolo Pannini -­‐ Musical Fete Pater, Jean-­‐Baptiste – Dancers in a Pavillion. Cleveland, Cleveland Museum of Art, c. 1720-­‐1729 Cosimo Piazza -­‐ Angel Gambist Pitati, Bonifazio de (1487-­‐1553): Concerto Johann Georg Platzer -­‐ Musical Company John Playford -­‐ Brief Intro to the Skill of Musick John Playford Porte, Roland de la: Still life, Musee des Beaux-­‐Arts, Blois Hendrick Gerritsz Pot -­‐ The Painter in His Studio Primaticcio, Francesco (ascribed to); Antonius Wierix (published by); The Personification of Music, 1544, Seven liberal arts: Music, a female nude holding a flute and musical score (3 images) Probst, Georg Balthasar (1732-­‐1801). “L’Ouie” (Allegory of Hearing), c1766-­‐1790 Giulio Cesare Procaccini -­‐ Allegory of Music Procaccini, Camillo: Angel Musicians from the Vault of the Choir Pousson, Nicolas – Organ loft case carving, c. 1575, Andley, France Puget, François: Réunion de musiciens, 1688 Puligo, Domenico (1402-­‐1527): Gentildonna con violino. c 1520. Sanzio Raffaello -­‐ St. Cecilia Nicolas Regnier H. van Rijn Rembrandt -­‐ The Music Party Guido Reni -­‐ St. Cecilia Reni, Guido. Fresco. no other details known Ribalta, Francisco (1565 -­‐ 1628), Embrace of Saint Francis of Asissi and Jesus. Marco Ricci -­‐ Concertino Marco Ricci -­‐ An Opera Rehearsal Pieter de Ring -­‐ Still Life of Musical Instruments Ripa, Cesare: Armonia from "Novissima Iconologia" Rome, 1603 Ripa, Cesare: Poesia from "Novissima Iconologia" Rome, 1603 Robusti, Jacopo – Concert of the Nine Muses in a Garden. Rome, private collection. 1555 Robusti, Jacopo (Il Tintoretto): Parnassus, Neuilly, private collection Roncalli, Cristoforo (c.1553-­‐1626), Studies of an Angel Playing a Viola da Gamba, c.1610, Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, USA (2 images) Rottmayr, Michael – Fresco from the cupola of the Dreifaltigkeitskirche, Salzburg Rottmayr, Michael – Fresco from the Karlskirche, Vienna, c. 1725-­‐30 J.M. Rottmayr -­‐ Collegiate Church, Kremsier Rottmayr, Johann Michael: Cupola from the Dreifaltigkeitskirche, Salzburg Peter Paul Rubens -­‐ Medici Fresco Peter Paul Rubens – Angels Rubens -­‐ Education of Marie de' Medici Rubens, Pieter Paul – no other info known Sadeler, Raphael (1560-­‐1632) – Love (after Marten de Vos) Cornelis Saftleven (1607-­‐1681): The Duet, Gemäldergalerie der Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna Santacker -­‐ A Musical Company Sanzio , Raffaello: Parnassus (detail), c.1509-­‐1510. Stanza della Segnatura, Palazzi Pontifici, Vatican Carlo Saraceni -­‐ St. Cecilia with the Angel Schweitzer, Georg – Weikersheim Castle, Germany (1602) Vincent Sellaer -­‐ Apollo and the Muses Sellaer, Vincent. no info known Serpotta, Giacomo (1656-­‐1732). Sculpture in San Spirito, in Palermo Signoraccio, Bernardino del: Altar, c.1493. Pistoia Christopher Simpson -­‐ The Division-­‐Violist Pieter van Singeland -­‐ Musical Party Elisabetta Sirani -­‐ Personification of Music Sollecito, Arisi – Madonna with Child and Saints, Museo Civico di Crema e del Cremasco Jan Steen -­‐ Wedding Party Steen, Jan (1626-­‐1679) – no info known Hendrik van Steenwyk -­‐ Figures in Church Interior Bernardo Strozzi -­‐ Gamba Player Bernardo Strozzi -­‐ Il Concerto Bernardo Strozzi -­‐ St. Cecilia and the Angel Strozzi, Bernardo : Saint Cecilia with the angel, Milano, private collection Abraham Tempel -­‐ David Leeuw and Family David Teniers I -­‐ Self-­‐Portrait with Family Teniers, David II – no other info Teniers, David II – another self-­‐portrait of the artist with his family Hendrick Terbrugghen -­‐ Laughing Bravo, Bass Viol Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista – Allegory of Music Reinhold Timm (?