Antonella Scorziello



Antonella Scorziello
Antonella Scorziello
Research Scientist, Division of Pharmacology, Department of Neuroscience, School
of Medicine
University of Naples “Federico II” Naples (ITALY)
Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacologyy,
Associate Professor in Pharmacology
School of Medicine, Federico II University of Naples
[email protected]
May 1997
October 1997
Student training in Pharmacology, Department of Neuroscience
Division of Pharmacology, University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy).
Degree in Medicine cum laude, University of Naples
“FedericoII” (Italy).
PhD Course in Neuropharmacology, Department of Neuroscience
Division of Pharmacology, University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy).
Residency in Pharmacology, Department of Neuroscience Unit of
Pharmacology, University of Naples “FedericoII” (Italy).
Assistant Professor in Pharmacology, Division of Pharmacology, Dept.
of Neuroscience, School of medicine, Federico II University of Naples.
Associate Professor in Pharmacology, Division of Pharmacology,
Dept. of Neuroscience, School of medicine, Federico II University of
Naples. Italy
AIRC fellowship
Post-doctoral fellowship, Department of Neuroscience Unit of Pharmacology,
University of Naples “FedericoII” (Italy).
Research fellowship, Department of Neuroscience Unit of Pharmacology,
University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy).
Organizer of the following national and International Meetings:
• Meeting of the Italian Society for Neuroscience and Joint Meeting with Swedish
Neuroscientists. Ischia, Napoli (IT). 1-4-Ottobre 2005
• 32° Congresso della Società Italiana di Farmacologia, Napoli, 1-4 Giugno 2005
• National Meeting of PhD Students in Neuroscience, Napoli, 17 Aprile 2009
• International Meeting of PhD Students in Neuroscience, Napoli, 21 Settembre 2009
Sixth International Conference on Sodium Calcium Exchange, Lacco Ameno, Ischia 1-5
October 2011.
Organizer and Chair of the following Symposia:
• Mitochondrial Dysfunction And Oxidative Stress In Neurodegenerative Diseases.
Italian Society of Neuroscience. Verona, Italy 28-30 Settembre, 2007
Neuroscience 1st Joint Meeting with Israel society of Neuroscience . Catania, Italy
19-22 April 2012
Secretary of the Italian Society of Neuroscience (2013-)
Referee of the following National Research Agency:
• Italian Health Research Ministery
• Italian University and Research Ministrery
Referee of the following International Journals:
Brain, J Neuroscience, J Neurochemistry, Molecular Therapy, Stroke, PlosOne,
Neurochemical Research, JBC, Neurological Science, J Neuroscience Research,
International Journal of Molecular Science, Biochemical Pharmacology, EndocrineRelated Cancer , BMC.
1. Characterization of the molecular mechanisms involved in the regulation of
calcium homeostasis in primary colture of neurons and endocrine cell lines
2. Characterization of the molecular mechanisms involved in neurodegeneration
3. Characterization of molecular mechanisms involved in anoxya/reoxygenationinduced neuronal death
4. Characterization of mitochondrial function during Anoxia/reoxygenation
5. Endogenous mechanisms of neuroprotection
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focal ischemia. Stroke,.38:3272-3279, 2007.
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31. Pignataro G, Vinciguerra A, Cuomo O, Sirabella R, Di Renzo GF, Scorziello A
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through the AKAP121-anchored signaling complex and prevents hypoxia-induced
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L,Scorziello A. “Endoplasmic reticulum refilling and mitochondrial calcium extrusion
promoted in neurons by NCX1 and NCX3 in ischemic preconditioning are
determinant for neuroprotection.” Cell Death Differ. 21(7):1142-1149. 2014

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