scarica pdf abbinato - Associazione Albergatori Termali Abano



scarica pdf abbinato - Associazione Albergatori Termali Abano
On 30
April Juventus, Fiorentina, Inter, Atalanta, Milan will take part to this worldwide
The 23rd Abano Football Trophy will soon move into top gear for the teams joining the
competition being held from Wednesday 30th April to Sunday 4th May.
Besides the eight foreign teams, seven from Europe and one from America, who will do their
best to be the winners, eight Italian U13 teams will strive to be the champions as well.
The greatest Italian football clubs will participate in the most important sport event in the
Euganean area: "We will have Serie A leader Juventus, Coppa Italia finalist Fiorentina,
Milanese clubs Inter and Milan, willing to redeem themselves with their youth teams after a
disappointing season of their first teams. Other participants are Atalanta, who is doing very
well in this Serie A season, and our neighbours from Padova, willing to do their best despite
the difficult year the club is going through" Abano Terme sport councillor Angelo Montrone
states. "Of course local teams Abano and Thermal Abano make me proud of this event.
They are looking forward to the matches against the talents of the great teams participating
in the competition."
While wondering which young player will be the next football star, some of their names
remind us of some of the champions of the past. The name of Daniel Maldini, son of Paolo
and grandchild of Italy coach at France 1998 World Championship Cesare Maldini, pops up in
the Milan 2001 squad, the team which is now leading the category championship. Unlike his
father and granfather, who both were great defenders, Daniel prefers scoring goals, as a
young forward like him is supposed to.
Giovanbattista Ferrara, son of Juventus defender and Italy's assistant coach at 2006 World
Championship Ciro, also followed his father's footsteps, as well as Edoardo Grabbi, whose
family's long football tradition started with centrefield great-grandfather Giuseppe and
continued with Edoardo's father Corrado, a former forward now coaching one of Juventus'
youth teams.
Consorzio Terme Euganee President Angela Stoppato is also looking forward to the
beginning of the tournament: "Besides the 16 clubs joining this event that gives visibility to
the Euganean thermal baths' name in the world, there is another team of 13 hotels standing
by the players in their matches. I would like to thank Hotel Terme Al Sole, Augustus,
Aurora, Belvedere, Bologna, Columbia, Excelsior, Igea Suisse, Orvieto, Paradiso,
Petrarca, Roma and Smeraldo Hotel, that will host the young talents providing them relax
and fun in their salso-bromo-iodic water swimming pools. I would like to thank the other
hotels of the area, too, and all those who are part of the territory for supporting and
improving such an important event every year."
The 23rd Abano Football Trophy will start on Wednesday 30th April at 18.00 with the
opening ceremony and the 19.30 opening match at "Stadio Delle Terme" in Abano.
The eliminatory phase will be held from Thursday 1st May and finals will be on Sunday 4th
All information is available on the event official website, as well
as in Facebook:, Twitter and instagram:
The 23rd edition of "Città di Abano" International Youth Football Tournament is organised by
Abano Terme township and Consorzio Terme Euganee thanks to the support of Goleador,
Emporio Sport, Columbus, AcegasAps Hera, American Bar, Costruzioni Broetto, Banca dei Colli
Euganei, Fidia, AF Energia, Aliper, Cioccolateria Belga De Jaeger, Gierre Macchine, Sport
Modello di Vita, Ottica Meneghetti, Ceccato Motors, Centro Medico Hippocrates, Effetiget,
Pasticceria Dalla Bona, Fioraso, Coop80, Grafiche Tiozzo e Gioielleria Turetta.
Media Partners: TuttoSport, Il Mattino di Padova,
Ufficio Stampa Consorzio Terme Euganee
Iris Rocca
[email protected]
tel. 049 866 6609
Ufficio Stampa Studio Ghiretti
Gabriele Falcioni
[email protected]
Tel. 0521 1911433

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