DORADO Srl Via Romea, 10



DORADO Srl Via Romea, 10
To Mrs Eliane Stähli
Essendia Heinmterbedart Gmbh
Ob.Dorfstrasse, 16
Zezikon Tg
Cona, April, 5th 2012
I undersigned Rossi Nicoletta, Quality Manager of the Company Dorado S.r.l., located in 30010 Monsole di Cona (Venice-Italy)
declare that
the raw material that we use to produce for our Exclusion Diet petfood have Europe origin, in the specific:
The Fish Meal is from Denmark
The Dehydrated Pork Meat is from in Italy
The Dehydrated Venison Meat is from Germany and Italy (wild Dears)
The Dehydrated Horse Meat is from in Italy (the Horse are breed for only Human Consumption Meat)
The Dehydrated Rabbit Meat is from in France
The Boar Meat is fromin Italy
The Quail Meat is from Italy
and all these Meat Raw Materials have been processed in plants registered and approved in accordance with the recent council Directive
2009/1069/EC, was manufactured in an approved pet food plant from Category 3 materials. It is produced confirm method of Directive
Potato are from Germany
Pea from Spain
Sunflower oil from Italy
Nicoletta Rossi, DVM
Quality Manager
Dorado S.r.l.
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