Giacomo Lepri – Curriculum Vitae


Giacomo Lepri – Curriculum Vitae
Giacomo Lepri – Curriculum Vitae
Personal information
Date of birth
Giacomo Lepri
Via Sella 24-A 16133
Genoa, ITALY
(+39) 3386421437
[email protected]
Italian (mother tongue), English (fluent)
degree in Electronic Music, Conservatory of Genoa “N. Paganini”, (110/110)
visiting student for one year at the University of Edinburgh
scientific diploma (high school), Liceo Scientifico “M. L. King”
Key skills
musician and composer
expert user of music softwares and programming languages applied to
music (among others Csound, Max / MSP, Pure Data, Adobe Audition, Cubase, Nuendo)
expert user of software for real-time multimodal systems and interfaces (EyesWeb)
basic knowledge of the programming language for the Web "Html"
good experience in the field of artistic production related to the use of new
He was born in Genoa in 1988, he approached the world of music at the age of 11 playing the piano. In a few
years he became keen on Afro-American music culture and he's started to study piano Jazz. The study of the
“black” music culture also got him to deepen the typical percussive instruments of the Afro-Cuban and
Brazilian tradition. Since the adolescence he has performed in disparate contexts with different ensemble. In
the 2005 he started to interest in electronic music and in the informatics technologies implemented for music.
Since the 2009 he stared to design musical interactive systems for contemporary art installation. In 2012,
after a period of study at the University of Edinburgh as visiting student, he graduated in Electronic Music at
the Conservatory “N. Paganini” of Genoa under the supervision of the doctor Roberto Doati. In 2012 he
started to work as sound designer in the international centre of research Info Mus Lab – Casa Paganini of the
University of Genoa. During the last years he started to approach the musical language of the free
improvisation and began to design digital interactive systems in order to explore the dynamics of the musical
meanings exchanges. As composer he presented his works in different gallery and in many musical events.
His compositions were performed in Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK and Germany.
Main artistic works and activities
Musicological analysis
analysis of "... et ainsi de suite ... "Jonty Harrison
analysis of "Rainbow", Milan Stibilj
analysis of semiografica "Sonata for two pianos and percussion", Béla Bartók
notes for an analysis of "Etude aux sons tendus", Luc Ferrari
Compositions of electronic music
“A Simple Answer” stereophonic composition for live electronics
“Clarinettop” stereophonic composition for clarinet and live electronics
“Iuna” acousmatc stereophonic composition on sounds of berimbau
“La Lanterna. Genova Speculativa” radio play – composed with Irene Pacini, Michele Pizzi, Luca
Serra; text Nora Gomringer
“La Lanterna. Genova Speculativa, un paesaggio sonoro come fonte di ispirazione per un
radiodramma” soundscape of the town of Genoa – composed with Irene Pacini, Michele Pizzi, Luca
Serra; text Nora Gomringer
“La Lanterna. Genova Speculativa Live” octophonic version of the radio play for acting voice and
live electronics
“Meccanima” acousmatc stereophonic composition on sounds of ancient printing machine and
futurist poetries – composed with Michele Pizzi
“Sound's Core” system of algorithmic composition able to generate traditional scores and electronic
audio material
“Three Simple Instruments” stereophonic composition for live electronics
“Tre su due” stereophonic composition for trombone e live electronics
“Two More” interactive system for improvisational music able to generate graphics scores and audio
"Baroni, Edwards, Lepri, Schistek" free improvisation quartet (cello, saxofone, clarinet,
piano and live electronics)
"Antongirolami, Edwards, Lepri, Schistek" free improvisation quartet (two saxofones, clarinet, piano
and live electronics)
"Edimpro" ensemble of free improvisation
“Flusso del libero suono” vocal ensembel of free improvvisation (voice and live electronics)
Audio installation
“Cambiare di forma” stereophonic audio installation based on sounds of human voice contemporary art exhibition “In-Comunicazione” Genoa
“Ciangà” quadriphonic audio installation - contemporary art exhibition “Gemine Muse 2010” at
Luzzati Museum, Genoa
“Stanze di suono armate” audio installation for sixteen speakers - “La storia in piazza 2011” Palazzo
Ducale, Genoa
Audio-video installation
"Shed Light On" multimodal audiovisual interactive installation - International Festival of Electronic
Music "EMUFEST" - Conservatorio S. Cecilia, Rome
Theater play and concerts
“La Voce e il suo doppio” in collaboration with Science Festival 2012 and Giovane Orchestra
Genovese, Conservatorio N. Pagani, performance of “Senza Titolo 2011” for live electronics e
female voice by Agostino Di Scipio. Genoa 31 October 2012
“Ritmi Elettronici”in collaboration with Science Festival 2010 and Giovane Orchestra Genovese,
ConservatorioN. Pagani, performance of “Microphonie I” for tam-tam for two microphones, two
filters and two potentiometers by Karlheinz Stockhausen. Genoa 4-5 November 2010
“Terra di Fate” show of contemporary musical theater by Attilio Caffarena, sound designer. At the
International Festival of Poetry of Genoa, il 15Giugno 2012
“Voci Elettriche” Conservatorio N, Paganini, performer and sound desgner. Palazzo Doria Spinola –
Prefettura, Genoa 25 October 2008. Mercato coperto di Piazza Seminario, Cuneo 13 June 2009
sound designer at the international centre of research Info Mus Lab - Casa Paganini , project
“MIROR” (interactive platform for music education), project “SIEMPRE” (Social Interaction and
Entrainment using Music Performance Experimentation)
“Goa Boa 2006” Genoa, selected as best new band with the experimental ensemble “Hiroshima”
“Premio Tenco 2012” finalist as co-producer of the folk album “Magot” of Roberta Barabino

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