-­‐1639) -­‐ Musical Company Tintoretto: Women playing music, Gemäldegalerie, Dresden Imitator of Titian -­‐ A Concert Vallayer-­‐Coster, Anne (1744-­‐1818) – Musical Instruments, Paris, Louvre, 1770 (2 images) Vecellio Tiziano -­‐ The Concert Titian: "Sant'Antonio Abate tra San Girolamo e Santa Caterina." Chiesa Parrocchiale di Sant'Antonio Abate, Alano di Piave (Belluno) (3 images) Toeput , Lodewijk (c. 1550–c. 1605): The Nine Muses. Oil on canvas Jacob Toorenvliet – A Musical Company Nicolas Tournier -­‐ Concert a sept Cornelis Troost -­‐ Portrait Cornelis Troost -­‐ The Music Lesson Trouvain, Alain (1656-­‐1708) – The Music Room at Versailles, 1696 Tuer, Herbert c.1600–1686 -­‐ playing cello in underhand-­‐grip Vazzano, Gaspare (c.1560 – c.1620): Madonna of the angels and saints, Chiesa Santa Maria La Nuova Collesano (PA) Vecellio, Tiziano: Giorgione e Campagnola. London, British Museum Frans Xaver Hendrik Verbeek -­‐ Music Makers Verkolje, Jan – Young Man with Viola da Gamba. Krakow, Wawel Castle Jan Verkolje I -­‐ Elegant Couple Jan Verkolje I -­‐ Duo Jan Vermeer -­‐ Lady Seated at a Virginal Jan Vermeer -­‐ Lady at a Virginal Jan Vermeer -­‐ The Concert Vermeulen -­‐ Still Life Paolo Veronese -­‐ Dives and Lazarus Paolo Veronese -­‐ Marriage of St. Catherine Paolo Veronese -­‐ Marriage at Cana Vezzano, Paolo Zacchia di Antonio da: 1540 Joseph Marie Vien I (1716-­‐1809) -­‐ Personification of Music, c.1740-­‐50 Viti, Timoteo (Timoteo da Urbino) (1469-­‐1523): Madonna and child (detail), Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan Vorhaut -­‐ Buxtehude, Reincken and Theile Cornelis de Vos -­‐ The Seven Liberal Arts Vos, Marten de – Young Lovers Vouet, Simon – Saint Cecilia with an Angel Oettingen-­‐Wallerstein Harmonie: silhouette on gold background, artist unknown, c1783-­‐84. Schloß Wallerstein. The bassist is thought to be Antonio Rossetti. Wasielewski: book plate, other details unknown Jean-­‐Antoine Watteau -­‐ Les Charmes de la Vie Watteau, Antoine – 2 Studies of a violinist tuning his instrument. 1717/1718. National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. (2 images) Weckherlin, Johann Michael. Stammbuch, Cod. hist. oct. 218, Tübingen, early 1600s. Württemburgische Landesbibliothek, Stuttgart (2 images), f.163v, f.264r Werff, Adriaen van der (1659-­‐1722) and Eglon Hendrick van der Neer (1634-­‐1703) – A Lady Playing the Lute and a Gentleman with Viola da Gamba Adriaen van der Werff (1659 – 1722) – Couple Making Music in an Interior Domenico Zampieri -­‐ The Cumean Sybil Domenico Zampieri -­‐ St. Cecilia Domenico Zampieri -­‐ St. Cecilia Making Music Zelotti, Giambattista (1526-­‐1578) – A Concert. Verona, Museo Castelvecchio Zenale, Bernardo (c.1460 – 1526): Angel singers and musicians. Collezione Sormani Andreani Verri, Lurago d'Erba Zoffany, Johann (1733-­‐1810). Portrait of Giacomo Cervetto (1680-­‐1783). Private collection. Zoffany, Johann. The Gore Family, c.1775. Yale Center for British Art. Zoffany, Johann. The Sharp Family. National Portrait Gallery, London. Zoffany, Johann. Self-­‐Portrait with daughter, and unknown cellist (possibly Cervetto), c1779. Yale Center for British Art. 

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