Year: 2014
Jellicoe Johannesburg/South Africa
Ventilated Facades
Bianco Lucidato Collection
The Jellicoe Building project, by Paragon Architects, is a building that occupies a total area
of 10,000 m² and is home to prestigious commercial spaces in the Rosebank area of
Johannesburg. The shell is characterized by large glass surfaces, which shift the focus from
the main facade to bring to the foreground a large wing entirely covered with Laminam
slabs. Owing to the complex weather, conditioned by the height of the plateau on which
Johannesburg stands (1750 meters), combined with the subtropical climate with
temperatures ranging between an average of 25 degrees in summer and a winter minimum
of 4 degrees, mitigation of the radiation and thermal loads of the facade is a strategic
element in ensuring comfort and energy efficiency. Hence, beside the high performance
glazing and curtain wall systems, the white colour of the Laminam facade, as well as the
generous and widespread passive solar screening systems arranged on the building,
assume a role that goes beyond the architectural solution, finding full functional consistency.
Also very interesting in terms of composition is the covering system, consisting of white
coloured slabs of the Collection series with polished finish, laid horizontally. Complete
control of modular coordination has made it possible to integrate the height of the ribbon
windows with that of the ceramic slabs, resulting in a very formal and executive clean
Laminam S.p.A Società sottoposta all’attività di direzione e coordinamento ai sensi dell’art. 2497 e seguenti C.C., della società iscritta al registro delle imprese di Modena al n. 02438830362
Sede Legale e Operativa: Via Ghiarola Nuova 258 - 41042 Fiorano Modenese (Mo) Italy T. +39 0536 1844200 F. +39 0536 1844201 cap. soc. € 7.200.000 R.E.A. 332793 C. F. + P. IVA 01969990355

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