English page of the curriculum - Fabio Ambrosi Natural Medicine



English page of the curriculum - Fabio Ambrosi Natural Medicine
English page of the curriculum
Ambrosi Fabio – Curriculum
Studies Proficiency Courses
University level, Italian Courses:
Physioterapy Degree
Diploma of Herbalist
Master in Naturopathy
Master in Analytical Psychology
Education in “Kinesiologia Medica”.
Other Italian titles.
- Proficiency Courses followed inside Italian Goverment Health Agencies: Osteopathy,
Tutorof Osteopathy; Nutritional Hygiene, Nutritional Consultant.
- Italian authorization, from 1996, for performing the following Complementary Medicine
disciplines: Naturopathy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy (afterwards of an inspection of Health
Italian Agencies, with authorization as well for using the terms: Medical Herbalist,
Naturopath, Osteopath
- Rescuer of Military Corps – Italian Red Cross.
- Director of the Herbal Laboratory in Oderzo town, for eight years.
English page of the curriculum
- Foreign Studies -
United Kingdom:
- Medical Herbalist Certificate, four years Course, with one year pre-course, with final 600
hours of training performed in London and Toronto (Canada).
- Naturopath Diploma, three years course, London.
Usa (MO-LA).
- PhD, Doctor of Naturopathy Degree.
Asia Indiana:
- Degree of Traditional Medicines (Colombo), e and Training of some months among The
Colombo Government Hospital (one month a year, for six years).
- Diploma in Manipulative Medical Science; including Osteopathy and Chiropractic
(Colombo), and 13 years later:
- Degree of “Doctor of Chiropractic”
- Diploma of Electro-Homoeopathy (New Delhi)
- Diploma in Yoga Education (Tirupati-Andra Pradesh)
- Other Western and Eastern titles.
Professional Activities
English page of the curriculum
- Scientific Director of The Centro Terapie Naturali of Oderzo town , in North Italy, Venice
area, in which he perform his own complementary medical activities. The Clinic is classified as
Centro di Eccellenza di Ossigeno Ozono Terapia
by The
Società Scientifica Italiana di Ossigeno-Ozono Terapia,
S.S.I.O.O.T., (
Educational Activity
- Former Director of the three years Naturopathy Course of The Università Internazionale of
Milan, North Italy.
- Lecturer and Testimonial, Master in Naturopatia, Ia Facoltà di Medicina e Chirurgia, Dip.
di Neurologia e Otorinolaringoiatria,
Sapienza State University of Rome (
, or: www.uniroma1.it).
- College of Naturopathic Medicine–Italia, Padua (near Venice): Naturopathy, Nutrition,
Flower Therapy Courses.
- Centri Formativi Associati-Istituto Olistico Italiano, Padova: several courses for
naturopaths and related (
- Other Italian Institutes of Complementary Medicine: lecturer.
Study Travels
He studied in United Kingdom, in several stages there, from 1989 up to 1992. In Canada,
United States and Mexico, from 1990 to1994. Among 25 years, he stayed 21 times in Asia,
mainly in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, for studies on natural medicines and for social voluntary
work. In South India, Kanyakumary district, he supervised for seven years a School,
English page of the curriculum
Government recognized, for poor children, that now is autonomous and has about 300 pupils,
plus other work for human promotion. In Italy as well he is in contact with the Indian still living,
no-profit organization: please see www.confraternity.org .
Books and Journalistic activity
- He wrote hundreds of articles for Journals and newspaper of the field of CAM
(Complementary and Alternative Medicines). And the following books, viz:
- Trattato di Fitoterapia Commonwealth Britannica, inside The “Informatore
”, (2
volums) ed. 1995-96,
Nuova Ipsa Editore.
Also in CD version.
- Naturopatia: Dai Pionieri al 2000 – Ed. GB, Padova, 1999. The first Italian book that
describes the history, development and state of the art of Western Naturopathy.
- Guida a Schede per la Lettura Professionale della Analisi Mineral-Tissutale del Capello o
Ed. Gheos, 2002. A Guide book on the reading of the Hair Mineral
Trace Analysis.
- Magnetoterapia a Campo Stabile, IIa Edition, 2007. It describes the therapeutic use of the
magnets. Indeed F. Ambrosi has been student of Dr. Neville Bengali of Mumbay, a well known
Homoeopath- Magneto-Therapist. Further to the publication of this Italian book, the Italian
Ministry of Health has recognized some magnets as “
positivi Medici
- “Biorisonanza in Naturopatia”, DVD + e-Book: 5 hours seminar, English and Italian
language, plus e-book in Italian, 2010.
Winner in 2001, in Rome, Campidoglio, of The Prize “Dante Alighieri”, under High Patronage of The
Presidenza della Repubblica, for his activity in
English page of the curriculum
Scientific Journalism, for his books and publications in the field of Complementary Medicines,
and for the Researches related.